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PLEASE – We Don’t Have Magic Bullet!

Dear Chris,

Hope this email finds you well. I would like to update you on my mom’s healing process.

We brought her to Gleneagles yesterday to get a blood test done as she wanted some assurance of progress.

Her pain is still there. And she is taking pain killers from the hospital. It haven’t fully take the pain away.

Her appetite has increased slightly but generally she is still weak and have not seen big jump of progress after the initial stage of taking the herbs since mid-July. Her CEA is very high now 195.

She has been on the herbs diligently till 3 days ago.

Can you advise us what to do in view that the high CEA seems to mean that the cancer has spread or being very active despite taking the herbs and following the diet?

Apart from taking your herbs and following the diet, is there anything you can advise us? Naturally, we are concern if we are to continue on the same treatment or how? Increase the dosage?

Pls advise. Thank you.

Reply:  There is NO magic in the healing of cancer. You have to take it easy, otherwise find someone else who can give you the magic bullet or the comfort. Don’t expect the tumour to disappear after taking herbs …no one can do that. Chris.

Hi Chris,

Appreciate yr prompt reply. Purpose of email is to seek your advice and counsel, not seeking any magic bullet. It’s been one year of journey for us in my mom’s cancer and seeking any magic bullet in my humble opinion is way overdue.

We have been supporting my mom in taking your herbs and also reminding her of the evidence of efficacy.

My question is, is there a need to increase the dosage, do any adjustments or shall we keep it as it is and continue to monitor her progress?

Would it be helpful to bring her to see you for follow up consultation? Also to consult on the pain therapy machine so prayerfully she can wean off her pain killer med.

Thank you.

Reply:  Yes, and I am glad that you do understand that there is NO magic bullet and no one can cure cancer! I have just written an article in the website,.Cancer is all about you as a person. And I have many articles written about the meaningless rise and fall of CEA, etc. Please read them!

Then, what is the next step? COME and see me with all the test that you have done. Tell me what has been going on. And if there is a need to go further … try the e-Therapy but you need to stay here for at least 5 days (and we do this therapy for free to our cancer patients!!). I have helped many patients with their pains using the e-Therapy.

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