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Kidney Cancer to Lung After Very Successful Surgery!

Dear Dr Chris Teo

My father diagnosed with kidney cancer last October and it spread into some of his lymph nodes. His surgery was very successful and doc asked him to do chemo after his surgery but he didn’t do it. He is 71 years old this year and doc categorised as stage 3 kidney cancer.

Yesterday he went for CT scan after 6 months post surgery and doc confirmed it has gone to his lung.

I would like to fix appointment for him to see you.

Please let me know if he can see you tomorrow in your office.

We are from Penang.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

God bless.

Kidney Cancer from Los Angeles

Hi Dr. Teo,

My name is M and I have been recommended to you by my sister-in-law E whose mom has been your patient for over three years.  Her liver cancer has stabilized for a while now thanks to your potent herbal prescription and her strict vegetarian diet as well, but most of all, God’s mercy, as you would agree…

I am trying to research holistic options for my best friend/mentor J who is full of love, grace, and wisdom.  Two weeks ago she was diagnosed for cancer that started from the kidney which is now in Stage 4. J is about 67-68 and a role model for everyone who lives his/her self to the full potentials. She ministers to others and has so much love for everyone that one would automatically be drawn to her because of her inner and outer beauty and her love for God.

My question is, do you treat kidney cancer patients? If so, would you be willing to skype with her assuming this is the route she is willing to pursue? I know that she does not want to undergo chemo, and so holistic approach is definitely her direction.  As with logistics for the herbal pills, my large family and friends in Jakarta travel to the US often, so I can always have them purchase the pills … and bring them here for J.

Please kindly let me know either way. I do believe God bless you with healing hands. There is a purpose for that gift, and thus I would appreciate your openness to this “long distance” patient situation. Regardless, I am sure she can benefit from your recommendation as well for what she should eat and what she should avoid, if you would agree to share. Thank you so much and God Bless,

Reply: I am sorry I just cannot help people from faraway place by just sitting in from of the computer!

Help Kidney Cancer: Mother One Month to Live. But I cannot cure your cancer!

Hello sir

I am MNi . Im a pharmacologist now, student in USM. I came to Malaysia because of my mother cancer to find a treatment for her following an extract and then stayed and worked on it. This is 2 years after that , My mother is ok now but still her tumor is there. She suffers from Renal Carcinoma . I saw some your videos in internet while searching and also Mr J in office told your name to me. I wanted to ask you is it possible give me an appointment? I need to see you and discuss about some issues which i couldnt find the answer in websites. with regards. M

The ability of good speaking is GOD ‘s gift to man, it must be ..

Strong(Quran Sura Nesa Verse9), Honorable and Adequate(Quran Sura Baghare Verse 235), Eloquent, Expressive and clear(Quran Sura Nesa  Verse 63),Generous and Magnanimous(Quran Sura Israa Verse,,, 23), Beautiful, Nice and Desirable(Quran Sura Baghare  Verse 83), The Best(Quran Sura Israa  Verse 53) even arguing must be in the best face(Quran Sura Nahl  Verse 125)

Reply: When do you want to come?

Where must i come? i want to come tomarrow can i have a phone number?

Reply: Sorry  am not free tomorrow ….and the next few days … can you tell me what is your problem?


i sent you email about my problem which is my mother s cancer n i think you even didnt read.

If you are busy for patients so what is that slang in your webpage?

it was written your aim is helping to patient and heal is with God… With regards.

Reply: I think you are very rude and aggressive in your email …or is it because your English is no good that you don’t know what you are writing.

I wasnt aggressive one day i wasnt rude first, but since the time my mother’s oncologist told me looking at my eyes that she will be alive just for 1 month and he is too busy to do anything for such patient , then i became rude , i became aggressive to all the persons who reject to even hear about a patient condition who comes to them.

I dont know you at all, I didnt mean misrespecting to you, the first time i saw your webpage i found you a great person, but now im the person who tells God” why this person, who doesnt have even some minutes time to hear about her ?” 

Reply: If you want to know, I taught in USM for 19 years and I was the professor of Botany …many of your professors at Pharmacy know me …so don’t be rude …if the doctor said your mom is doing to die in 1 month …what do you expect me to do? I am not God…..I can understand your frustration …but know that cancer has no cure …. you should know that …don’t you….phamacologist?????

No, Im pharmacologist to find a way for her treatment , otherwise im useless pharmacologist and dont believe in not having cure for it. If you as a prof can help me in this issue i need you to guide me as a prof , but if you believe in not possibility of cure just because of some busy oncologist s advise then sorry disturbing you.

Reply: In my 18 years of experience helping cancer patients, I know that there is NO CURE for Cancer ….stop dreaming…don’t think that university professors are smart …Read the emails I get from patients every day ..https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/ 

I cannot cure your mother’s cancer. I don’t want to pretend to be smart or give you false hope. If a pharmacist thinks he/she can cure cancer, then good luck. 

Ok dear Prof. It seems you are frustrated. Whatever you think i respect , but i cant seat and just say its impossible. I will continue my fight. Best of luck for you and your clinic.

Comments: I just wonder if this is the product of bad language, bad manners, or bad education? As much as we wish to help patients, we know that there is a limit to what we can do — in terms of our ability and availability — we not not on 24-hour call mission.  You don’t get cancer only yesterday ..it has been there for years already… But this pharmacologist felt that she is entitled  ……is that what she bought it with.


From Hong Kong – Herbs to prevent Kidney Cancer?

Dear Chris,

I read your website and interested in learning about the herbs for  kidney tumor.  I am currently living in Hong Kong.  Please tell me how I can order the herbs and the price.  Thank you so much for your help.

Go to my website: www.cacare.org and read. I need all the medical reports.

Dear Chris,

I am not sure if I have kidney cancer, but I would like to take herb as a preventive.

Reply: I am sorry I don’t think there is such thing as preventive.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your prompt reply. May I provide you with more details. I have kidney discomfort on the
left side.  I plan to have an ultrasound done in the future.  But I know if the diagnosis is positive I will be pressured to do chemo.

I rather take the herbs now before the ultrasound.  I believe the herbs should be beneficial to me even if I do not have kidney cancer. Thus, I hope you can help me in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.

Kidney Cancer Spread to the Lung

Dear Dr. Chris,

Hi,I’m Ef from Jakarta,Indonesia. I’ve been following your blog these last few weeks. I’m interested in giving a try to your herbal medication for my father. Today, the doctor here said that my father has stadium 4 kidney cancer metastasis to lung. Actually last March, the doctor in S’pore told us to operate and remove his left kidney. But we refused to do that. We took herbal medication since then until now. But his conditions are deteriorating. He’s so weak and can’t eat. I would like to consult with you and what can I do for now in Jakarta to take immediate action for him? Can you give me any suggestion for me while I’m here waiting for your schedule with me when I fly to Penang to see you with all my father’s results? When can I see you? Thanks

Kidney Cancer

Dear Dr Chris Teo,
Greetings in the Lord.
My friend’s mother is recently diagnosed with a kidney tumour and at the same time some of her arteries are blocked. Does the herbal treatment at your center treat the condition of the heart as well (besides the tumour in the kidney)?
Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your reply.
Reply: Better see a doctor and do what he wants you to do.

Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Hi Dr Chris,
Greetings in the Lord.
I found your website while trying to check out cheaper Sutent but to no avail. My father has just been diagnosed with end stage kidney cancer with Mets. Out has spread to lung. CT thorax shows that there are nodules all over the lung and seems to be having 1 or 2 nodules at the thyroid. We only learnt abt him having cancer 2 Weeks ago during ultrasound scan at the kidney. He a kidney patient and has undergone HD since 2009 March.

We are currently at loss and don’t know what we should do next. So far, he has no serious symptom except for continuous loss of weight, lack of appetite, lethargic and occasional cough.

Abt Sutent, let alone the almost unaffordable cost, we are also worried that he might developed all those side effect being declared by the drug manufacturer. Would you pls recommend something to us? We desperately need help. Also notice tht you are selling herbs capsules, may I know how I can get them and at what price? He has just started juicing SSG at around 100 leaves per day. Will there be clashes with your herbal remedy?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Kidney Cancer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I read about cancer care malaysia on internet. Our father was recenty diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, with metastasis to the lungs. We are still looking for the best treatment available. Can we have a consultation at your place, and when is it possible?

Thank You

Reply:  Go to our website http://www.cacare.com and the time and day for consultation are stated in there.

Kidney Cancer

Hi Chris,

I came across your blog and website by accident when searching for PET-Scan services in Penang.

I am a 42 years old Penang-lang and always thought I am very healthy human. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with right kidney tumor in early Oct 2011 by accident and went for surgery to remove my right kidney within a week. Biopsy was done and confirmed it is stage 3B. Now I am in recovery stage and waiting for next appointment – for diagnostic with PET-Scan to check for any spreading.

By looking at few success stories in your blog in relation to kidney cancer, I wonder how would that help me in my battle with cancer?

Frankly, I am also on herbs now; with recommendation from friends and my seniors and sharing from a lot of people I know. Just wonder it is the same.

As such, wonder if I can meet up with you for discussion and seek for your opinions and help in my diet and treatment (scientifically and herbs).

P/S: I am waiting for PET-Scan with Adventist but I am searching around if I can get a cheaper cost from others. Read you blog and you did mention there is a company that offers cheaper scanning than hospital. Just wonder if you mind to share the contact with me.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


Kidney-Lung Cancer: No Cure They Said

Discovered blood in urine in August 2009 and did a CT scan on 11 September 2009. Discovered a 14cm tumor on my right kidney – diagnosed as primary kidney cancer. The cancer has also spread to both lungs (43 nodes of various sizes, biggest about 3cm).

My urologist said it is Stage V and possibly a few months to live. Last scan in March 2010 showed no further tumor progression (kidney tumor shrank a bit to 12.5cm and the largest two nodes on the lungs also shrunk by 1.5cm) but they found a new node about 3cm X 3cm size around T6 area.

Next scan scheduled for 26 August 2010. Seen two oncologists and four urologists and all said no cure. However, some recommended the drug Sutent and surgery.

Dear Dr Chris,

Sutent has now increased in price to RM24K. They are now doing a first year promo, patient pay for two months and drug company pays for 10 months. Second year onwards ???? Yes, my urologist’s only two patients on this drug died.

Reply: One patient who came to see me also died after taking Sutent. Besides he suffered severe side effects. I wrote about this case: Go to http://www.cacare.com / Case Study / Kidney Cancer.

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