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13-Year Old with Colon Cancer ????

Dear Dr. Chris,

Here I ‘m G from Medan- Indonesia, and I would like your help how to further treatment of case my son:

I have a son with 13 years old and on February 7 have surgery in Medan as infection at his colon and the doctor cut his colon around 17 cm from the appendix. After surgery the colon sample was done Pathology Anatomy    and the result said my son have colon cancer. And then I took the slide and sample of colon and do the analysis with others doctor and their result : Benign lesion chronic inflammatory process.

The slides from both doctor pathology- Indonesia, I took to Penang thru Mount Miriam Hospitals for re – read the slide and the result as attached file.

So here I would like your opinion how to make my son secure from that infection and would you like inform me also how to meet you /where (which place) we can come for consult.

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