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Cancer Patients Going On A Holiday Trip? Be careful

Dear Dr. Teo,

I just read through your website, and fell the impulsion to write to you, hope you don’t mind.

I wrote to you one and a half year ago, when my father in law was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma metastasized to the lung. After that you reply and refer us to Mr. Teddy (we live in Jakarta). And since that, we are consulting with him.

My father in law has gone through surgery to resect the primary tumor in the kidney, and after that consumed your herbs, and radically change the lifestyle. He is now try the best to stick strictly to the diet you recommend.

Everything goes pretty well this last one and half year. The former cough and breath shortness has reduced pretty much, and he is in quite good health and even took a tour to Vietnam last month.

But just last few days, he felt numbness of his limbs, difficulty to walk, and experiencing urine incontinency. We consult the doctor and the doctor refer him to Thorax and lumbrosacral MRI, and the result reveal metastasis in corpus L1.

We are quite desperate at first, but are willing to do anything we can to improve his health.

Thank you so much,

Reply: It is better that you come and see me in Penang …. bring all the medical reports and scan done earlier.



Dear Dr. Teo,

Our father’s condition has deteriorated these couples of days to the level that he has difficulties to move his left part of body. But on the other side, he still has good appetite and quite good sleep.

We have consulted a neuro specialist regarding the MRI result, and he suggested to limit mobilization to prevent any fracture of the bone.

That’s why we feel that our father may not be able to come to Penang, but we’re thinking of having our mother and brother (Patient’s wife and son) to come and see you, together with the medical reports.

Do you think that is okay? And what is the appropriate time to come, can we come at any time? And how long the period of stay should be for this first visit? We will arrange accordingly,

Thank you for all the support you have given through Mr. Teddy to our father’s health. We have been counting on your herbs and way of life this one half year.

Best regards.

Note: For all. There was this patient. He was doing fine with the herbs for many many months. Then he decided to go to China. After China went to Vietnam. When he came home, his liver was full of tumours. He went for chemo in Singapore and died.

If you have  cancer, please try NOT travel. It is stressful because you are going to eat all the “bad: food all day long throughout your holiday. When you come home you pay for that “hmmmm … I don’t what to say!”

Seeking Wellness from Singapore

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

Greetings from Singapore.  My name is CC, aged 61 and overweight at 78 kg.

I would be in Penang in early October  and is hoping to take the opportunity to seek your consultation on how to improve my health.   I am currently not sickly but being a Hepatitis B carrier, I go for regular blood tests and ultra sound scans.  My last blood test on albumin, alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, alphafoeto protein and scan done in July this year shows normalcy but the scan indicates a fatty liver with no focal hepatic lesion seen.

Unfortunately I note from your website that you only see patients on Friday afternoon and Sunday night.  I will try  to go to your clinic on Friday but if for some reasons I can’t make it , I  wonder whether I could still visit your clinic other than Friday to buy some  herbs to help improve my  health.  I bought some herbs for brewing for general health from your clinic through a friend in the past and like it very much.

Incidentally my husband, KK wrote and asked for your advice on his heart problem in July 2009, not quite expecting a response from you as heart disease isn’t your specialty.  We’re pleasantly surprised and very appreciative when you promptly replied and recommended him 2 good books to him to read.  He’s doing fine now.  We much admire the hard and caring work you and your wife are doing selflessly in giving hope and healing to countless cancer-stricken patients.

Warm regards, CC

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