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On the side line — shopping for a cure?

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Hello and a very good day to you. I got your contacts via my aunt who suffered from cancer 10 years ago. She had been through radiation therapy but stopped after have your consultation and taking your medication. Right now she is still living well and the cancer did not come back.

Back to the subject, I would like to book an appointment slot on Oct 17 1030hrs on behalf of my father, who has stage 3 colon cancer. He just went through operation … to remove the cancer part under advise of Doctor on 22nd Aug. We are afraid that the cancer will come back. So we will like to have your consultation and take the prescribed medication from you.

My parents will be in Penang from Oct 14 to Oct 22 to attend my ROM. Due to the busy schedule, we are only free on Oct 17, 18 and 21, as per your appointment slot, morning 1030hrs to 1130hrs. We understand that you will be busy as well, providing consultation to other patients as well, therefore we would like to find a slot for my dad consultation. Hopefully we can work it out and make it happens.

Please find the requested first time visit form which I filled up on behalf of my dad. We can filled that properly during the consultation. I also attach along his medical report in this mail in case that you needed them.

Please kindly revert back on the possibility of the appointment slot at your earliest convenience.

Appreciate your help and thank you in advance. Have a good day. Thanks and regards,

Reply: I am sorry..I don’t accept booking way ahead of time .. I don’t know where I will be next month …. and I don’t want to be tied up with appointment. Write me again 1 or 2 weeks before the due date….and see if I am available or not. My suggestion to you ….there is no need to take my herbs..go and see the doctors and let them take care of your father.


Cancer from Muar

Dear Dr. Chris,

Praise God for you who is blessed with His grace to give hope to cancer patients!

I am L & patient’s niece from Singapore.

Brief family background of patient:

Single, illiterate (can understand only Hokkien & spoken English) , 61 year old,

she has never travelled out of Muar on her own, helps to do housework for my elderly (70 plus) mum in Muar;

Only the 2 of them stay together.

My mum has knee & eyesight problems.

As such, patient is unable to go to Penang as my mum is not confident of staying alone.

Hence, I will make the trip to see you on her behalf.

Thanks a million for your consideration.

Note: As the files are too large, I need to send them by instalments.

I am sorry I don’t have any experience with Alzheimer

Dear Dr. Teo

Your name was given to me by a Pastor in KL who has in his congregation a member who is being treated by you. This person has an equipment from you.

My wife has a short term memory problem and has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer. Can you please tell me if your equipment is capable of helping her?

Is it possible if you could send me some literature, photos, and other details of your equipment.

Looking forward to you reply


Reply:  I am sorry I don’t have any experience with Alzheimer — I only help cancer patients.

We are not a direct selling product agency

Hi Chris,

I got your capsules details from a friend who is consuming these capsules and find it effective for prostate cancer.

I heard that medical report is required to purchase these capsules? I am ordering on behalf of a friend who has prostate cancer.

Kindly let me know how do I order? Thanks.

Reply: No we don’t sell capsule to any people …if patient needs help he must come and see me …bring all medical reports.


Coming from India — please find local herbalist

Respected Sir,

This is GS from India. We read about your treatment and would  like to visit your place. Since we are coming

from far we would like to know about over all expenses required for the Herbs, boarding and lodging for two members and number of days we need to stay there. Kindly reply to this mail so that we can make necessary arrangements for the same.

Thank You. 

Reply: I am sorry .. it is very very difficult for me to help patients from faraway places… I suggest that you find a local herbalist to help you. I cannot answer the questions you asked because I am not running a hospital here.

Cancer from India

My father age 62 is diagnosed with stage 4 metastasis cancer with no cure.  Cancer has spread to chest, lungs, vertebrae etc.  Is treatment possible? I am …. from India, pune. Please contact me ASAP.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Finding a Convenient Scapegoat

Dear Dr. Christ ,
Am so sorry to disturb at this time. I am from KL and started your herbs last five days ago . And today I went
for blood test at XX Hospital and the liver counts on three types as follows. Alkaline phosphatase ( 142 ul ) ,GGT (98 ul ) , AST (179 ul ) ,ALT (369 ul ).

As mentioned by Dr. ZZ, the reading is quite high and this worry me a lot. I am taking oral chemo drug at the moment already one session ( 3 weeks n rest 1 week ). I need your advise for this matter. .Pls provide me yr numbers so I can talk to U. Thanks a lot.

Reply: You don’t expect taking the herbs for 5 days it will work …. that is asking for too much …madness. Take for 3 months and see what happen… not 5 days, 

And if you are taking oral chemo, etc..etc.  .. I suggest  you don’t take my herbs…do all the chemo you want first…and if chemo doesn’t work ..then come and take my herbs…better.

Dr Christ , I am sorry to make u misunderstook on my message. Actually my blood test was scheduled to do on that day by oncology. And not becos after 5 days taking yr herbs  i straight away do. My concern is why suddenly my liver reading was high. It is b’cos of the herbs or otherwise. That is all i want to know and i know the herbs will not work within few days

Comments: Patient is taking regorafenit.

Read the internet and know the danger of taking this drug.

What this drug is used for: Treatment of colorectal cancer. On February 25, 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded the approved use ofregorafenib (Stivarga ® made by made by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) to treat patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) that cannot be surgically removed and no longer respond to imatinib (Gleevec) and sunitinib (Sutent), two other FDA-approved drugs to treat GIST.

Do NOT use regorafenib if:

  • you are allergic to any ingredient in regorafenib
  • you have severe liver problems (If you have colon cancer … be careful because the cancer have already spread to your liver??????)



  • Severe and sometimes fatal hepatotoxicity has been observed in clinical trials [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].
  • Monitor hepatic function prior to and during treatment [seeWARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].
  • Interrupt and then reduce or discontinue Stivarga for hepatotoxicity as manifested by elevated liver function tests or hepatocellular necrosis, depending upon severity and persistence [seeDOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION].

Common problem with some patients: ​Anything wrong it MUST BE THE HERBS … RIGHT?  Yes, it must be the damn herbs not the oral chemo. I am sorry for people like that it is better you go and find someone else for help.


Please, we cannot help via email or phone: An e-mail from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I’ve been reading your website for a few months already for my Mom. Due to different opinions in the family members, I couldn’t bring my Mom to your center until today.

Now she is seriously sick with abdomen distention and other issues. Kindly see her attached latest PET scan result and a referral document which explains most of my mom’s history for your review.

According to doctors, the bowels are filled with gas and they can’t do much to resolve it.

I’m aware that you don’t encourage email and phone consultation at all. I just would like to find out if CA care has any way to ease my mom’s sufferings.

And since we are in Singapore and my mom is sick at this moment, I don’t dare to leave her alone here. That’s why I’m emailing you to seek for your sincere advice first. If you would allow me to consult over the phone, I will appreciate it very much and I’m ready to call any time convenient for you.

I’m really sorry to seek for the urgent help. I will be looking forward to your kind reply.

Reply:  I am sorry, it is best that you go and see the doctor and ask for help. I cannot help people from far away —- especially sitting in front of the computer …. and more important if the family members don’t believe what we are doing. 

I am sorry. Go and see someone else and seek help from the TCM clinic. They have all the herbs you need. I understand that the university hospital has a TCM unit.



Make No Mistake CA Care Has A SOUL – WHO TURN THE SICK AWAY?

Dear Sir, 

Turning the sick away

I read with interest your articles and views about treating cancer through herbs and natural therapies.

It provides hope to sufferers of this dreaded disease. At the same time, I realized that you are a very outspoken and downright straightforward character which is actually not so good for cancer sufferers. Whilst we do not dispute your knowledge on plants and herbs which had assisted many, there is something which you may not have known about terminal ill people.

Very ill people are always in a dilemma. We are brought up in a society guided by western medicine and practices. Right from an infant, we were given western vaccinations to prevent small pox and tb etc. and very few can say that these jabs were not useful/

When we sneeze or cough, we tend to seek the doc’s consultation and prescription for relief. All our life, we were dependent on western medicine. Similarly, when we contract a terminal illness, we are unable to detach fully from our dependency on western medical advice even when facing death. It’s a psychological problem and not really a matter of disbelief of your herbs or your ability to heal or provide a longer term solution.

Cancer patients not only suffer the illness, they also lived in fear. Fear of making wrong decisions, fear of not knowing which is correct.

Cancer patients will always be standing in the middle of the crossroad. They need sympathy, love and patient. They need to be counselled and advised in as calm a manner as possible and should not be told straightforwardly to go elsewhere if they asked too many questions. At least that’s what one would interprete after reading your columns and watching your interviews.

After all, God will not turn anyone away when one seeks his healing touch.

I pray you will do the same for all cancer patients, inquisitive or otherwise.

Thank you very much for listening.

Yours truly,

Kampong Boy – A simple folk with a big disease.

Reply: Thank you very much for your email. No, your perception is WRONG…just an arm chair critic. I know what is like to be a Kampong Boy like you. I know what it is like to be poor. I know what is like not to understand or being ignorant. I am very willing to help those who really need help.  I know what is like to be treated unfairly in life. When I was in school I did not even have a pair of trousers to wear, until I was 18 years old and got a job!

When patients come and talk to me for hours, I don’t charge them any consultation fee. It is all free.  When they do the e-therapy at my centre it is also for free. Why do I do this — because I was once a Kampong Boy.

Make no mistake, I have never turned away patients from coming to see me. That would be greatest sin I would have committed if I do that.  Where do you get that idea from?

BUT I am also not a politician — I don’t promise anything. I am not God. Only 30% of patients who come would benefit. from what I do. And I want everybody to know that. The remaining 70% cannot…JUST CANNOT. They refuse to change and want healing on their own terms. In cancer you must CHANGE — your attitude, your lifestyle, your thinking, etc. If you don’t want to change, no one can help you.

Yes I am out spoken because I want to tell you the truth. I have the BREAK that old thinking, the old ways. Yes, you need help, you need understanding but why be a lame duck and want others to  pity you. Learn to stand up and help yourself. At CA Care we want to empower you and teach you to get well — we just don’t give you herbs. TEACH you to change..and that is hard and difficult for most people to accept. That is why I am hard and outright blatant.

Truth hurts but you better learn the truth if you want to heal yourself. Healing is about YOU …you heal yourself, better know that. You will be a dead duck if you only depend on what others say or tell you to do.

If you have been so used to be dependent on others like you say in your email, then it is about time that you wake up and know that for cancer it is a different ball game altogether. It is you who die, not others.

Most people come to see me wanting  to hear only what they want to hear. They only want to find magic bullet which is not available. Worst still they want to find healing on their own terms … …if these people do not realize or understand  this, there is nothing I can do to help. For this type of people they are better off going somewhere  else —- but this does not mean I want to turn them away….but they just wasting their time. And 70% of people who come to me belong to this group — unfortunately.

Again, make no mistake, CA Care is open to all  who need help. We want to help everyone irrespective of race, religion or financial status. The poor and the rich, the Tan Sris and datuks or the hawker get the same treatment in CA Care. I treat everyone equal here. You may even want to know that I even scold some  patients and these people (after the scolding) tell me that I do this because I care for  them and want them to get well.

But some lame ducks, interpret the scolding differently …they want me to play ball with them. They want sympathy, pity. etc. This will not help them.  Over my 16 years helping people, I know that most people use CA Care as a door mat. So interpret what I do the way you want.

I know where I am going with CA Care and know that my mission here is to help people (and without any consultation fee). Unfortunately, I am not able help all people. I win some and I lose some.

Thank you for writing. If you need help come and see me. No use watching videos. Sitting in front of  the computer hoping to heal your cancer is not the way.

My message to all patients: Stand up and do something for yourself. Sitting back and asking the world to stop spinning and to take pity on you will bring you anywhere. 



We can’t help patients online: You need to come and see me

Dear Sir,

Apologies for this surprise email.  Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is L and I am a Filipino.  A few hours ago, I received a text message from my cousin who is a doctor and she told me that my FNA biopsy already has results.  She said that there is a suspicious for malignancy.

I am broke because I am only working as a freelance writer for an online magazine and I don’t have any money to undergo radiation nor chemotherapy.  I’ve read about the medical case of John who has STS and he has lived way beyond the 5 years that he was told he had left.

Perhaps the reason why I’m writing you is because I’m still looking for some hope, that someone like you can tell me what things to do and how to deal with this assuming that this is sarcoma cancer.  Unlike John, I don’t have any money and I’m afraid.  Very afraid.

There must be something you can do to keep me on the right path, battle this out, and live for several more years.

I am hoping that you would reply to my email.  I would really appreciate it.

Very Truly Yours, L

Reply:  To be useful to cancer patients:

I need to see patients personally or at least a family member who knows exactly the problem. I need to talk to them and assess their problems face to face. By seeing the patients, I might be able know what was wrong with them. Then I need to see all the medical reports and scans – blood test results, USG, MRI, CT or PET scan.  It is only after this study and dialogue that I know exactly what to do and prescribe the herbs. There are over 100 types of herbal teas that we specially formulated for cancer patients and they are specific for each problem. So to get the best from our experience means we just cannot do things on line.

After patient takes the herbs, I would need them to come back again after a week or two for me to assess the effectiveness of the herbs. If there is a need to I may have to add or subtract certain herbs.

By meeting and talking to patients and know what they eat, how they live, etc. I would be able to know what has gone wrong and suggest changes.

Cancer is a complex problem that involves both physical and mental aspects. Taking herbs alone is no magic. We have to do more than that – change of lifestyle, mental attitude, diet etc.

The above is nothing new. Patients need to be physically present to get help from their medical doctors. Every patient knows that. The same applies to CA Care. This is even more necessary knowing that almost all patients who come or write to us are medically failed cases – they are generally at the end stage where their doctors cannot meaningfully help them anymore. So at CA Care, I need to be more serious and more committed than just reading emails and trying to play god.

I hope you understand through this short explanation that it is extremely hard for me to help patients who live in foreign countries. I have tried this for some years and my experience showed me that at the end of it all, it is just a waste of effort and also a waste of money on your part. It is most frustrating indeed for me.

If you have read our articles in the websites: http://www.cacere.com or http://www.cacare.org or http://www.CancerCareMalaysia.com patients do experience miraculous healing. You will note that these patients (or a family member) come here and we do the therapy together. That is the reason why they succeed. I need to see patients every now and then to know what is going on.

I don’t want to be negative.  I understand that you need help but I must be sincere and honest to myself too. In my heart I know there are times and situations when I just cannot help. The problem is beyond me to solve. And I also know that I cannot solve everybody’s problem in this world. I have been working very hard every day to help cancer patients and I know in my heart that I can do that much and no more.

But please don’t give up. If you open up your heart and mind, you will know that there are also alternative healers in your own country. Why don’t you try them? Ask around and you may find one. I am sorry for being unable to help.

From Singapore: Problems and problems: So sorry we are not a hospital doing everything!

Dear Dr Teo

I chanced upon your website and I am very keen to fly to Penang to seek consultation from you.

I am a 38 yrs old S’porean woman. I have many health issues like perpetual lower back/shoulder ache, obesity, numbness in my arms/fingers in the morn, body odour and more. My husband also has bad headaches for a long time. Hence we both like to meet you.

As I read your website, I noticed the usage of  e-therapy machine. May I please ask how much is this machine? Must I purchase it for continual usage after seeing you 5 x? I am not well-to-do. In fact I need to save up from now to see you in June. I am a homemaker and I have 3 kids. I can only see you during the last week of June (24-28 June) and I have to bring my 3 kids along as no one can help me.

Once I know the cost of the machine, I can plan whether to fly to Penang or drive up. Cos driving is cheaper but I worry it’s very taxing for my husband who is prone to headaches.

I look forward to hearing from you soon so I can buy air tickets quickly if necessary. A few budget airlines are having promotions now.

Best regards
Dear Chris

Thanks for your speedy reply.

Can I please pay for the machine with a credit card? If yes, let me ask my husband to take leave from 24-28June 2013. Once his leave is approved, I’ll contact you asap to finalise and book my air tickets.

If no, I gotta save up enough cash before flying down to see you this December. I’ll email you then on the dates to check your availability.

By the way, do you treat kids aged 6 and 8yrs old?

Reply:  I understand your problem. In fact I think it is a wrong thing for you to come and see me.

First, I only see cancer patients — I only work with cancer problems and also, I am not a Chinese sinseh. .Also you just cannot come one time and expect to get well. I cannot solve all your problems or your husband’s problems like magic.

I suggest that you go to the SGH — see the doctors there and they can help you. If you want herbs, you go and see the TCM section. My patients tell me they give out herbs. Then you can go back again and again without problem.

NO one or doctor can solve your problem by just seeing him once — for you to come and see me again and again is extremely difficult or just impossible.

>Also my machine is NOT magic. I don’t know how to repair it either. If something goes wrong, we have to send it back to the US and it is extremely difficult. And again it cost money. And you have to come back to see me again.

So far no one say the machine is not working BUT for sure it will not last forever — if after some years is cannot work anymore it is too bad.

I hope you understand. I think the SGH TCM doctors can help you better than me for your non-cancer problems and being Singaporeans I believe your government should be able to help you.

Regards, Chris

Dear Chris

Thanks for your reply. I saw in your website that you helped others for pains and weight loss, that’s why I tot of approaching you, even though I saw that you are helping many cancer patients.

I have very bad shoulder and lower back aches for a long time. When I see western docs in clinics or hospitals, all they suggest are painkillers and physiotherapy or they said it’s my pillow or sitting posture. My aches are so bad that I even have numb fingers and arms in the morning once I wake up. Some times at night, I am awakened by sharp pains in my arms and I hardly sleep well. I wake up a few times at night.

I recently went for a few TCM massages and the therapist said I hv ‘blocked qi’ everywhere and it’s affecting my blood circulation and body functioning. The therapist was even saying that if I don’t fix the blockages on my back, I will get a stroke soon. I have constipation and no matter how much I rest, I always feel tired.

I have relatives (my paternal uncles) who have history of cancer. One uncle even died from colon cancer within 4 mths. I know you are not a TCM but I believe somehow my problems now will lead to bigger health issues one day, if I don’t’ fix them now. I have 3 kids and I worry for them.

I am not expecting miracles from you and I also know that machines don’t last a lifetime. As financially tight as I am, I am hoping I can find a solution for my health issues.

If you still don’t think I should see you, I understand. Nevertheless, I’ll keep your contact, should I need to seek treatment for cancer from you one day.

Thanks for your prompt replies. I greatly appreciate them. Best regards.

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Today I received this email below.

1. Those of you who do not wish to receive our newsletter — please do us a favour by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE  button below the letter … and you will be automatically deleted from our list. Why be so dumb!

2. We do not send you or anyone this email. You have sometime in the past put in your email and subscribe to your newsletter. That was when you needed our help — perhaps. Now that you need need our help… no need to be upset. Be considerate enough to click the unsubscribe button and your problem is take care of.


Stop sending me these terrible e-mails. 

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 6:40 PM
Subject: Desperate Hunt for Lung CA Cure



Dear Laila,


The Desperate and Unproductive Hunt for the Non-Existent Cure For His Lung Cancer


The behavior of this patient really puzzled me.  He came to ask for our opinion. He wanted to try our herbs, but he would not listen to what we say. There is no reason for such person to come and see us in the first place! Even more so, this man had done all the medical treatments and nothing had helped him. But why go on doing the same thing all over again?


You come to find the best doctor
There is none here, because the best doctor is found within you.

We too wish to find the best, that is the best patient.

For it is with the best patient that we can both find healing together — for you!


Read more:  http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/11/27/the-desperate-and-unproductive-hunt-for-the-non-existent-cure-for-his-lung-cancer/


CA Care
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Fear and Misinformation by the So-called Expert

Hi Chris,

Mdm T is very happy with your herbs and she is doing well..I visited them yesterday. She told me after taking the herbs, her hair stop falling. She had terrible hair loss when she was ill. While I was away (in Bali), she went for her follow up with her doctor who kept asking her when she is starting the chemotherapy. She told him she decided not to do it, and informed him she is taking Chinese herbs.

Not only the doctor was not pleased by her decision, he told her herbal medicine has steroid in them. Because of the fear instilled by him, she stopped the herbs for four days. Sally (her sister) was so worried and didn’t know what to do, as she didn’t want to disturb me because she knew I was away. And R who is Sally’s bf is of no help. He told them they should listen to the doctor. Sally said he is like “lallang” whose opinion sways easily. Why can’t doctors be more professional and respect patient’s decisions?

Comment:  That doctor is just repeating what he was taught in medical school – this is being repeated over and over again like an old worn out tape recorder. Can’t blame him. Forgive him for he knows not what he is saying!

See the good side of life

Dear Dr Chris,

When I opened my e mail this morning, I was delighted to see your e mail in my inbox. I look forward to reading your mails and updates and am thankful to be included in the loop.

When you wrote about the frustrations you felt at CA Care where kiasu patients are concerned, I want to apologise that in return for your endeavours to help people ‘contain’ their cancer, we expect just the impossible, a miracle that only God our Father can deliver.

I like to tell you that my husband and I are very thankful to CA Care. We understand and we are fully committed to travel this journey of faith, the CA Care way. You know, the first thing we do when we get up every morning is to boil Prosta A and mountain guava tea and later in the day, Bon. I make sure that the food  I put on the table abide by the dietary requirements at CA Care and my husband is 100% committed to get well. He often says ‘we eat to live NOT live to eat!’ Of course, our lives are in God’s hands and I pray for many, many good years for him. I like to convey here a personal word of thanks and gratitude to you, Dr Chris. Keep up your good work and the Lord bless you and family always!

Blessings, GH.

Reply: Thanks G for writing. Yes, I do encounter the 70 percent kiasus, but I still the 30 percent who are not and also people like you — these are the ones who keep me going with God’s grace! In my centre are two posters:

“Those Who Would Give Light Must Endure Burning” ~ Viktor Frankl

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.

~  Mother Teresa


Qi Gong – Where to get it for free?

Dear Chris,

I am referring to your blog post link http://ejtcm.com/2011/03/17/qigong-as-an-adjunctive-to-cancer-therapy/ on qigong. I saw many names and centres. Is there any for free? Sorry to sound like a freeby freak but I wanted to know on classes or practices about qigong that is affordable or free and more family oriented.

I read about qigong but I can’t even visualize about it and how it can cure cancer. I am 33 a single mother of 2 and struggling in KL and recently had a 4cm polyps removed. Ever since then I fear cancer or other diseases. I have very young kids and no family around. I need to do something about my health and my kids too.

We often feel weak tired sleepy. We all have asthma, sinus allergies and now I had polyps. I seem to attract the wrong sort of people in my life and it affects us and our safety. I don’t usually have a balanced diet due to the rushing situation and also finances. Can qigong help?

Does it control how we eat, digest, think etc

I need to feel the energy myself to know how it can help and from your experience do you know any sincere teachers and reasonably priced. Yes I know the cliche of health is wealth but not all can afford it. We can’t stretch that small income further. So how do I find a place to learn? Are there any in temples or is it in office lots and I am looking for something near Sri Rampai or in KL.

It’s scary too because it seems unreal, like a scam like there is magic to it but what do I look out for to know its genuine.

Thank You for your time and sorry for the request.

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