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Liver cancer from Indonesia — could not last a year

Dear Dr. Chris,

Hello, I’m M from Indonesia. I’ve got your contact from a driver in Penang. Two weeks ago I went to Penang Island hospital with my father.

After several checks the doctor told us that my father has tumor cancer in liver. The size has reached 8.5cm so the doctor said it could not be cured anymore through surgery nor chemotherapy. He said he just could gave us the medicine to enlighten the symptoms but could not be cured. So we were allowed to go home. He said my father couldn’t last a year.

While we were on the way going home, we met this driver and told us about alternative treatment you’ve done.

I would like to seek your help on the information about my father’s cancer. He is 67 years old. All the medical report is with me. He’s too weak to do the travel, so is it possible for us to consult through email? …..

Thank you so much for your attention and help

Best Regards.

Reply: Nobody in this world can cure any cancer. So I too cannot cure your father’s liver cancer. It you need help you can come and see me — even without your father.





GestationalTrophoblastic Neoplasia: Severe chemo side effects

Dear Prof Chris,

I am A from Pahang. 30 years old lady, married.

In 28 Jan 2016, I was diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. The Doctor said it not cancer yet but it can react or be like cancer, since it may invasive.

Then Doctor suggest me to do chemotherapy with single agent (Methotrexate).

Doctor said the numbers of chemotherapy cycles are unknown but until the beta-HCG reading become normal= 2mIU/mL. Recently, the reading of  beta-HCG is 84.77mIU/mL.

I completed first cycle. For your information, one cycle is equal to 5 times chemotherapy session on alternate day with folinic acid 15mg taking orally.

I suffered a lot with chemotherapy and I didn’t completed the second cycle.

The chemotherapy side effect really terrible.

Therefore, I looking for the alternative treatment.  Right now, I taking “kapsul keladi tikus” since I read about it on Internet and they mentioned about you as well, Prof. I already take it for almost 2 weeks and I did not feel any pain ( actually I did not feel any pain even from beginning; but the abnormal vagina bleeding already stop even before I taking this “kapsul keladi tikus”). Last week I suffer with short breath but for now it already ok.

Then, I think to meet you, so you can analyse all the scans and medical reports and I really hope you can suggest your herbs, since I really DON’T want to go for chemotherapy anymore.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Reply: Come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. The Keladi Tikus that you are taking is not our product — I think that you know even if they mentioned my name!




Neuroendocrine Carcinoma from India

Dear Dr Teo,

I am writing to you about my mother’s health. She is about 55 years of age  and is a very spiritual lady with vegetarian diet. Though in last few years she had some family related stresses and last year she is diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma of esophagus with liver lesions in February.

Following this she underwent chemotherapy for 4 months and TACE treatment for one of the lobes. Her disease went into remission after two chemotherapys but additional maintenance treatment in form of a light  dose chemotherapy drug temoside has been ongoing since September.

She has been having many side effects like constipation, pain etc due to this.

I have read your webpage extensively for last few months and am convinced that your helpful therapies will be very beneficial for her (she also wants to stop the maintenance drug as it is worsening her overall health).

I am not from Malaysia but am very eager to come to your clinic as and when required to discuss her treatment options and get medicines from you. Please help me by providing direction on when I can get your appointment and I will start to arrange my journey ( I will need a week time to get the paperwork for first trip but it should be easier later). Hope you will be able to accommodate and help us. Thanks a lot for your consideration and help.

Best regards,
Reply: Where are you from?





Lung Cancer: No, we cannot cure your cancer!

Dear Dr.Chris,

My name is AS. I come from Indonesia> I got your email from my friend. He told me that you can heal patient without kemoterapi. My father got lung disease. Specialist doctor from Lam wah ee hospital tell that my father get Tumor stadium 3. Can you see the ct scan dan x ray from hospital. I hope that you can help us to give opinion. Thank you for your attention i hope you can reply my email as soon as possible. Best Regards.



Reply: Where are you now? No — nobody can cure any cancer — the tumour is so big.



Pancreas Cancer — 6 to 9 months to live

Hi Dr Teo,

Good day. I came to know about CA Care via a friend and would like to find out more. My brother, who is 51 years old was diagnosed with 3rd stage pancreas cancer in July 2015.

At the advice of his doctor, he underwent chemotherapy and was scheduled to do a major operation last week to see if it is possible to remove part of his pancreas and spleen. During the surgery when it was discovered that the cancer has spread to his liver, the doctors decided not to remove any organ since it was pointless; and informed us that my brother has another 6-9 months left to live.

We are feeling very helpless and saddened by the news; and would appreciate if you can advise if CA care would benefit my brother in this case. Thanks.

Reply:  Go to my website: www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and read. No one on earth can cure any cancer — so I cannot cure cancer either.



She died after Caelyx, Carboplatin and Avastin

Dear Dr Chris
Very sorry to inform you Mrs V passed away on Monday 22nd February. She was a spiritual person so when her calling came it was peaceful. Thank you for the help  and support . Regards.

Reply: Thank you for your information. I am sad to hear that. I remember you told me she went for chemo — did she die after taking the chemo? Thanks.

Dr Chris

The complications started after she started chemo and she passed away within 2 weeks after chemo.

I m disappointed Mrs V choose to do chemo for the 5th time but she was in a lot of pain, ascites was a lot (they removed 4 litres).

I don’t know what to think about the mainstream medication . Regards.

Hello Dr Chris
I am very sad as I think it was a premature death. I warmly thank you for your help.
I very much regret that I could not locate you earlier than I did. Anyway I think that was meant to be .Her calling had come and she was a brave woman who fought hard. Regards

Reply: Thank you very much for this clarification — but that is the way it is all the time. Thanks again for sharing!

Hello Dr Chris

Mrs V has been recommended to start chemo immediately. She has been uncomfortable for several days and the oncologist team thought that by waiting too long she may lose the window of opportunity for treatment .

They recommended this time to use caelyx and carboplatin which was used in 2008 but added Avastin also.

They told us they that want to do 3 cycles of 2 sittings each ,15 days apart of so 6 sittings. This will go on for 3 months.

We are of course very concerned about the effectiveness of the chemo though as we know it is a short gap arrangement; but we have to give it a try to see if some interim relief is archived.

Mrs V will therefore start tomorrow. It was a very difficult decision for us to accept as we do not know what lies ahead.

I will come back to you after 1 month, after 2 cycles are over by which time we should be able to assess.

Please spare a thought for V in these difficult days. Warm regards.



Cancer from India — few months to live

Dear Doctor Chris Teo ,

My sister has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma grade 3.

This has come as a big shock since she has been healthy all her life and never been ill of this kind.

We had brought her to Kolkata for treatment of her gastric problem when the doctors revealed after endoscopy the presence of tumor and after doing the CT SCAN whole abdomen that the tumor had metastasis to liver and the biopsy revealed that it was carcinoma.

We the family has been devastated by this news .more so when all doctors have said that this is in an advanced stage with virtually no chance of survival beyond a few months .

I have a friend here in Kolkata, whose mother was also suffering from Gall Bladder Cancer last year .He had been in touch with you and you had kindly agreed to cure his mother .I understand from him that she was taking your herbal medicines and teas and was absolutely fine for several months .Only after she left taking your medicines her declined and she succumbed finally.

Dear Dr Chris, we earnestly request you would like you to take of my sister under your treatment and with your herbal treatment cure her cancer.

I am willing to bring her to you to Penang once she is of better health and that she can undertake international travel.

However if you permit I will ask one of my close friends to meet you with all the reports and take your advice.

We, the family is in a distressed state and look towards you to cure the cancer.

I would await your reply and meanwhile attach all the presently available reports for your reference.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully. Patient’s brother

Reply: I am sorry I cannot cure any cancer. From what you wrote, we can learn many lessons.

  1. Your sister’s cancer is too far advanced — spreading to the liver. And was given a few months to live. I am not a magician, I cannot cure her. It is better that you go to someone else in India town for help.
  2. You are far away from Penang. I cannot take care of such patient. See your friend who came to see me. After his mother was well she died!. I have learned that it is no use trying to help patients from far away. Wasting time and effort.
  3. No … sending a friend to see me is no use. It will not work that way. If you are really wanting to give your best shot — you come! What does your friend know about your sister’s condition.




Total hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer?

Dear Dr Teo,

I’m M from Johor and would like to seek an appointment with your good self for my sister … who has been diagnosed of Stage 1 Cervical Cancer. My sister resides in Brunei and she has a full hysterectomy at the advice of the doctors in November when they found abnormal cells during a Pap smear test. The doctors had advised her to have Radiation done in Singapore in order to be sure that the cancer cells are destroyed completely. Currently she is being given high dosage of Vit C and other Vit.

However, I had the experience of seeing my 2 in-laws suffer taking chemo during their battle with cancer and I have advised my sister to look for alternative treatment instead. Hence, we would appreciate it if we could fit into your appointments for the 4th, 5th or 7th March.

Thank you.    Regards, M.

Reply: Come  on Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. I wonder if this case is an “over kill?”

Our herbs are not magic bullets

Hi Chris,

It’s L. I wrote to you couple months ago regarding my mum’s breast cancer … Mum have been taking your herbs faithfully but she has suddenly taken the turn for the worse. Her kidney has started to fail again, she has a bit of a swollen kidney and she will be going through a stent operation on Monday. Doctors said that the tumour around her uterus is growing. Obviously the onco suggested her to go back to radiation therapy, like what he did the first time which my mum rejected. But now that she thinks the herbs aren’t working she is thinking twice about the radiation.

What should we do now Chris? She is taking Bon, Breast M, Cervx herbs at the moment fyi. Thanks for your time and Looking forward to your reply.
Reply: No, my herbs are not magic bullets —- I suggest that you ask the doctors to help you.




Egg-sized tumor on artery

Hi Chris,

I have a visible egg-sized tumour sitting on the bifurcation of the left artery.   My last surgery was in 1990 and it grew back to this size, 25 years later.

I am contemplating a visit to your center and wondering if you have treated this kind of tumour before.    I am from KL and if you do, when is the earliest appointment you can provide. Thanks and Regards.

Reply: No.. it is better that you ask the doctor to help. Herbs cannot make the tumour go away.


Liver Cancer from Germany

Dear Dr. Chris K.H. Teo,

Please excuse my bad English. My Name is AH,  40 years old, married and Father of a 2 years old wonderful daughter. We come from Germany.
I had liver cancer G2. One tumor is 4 cm and another 1 cm and nobody can resect it. Please help me. It is no problem for me to fly to your country. I will all do what you say.  My blood is great. No mets on ct, no tumor markers. I can fly every time you want. Please help me and my family.  I must be there for my little daughter. All the Best.

Reply: Thank you for your email. Germany is the centre of alternative medicine for cancer …. attached is a booklet about it. Why don’t you contact these doctors and talk with them. It is better than coming to see me in Malaysia which is so far and so difficult. On top of it, your customs may not allow me to send you herbs through the post. Please read this attached booklet.




Sarcoma case from Mauritius

Dear Sir,

Your expert advice will be highly appreciated. My nephew (aged 18) was diagnosed with Sarcoma at the spine level in March 2014 and the tumour prevents him from walking. He is bed ridden since March 2014. He underwent surgeries & chemotherapy in 2014 in India.

Two weeks back we got to know he relapsed & the tumour has spread to the lung. It has caused pneumonia etc.

He is on another set of chemo now which started last week. We want to give him the maximum chances but don’t know much about alternative treatments.

He is also on a diet since he relapsed in terms of no sugar no red meat, soya milk … lots of vegetables and carrots & beetroot juice but other than that don’t know much on the alternative treatment that will help.

We live in Mauritius (an islands in the Indian Ocean) where alternative treatment experts are rare to find.

We would appreciate your help on how to go about.  I may come over with his medical reports. Thanks.

Reply: Let me be very sincere and honest … sarcoma is very very hard to cure. In fact there is NO such thing as cure at all. Even if you take my herbs, I am very doubtful if these will help. Definitely not cure.  What is more, you are so far away. It is extremely difficult for me to help. 




Liver cancer: operation that did not cure

Dear Sir,

I went though your web and found your cacare. I heard that you can help in treating patient with cancer. Can you treat and help those with liver cancer. My father have went through 2 liver operation to remove the cancer cell. However the cancer keep coming back.

Best Regards, 

Reply: Perhaps it is too late to come and see me. I am not a magician.



Lung Cancer from India

Hi Chris Teo,

I came to know from some social blogs that you have natural supplements to heal  the Cancer. I know that you are reluctant to treat or advice herbs over mail, as you know we live in Bangalore travelling for consultation alone is not feasible for me, if any fees incurred for the same i do can make arrangements, Please kindly do help me or advice what best can i do to get in touch with you.

My dad is diagnosed with Adreno Carcinoma last month with metastases to bones.

Tumor on his lung sizing 3.6 cm X 3.2 cm, but he has more upper back pain which persistent, currently he is given one cycle of Chemo.

My Father age is 64 , We live in India Bangalore, he was smoking for more than 40 years. Can you please advice  will he fit for these supplements , if yes can i give along with Chemo.

Awaiting your kind response at earliest. Thanks,

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places. Please find someone else in India who can help you.



Advanced Stomach Cancer

Dear Professor Chris,

I’ve read about your treatment for cancer patients through some blogs. Attached is my sister’s report for your reference.


Hope to receive your favorable reply soon.She is still at Penang GH today. Could be discharged today or another 2 days depending on Dr’s advice. Thanks & regards. 

Reply: There is no cure —- better not to come and see me. Let the doctor take care of her. Too advanced cancer.



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