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Cancer of the Gum – Half Jaw Removed

Hi Chris,

I am Ng from Kuala Lumpur has already send an e mail to chris@cacare.com last night just in case you did not received I send another.

My brother from Ipoh is suffering from carcinoma of the gum which has affected the jaw bone. It started with removal of his wisdom tooth due to the swelling and pain. With the discovery the Doctors ask him to go through an operation to remove the gum (half of it).

He has gone through the operation which takes around 12 hours! He is on liquid diet and at the side of his left cheek is a hole which could not be healed. The hole is meant for insertion of tubes!! (not very sure) blood keep coming out from his cheek especially when he was given ‘qi’ !

Two sessions of chemotherapy were given but the cancer cells have spread to his forehead and he is in great pain. As such morphine is given every 4 hourly and nothing else is given.

The Doctors in GH told us not to move him around because of the vein that is next to the hole. If pressure is applied the vein might rapture and he will die, so Dr Chris can you help us? Or tell us what must be done at this critical moment? I am so sorry to come to you at such critical moment but if you can help do let me know.


Reply: Please keep him in the hospital and let the doctors take care of him.


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