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Vocal Cord Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sy from Indonesia.

Yesterday, my mother was told by her doctor that she had cancer at her voice cord or laryngeal. The doctor recommended her that she could have surgery at her throat and her voice cord will be taken. She did not ready with this kind of medicine, so we decided to look for herbal medicine.

I have read about Keladi Tikus at several web and also at your web site but still I feel confuse, maybe because my lack of knowledge with this subject.

Can you give me some advice what the best herbal medicine for my mother? Or if Keladi Tikis is the best choice, how can i have it ? I am also worried about counterfeit sales, so I prefer to ask directly
from you. I am in Indonesia, if you know someone or a place that I can pass by to ask or consultation, I will be really thankful.

Thank you

Laryngeal Cancer — Voice Box Removed from Johor

Weng is a 79-year-old male. During his younger days he was a heavy smoker (80 cigarettes per day). In 1995 he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. A total larynectomy was perfomed (to remove his larynx). A permanent opening was created in his throat (see photo above). He produced a lot of white, sticky phlegm which had to be sucked out through this opening.

After the operation Weng started to smoke again (10 cigarettes per day). A PET scan done in May 2006 indicated a 1.3 x 1 cm tumour in the upper left lobe of his lung. This was later confirmed as non-small-cell carcinoma, Stage 3. There was also a “hot spot” in the 7th rib. The doctor indicated that he has only six to eight months to live. Surgery was not indicated because the cancer had already spread to the bone.

Weng was prescribed Iressa, which costs S$116 per tablet. He was asked to take one tablet per day for 20 days. As a result he suffered side effects. His fingers and skin were dry. He had diarrhea. He decided to forgo further medical treatment and came to us for help.

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