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Vagina Cancer – Few Months to Live

Dear Dr Teo,

A cousin of mine sent me your website below. http://cacare.com/    http://cancercaremalaysia.com/?s=vagina+cancer&submit=Search

My Mother has been diagnosed with 3rd-4th stage Carcinoma of Vagina. The tumour which started in the rectum has pierced the cervix wall & lodged itself in the Vagina. She is presently unable to walk and is bed-ridden. Her appetite is also not so good and has lost a lot of weight.

My Mum has undergone 30 sessions of Tomothereapy (a form of radiotherapy) in May 2012 and 1 session of chemotherapy on 2nd August 2012. According to the PET Scan, the tumour has been reduced

slightly from the original 4cm X 4cxm. Right now, she is experiencing tremendous pain and there is blood in her faeces & urine due to a fistula. My Mum has been readmitted thrice since for rehydration & blood transfusion.

Doctor’s prognosis is that she will only have a few more months to live at this rate. We are residing in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Please advise what is the best way I could consult with your goodself, over the phone or should I call you at an appropriate time prior to a possible personal visit (with or without my Mum).

Looking forward to hear from you.

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