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Responses to: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

Thanks for writing! For the time ever, I received some responses after posting this article: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks


Dear Dr. Chris,
Thank you for the sharing H733 story. In one if your book: “We also learned that for those who want to believe, there is no need for too much explanation or proof. But for those who do not wish to believe, no matter what evidence is provided, it is never enough. There is always something not right about it and there is always a reason to reject it.”

It was such a long time I didn’t visit you in Penang. But I never stop taking your herbs since Dec-2009 till now. BTW my recording is H237. God is good, He sent me to your place, I always remember “Our hands but God heals”. I just want to let you know I am very good now. I have been sharing my testimonial to those cancer patient but it is not easy to let people to believe especially Chinese medicine (Herbs). As usual they ask me how many cycle of herbs I need to take, my answer to them is that when is the last day God calls me home.

I have stopped my work and become a house maker for one year already. Life is great and I look healthy and young after taking your herbs for the past 3 years. I believe God will make a way for me. I want to Thank you again. Send my regards to Beng Im. God Bless you and your family. Jessie


Hi Chris,

Simple mind uses simple interpretation. Simple minded read your sentence and put a fool-stop. Well, I think about 30 to 40% of people think this way.

I observe that many church members sway in the direction by one speaker and then in another by another. This leads to a temporal understanding of Bible. Reality of the world today.  With kind regards, Siew


Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you very much for sending me articles and updates regarding the good work  CA Care is doing.

I only have one of your books entitled Understanding Cancer War and Cure. i have read it many times over and i am grateful that you have devoted your time and life to help people ‘manage’ their cancer. i hope to purchase more of your books soon.

We all know you have emphasised time and again that you have no magic bullet to cure cancer but you are here to offer another option; the herb and holistic approach to life. To me, only God can heal and people like you, Dr Chris, are willing instruments for God and i thank God for that. In fact, i understand very well the frustrations you face when patients and loved ones expect miraculous healing (which can only come from our God Almighty). i remember now the video where you said, ‘if you can eat and sleep, what more do you want?’

i would like to encourage you to keep up your good work because many people are helped by you. To God be the glory!

Blessings, Grace


Hi  there! Your reply to that Mr. Chin was awesome. Take care! GG


 Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing this. I admire your patience with this Mr. Chin. The way I interpret his reason for emailing you after such a long time after the death of his mother would have to be he is still grieving and has not fully come to terms with the loss of his mother just yet. It is unfortunate there’s no grief counselors or support groups available for him to help him stop raving on like a ‘lunatic’.

On a brighter side, Chris, I had my yearly follow up with my oncologist last week and told her I had stopped taking Tamoxifen since March due to the side effects and guess what ? She agreed that I don’t really have much benefits at all taking Tamoxifen because my excised DCIS tumour was only 7mm so it is ok to stop it. This blew me away! I thought to myself then why did she prescribe Tamoxifen in the first place? Anyway, I didn’t want to waste my time disputing the issue. I just thank GOD for guiding me to seek you.

Thank you and God Bless, LC


Hi Chris and Im,

I have recently read the article you wrote re. the lady with leaukemia who tried your herbs for 2 weeks followed by 2 months of chinese herbs. All of this after receiving heavy doses of chemo prior to seeing you.

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer over 20 yrs ago I was advised to try a new treatment called Chemo.  20yrs ago very few people contracted cancer and even the specialist whom I saw had difficulty explaining what Cancer is.   After I read many books on the subject I formed a basis of why I contracted this disease. I was very impressed with Dr Binzel’s work, Dr Hans Nepier and the Oasis of hope clinic in Mexico. I devoured these books in a few short weeks as I was told that i must act instantly if i wanted to live.  What i learned was that it is imperitive to take time and understand what was happening to my body and why.   I called dr Hans Nepier in germany and asked if I should come to his clinic. He asked me what treatment i have had and when I replied none, he asked what do i intend to do. I told him I was taking herbs and changed my diet and also letting go of much sadness in my life.  He seemed very impressed as he said I was on the right track and to continue with the herbs and my changed attitude to good food and letting go of emotional baggage.   He said to have more tests in 6 months and if all is well continue what I was doing for the rest of my liife.

The specialist was amazed to find no cancer and even feebly said that perhaps I did not have cancer in the first place. Boy, was i angry at this response as If I had done what he instructed I may not be alive today.

Very few then, if any survived according to the Australian statistics.  Chemo was not seen as a cure back then and many good doctors would advise their patients to have the surgery, if necessary, then follow a clean and healthy eating plan. I know a few people whom were given this advice and are still alive today.  No side effects and in fact feel the best they have ever felt.

When I contracted Uterine cancer stage 3, 4 yrs ago, I knew why and I was one of the lucky ones as I knew what I needed to do to heal my body.  You are spot on Chris when you say we are our own best doctors and with knowledge, understanding and assistance from caring people as you we can and do heal our bodies as I have long believed that the body can cure anything but first we need to know how. Mother nature is very powerful and I believe that god put on this earth everything to heal man’s ill.  You in your wisdom and training in the use of herbs and your unstoppable desire to help your fellow man should be the first port of call when told one has cancer.   I, like you see so many when they have exhausted all medical help and told “There is nothing more we can do”. I have seen so many times what this can do to the soul, when you put your trust in an establishment whom should be seeking the best treatment, whether orthodox or natural therapies. Sadly the medical system will not allow their doctors, oncologists etc., to administer any natural therapy as in their words “Where is the science behind such treatment”.   I say to them , “Show me the INDEPENDENT research undertaken to prove Chemo and radiation cures cancer. They cannot as all research undertaken is Kill the cancer.

In the turn of the 1900 century Professor John Beard from Edinburgh University found that cancer cells were trophoblast cells, which now have no pancreatic enzyme termination agents to curtail them.   When the people realise that instead of trying to kill the cancer it is best to heal the body and the best way to heal is to develop an action plan which I promote as E.K.A. Education, Knowledge, Action.   How can one fight an unknown if we do not know what we are dealing with.  Learn from the people who have had great successes, gain the know how of feeding the body good clean food, no animal, dairy, sugar etc. Raw is best and I love the new me and the energy and health I now have.

I was meant to find you Chris as I was guided to finding and reading your books.  I devoured 3 books in one evening as it made complete sense to me what you had written.   Modern societies, especially the west, is in the grip of an epidemic as cancer affects 1in2 of us.   I call it the rich men’s illness as the poor countries do not have anywhere near our shocking numbers.   Herbs have been used long before the introduction of modern medicine. They are the base of most drugs today, but sadly man made concoctions are added with terrible side effects. All in the name of medicine.   I have read many books and spoken to hundreds of medical, herbalists and scientists whom seek the truth above all else and honour the Hippocratical Oath “DO NO HARM’

They, as you have Chris, assisted many in their quest to optimal good health. I am so glad I found you and I am living proof that if one opens their mind and not give in to the fear tactics thrown at them , can and do go on to lead a long and happy life.   My surgeon is in awe that I am so well as I was told that without treatment, Chemo, I would not live any longer than perhaps 3 months.  I believe in knowing all there is to know about ones illness so as we can make an informed choice based on this information.

Most people are only too happy to give their permission to someone else to cure them, they take no active roll in their healing.  The brewing and taking of herbs, organic foods, clean water, being in control of your own happiness, deal with past traumas are all essential.  the cancer is a symptom of the disease. Rid the body of the cause and the symptom disappears. It worked for me and many whom I have assisted. They are alive and well today.

You and Im have dedicated your life to assisting others in their time of need and for that you are blessed with the knowledge that you have reached out to your fellow man and this is rare in our societies today.   Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for giving me your knowledge and wisdom of how I can heal my body of cancer.   Take heart that your time on earth was spent wisely and for the betterment of its people.

May you both live long and healthy, happy lives surrounded by those whom you love and marvel as I do at this wonderful world we live in.    I am sure I speak for many of your patients in saying, God Bless You Both and thank you for your guiding hands, caring for the many whom seek your help.

One day, Orthodox medicine will see the benefits of natural medicine and this will be the basis of treatment as the people will demand it.

Love to you both and keep up the good work, the world needs more Chris Teo’s.   xxx


Dear Dr Chris,

I read with interest the story below particularly this paragraph about your reply on Oct 18 which reads….” When I write your mother’s story, I shall explain that there is no one on earth who can cure leukemia. If and when you think you know where to find cure for cancer, please let me know. I too want to know……”

Dr, I have medical evidence that alternative medicine can indeed cure leukemia (and other cancers), I like to show you the medical evidence and seek your comments. Please could you contact me when you are next in KL.  Please note that the intention is not to criticize your excellent work and professionalism but rather to further our knowledge and understanding of this subject.

Thank you Dr Chris. Best Regards. 

Reply:  Thanks. Why don’t you write the gist of the story, and also support it with medical reports. And then we go from there. I am more than happy to study the case and learn from it.The more knowledge we have the better. Sure, write me and don’t wait until I come to KL because I don’t plan to go to KL yet. Chris.


From the Philippines

Hi Dr. Chris Teo, I’m from phillipines and I want to visit you in Malaysia. Can you please guide me Sir how to reach you when I’m already in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks. Pls reply me Sir thank you.

Reply: I don’t how what plane to intend to take. Take a connecting flight from KL to Penang. There are many flights each day. From the airport, you can take a taxi to our centre. Click this link. How to Get to Our Centre from the Bayan Lepas International Airport

Leptin Test – where to do this?

Dear Dr Chris,

So thoughtful of you to send me on a regular basis on what is happening in this “small” world re     Health Challenging Issues. So informative. So beneficial. Many thanks. Doc, I do need a favour from you pertaining to getting a leptin test.

I would be grateful if you can lead me to the nearest laboratory in Malaysia and or it’s surrounding countries to do the leptin test.

As recommended by Dr Ron Rosedale, the most reliable test for monitoring leptin levels is the RadioImmunoAssay (RIA) which utilizes an antibody that response to leptin in a fasting blood sample. It’s a pretty new test. It highly recommended by Naturopath’s doctor. It tells one, in many ways if one is healthy or unhealthy.

I intend to embark on Dr. Rosedale’s low fat, adequate protein and high fat diet. Unlearning to burn sugar and learn to burn fat. For 18 months I’ve been on Dr Mercola diet. It was good but there’re short-comings. Being a mixed type, it somehow promotes too much protein. It got my sugar elevated even when I’m not suppose do, eg, sleeping.

I do need the leptin test to be close-by. The test will need to be retest after 3 months, 6 months and there after on an annual basis. The closer the better. ( There’re other tests. These are available in S’pore.

Thank you.

B’Well, B’Healthy & B’Happy

Note:  A blood test for the hormone leptin may be an effective way to gauge how much excess fat a person is carrying.Checking the level of leptin in the bloodstream may be more accurate than relying solely on the traditional body mass index (BMI) to assess body fat,.

Herbs helped her mother

Dear Dr Chris,

This is an update on my mother.

It has been 10 days that my mum has been taking the additional herbs for her liver cysts. These are the effects she experienced:

(1) Sleep: On the first day itself, she exclaimed that she was able to sleep better – for more than 3hrs until 4am.  The subsequent nights, she was able to sleep 3-4 hours every night (as opposed to 2-3 hrs previously).

(2) Appetite: She has significantly better appetite -she feels hungry now during meal times.

(3) Dark spots on hands/face: My mum commented that she noticed many of the brown spots on her hands have disappeared or have ligthened significantly – i took a good look and yes, both her hands,
which used to be covered with little brown and very dark spots, have become much fairer !! The darker more stubborn ones are still there but are lighter now. I do not know whether it was the other herbs (Breast M, C-tea, Capsule A) that she has been taking the last 3 months contributed to this improved complexion or the liver herbs specifically. (I took photos of her hands and face of the remaining spots to trace the progress over a fortnight.)

(4) Red eye: Her left eye used to be very red for some years now – a couple of days after taking the liver herbs, the redness reduced significantly and now it is no longer red. She also feel better – she used to have an uncomfortable, tight feeling over her eyes.

Looks like the cleansing from the liver herbs has resulted in external manifestations of the above. Thank you, Dr Chris Teo for the herbs – it’s a blessing in disguise to discover such wonderful herbs.

Will continue to update you over the weeks/month.

With much appreciation, P

Red blood cell production stopped

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am emailing you with an urgent inquiry. One of my relatives (21 year old girl) who has suffered neurofribomatosis since birth and has backbone sclerosis is now dealing with an urgent medical condition. We have learned yesterday that her body has stopped production of red blood cells. The doctors have shared that there is not much they can do. They can offer a blood transfusion but that would be a temporary solution.

We have seen that you have done groundbreaking research in the fight against cancer and are hoping you can advise on any herbs, infusions etc we may use to help her body restart red blood cell production.

As you can understand the question is urgent and we really are praying to get a reply from you soon.

Reply: Sorry I only know about cancer



Blood in Urine

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Thank you so much for sending me so much of fruitful information. Lately myself has faced the above problems, which happened within a day then later on back to normal, happened again in a week or two, within a day and next day back to normal, this has happened  since last month about 3 times…..kindly advise. Thank You & Best Regards.

Reply: Not wise for me to say anything about your problem. I only work with cancer. You should go to an urologist and get him/her to check and find out what is wrong.


Well … too late

Dear Dr. Chris Teo

Thank You for your attention, my patient have plan to visit you in Penang on 19 April 2012, but then the patient condition worsened. We canceled going to Penang. We decided to consultation with Mr Teddy in Jakarta. And  Last Tuesday, the patient had died.

Thank You Very Much


Everyone wants a miracle for cancer! But most people want an express lane to the miracles

Like you have said “People remain looking for a silver bullet”. The lady I spoke with is eager to do surgery so that they can be assured that they have gotten rid of the whole cancer. They plan to use chemo to catch any cancer cells circulating the blood stream.  So far the chemo has reduced her pain and the breast engorgement. I think the pain was from her axillary lymph node. I told them, I cannot advise you to disregard what your doctors have told you but, please do some research and find adjunct alternative therapies to use in conjunction. Don’t just depend only on chemo. Luckily, although she is young she has 2 kids, and she went through the same thing I did. They just asked her if she already had children, when she said yes, they continued with treatment. No need to tell her the side-effects that it may affect her fertility or reproductive organs.

Cancer is such a sensitive topic for most people. Almost everyone wants a miracle which is fine, but most people want an express lane to the miracles; the weird part is, these same people don’t believe it can be done even if they want the miracle. We have to believe first before seeing the proof!

A Pateint

Response to: Death is not a failure

Dear Dr. Chris! 

I´m glad for this message, as I share the insight you´ve got. One should not be selfish and too proud to admit that one cannot do miracles and failure is only a way to learn that! At the end we are human beings and not gods, even if it feels good to do good and feel like a god, but that’s only personal pride and arrogance! But as the lord Buddha says, one should act with love and kindness, according to people in your ward. If the patient in question was too ill to get healed, it´s certainly a relief to pass away, rather than suffering and if you feel bad and sorry, its only self pity, not more!

With metta and loving kindness!

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for this sharing – It is so important for us all to realise that Death is Not a failure – I hope more and more people understand this TRUTH and that it is the quality of life, no matter how short, that is the most important thing.

Dr. Chris Teo, 

I am a Muslim and we believe that suffering from all sickness is a blessing and even though we cannot give up hope and continue to seek medical treatment and cure. My brother (40 years old) had liver cancer and dragon leave is what he took. After the operation in July 2011 he had a relapsed in November 2011 and passed away 25/ December 2011. Dr said he is not illegible for chemo or radio but best for an operation. So this sharing is a relief that my brother did not go thru the agony of chemo and always calm during that few months. He took morphine twice before he passed away and that was two days before he passes away. He said he wants to ensure that he is sober to face death.

 You may wish to read these two articles, if you have not done that yet!

 Ben Died, My First Lesson from Heaven – Death is not a failure!

I was at Ben’s grave site, a broken person.  When they buried Ben, I felt as if half of me also followed Ben into the grave.  It was a sad day indeed.  My heart mourned and cried out “I want to give up Cancer Care.  There is no point for me to carry on … Ben had lost his battle against cancer … I have failed!  What is the point of going on? Indeed this failure was a big blow to my ego! I was naive then. But, later I learnt that I was not the only healer who feels this way. These two famous doctors also felt likewise.

Read more: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/03/01/ben-died-my-first-lesson-from-heaven-death-is-not-a-failure/ 

Lung Cancer: Death is Not a Failure. He did not take a wrong healing path either!

On the night of 9 February 2012, we received this e-mail.

Dear Dr. Chris and Aunty Beng Im,

I want to inform you that my father, Mr. LS from Indonesia, had died on Thursday, 16 February 2012. I want to thank you for all your treatment to my father during his sickness. Until his last days, he still took your herbs and did the e-therapy. I believe that your herbs and the therapy do bring goodness to him. He died without suffering (no pain and no difficulty in breathing, and he died in his sleep). I believe that he is already happier right now, free from his sickness and rest in a peaceful place.

Read more:


Blessings and May All of Us See the Real Light in our Lives!

CA Care

Thank you — We don’t recycle our herbs!

Dear Dr.

My brother Mr Alex has went to see you (sometimes btw 12/11/2011 – 19/11/2011) and bought some herbs for his nose cancer and he has consume some chemo and radio tea at the initial stage but stop due to the heat and the side effects of his treatment.  Now he has completed the whole treatment (01/02/2012) and recovering at home.

I would like to know if he can return the herbs (Capsule A, Radio Tea, Chemo Tea) to your clinic as he has no longer need the herbs (at no charge).

Is there any other herbs which could help him to recover fully as he is now still very weak, he is also unable to take much fluids due to nausea and vomiting.

Would appreciate your feedback on the above.

Reply: At CA Care  we don’t recycle our herbs! We have to careful and strict on that. So thank you!

Kidney Problem – Go see you doctor

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing on behalf of my brother who is from Jakarta – Indonesia. He is 39 years old, married, blessed with 7 year old son and expecting the second child currently.

We got your name from my relative who is living in Medan – Indonesia. We would like to discuss with you before my brother travel down to Penang and to consult with you further on his situation. My brother is having kidney’s issue which according to the lab result that his kidney is shrinking and now can only function properly between 10% – 15%. This is without symptom at all as he does not feel anything happen to his body. The only thing he notice is a foam in his urine. Currently he is being advised to have tight control on his food.

Below are the lab result :

– Right longitude  approx. 7.8cm, Left approx 7.5cm

– Index resistance measurement for right kidney = 0.75m, Left kidney = 0.74

– Creatinin measurement 587.8 umol/L (Normal 61.9 – 114.9)

– Protein in Urine measurement 95 mg/dL

Attached lab result taken in Penang at early Feb 2012, and the others are the lab result taken in Jakarta at end of Jan 2012.

Based on my brother’s information above, We have few questions before we travel to Penang to look for you for further checking :

–  How long and how many times do you think the treatment is required ? (Understood your consultation timing is only Friday and Sunday, and considering that my brother is staying in Jakarta)

–  How much is the consultation fee? And what type of costs will occur during the treatment ?

–  Can we know whether the treatment or during the treatment required him to stay in hospital ?

–  How to register for consultation ?

We hope you can respond this to me fast as we are quite anxious on the situation. Please do let us know if you require more information on this.

Reply: Please go and see your doctor and ask him to help you.


Special Appointment to See Patient that Is Suitable for You? Be reasonable!

Hi Dr. Chris,

I would like to make an appointment with you for Madam L on 11 March at 11am. As we’re travelling up from KL on Saturday and leaving on Sunday, it will be quite a challenge for us to drive back to KL after seeing you at your usual 7-9pm. The journey is long and tiring.

…. So far to date, she is feeling ok and her body doesn’t feel cold anymore. As such this appointment will be for a post follow-up consultation from the first and to check her body balance again for improvement.

Do kindly confirm if you’re able to meet at this time,otherwise is there another suitable date on Sunday to see you in the morning? Thank you. Have a good week ahead.

Reply:  I am sorry I don’t see patients on Saturday or Sunday morning …. you can come on Sunday night and drive home on Monday morning.

Hi Dr. Chris,

I understand this is aside from your usual clinical hours but as we’re from outstation, we were told during our first appointment that we can request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours. I know this is strenuous on your schedule but it is a challenge for us to be taking leave every other month in the long run as we don’ have enough leave from our company. I hope you can make an exception as it is we’re already sending my mother to Pantai in Melaka every month.  Do kindly reconsider our request. I sincerely thank you for your kind consideration.

Reply: You request is most unreasonable….I cannot suit your whims and fancies .. I have to go to Church on Sunday and on Saturday is the only day I have my free time to do my things — to visit the orphans, friends etc.I have people coming to be from Bali, middle of Sumatra, Kalimantan etc and they don’t behave like that. Read what I wrote in my website …..

Hi Dr. Chris,

My apologies as I wasn’t aware that to request for appointment aside from the usual clinical hours is in reference to Mon-Fri 1030am – 12pm. Noted and aware that it is subject to your availability. I know my request is rather unorthodox and I would never think nor expect your goodself to meet my everywhims and fancies hence the request.

As such, it is a challenge that as a family, I will need to resolve with my family members. I thank you for your time and will make a new appointment time with your goodself again if required, otherwise we will abide by the usual clinical hours.

I sincerely applaud on your compassion and kindness towards the lesser fortunate ones. It is really commendable of you as not many are able or want to extend that helping hand. I too have the same strong belief of helping others whenever and best to my capability. And so I sincerely thank you for being another person giving that little piece of hope and love to others.

 Reply: Yes– you  can request for appointment on Mondays to Fridays only from 10.30 to 12 noon …and that too is dependent  if I am free …. Yes. that does not mean that patients can pick any day … Melaka is not far …read what I wrote in blue below.


1.      A Long Journey From Home to Penang 

MN (S-81) is a 56-year-old lady from Indonesia. They live in Labuan Batu, a town south of Medan. Coming to Penang is a long journey indeed. From home, first they had to travel for 9 hours by bus (or 6 hours by train) to  Medan. After an overnight stay in Medan, they took a plane to Penang.

Many Indonesian patients who come to seek our help need to travel from afar.  We empathize with them. This is indeed a test of their commitment and a testimony of their real desire of wanting to help themselves. In contrast, we have phone calls and e-mails from patients who live just a few miles away and yet they complained that it is difficult to come and see us. They prefer consultation over the phone. Similarly we have patients from Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore who only want us to help them through the phone or internet. Unfortunately, we cannot help such patients. It is better that they go and seek help from herbalists nearby their homes. Life is easier that way – for them and also for us.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Hi there how are you….well i herd about you guys and saw some related programs about your CA CARE well i was hoping if you could kindly help me in my medical case as i see no hope..at all…

Three to four years agao i was told by the doctor that i had PCOS….and ever since i have been on medication like DIANE 35, YASMINE…well i was hoping to get a solution well currently I am living in dubai and planning of getting married soon and was hoping if u could cure my problem…well i will be waiting for ur reply please tell me what i should do and also mentioning about your gy5 ang gy6 herbs what are they and how does i help the PCOS? and will it help me …hope to hear from you soon..

No-Reply: I honestly do not know what to do with such an e-mail.


Chronic Gastritis – Medication Stopped Working!

Hi Dr Chris Teo

My name is Dolly from Melbourne, Australia and i am suffer from chronic gastritis (done 3 times gastroscopy) for 3 years now. The burning pain always there. The medication stopped working.
I am interested with your e-therapy and herbs. I am planning to go and see you in Penang in Febuary. Do i have to make appointment to see you in Penang?


Warm regards,

Reply: Hello Dolly, No need appointment. Come and see me when you are in Penang. Good to let me know when – ahead of time.

Suspected Cancers

Dear Chris, 

I came across your info on a website and would like to know more on how we can get hold of the medicine from you? 

My mum is at present in the hospital for thorough check up and at the present moment the doctors say that my mum left urinary bladder and tract may be infected, a solid cancer on her right breast and some lesion on the liver. In conclusion, it doesn’t look good. 

May I know if my mum need to visit you to get hold of your medicine or I can just visit you alone? 

Can advise the whole procedure and cost? 

Are you in Penang? 

Best Regards


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