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Severe Headache from USA

AS, Age 11, Male, USA

He has had migraines for about 5 years.  We think they began when he was 6 and cut his chin open to the bone from a fall.  We have taken AS to a pediatric neurologist, a chiropractor (for a year and a half), an allergist.  WE’ve tried a course of mild antihistamines, which just caused him to gain wait.  We’ve tried CoQ10, and magnesium.  He’s stopped eating chocolate and cheese at various times.   He eats fairly healthy: no caffeine, almost no HFCS, lots of organic/local foods, raw milk, fresh eggs from our chickens….

His migraines are all over his head.  He said he never really thinks about where they specifically are.   He gets auras:  feels like he’s getting a headache but doesn’t officially have a headache, he also gets nauseous, but hasn’t thrown up in 2 years.

He is a good sleeper, and requires a lot of sleep. When it’s bedtime, he’s out like a light.  Everything else about Asher is normal: Bowels: good, breathing: good,  Gastric problems: no, Diabetes:no, High blood pressure:no

Sorry you didn’t get the info.  I checked the previous email, and for some reason the form emailed you without my info!  Darn computers!

My cousin, at age 21, committed suicide because of her migraines.  She was 21.  She was an adopted cousin, so no blood-ties, but…what can I say….Thanks.

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