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Indonesian living in Singapore: Lung Cancer Stage 4

My grandfather was recently diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma with metastasis of the lung on 11 March 2013.

He went for his first chemotherapy on 28 March 2013.

Please help advise for complementary or supplementary treatment from you. The Dr confirmed his condition is incurable. 6 cycles of chemo is scheduled for him.

Your advise please. MANY THANKS.

Reply:  Where are you from? You need to come and see me. Chris

Good morning Sir,

We live in Singapore. Where do we go to see/meet you?  Does my granddad need to come along?

Thank you very much. .Best regards.

Comments:  Surprising. The next day patient and his family flew in to see us. He his first chemo with Carboplatin + Alimta + Avastin. This cost about S$17,000 per cycle. That is about RM 42,000 per treatment. The sad this is – he suffered badly and did not want to proceed further with the remaining 5 cycles. On top of it all – the doctor said this CANNOT cure him.

Lung Cancer from Hong Kong: Traceva and Alimta Failed – Declined Third Line Chemo

(1)I have been a Type II Diabetes Mellitus for over 10 years.
(2) Year end of 2009, felt like having a flu with shortness of breath.
(3) January 12, 2010, I have gone through a body check at hospital and realized that I had pleural effusion on my right lung and needed further check-up.
(4) January 14, 2010, I was at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, and was diagnosed as ‘Right pleural biopsy show atypical cells’. The exact diagnosis is: adenocarcinoma of lung with intrapulmonary and liver metastatses, stage 4.
(5) Tarceva treatment started from February 2010 to mid-June 2010. The treatment stopped due to ineffectiveness shown.
(6) March 2010, because of pleural effusion, led to shortness of breath, Pleurodesis was performed to drain the fluid and eliminate the accumulation of fluid.
(7) After Tarceva treatment failed, a second-line treatment of chemotherapy, Alimta started in July. The dosage was deduced according to my health condition. It was less effective due to small dosage.
(8) May, 2010, suddenly felt heat beat was racing, up to 180 per minute. Rushed to emergency. Diagonsed SVT.
(9) Late July, 2010, I found pain around the hip areas.
(10) Diagnosed metastasis to left & right hip bone in late August, 2010.
(11) Chemotherapy stopped.
(12) Radiotherapy started in early September, for 7 days.
(13) Mid-September, doctor suggested third line chemotherapy as 2nd-line was found ineffective.
(14) I turned down the third line treatment as I don’t want to suffer from the side-effect of chemotherapy.
I started to look for Chinese medicine treatment.
(15) I started to take Chinese medicine to strengthen my body system from mid-Sept until now. But this is not intended to cure my cancer, whereas just to strengthen my immune system and energy.
(16) Late October, I got a flu, and felt exhausted all the time, now still the same.

Chemo and Radiotherapy: Severe Pains and Breathing Difficulty

SY 081 is a female diagnosed with a 4 x 6 cm lung tumour. The cancer had probably spread to the brain. She underwent chemotherapy with Alimta and Carboplatin followed by radiation.

On 1 September 2010, we received this fax: SY has been having severe gastric/ abdominal pains in the past few days. Currently she is undergoing radiotherapy. The gastric pains came on after six chemos. I told her husband that this could be due to the toxicities in the GI tract. Now she has breathing problems after nine radio. What can we give her for the abdominal pains?

Reply: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy damage the lining of the guts. Breathing problem – same experience by a patient from Jakarta. After two radio – he couldn’t breathe. Don’t give her any herbs. If she dies, they are going to say that it is the herbs that kill her not the chemo or radio.

Surgery, Chemo – Alimta, Avastin, Iressa, Gemza, Carbo, Tarceva – she had them all. Help! Now in ICU


I am writing on behalf of my mom. She is unfit to fly to Penang for her visit now. I am writing in hoping medications could be send to her in Indonesia. I need an on line diagnostic and any cost to be made please let me know will be done Via Electronic transfer because she is indeed not well to fly to Penang and moving her will only cause more depression and distress.

But I was only told and knew Herbal alternative through internet “Googling”.
Please Help as you can.

History of her illness:

2005 In Germany body check up found spots in lungs but was dismissed by family as small matter. Went back to Singapore and was treated as Fungus. Since much coughing … went to Singapore for check up, did a Biospsy on lungs, pet scan.

Mid 2007 diagnose as Non small cell adenocarcinoma, lungs 3 primary tumor. Chemo by
Singapore doctor. 3 months and break. Her mood was not balanced.

After persuasion:
Finally 2008 January, started ALIMTA
June 2008 Alimta and Avastin
July 2008 Iressa
Nov 2008 Gemza & Carbo
Dec 2008 Avastin, Gemza and Carboplatin
April 2009 Avastin and Tarceva
June 2009 Tarceva.
August 2009, told by doctor that she gave up Chemo. Suggested surgery.
September 2009 Right lobectomy (remove lower 1/3)
October 2009 Left Lobectomy (remove 1/2)

My mom while on chemo has always been healthy and as fit as a bull. Since surgery, normal signs of weakness, fatigue.

But overall, she was back to her normal activities (working and super active woman)
She refused to believe in another round of Chemo. Has Phobia of hospitals and needles.

2010 January-February family holiday to Korea and Hong Kongand all.
2010 March, gall stone caused her right side in pain. Went to Singapore and was removed early April.2 stones (1 as cherry seed size) another smaller.
May 2010 Right lung has Fluid. Refused to fly to Singapore and Fluid was removed here in Indonesia. Fluid sent to Lab and also came back not cancerous.

30 years ago she has a mastectomy as well.

My mom is now 63 years old. Her pain is lumps at surface and goes below her armpit and sometimes move near her breast.

I do not want my mom to give up hope just because she cannot meet you and I just got to you while “googling” today. Please reply to me and let me know how I am able to assist you further with this case. I am willing to put a deposit with you first as well.
Just let me know. Thank you very much. We need your help and medication.

In my previous e mail, I explained to you about mom’s condition. She in now in ICU due to Pneumonia. Please help me arrange the medication needed to stop the pain in her metatase and to delay the cancer. I know she is already at her late stages. But If i do not try your holistic natural treatment, I will live with regrets.

Please Help and e mail me ASAP. What combination of the natural medicines will be give, and how much? Delivery to Indonesia as well.

Thank you so Much. I look forward to your reply.


Reply: This is not about money. CA Care mission is not based on commercial enterprise. The medical history of your mom is most shocking. Now that she is in the ICU, there is nothing we can do to help. Let the doctors help her. Also, we don’t have any magic bullet here.

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