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Acute Leukemia from Bandung

Dear Chris,

I will introduce my self before I have few question to you. I’m Ivan from Batam – Indonesia, I have one young brother 37 years old and he sick with leukemia stadium AKUT now. His thrombocyte today is 19k but normal is 150k.  He has headache now and go to hospital in Bandung – Indonesia but doctor said… it’s dangerous. I heard from Ms Priscilia ( Immanuel Church – BATAM ) that we can discuss with Cancer Care about this disease. Do you have any suggestion or medicine herbal for Leukemia? Thank you very much for your attention.

Reply: Go and get the doctor to transfuse blood into him because that is dangerous…and he is in Bandung? Call Pak Teddy in Jakarta and we have herbs for Acute Leukemia.

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