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Neuroblastoma from India

Respected Doctor,


We have a critical situation with a most active Child (even now).

Child Name is 3yrs.

Identified with Neuroblastoma and Surgery is done to remove his right side adrenaline, right lobe of liver and right side Kidney. According to the Doctor it was a successful surgery.

Still have continued Chemotherapy for 3 more sessions (20days Gap between sessions) with higher doses of previous chemo medicines.

Current situation is:  CT taken yesterday showing 7 cm growth in his liver and also on the lymph. According to Doctor it is showing that Chemo medicines have no effect on the Neuroblastoma cells on his body.

I am attaching his medical report made after his surgery. Since I am in Dubai and Child is in Kerala now I do not have today’s result.

Please advice!

Best Regards,

Reply: I am sorry .. I cannot help people so far away….

Neuroblastoma from Singapore

Hi  Chris,

Please help me. We are living in Singapore and my daughter has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma recently. It has already spread to her liver causing her liver to be enlarged. We are still waiting for her urine, bone marrow and biopsy result to be out and we are very worried for her condition and feel that we can’t just wait.Please save my girl. I can’t lose her.  Any advice on this please? Last week when she is admitted to the hospital, the doc has found out that her blood clotting is slow. Not sure whether it is related to neuroblastoma.

Reply: Don’t panic. Wait until you get all the reports. Then come and see me.

Neuroblastoma from the US

My daughter has stage 3 neuroblastoma. She went thru 4 rounds of chemotherapy and now the DR said her tumor shrink a bit but not as much. I would like more information of the TCM Chinese herb. Please I’m going crazy please respond.

Reply: Where are you from? How old is your daughter? Give more details, Going razy is not the answer to problems.

My daughter is 14 months she was diagnosed when she was 10 months. I’m from los Angeles CA. Tell me about the TCM Chinese treatment and how does it work or any other home remedies

Neuroblastoma Stage – 4 relapse from Canada

Hi Chris
I came across ur website while searching for treatment options for my son S who is 6 year old and was diagnosed in Sept 2010 with stage 4 Neuroblastoma originating in left adrenal gland and his bone marrow as well.

We had gone through the conventional treatment consisting of 6 cycles of chemo, surgery for removal of entire tumor along with left adrenal gland 2 cycles of high dose with Stem Cell transplant and 20 sessions of Radiation therapy. After all this he still shows signs of cancer in her MIBG and Bone marrow byopsy is testing positive as well. Doctors don’t have anything left for him and now we are in for alternative therapy.

We have tried Homeopathy and Naturopathy so far and now trying Ayurvedic (ancient Indian therapy) As you know not many of the doctors in alternative therapies have exposure to Neuroblastoma specifically. That is the reason why I was drawn towards your article. Please suggest what could be done any advice is helpful we can make an appointment on phone at your convenient time. WE NEED YOUR HELP- Please guide us. We are in Canada and like all other parents are willing to do anything for our child.
Waiting for your reply

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people who are so far away. I am half a world away from you. Please find someone nearer home to help.

Hi Chris
Thank you for your quick reply. I don’t think I need to explain how desperate are we to get our child out of this disastorous disease. You are like a light in dark for us. If someone has a cure for this we could go around the globe 10 times for him never mind half the world distance. Pls pls pls help us in this dire situation we don’t have many options left. Please let us know what can we do….Many Thanks


Dear Dr Chris,

My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia. My son, age 6 yrs, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in his abdomen after a ct-scan in NUH Singapore 3 weeks ago. Prof in NUH suggested a biopsy and chemotherapy because the cancer was inoperable. It was too big. according to his judgment my son is in stage 3 or 4 with medium/high risk category. Medical report that we have now is the blood test result and ct-scan result only (written and cd).

We as family decided not to do the biopsy and chemo because of the side effects to my son. After some research, I found your web and interested to ask you if my son is eligible for your treatment.

My son is experiencing weight loss due to eating difficulty as the cancer has pushed his stomach, liver and kidney.

I would like to inquire some information if we are going to your clinic:
1. Does my son need to come along?
2. How long should we stay in Penang?
3. When can we come to see you?

I really appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible so I can arrange the accommodation.

Best regards,

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