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Breast Cancer: She lived for 7 years without suffering

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is L and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and was taking Breast M and Capsules as prescribed by you. She continued with your prescriptions without having major complications i.e., no pain and suffering until she passed away in 2011 due to high fever. We are extremely happy because she did not suffer much and managed to live for another 7 years.

Recently my mother-in-law has done ultra sound and x-ray as she was not feeling well. The results showed her pancreas having cysts and lung having numerous nodules. According to the doctors, cancer is almost positive unless biopsy is done to confirm. She had done surgery to remove part of her pancreas about 10 years ago due to the growth (non-cancerous). She appears to be healthy now with some minor coughing but complained of some phlegm. As she is of advance age i.e. 85, we wish to seek your advice on the best possible treatment for her. Family members are not agreeable to chemotherapy and radiation.
I attached below the medical reports, blood test and results of ultra sound and x-ray for your reference. I am hoping to receive your feedback soon as we are from Kuala Terengganu and are prepared to take her to Penang to consult you if possible.

Thank you.

Reply: Come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. No need to bring her.— 85 years old!




Pancreas Cancer — 6 to 9 months to live

Hi Dr Teo,

Good day. I came to know about CA Care via a friend and would like to find out more. My brother, who is 51 years old was diagnosed with 3rd stage pancreas cancer in July 2015.

At the advice of his doctor, he underwent chemotherapy and was scheduled to do a major operation last week to see if it is possible to remove part of his pancreas and spleen. During the surgery when it was discovered that the cancer has spread to his liver, the doctors decided not to remove any organ since it was pointless; and informed us that my brother has another 6-9 months left to live.

We are feeling very helpless and saddened by the news; and would appreciate if you can advise if CA care would benefit my brother in this case. Thanks.

Reply:  Go to my website: www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and read. No one on earth can cure any cancer — so I cannot cure cancer either.



Pancreatic Cancer from Makassar

Dr. Chris Teo

I’m V from Makassar, Indonesia. On 18 April 2015, my father (59 yo) feel pain in his stomach and we take him going to hospital in Makassar. After that the doctor said There’s keloid in his colon, and doctor did small surgery and laser for cleaning. But 1 week after the small surgery, my father still feel pain on his stomach. Because we think maybe doctor in Indonesia doing something wrong, we take our father going to Mallaca, Malaysia for check up.

How shocked we’re, cause doctor at Mallaca said my father diagnose Cancer Pancreatic Stadium 4.

In pancreatic the tumor size is 7 cm and has spread at his liver. And doctor said maybe my father can survive only 5 months. Doctor told for chemotherapy, but we didn’t want. So we back to Indonesia and do herbal treatment
Like drink Soursop Leaf, and drink snow lotus. and be vegetarian.

We really need your help Doctor
We’ve doing anything
But nothing progress.
Big hopes You will help us to cure our father.
Thank You, Regards,


Pancreatic Cancer from Jakarta

Dear respected doctor Chris Teo,

How are you? I hope you are fine.

Doctor, my name is A and I am writing this e-mail as I am concerned with my mom’s health condition. She did a biopsy test last June and has just been diagnosed by a doctor in Mount Miriam Hospital Penang with a pancreatic cancer.

I did some research about it, and praise to God, I came across to your website. What an amazing thing you do, helping all your patients.

I wonder if you would be willing to help my family out and do your best to my mother’s condition? We are planning on visiting Penang (we are from Jakarta, Indonesia) on the 25th of August, and if you’re available, we would like to ask a little time of yours to meet us on the 26th of August. I have such a big hope that you would meet us?

But a relative of ours from Penang said that you have moved to another state, is that true? Just would like to make sure.

Please kindly find the attachment in this e-mail of First Visit Form and also the biopsy report.

Thank you, doctor. I would like to apologize shall this e-mail disturb your activity.

Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: No, we have not moved anywhere!





Pancreas Cancer — Terminal Liver Cancer: 2 months to live

Hi Dr. Chris Teo,

Good day to you! I’ve got the link of your website from a good friend of mine in the beginning of the year. At that time, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreas cancer stage 2. My uncle and his family members decided to take the advice from the attending doctor to do chemotherapy. He had since gone through a series of chemotherapy and further extended to radiotherapy.

Last month, my uncle was admitted to hospital due to severe sore throat, which believed to be the side effect of radiotherapy and continued to be warded until today. His health condition did not get better but deteriorated since hospitalization. 3 weeks after hospitalization, the attending doctor suddenly broke the news to my aunt and cousins that my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 and announced that he is left with 2 months of life. It was devastating as we all thought my uncle was actually recuperating. He is now very weak and bedridden.

I had passed your contact to my cousin early of the year and until today she didn’t make that move to contact you. It seems to me that they are losing faith and giving up hopes. I’m writing this letter to seek for your professional advice as in what can I do to help my uncle or his family members?

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Your kind advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.

Reply: Nothing anybody can do in this case. Let the doctor takes care of him. No one can cure any cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer from the Philippines

Dear Dr. Teo,

My god parent named NC suffered from a severe pain on his stomach thinking that he was just acidic. After a week the pain became unbearable so they decided to go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Due to the severe pain, a CT scan was done last April 7,2015: Iimpression was : CONSIDER A PANCREATIC HEAD MASS: RULE OUT NEOPLASTIC PROCESS/MALIGNANCY. RESULTANT BILIARY TRACT AND PANCREATIC DUCTAL DILATATION IS EVIDENT. UNENLARGED LYMPH NODES, Upper RETROPERITONEAL AREA HYDROPIC GALLBLADDER WITH SLUDGE FORMATION AND DIFFUSE NON-SPECIFIC WALL THICKENING, ATHEROMATOUS AORTA.

Based from the CT Scan. the doctor gave us 3 choices:


my father had chosen the first choice which is an operation .

He was admitted to the hospital last April 16.. The operation was held at Apr 18… After five hours of waiting… the doctor explained… that the tumor was too big and damages other internal organs so it is not resectable.. They did not able to remove the tumor. If they will insists to remove it, the patient will die according to them. Since there were areas damaged and blocked by the tumor, the doctor made a way for fluids to flow.. They even saw a discoloration on the liver so they got a sample from it for a biopsy purpose which will served according to them as a confirmation that he has a pancreatic cancer.

Due to the result of the operation, the next step that they will do if daddy will fully recover after a month is that a CHEMO-RADIATION then a Chemotherapy. .. If the tumor will respond on these processes,  meaning the tumor will decrease its size, that will be the time to held another operation.

We as his family member do not know what exactly the right thing to do about this matter… is it alright to have another operation after all what he experienced? What would be the best thing to do? Hope you could help us. We will be totally indebted to you Doc if we will overcome this situation…

Reply: It is very hard for me to help people from faraway places …you are in the Philippines and I am in Malaysia. What can I do?




Pancreatic cancer: Less than a month to live!

Hi Dr Chris

I writing from Singapore…. we got your contact from a friend

My brother age 57 was diagnosed of stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year April

he did chemo but stopped after the cancer spread into his liver…

he has 2 ducts inserted.. one at the pancreas and the other in December in his intestine due to bloatedness and indigestion after food

he was breathless for the past few days and today CT scan showed blood clot due to thickening of blood and his oncology prescribed drug to be injected to thin the blood

he knew he is in the final stage of his illness and doctor said he only have less than a month life span…

I’m writing to you as I’m concerned that you might not be able to reach by phone…

your tagline on the name card ” our hands but God heals” indeed healing comes from our Almighty God.

will you be able to help him? and how since we are so far away and due to his medical condition he can’t travel to Penang to see you

looking forward to your reply

God bless.

Reply: No, I don’t intend to play god …. let the doctor takes care of him please.

Pancreatic cancer from Singapore: 2-3 months to go?

Dear Dr Chris,

I would like to ask on behalf of my friend who is diagnosed with pancreas cancer (stage 4), left 2-3 month life according to local doctor. He wish to meet up with you and would like to know about the necessary procedure for example:

1)Does he need to fix an appointment?

2)Any accommodation (for foreign patient) ?

3)Do you need the record/letter from local doctor in advance?

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Reply: Where are you from? I cannot cure your cancer.

Singapore. Is there any possibility of lengthening his lifespan?

Reply: I really don’t know. I am not god …. better not take my herbs because if he dies, the family will blame me.



Pancreatic cancer from the Philippines

Good Day!
I was searching for a miracle for my Mother who’s 67yrs old and diagnose with pancreatic cancer on Stage 4. Due to her age and situation she cannot have surgery or even chemotherapy.

On this situation we have nothing to turn to so now as luckily pass by your website and I want to give it a try. I know you don’t normally entertain email but this is the only hope we had.

My mother is currently in Lipa City Batangas Philippines under supervision of my sister and I am base in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Hope you can find time to read my email and can find a way how to help us. Best regards.

Reply:  Thanks for your email asking about pancreatic cancer for your mom. I am sorry she is so far away and there is no way I can help her. I need to see her, study her medical reports before I can give her the herbs … alternatively someone who takes care of her need to come …. it is so difficult. Also pancreatic cancer has NO cure.

Pancreatic Cancer from Sweden

Dear Chris,

I’m a desperate and devastated daughter of a 71- year old father who is in the  terminal stage of pancreatic cancer, Diagnosed i September last year. He has undergone Gemzar chemo for the mets in the liver but couldn’t process the whole treatment due to side effects. Deep within i knew that conventionell western medecine would not be the thing to heal the gruesome cancer. He is now in the care of the palliative team but we don’t want to lose hope.

I realise that you cannot make an oppinion of my beloved father since a meeting cannot be set but i wonder if you know any trustful doctors in Sweden who is practising alternative medecine ?

My father is a real fighter but I can see the fighting spirit dissapearing from his eyes and is in great pain. I still need my beloved father and he still wants to live.

Thanks in advance and for taking your time. 

Dear DR Chris,

I apologize for addressing you without a proper title. It’s probably a cultural thing since we never address people with their titles in Sweden, not even when you’re a student and having a meeting with a professor.

Sorry for my improper manner.

Best regards,

Reply: I am sorry I really don’t know if there is such thing as “alternative therapy” or not in Sweden.


Pancreatic Cancer from Bandung

Good afternoon, Dr.Chris

We are from Bandung, Indonesia. I found your website during my browsing in google.

My mother in law, 61 y.o 11 months, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 4 days ago.

Below is her blood test result:

1.Ca 19-9 is 40.49 , the reference is < 39

2. GOT: 113, reference < 27

3. GPT: 227, referencr <34

4. Gamma GT: 833, reference < 39

5. Bilirubin total: 8.4, reference < 1.1

6. Bilirubin direct: 6.4, reference <0.3

The USG result for pancreas:

Capus pancreas getting bigger and seen oval mass nodule, not smooth, hypoechoic, non homogeneous texture with 4×3.1×3 cm in size. Normal corpus and cauda, texture normal.

Echogenicity normal. Nothing suspicious area or nodule.

Wider Ductus pancreaticus.

Pancreatolith not seen.

Diagnosed from USG: there is a dam in intra common bile duct and extrahepatic, the clog is in the edge of distal ductus Choledochus because of nodule neoplastic( malignance appearance) at caput pancreas.

She will do the ct scan today, Sept 19, 2013.

Her condition now:

1. Yellow skin and eyes

2. Pain in abdomen

3. Backpain

4. Appetite still ok

5. Pale stool

6. Dark yellow orange urine

Until now not yet having medication.

She drinks supplement such as Jelly Gamat, aloe vera, centrum multivitamin

Please help me, Doctor. I want to make appointment as soon as possible within this week or next week, because my mother in law has has high willingness to livr and be cured.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

Reply:  You just need to come and see me with all medical reports and scans.

Pancreatic Cancer from Sabah

Dear Doctor,

Morning.  I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. I need best advice from Doctor.

The Patient (my brother) age 42 years old. , Gender : male.

On end January 2013, patient’s skin and eye become yellowish and local doctor put/installed a plastic tube near Liver to by-pass it and to reduce his yellowish skin.

Then the patient did PET scan on Feb 2013 and diagnosis about 3.5cm pancreatic cancer near the head-of-Pancreas.

Western Doctor recommended to do Whipple surgery/operation.  Due to very low survive rate, the patient decided to use/take the Chinese Medicine treatment.   Meantime, every day he also take the juice of Sabah-Snake-Grass (50 leaf) ) (Clinathanus) blended with lemon and green apple.

After 2 months taking/using Chinese Medicine treatment, recently patient go to replace the tube to metal tube.  During replacing the metal tube, the doctor noticed the cancer extent and grow to 6.5cm already.   This make me very nervous and worry.

I know you are very busy.  I really hope that you can notice and read this mail. I very sincerely hope that you can help my brother and give us your valuable advice.Any or what advise from you?

Sleep : ok.

Tire : yes tire.

Bowed Movement : ok; no blood.

Appetite : ok, little.

Swelling : not sure.

Medical Problem : High Blood Pressure.

Urination : ok, no blood.

Not cough.

Breathing : ok.

My contact is: DT, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Reply: I need to see all the medical reports and scans …come and see me. There is no cure of pancreatic cancer…. go to www.cacare.org and read. Chris.


From India: Pancreatic Cancer that Spreads to the Liver. Gemzar not effective

Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with ca head of pancreas in India and he has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy with Gemzar. He started chemo late August and finished February 2013. His Ca 19.9 was 1085 iu at the start , then 750 iu after the 2nd cycle then 622.25 iu after the fourth. Then after the 6th cycle and a month later he repeated the test and it’s down to 392.22 iu/ml.

For the cost of travelling we decided to meet a Dr from my country Nigeria. He prescribed Tarceva and while browsing for information about the drug I ran into your website. I read a lot and am motivated to try alternative to chemical medicine. We want to give natural medicine so that we have positive side effects along with the care.

Presently, I just collected my father’s CT scan and it reads:

Features suggestive of pancreatic neoplasm with hepatic metastases. Left renal hydronephrosis and proximal hydroureter noted (?regional invation to the left ureter).

So as it is, the case is getting worse so we need to make plans fast to start on your herbs.

I know cancer has no cure but I know the quality of life can be improved if we care with herbs and improved diet.

R (Daughter)

Reply: Pancreatic cancer is the worse cancer and is very, very difficult. It is very hard for me to take care of patients from far away countries. It is just impossible. Chris

From Bangkok: Cyst Turned Pancreatic Cancer

Dear Chris,

I am writing here to ask for your opinions about my mother’s symptoms and the development of the disease over the past 6 years.

The doctor found a cyst with a size of 3-4 cm in my mom’s pancreas since 2006.  She was suggested to do nothing and just follow up the size and its appearance since cyst is not harmful and pancreas is located deep in the body.

She later did an MRI scan in 2009 and another doctor said nothing for her to do anything.  We (all her son and daughters) just learned recently that the size of that cyst had become 7 cm and the reading of the results from the MRI was “cystadenoma” since 2009.

Since around June this year (2012), mom has started losing her appetite and her weight has dropped about 10 kg within 3 months and she constantly complained about pain in her upper abdomen and back.  She had another MRI on September 23, 2012, and the results showed that she has a cyst of around 7 cm in size and unfortunately the cyst contains a solid mass of around 4 cm in size at the head of her pancreas.  On September 28, 2012, a team of doctors later did an EUS (endoscopic Ultrasound) and performed a biopsy.  The biopsy showed that the solid mass was adenocarcinoma.

Mom is 75 years old.  We decided not to do a whipple operation.  We are also not sure if she can resist the chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  With the information that patient’s response on chemotherapy of the pancreatic cancer is only 5-10%, we decided not to do chemotherapy on her.

Currently her appetite is getting worse and worse.  She can eat only a small portion each meal and keeps losing weight. She also feels nausea and vomits every day.  Oral pain relief medicines seem not to help her relieve the pain.  Only Fentanyl (skin patch) makes her feel good; however, she refuses to use it for a long term.

We are seeking for an alternative medical plan for her.  I read some stories from your website (http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/pancreatic-cancer/).  We understand that pancreatic cancer is not curable.  I just want my mom to relieve her pain and can eat some healthy food and to have a little more quality of life.  We are willing to prepare herbal teas if these can help her feel better.

I can send you the results of the EUS and biopsy by email if you require for the treatment suggestion.  Do we need to take mom to meet you in Penang?  Is it possible just to go there only me or my brother and bring all medical records to meet with you?  We are located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thank you very much and best regards, Y.



Pancreatic Cancer – Doc said more toxic chemo needed !

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,


This forwarded mail below from my sis-in-law refers. She’s been diagnosed as suffering from Pancreatic CA mid April this year; and has been under the care of an oncologist in Subang M.C. My understanding is that she’s been administered IV chemotherapy through port; since late April/early May.

Read about your CA Care Therapy and wish your advice if she could use this as a supplementary treatment? Your early reply shall be greatly appreciated. Regards and GOD bless.


Went to see my oncologist this morning, results mixed , my pancreas tumour, didn’t shrink, doc said cos it’s at advanced stage and take time, others at the spleen has disappeared. The one at the liver, some gone and some fresh ones appear, just tiny spots. I thought I can forget about chemo but have to do it, this time it’s shorter time; stronger drugs, doc said this time not so much side effect. Will be going on 28 Aug and 1 week later another chemo, short one, then rest 2 weeks.  This time no need to carry the chemo bag for 2 days. Got to chemo till November.

Reply: Go ahead and do the chemo first. When nothing else works, come and see if I can help in anyway.

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