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Tongue Cancer from India

Dear sir/Maa’m

I am T  from India, in july 2012 my father Mr. Raj who’s age is 50 years, diagnosed as patient of tongue cancer in Tata memorial centre mumbai..after this he underwent tongue surgery on 30 july. after 3 weeks he underwent another Modified neck dissection on 22 august in the same hospital. then doctors planned for radiotherapy along with weekly dose of cisplatin injection. In the mean time of his radiotherapy he developed a node in neck followed by FNAC which confirmed poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.after then we again visited to our consulting doctor in tata memorial centre they planned for palliative chemotherapy( Inj Paclitaxel and inj carboplatin) over interval of 21 days.

First 3 cycles he tollerated very well, but after 4h cycle he reported pain in lower back.we again visited to our consulting doctor they asked for a bone scan of lower back, which report says” the L3 vertebral lesion is suspicious for metastatic involvement and needs radiological correlation”

After reading case history of Angela i Found a ray of hope. so please do the needfull and please tell us about herb therapy. Regards.

Reply:  Please read ww.cacare.org. have explained that I cannot help people from far away countries. Chris

Tongue Cancer from Singapore – Trapped?

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

My name is N from Singapore. I’m sorry that I have to consult you via email. I would like to find out if you are able to help my husband with his health issue.

My husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer (stage 2) in May last year. We consulted several doctors and concluded that he has to go through a major operation to remove the tumor. However, after much  considerations, we decided to opt for alternative treatments.
He has been undergoing sessions of bio-resonance treatments. After several months of treatment, we have been told that the tumor has since stablised and that it is in a benign state and not mutating.

However, there is a swell and pain on his tongue which, according to the therapists, is caused by parasites, bacteria and fungus. It has been there for several months and it seems to be getting bigger since. He’s now having difficulties with eating solid food and speaking as the swelling in my tongue is quite bad. And he’s having a lot of discomfort and constant pain.

I am wondering if you are able to help him with your e-Therapy and herbs.
Hope to get some professional advice from you.

Reply:  You write: tumor has since stablised and that it is in a benign state and not mutating. I think you are being told nonsense! .NO one … NO ONE (repeat) honest enough can know that, if he understands enough cancer biology.   But to say he is getting better is okay but not to explain in such “scientific” terms.

You just have to come and see me with all the reports and medical reports. I can’t help by sitting in front of the computer. Chris

Comments: Unfortunately patients like to hear what they want to hear or hope to hear.  Unfortunately, that trap is well known and is being used by most  healers.

Tongue Cancer – All the Medical Treatments Did Not Cure

Dear Dr Chris,
I am CY, sister of patient J. I have submitted the on-line first visit form and attached the details of doctor’s report. J is currently bed-ridden and too weak to travel to Penang hence I am writing on-line to seek your assistance. Kindly need your urgent attention on this case and shall further discussion. Is need be I shall travel to meet you on her behalf.

Medical Reports:

She was first diagnosed with tongue caner in 2009 while she was pregnant. She underwent a right hemiglossectomy and supraomohyid neck dissection in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the disease recurred very soon after her delivery. She further received concurrent chemo-radiotherapy in Singapore but the cancer continued to grow despite the aggressive therapy.

She went to China. Ms J was given combination of cryosurgery, intra-arterial chemotherapy and brachytherapy in China. These combinations of treatment have caused significant damage to her neck with fistula formation and necrosis of the soft tissue. She is on a permanent tracheostomy and a PEG feeding tube. The cancer continue to spread on to the surrounding neck wounds despite the treatment.

She was started on a combination of Docetaxel/Cetuximab every 3 weeks on24 Septmebr 20010 at Pantai Hospital. The cancer seems to be responding to this combination with no further increase in the number of skin nodules with resolution of some of the lesions and decrease in the pain and swelling of the left jaw and neck.

Reply: A sad case and an example where surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and whatever high sounding therapies could cause more harm and good?


Recurrent Tongue Cancer

Dear dr. Chris,
I am from Indonesia and I would like to have a consultation with you on behalf of my mom who has recurring tongue cancer and had undergone surgery 3x, radiation and chemo.She is so tired of all that. We desperately want to explore other possibilities.
I will be flying on Friday morning arriving in Penang at 11 AM and departing Sunday 10 AM. I am so scared that I may not have enough time if based on first come first serve basis, especially because you’re closed on Saturday. So my only chance is Friday PM.Is there some arrangement that we can make to prevent this?
Thanks a lot in advance,
H, Indonesia

Reply: Nothing to worry. I see ALL patients on Friday starting from 3 pm. Sure you will have enough time. I don’t stop until I see all who come. Bring all your medical reports and scans.


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