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Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago – recurrence!

Hi Dr. Teo,
I came across your website and would like to bring my mom for a consultation. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago. She had been through the surgery to remove the ovary and also chemotherapy after that. Since then, she has been on organic natural supplement treatment. Recently, she encountered some spot bleeding and she already been through the post menopause. As well, recent CT scan showed there is cancer at 6 different areas. I’m currently on vacation visiting and just wondering if there is other day and time that we can bring her to your centre other than Friday and Sunday. Thanks.

Ovarian Cancer – doctor said eat anything you like!

Hi Dr. Teo

My Mum is 66 years old and was recently diagnosed with papillary endometrial carcinoma penetrating the myometrium within 5mm of the serosa.  The fallopian tubes and one ovary were free of deposits however a small deposit was found on one ovary and none was found on any of the 4 left pelvic nodes neither on the 4 right pelvic nodes removed for staging.  She had a TAH/BSO on May 3 and is at home recuperating until her next visit to her Dr who would tell her about what treatment(s) if any he would prescribe.  Her Dr. told her she can eat anything but I would appreciate your expert input as I don’t agree with him on that.

Thank you so much.

Reply: Read what I have written in my website: www.cacare.com I have written enough on this subject of diet. Where are you from btw?

Mother like 6 to 7 month pregnant


I am J from Singapore. I am the only child.

Recently my mum is in hospital now due to her stomach grow bigger and bigger. It looks like woman having 6 to 7 months baby. After CT scan from the hospital, doctor found out that her ovary glow something in it and lung fill with water. So doctor suggest they will drain out the water from the lung and have operation the next day.

So I need your advise what should I do? Please advise is it ok for them to drain out the water and operation?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Reply: Yes, ask the doctor to help her.


Ovarian Cancer – Soursop Leaves or Daun Sirsak Did Not Help

To the Honorable Doctor CHRISKHTEO in place. Greetings

DOCTOR I come from INDONESIA (JAKARTA), doctor to doctor begging me can be help heal my mama. My mom (68 YEARS) positive ovarian cancer (ovarian), mama I’ve been doing removal of the tumor in December 2011, and according to the local doctor my mom was on stadium3 (in December) with CA 125 levels: 166, and referring to mama RS.DHARMAIS for me to go on chemotherapy.

Because the condition of my mother’s thin (weight 40 KG) and our economy is not possible then our family decided to take the medication / herbal therapy. Herbal therapy to date that we use is that in the boiled leaves of the soursop with 3×1 intake, and eating foods such as white rice, vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, fish, snapper and fruit juices such as apples, beets, kiwi fruit, papaya fruit and fruit I mixed the wine and juice into a glass every day.

My mom now is the condition of enlarged abdomen (ascites) and the levels of CA 125: 220.

TEO doctors here are some questions that I wanted to ask:
1. Doctor of what I should do on the condition of my mother like this?
2. Our family doctor urgently need your assistance and if permitted to meet you please where we can meet or consult with you?
3. Doctors give input for the healing of my mama.
4. Doctor “SORRY” what should I ask my mom for the treatment of disease to therapy in CA CARE (PENANG MALAYSIA) approximately how much should I take? Sorry once again, because we are from the middle to bottom, we must prepare in advance.


Metastatic Ovarian Cancer from Surabaya

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Principal diagnosis was OVARIAN CANCER, the details : metastatic mucinous carcinoma
Secondary diagnosis was INTESTINAL METAPLASIA, the details : stomach (cardia) biopsy.

My aunt had a cancer. She had undergone surgery to remove the tumor at the National University Hospital Singapore on 2nd Nov 2011. But the surgery can not remove all the tumors because it’s spread widely to other vital organs maybe about 30 – 40% still in her body.

So the doctor said that she should take chemotherapy, and the chemo will start on 8th Jan 2012. The chemo procedure to take is called FOLFOX.

Do you think is it ok if she is going for chemo?

My Family have discussed about her next treatment, maybe try herbal medicine because we think if she goes to chemo, it will be painful for her and may be can make her weak, and become worst.

So I am looking some information about herbal medicine and my friend just told me about your Cancer Care in Penang.

That’s all that I can explain to you, So would you mind give us an advice? Should we take the chemo or we try first your herbal medicine? If we try your herbal medication, should we go and visit you at your clinic? If we go there may be on 6 Jan 2012, can we meet you there?

Thank You for your kindness and advice.

GOD Bless what you have done to most people.

Best Regards.

Reply: Come and see me with all your medical reports and scans.

Her CA 125 dropped further after herbs

Hi Dr Chris

THANK YOU VERY MUCH indeed for your immediate reply. My sister won’t be able to come with me this week but planning to do so the week after. She will bring all the MRIs.

I am doing great. I just did my blood test last week and my CA 125 dropped further!

THANK GOD and my gratitude to you too. My doctor was so impressed with my outlook and the result that now he said I don’t have to come see him every month anymore! Next blood test will be in 3 months while he’s the one who wants me under his radar these 6 months!

My itchiness has gone and so is the pain.

See you this weekend Dr Chris. May God Grant you good health always so you can continue your good job.

Ovarian Cancer – Healing Crisis

dear dr chris,

First ,i want to say thanks because u accept my mom as ur patient – from central java of indonesia. We  come last Friday. dr chris if u don’t mind i want to ask you about some effect of the herbal medicine. My mom get cancer in her ovarian and been operated also already done chemotherapy. The last result was the cancer already spread in her spleen. She already got the herbal tea from u and also the other pill from you, and it almost drunk almost a weak. She feels weak, and little bit strange on her stomach, not like before she drunk the herbal medicine, Is it normal? Being weak and not comfortable in stomach is it also become one of the effect of the herbal medicine? Because i remembered that dr chris mention at the first time that in one week or two week the body will feel not good and not comfortable. I just  want to ask if my mom feel weak and not comfortable in her stomach is it ok?

Thanks you doctor Chris, God bless u always

Reply:  Go to my website. http://cacare.com/indonesia/content/view/158/95/ and read Krisis Peyembuhan. The answer is all there.


e-Mali from Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Please help my wife  (34) already suffer for hysterectomy radical surgery(diagnosed with ovarian cancer)  and 6th session for chemotherapy.  After 2 years, everything is okay and there is no metastasis from early surgery.

This liver tumor known because my wife 2 month ago suffered Salmonella thypus (That we don’t know until blood test).  We took every test  … including chest Xray, CT SCAN, and Lab Test.

The result Of CT SCAN said there is “complex cystic lesion” from a long time ago on right liver (other result on attachments) and not damaging the liver but yet need surgery. We pray for other option and we think  CA Care is the answer. We believe that, after taking your herbs the tumor will be vanishing
and nothing to worried again. We believe that God work in mysterious way.

-WE LIKE TO BUY YOUR HERBS (in a hurry, cause my wife always anxious and may be got a hypochondriac)

Reply:  There is no need to panic. Relax. Come and see us at our centre in Penang and we shall see what we can do to help your wife. Remember, we are not magicians. We cannot help you if you just want to sit in front of your computer and expect things to be served on a silver platter. In the meantime go to our website: www.CACare.com and see what we say about being a good patient. There are many things you can learn from our website. Read them.

Ovarian Cancer From Taiwan

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mother (70 years old) has just had a surgery to take out the cancer on her ovary (the ovary was also taken out); it is a 20cm long cyst with 2,000cc fluid inside. The doctor said it is a 1st stage cancer. The surgery was done on Nov 24 and she had the 1st chemotherapy on 8th and 9th Dec. She suffered side effects like nausea, dizzy, vomiting, loss of appetite and constipation after going home on 9th Dec. She told me that she cannot endure the chemotherapy and does not want to continue the chemo anymore. She wants to take herbs instead.

I need your professional advice here:

1. If she stops the chemotherapy, will it be dangerous? Will the cancer regrow? In how many years?

2. Could you help to advice what herbs she must take, please?

Thanks in advance for your help.


From Sandakan: Cancer of ovary and colon

I’m from Sandakan, who had talked to you at the phone yesterday.  Below are my mum’s details for your kind review:

Age: 55 years old

Medical History

My mum’s uterus had been removed in the past 10 years (ovary not removed) due to uterus often came out (from bottom part) after give birth to last baby in the past 20 years ago.

Recently, my mum had been complaining stomachache in the past 2-3 months (i.e. since March 2009).  Our doctor did a normal scan on my mum’s stomach end of May 2009 and found a big tumor (12cm).  From the CT scan done later at Sabah Medical Centre (SMC), our doctor told us that there were 2 problems in my mum’s body, i.e. ovary and colon. A surgical operation was done on my mum on 05/06/09.

The doctor had removed the infected colon (including tumor) and the left ovary (including 1 big cyst) of my mum (right side ovary remain inside the body).  According to the doctor, my mum’s cancer had spread to the left side of her ovary and leads to the big cyst exist and categorized my mum’s cancer at stage 3. My mum was discharged from hospital on 09/06/09.  Our doctor had advised my mum to go for chemotherapy but we scared to do so as we heard from our friends that there were a lot of negative effects about chemotherapy.  At this moment we are still not yet decided whether to let my mum go for chemotherapy or not.

My mum is a diabetic & is a depression patient.  She will easy become sad and often think back to her past poor life & sufferings.  That’s why we worry to let her go for the chemotherapy as we are scared she is unable to stand the pain & suffering during the treatment.  She is very scared taking tablet medicine and injection.


She Passed Away Peacefully

Fax from Sarawak:
Message: Prof. Dr. Chris Teo

I got in touch with you on January 4 this year about my sister-in-law who had terminal cancer. Subsequent to your reply, we got in touch and obtained the medication from Dr. Leong in Kuching. She had been taking the Cancer Therapy medication since then.

My sister-in-law passed away peacefully on 5 March, last Monday. She died without having the need for painkillers, such as morphine although the cancer had spread to almost all the soft organs in her body. She even managed to smile and laugh during her last few days, something very amazing for a person in her condition. She was bedridden but after taking the therapy medication for a few days, she was able to get up and move around (with support of course) until the day that she died.

On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for the works that you have carried out. We wish you all the best for your Cancer Care Therapy.

Comments: We are indeed grateful to MI for sharing with us. We rarely have people writing to share such healing, especially when the outcome is not what they had wanted or hoped for.

MI sent us a fax dated 4 January 2001: My sister-in-law is 54 years old and had a partial mastectomy in 1993 to remove a cancerous growth. Now the cancer had spread to parts of her liver, intestine, ovaries and uterus. She is having bloated abdomen and swelling of the right leg. The bloating of the abdomen is reduced by periodic controlled removal of fluid. No other treatment can be given.

Life and death is God’s prerogative. He determines when we should go. Therefore, let us accept that gracefully. However, it would be wonderful that while we are still alive we do not suffer unbearable pain. As MI said, it was amazing to be able to smile and laugh – then, we go.

Ovarian Cancer: Severe side effects of chemo

Dear Doctor Teo,

My friend, aged 48 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3. She underwent a surgery to remove her ovary. She had undergone 2 chemotherapy sessions. She is now very weak, refused to eat and complaint of having pains when swallowing even plain water as well as all other chemo side effect. She is now having liver problem (her eye colour is yellow) and is now in Taiping hospital. Seeking your advice on this. Regards.

Not All Patients Are Meant to Take Herbs

Subject: urgent inquiries

Let me introduce myself briefly. I am an anxious daughter of a cancer patient who is suffering 2nd stage ovarian cancer. My mom has had her ovaries and uterus removed and is scheduled for chemotherapy (single dose carboplatin) this coming Wednesday (23 June 2010). I would like to know whether what herbs can help her cope with the chemo, as well as improving her immunity? Pls suggest. As I am now watching her diet closely, I hope the herbs can give her a helping hand too.
On top of that, I am residing in KL. Can I know what is the fastest way to get the herbs from you, as I know you are based in Penang.
Looking forward for your reply. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
Warmest regards.

Dear Dr. Chris,
I’ve consulted Mr. Yeong. Has been consuming C-tea since then, and chemo tea once for the 1st chemo. However, Mr. Yeong advised my mom to take another tea for ovarian/uterine cancer. Because of financial issue, I am yet to decide whether to consume one more herb. My concern is that since she already had her organs removed, is it still necessary to consume the above-mentioned tea? and why?
I hope to hear from you again.
Anxious daughter.

Reply: I suggest that you do the chemo and follow what the doctors want you to do and do NOT take the herbs … No use… the herbs are not going to help her. Only 30% of patients who come and see me benefit and 70% don’t. Chris

Ovarian Cancer: Christmas Greeting from Australia

Update from E from Australia. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was given three and a half months if she did not do chemotherapy. E refused!

Hi Chris and Im,
It has been a hectic few months and Christmas only four days away. My friends cannot believe how well I look and the energy I have. Last Christmas at this time I was in a wheelchair as I tired very quickly but it only took four weeks on your herbs to make me feel like my old self again.

Sad part is that they have all said that if they get cancer they could not follow the routine I do regarding diet or continue with the herbs for a long period of time.

I cannot understand this attitude as they have seen for themselves the benefits of this regime. Are people so weak and lack discipline – especially if it means their LIFE?.

Most people are creatures of habit and not prepared to change OR put in the effort to help themselves. If they had any common sense they would find out all there is to know about HOW NOT TO GET SICK or if they have a health challenge HOW BEST TO HEAL.

It is a sad reflection of one’s attitude when we expect someone else to heal us and take no active part at all. I see this time and time again, here in Australia.

Each and every one of us has the ability to create our own miracle, we need only to try and also ask for help from god or the universe, which we are all part of.

I found the story regarding Pak Jam’s wife very humble and an amazing read. Faith and love have a great part to play in any healing and Pak was meant to find you as he loves his wife dearly.

Your kindness and caring gave them hope and sometimes this is all that is needed to kick start the healing process. God bless you and Im for your humanitarian work and love you give all who come to you.

Only four days to go before our family get together for our huge Christmas lunch, with a day filled with much laughter and the joy of playing games with our grandchildren. We will don our Santa outfits to-morrow night and visit the many Christmas displays scattered through-out Melbourne. Some people go to great lengths to produce remarkable displays of lights and characters such as HUGE SANTAS AND SNOWMEN.

I miss Scotland at this time of year when the snow falls and it is minus 30 deg. It is a magical time.

Well my dear friends I miss you and wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. My love and thoughts are with you.


E from Australia

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