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Sarcoma case from Mauritius

Dear Sir,

Your expert advice will be highly appreciated. My nephew (aged 18) was diagnosed with Sarcoma at the spine level in March 2014 and the tumour prevents him from walking. He is bed ridden since March 2014. He underwent surgeries & chemotherapy in 2014 in India.

Two weeks back we got to know he relapsed & the tumour has spread to the lung. It has caused pneumonia etc.

He is on another set of chemo now which started last week. We want to give him the maximum chances but don’t know much about alternative treatments.

He is also on a diet since he relapsed in terms of no sugar no red meat, soya milk … lots of vegetables and carrots & beetroot juice but other than that don’t know much on the alternative treatment that will help.

We live in Mauritius (an islands in the Indian Ocean) where alternative treatment experts are rare to find.

We would appreciate your help on how to go about.  I may come over with his medical reports. Thanks.

Reply: Let me be very sincere and honest … sarcoma is very very hard to cure. In fact there is NO such thing as cure at all. Even if you take my herbs, I am very doubtful if these will help. Definitely not cure.  What is more, you are so far away. It is extremely difficult for me to help. 




My daughter is suffering from osteosarcoma

Dear Dr Teo,

Hi, I’m living in KL but working in Johor, and I’m reading your book “Cancer, is there another option”.

Just to brief you the history of sickness of my 16 years old daughter. Early of this year, her knee was painful. My wife sent her to various senseh for treatment and also took an X ray photo. At last, she recovered. But unfortunately, she fell down from staircase in school. My wife quickly sent her to the last senseh who twisted her knee and cured her (but she had suffered the unbearable pain and scared to see the senseh), my wife later sent her to a senseh who did acupuncture for her. Again, my daughter had taken second X ray photo.

After several treatment, there was no improvement. At the end, my wife had no choice but brought my daughter together with 2 X ray photo to UM Specialist Centre to consult a professor. The professor suspected my daughter was suffering from cancer and wanted my wife to send her to UMMC the next day. I rushed back KL from Johor on the same night after receiving phone call from my wife. After discussion, we decided to adopt alternative/natural therapy, including homeotherapy, natural points massage, other method taught by Lapis Lazuli and also consumption of food supplements. The sickness improved.

Unfortunately at the end of April, the tumor at the knee was becoming bigger and bigger (one of the nutritionist said it could be due to lack of protein, because we are vegan, senseh advised my daughter not to take beans. So after a few months of treatment, it’s understandable that my daughter’s body is lack of protein).

At this time, both of my wife and me were worried and no choice but to go to do MRI scan and to consult the doctor at UMSC again. Early May, my daughter was sent to UMMC to start western treatment. My daughter underwent the first chemotherapy on 15 May, this Tue was the 2nd time of 1st cycle, my daughter and wife are still in hospital. The photo i attach was taken before chemo. After chemo, the size of tumor had actually increased before it started to shrink.

Doctor advised us to do operation after 2 cycles of chemo. I had rejected it when i met the doctor on Tue. We are thinking the most is to carry out 6 cycles of chemo, but we may stop it after 2nd cycle.

So, my purpose is to consult your opinion. I would like my daughter to consume herbs rather than western medicine.

Thanks and regards,

Reply:  Sarcoma is a very very difficult problem …you can read what I wrote here… http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/sarcoma/ You know chemo is not going to cure it … the only chance is amputation. I have another tragic case of sarcoma on hand which I have not written yet …his whole arm up to the shoulder was removed. Still no cure and the cancer went to the lung …. so it is very, very hard case.

Thank you for your reply. Since the boy had done amputation and he was still unable to be cured, that means amputation is not a good chance. A Japanese cancer expert with 40 years experience had mentioned in his book that surgery will cause the cancer cells burst and spread to other parts of body. All these doors (chemotherapy, surgery, herbs, etc) are closed, I believe there will be another door opens for me.

11-year-old with Sarcoma

Dr Teo,

Please find medical reports, scans, blood test attached. It seems time is of essence. As doctors in XX and YY are ready to take him in. We only know of chemotherapy.  We will be having our 2nd opinion tomorrow at YY.

My son is 11years. Doctors are ready to begin with chemo, surgery and chemo.

If you are know of someone kindly refer.

Family Conference Checklist for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

Staff in attendance: Prof X, Dr. K and Dr. W

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma, spread to lung, spread to bone. Behaviour – aggresssive. Serious disease.

Percentage of cure: Cure 10 to 20 %. In case of lung + bone, sprad.

Chemotherapy and side effects: M5K protocol. Cisplatin, andriamycin, methotrexate, Ifosfamide, Etoposide.

Hair fall, bone marrow – low red cell, low platelet — bleeding, low white cell –  risk of infection. Vomit – give anti-vomiting medicine.

Cisplatin: hearing tone, deafness –  hearing test. Kidney, Infertility.

Doxorubicin:  Affect heart, heart functin test and monitor. Need to use very high dose.

Ifosfamide: side effect on kidney, electrolytes loss from kidney, sometime can cause seizure, Infertility – sperm banking, parents to consider.

Etoposide: strong medicine. 1% leukemia.

Immunotherapy is still experimental, not proven.

Surgery: After week 9 – 10 of chemo … will decide for type of surgery.

Duration of treatment: Every 3 weeks cycle.

Other precautions (e.g. diet, hygiene): to avoid crowded places, eat well cooked, clean food, no salad, no rotten food, home cooked, fruits – fresh, peel skin, not to go to school during treatment. Any fever, unwell need to come back immediately.

Reply: The treatment would be hard on an 11-year-old. Do take time to consider properly. No time is not the essence here! The cancer has already spread.


Uterine Sarcoma from London

Hi there
I am female age 38 living in London and diagnosed with UTERINE LOW GRADE ENDOMETRIAL STROMAL SARCOMA FIGO STAGE IIA
I did surgery removed uters and the left overy because it was involved ,but the doctor said in the operation he could see that the canser spread over the main artery or blood vessels which he cannot touch because it is life threaten ,after operation i had scan on chest and lung and appeared it didn’t spread yet on them yet .

the doctors suggest using cheamotherapy for treat but I don’t want to take . I changed my diet and my life style ,and praying to Allah to help me ,but I am also reaing and moving asking for help around.

Do you have treatment for me?  and how i can communicate you ? I ca not afford to travel to Malysia I am living in London . Looking forward to hear from you .

Housewife, Mother of two young boys 7yrs and 4yrs

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Sarcom from Pakistan

Dear Sir ,

My name is Agha and I live in Pakistan. I came to know about you via internet. My father who is 61 years old has been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma about two years ago. He refused chemotherapy and currently we are on homeopathic treatment. The cancer has been spreading by the time and has reached the lungs. Currently his right lung was filled with water and doctors have removed it by inserting a tube in the lungs. He has no complains other than that.

You have written that you are reluctant to take patients on email but I would request you to please consider my case on urgent basis as I would be very grateful to you.

If you agree to take my case I would send you all the reports to date. 

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places — how can I do that? It is not easy. Please find someone near your home to help.



Myosarcoma from Florida

Hi Chris,

My younger 27-year old sister was recently diagnosed with a very rare myosarcoma that started with a tumor on her left temporal lobe and has recently metastasized to her neck and spine. She had surgery to remove the tumor from her brain recently underwent her first round of chemo and it was terrible on her body, mind, and spirit.

As her older brother, I have sought out many supplemental and alternative treatments such as changing her nutrition to a more plant-based high alkaline diet and using an infrared heating pad to destroy the cancer cells, but I would like to do as much as possible.

Is there any way for you to assist with providing the specific ingredients and dosages needed to treat my sister’s type of cancer with herbs?

Thank you in advanced.

Warmest regards,

Reply: I am sorry — patient needs to come and see me ..where are you from?

I am in Florida in the US. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to fly over there, so I was hoping for remote assistance. Is this possible?

Sorry… I don’t have the slightest clue on what to do …there are so many people in US who can help …try Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach …or  Optimum Health Institute in TX….go to their websites.

That is a shame. A lot more people would benefit from your assistance if the physical distance between two souls was not a factor. If you have the time to do something like this, I would be willing to help you. Having to battle my sister’s cancer together is a daunting experience and I will do anything to help alleviate that pain for others, especially if the global community can benefit.

Thank you for your hard work and assistance.

Click this link…more people who help cancer patietns   http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/191nl.html

Rhadomyosarcoma from Johore

Dear Chris.

Good afternoon.  Nice to meet you.  I was introduced by my Brunei friend, Y and Kuching friend, S, to meet you in person.  I have the telephone conversation with your wife  this morning, she asked me to go over on this coming Friday (04th July 2014) to meet you personally.

I come from Johore Bahru.  I am a driver and are jobless at this moment due to my son’s sickness.  Another two daughters are still schooling.  My wife is a full time housewife to look after the children and household chores.

My son, 16 years of age have been diagnosed with rhadomyosarcoma on chestwall (near to heart and lung) two years ago.  The tumor grows very fast in an uncontrolled manner and now already reached the dimension of about 18 cm.

I and my son would like to meet you in Penang on 04th July 2014 (Friday).  Are you available on that day? We will bring the medical reports, scans along for your references.

For the e-therapy machine, I have the intention to purchase for my son usage.  I would appreciate if you can provide information and further details about the machine.  I will arrive Penang on 03rd July 2014 and meet you on 04th July 2014.  Then, I will fly back to Johore on 05th July 2014, do you think I will have enough time to learn how to operate the machine?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance in this matter.  I will be grateful if you could help my son as you have helped many others.  Warmest regards.

Reply: I am afraid this type of cancer is very, very difficult to treat … why don’t you go and see the doctor and have the mass removed. The tumour is too big and I don’t believe the herbs can do anything good …also I don’t believe the machine can help for such cancer. 

To let you know honestly, in my 18 years, I don’t see more than 10 cases of such cancer …meaning, not even a case a year. Again, why don’t you go and go to the hospital and ask for help.


Synovial Sarcoma from Dubai

Dear Dr Chris.

I am 34 year old woman. I have 3 kids I have been diagnosed with synovial sarcoma on 22 february2014. The cancer was in my upper right thigh, I had a biopsy which confirmed it was stage 3 cancer and had to have a surgery and remove the tumour It was stage 3 as the size was 10.5 cm it was incasing my main vein so they had to remove it as well as muscles and had bypass done to my artery.

I was advised to do 30 radiotherapy treatments and 6 cycles of aggressive chemo therapy.

Currently i have finished 16 sessions and should finish the rest by July 3.

After that i am supposed to start chemo but i am really hesitant about chemo as doctors in USA say i should do chemo while other doctors in the UK think it really won’t cure my cancer and it will only delay metastasis to the lungs.

I live in the UAE and heard alot about your herbal treatments, Please may you advise me what i can do and if the herbs will help in my situation. Thanks a lot.

Reply: Where are you from? Chemo will not cure such cancer. 

I am Jordanian living in Dubai.

Reply: Too far away … sorry, I cannot help. We know that neither radiation nor chemo can cure sarcoma. I suggest that you go to Germany or Switzerland and see if they can help you.

But i would love to meet you in person as I believe you can help me.

Reply: Okay, come when you are ready. I shall do my best to help.


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Sarcoma that spread to the lungs

Dear Sir,

My husband is 42 yrs old and he had his right foot amputated due to Synovial sarcoma in June 2 012 and had metatasis lung operation in Nov 2012..

According to dr he clearly removed all the tumor from his lungs but that was recurrence.

So he went for a CT SCAN on 16th.Feb 2013 and found 2 small tumors , one is the old one and another spot is at a new part of his lung . Dr asked my husband to do PET scan but my husband refused and opted for sugar free diet and Sabah snake Grass.

Can you please specify for my husband your herbs in addition to sabah snake grass as my father is working in Bukit Mertajam, so I can ask my dad to collect it from you .We are from SEREMBAN,NEGERI SEMBILAN

Or do u think my husband must come n visit you?

Please suggest.

Reply: Come and see me.

Sure I can come with the reports. But can u assist me by suggesting me the herbs n teas that I read has cured cancer n your medication helped many , So with full faith I hope u could help my husband. Regards ,

Comment:  NO body on earth can cure any cancer! Don’t be misled. And the Sabah Snake Grass? Perhaps better you stop it!


Epitheloid Sarcoma Stage 4

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

On 21/6/12, my husband underwent wide excision of the Chest wall tumour with a muscle flap closure of the defect.T he operative findings were:

1) Large tumour right anterior chest wall measuring 10cm x 8cm that involves part of the mid sternum and closely adherent to underlying ribs.

2) Apical lesion on chest wall with direct invasion of apical segment of the right lung.

The chest wall tumour was removed with a wide margin and the apical lung segment was excised in toto.

He was in stage 4 Epitheloid Sarcoma, likely metastasis. The surgery was done at Damansara Specialist Centre PJ and since it was a major operation, the cardiothoracic surgeon was performed by the same surgeon who did Dr. Mahathir some time ago. He has made a slow recovery and about a month ago, he developed post-operative pleural effusion which was drained with cathether by the Radiologist. No malignant cells were found in the fluid.

I have heard/read about you and the herbs few months ago and in fact my husband is on Keladi Tikus capsules that I bought online through Cancerfight.com (manufactured in Kelantan). I wish I can bring my husband to meet you in Penang but he is too weak to travel from P.Jaya.

I also know that the capsules he has been taking for few weeks now is not exactly enough and the same with what you have in the clinic. I know the ‘pantang’ and he followed as advised.

My husband’s condition now is not too good and I transferred him to UMMC (UH) instead because the previous hospital wanted to do Chemo and Radio on him. In UH, the oncologist suggested only Radio depending on the results of the latest CT Scan scheduled in few days time. Meanwhile, to ease the pain and the swelling on his right neck, shoulder and back that started lately, he was given morphine and steroid throughout his stay since he checked in on 2nd day of Raya.

My concern now, will the drugs give an impact on the herbs and vice-versa. What shall I do next? Can I order from you all the necessary capsules/tea that is best suited for my husband? If it can be done, I would really appreciate it. Me and my husband have nothing to lose and won’t stop trying because we believe in faith and God. He is going to be 50 next month and we have 3 children – 16, 13 and 10 years of age.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.


hello..im Andar from perak..i diagnosed with osteosarcoma left tibia in 2008 at age 18 year old..i have done surgery n kimo..on january 2012..i done ct scan..i there is 1 node in my lung..biopsy n removal of node done on march 2012..it is the metasasis of the cancer before..now i have done with ct scan n waiting for the report..i have read your website..n i real all the sucessful story inside..my qustion now..i dont know what to do..i eat everything i like..n i very afraid the cancer come back..i want to know did u have any sugestion or anlernative cure? how much the cost of treatment?

Vascular Tumour Spread to Brain, Lungs and Lower Abdomen

Dear Dr Teo,
I came  to know about you and your treatment for cancer using herbs and other natural ingredients from Sunny.  My niece was diagnosed with heamangiosarcoma which is a very aggresive vascular tumour 3 1/2 months ago.  She went through a surgery to remove one of her breast.  She recovered well from the surgery  and went on for chemotherapy.
She recently collapsed after a few days of illness. Her conditions have since stabilized but the doctors have found that the cancer have spread to her brain, lower abdomen and her lungs. Her oncologist is of the view that her conditions are critical and treatment will be extremely difficult.   I would like to discuss with you the treatment for my niece using your herbs and your approach.  Unfortunately, my niece is not in the condition to travel to Penang to see you. Is there a possibility that I speak with you over the phone and for me to come to Penang to see you?   Do let me know your contact and when it will be convenient for me to call  you.
Would appreciate your prompt response.
Reply: Go into our website: http://www.cacare.com or http://www.cacare.org to know what we do here. I wonder want you expect us to do with such a case – when medical science failed, we do the “magic”?

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