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Sarcoma that spread to the lungs

Dear Sir,

My husband is 42 yrs old and he had his right foot amputated due to Synovial sarcoma in June 2 012 and had metatasis lung operation in Nov 2012..

According to dr he clearly removed all the tumor from his lungs but that was recurrence.

So he went for a CT SCAN on 16th.Feb 2013 and found 2 small tumors , one is the old one and another spot is at a new part of his lung . Dr asked my husband to do PET scan but my husband refused and opted for sugar free diet and Sabah snake Grass.

Can you please specify for my husband your herbs in addition to sabah snake grass as my father is working in Bukit Mertajam, so I can ask my dad to collect it from you .We are from SEREMBAN,NEGERI SEMBILAN

Or do u think my husband must come n visit you?

Please suggest.

Reply: Come and see me.

Sure I can come with the reports. But can u assist me by suggesting me the herbs n teas that I read has cured cancer n your medication helped many , So with full faith I hope u could help my husband. Regards ,

Comment:  NO body on earth can cure any cancer! Don’t be misled. And the Sabah Snake Grass? Perhaps better you stop it!


Another Case: Hoping for a cure with Sabah Snake Grass

17 June 2012

Dear Dr.,

My husband is treating himself with Sabah Snake Grass (plus vegetable and fruit base diet). He is losing weight now.

Going into three weeks, he said he started to feel the pain which he didn’t formerly.

My questions:

Is that the sign of healing process?

Is he developing his immune system by then?

Is it okay for him to experience that pain?

I do not want him to lose hope and give up the mother nature treatment. I would like to get some opinions from you. Thank you.

23 May 2012

Dear, Dr. Chris,My husband is just diagnosed with NPC. He has decided to take the alternative treatment.  We are having travelling problems due to the financial commitments.  Apart from the business debts, my children studies are next in the list.  How I wish I could go to you from Melaka.

We do not want to lose him because of the killing therapy offered from the oncologist and the insurance company. What more when he has witnessed his two brother in-laws died of the same therapy due to leukemia and nerve cancer (which I’m not sure what the scientific name for it). In fact the leukemia patient passed away before his very own eyes.

His father too, does not want him to go for that treatment. He said, enough is enough, he has lost his two son in-laws too soon because of chemo and do not want to lose his only son the same way. I was truly touched by his fatherly tears very early in the morning.  The five children especially the youngest and only son also still need the father to be with them along the way developing their own lives. Of course, I want my husband for his caring and love. He is my source of strength.

Is there in any way that I could do home treatment for my husband? (To start with, we are changing our diet-eliminating farm and dairy product. Going for only vegetables and fruits). Attached are some of the documents you might be interested to see and recommend me what to do next.  I’m still on my way reading your Cancer war book.

Thank you. I am very sure Allah blesses you for all you have done, doing and will do for the needy.

M, Melaka.


Sabah Snake Grass – Can Cure Cancer? Too good to be true!

Hi Dr. Chris, recently I read from newspaper regarding Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) herb which can help on cancer treatment. Do you have any comment on this since you are the expert in herb treatment for cancer?

Reply:  Scientists in Thailand have been studying this plant—they also make cream from this. Now I know that the plant is a “hot” topic. I also know and use this plant. I also grow this plant in my garden for many years already. 

Does the plant really cure cancer like written in your blog???? I hope it is true … but I am not sure and it is very, very difficult for me to believe it.  I want to believe but I think it is too good to be true. If what you wrote is true, you will be the most famous scientist in this world!!!! And I am happy to help you to become one. 

This is my experience: I gave these leaves to a lady with small, small lumps in her breast. I asked her to take the juices everyday …. BUT it did not work. She is now on chemotherapy. 

I only hope and pray that your stories are really true … I wish I am there to monitor all these people and check their medical reports, scan, blood test etc …. It is good if it works … we can help a lot of people. BUT I don’t believe that it works like what you wrote. I am sorry about that. 

By the way, did you have the medical reports of these people? Are these people the ones who came and took herbs from you?  

Please keep me informed if you have good cases that you personally know. Let me interview and see all the medical reports … I am happy to fly in the meet and talk to them all …. and if really it works like you say … I can write a lot more about it. But before that let us do our work correctly first. 

According to your story… you need to take 3 days, 14 days, 11 days, 28 days the cancer all disappeared. Wow …. we Malaysians can beat the Americans already! If that is really true we can shake the whole world!!!! 

Let me know and thanks for writing.

Hi Dr. Chris, thanks for the update. By the way, I am not the one who wrote the blog, I just  read from website & would like to ask your expertise on this information since my dad was also a lung cancer patient before & passed away few years ago. He also one of your patients. Thanks & regards.

Breast Cancer and Sabah Snake Grass: A Cruel Joke At Best

Hi Dr Chris:

My name is E and I am writing in asking you for advise on the condition of my wife. We both stay in Singapore.

She was diagnosed in November 2011 and the biopsy came back with her being ER/PR-HER2+. At that time, her tumor size was about 5cm and multiple lymph nodes involvement. Her breast skin was also involved (orange peel appearance) and the breast surgeon said that he will not be operating on her due to the extent of involvement. He recommended neo-adjuvant therapy and a couple of oncologist we saw also said the same thing. We did a PET/CT scan and there was no other organ involvement.

Knowing that chemotherapy is not the most effective treatment, we decided to seek alternative in natural herbs. We managed to find the Sabah Snake Grass and my wife has been taking that since.

In April 2012, we decided to go for a follow up check and see if there is improvement after taking the herbs for 5-6 months. The oncologist scheduled a CT scan as well as another biopsy and the result came back not that great. The primary tumor has increase to 7cm. There is multiple lesions in the liver and possible early bone metastasis. This indicates that her disease had progressed to stage 4 with a not so good prognosis. The oncologist over in National University Hospital of Singapore is recommending that she should start treatment as soon as possible to arrest further spread. The oncologist is recommending Paclitaxel + Herceptin for at least 6-8 months. We are really at a lost and are frantically going everywhere looking for cure.

I love my wife so much and I really hope you can help us. Our daughter is still very young (18 months) and the thought of losing my wife is just unbearable.

Please help us. Thanks.

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