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Uterine Sarcoma from London

Hi there
I am female age 38 living in London and diagnosed with UTERINE LOW GRADE ENDOMETRIAL STROMAL SARCOMA FIGO STAGE IIA
I did surgery removed uters and the left overy because it was involved ,but the doctor said in the operation he could see that the canser spread over the main artery or blood vessels which he cannot touch because it is life threaten ,after operation i had scan on chest and lung and appeared it didn’t spread yet on them yet .

the doctors suggest using cheamotherapy for treat but I don’t want to take . I changed my diet and my life style ,and praying to Allah to help me ,but I am also reaing and moving asking for help around.

Do you have treatment for me?  and how i can communicate you ? I ca not afford to travel to Malysia I am living in London . Looking forward to hear from you .

Housewife, Mother of two young boys 7yrs and 4yrs

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Uterine Cancer: Surgery, Chemo Messed Her Up?

hi chris,
My name is k from Jakarta. My mom diagnosed for corpus uteri cancer stage  4 mets to lungs and 1 lymp nodes in pelvic early february. everything else still clear but tumor was 19 x17
She was scheduled for 6 chemo, 3 before surgery and 3 after.  after 3rd chemo tumor shrink to 19 x13 and lung mets size reduced.

After surgery her condition went downhill, as on the 4th chemo her right hand and leg weakened but doctor said it was cipn..2weeks later it got worst, they did mri and discovered several mets to brain. And condition weakened because swelling in brain. After surgery she suffered abdominal pain and difficulties passing stool. And often burping.

I’m thinking of doing gamma knife from brain mets, and the doctor said it is possible. However as it was her schedule to do chemo, she went to chemo first (5th chemo) .3days later she suffered severe sepsis. Right now she’s still on recovery and progressing well. But today she still having abdominal pain, hard passing gas and burping bitter taste.

I dont know, but i think the doctors messed her up in surgery. Just wondering, what do you think about gamma knife? As the brain mets depressed her. Also she still has residual tumor in pelvic that causing her hard to sit. I am so devastated with pessimistic doctors around her.

I’m thinking of bringing her to mount miriam or nci cancer hospital, but looking from her condition it seems hard as she just had sepsis, very weak right hand and leg also the abdominal pain usually making her head sweating while the body gets cold.

She is 53 years old. Do you have any suggestion for me? If you think you have something worth trying, i will fly to meet you on friday. Thanks

Reply: I don’t think anybody can do anything for her …too messed up. No, modern medicine makes things worse.


Endometriod Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’ am 32 single lady and had been diagnosed with endometriod adenocarcinoma .  I had an operation on 12 July 2012 and they had removed the right ovary and a tumor, which initially was informed a cyst.

The biopsy came out and was diagnosed with the above cancer and was inform it had spread to the left ovary.  As a result, I need to go through another radical operation this 2 weeks before the chemo.

I hope that you will be kind enough to meet up with me for any other solution to cure it tomorrow as I can travel from Perak to come over to meet Dr. Teo.

I will be doing CT scan tomorrow morning, and wish that you are able to meet me tomorrow evening.


Note: I only see patients on Fridays or Sundays – more details see www.cacare.com

Cancer: My Mind Is Totally Blank – an email from a pharmacist

Good afternoon Dr Chris…I wish u can spend time to read my email…I appreciate it very much…my mind is totally blank n dunno what to do…if there is a hope I’ll try…I hope this email can reach to you

I’m 26 years old lady who is also a cancer patient. In October 2004, I had dysmenorrhea and heavy flow for a month. I proceeded to see dr and thru the ultrasound scan, I was being detected with fibroids. I proceeded to operation to remove fibroids on December 2004. However, the histopathology had shown that I was having low grade endometrial stroma sarcoma. Dr started me on hormonal therapy for 6 months but it did not really help. In July 2005, I undergone a hysterectomy but my ovaries still remain. Since then, dr did not call for follow up then.

In August 2011, I accidentally detected a mass (2×3 cm) on lower lobe lung thru chest x ray during medical examination. Further investigation by CT scan for abdominal and pelvis, found that there was another mass of 6.1cm in the right pelvic area and I also had right iliac vein thrombosis about 1cm. All of these happened without any symptoms.

Recently, on 18 October, I underwent an operation of my lung. Dr initially planned to remove tumor only but at theend still removed my left lower lobe lung. The histopathology shown the result same as last time of stroma sarcoma with low cell division activity.
Recently I was referred back to O&G clinic for further treatment. They planned to do IVC umbrella insertion along with clexane administration and then doing operation to remove the tumour in pelvic area along with ovaries. After operation, they yet plan to start chemotherapy for 6 cycles with 3 weeks intervals. I also understood if ovaries are being removed for the age like me I need to take hormonal therapy for life.

I myself is involved in medical field (a pharmacist). I understood those procedures and also the side effects of chemotherapy. If can I dun wish to go for that. But I totally cannot accept or want to remove the ovaries and take hormonal substitution yet. Dr cannot guarantee this way disease won’t relapse. Furthermore, I still wish to preserve ovaries for chances to do in-vitro though it is difficult but at least there is a hope. Currently, both my ovaries are still normal and wasted to remove. I totally cannot accept for removal women’s properties as I had lost once for uterus. I wish to remain ovaries though there is risky for future. However, this one I wish to leave it for myself to deal btw myself n the God. I wish to bet my life once again for alternative though is risky for not removing ovaries. Dr said those tumour grow due to the hormone.

I would like to seek for your opinions and hopefully Dr Chris can reply me as soon as possible. Ur effort is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Reply: Where are you from? You need to come and see me, but only after 24 Nov because I am now in Laos.

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