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She died after Caelyx, Carboplatin and Avastin

Dear Dr Chris
Very sorry to inform you Mrs V passed away on Monday 22nd February. She was a spiritual person so when her calling came it was peaceful. Thank you for the help  and support . Regards.

Reply: Thank you for your information. I am sad to hear that. I remember you told me she went for chemo — did she die after taking the chemo? Thanks.

Dr Chris

The complications started after she started chemo and she passed away within 2 weeks after chemo.

I m disappointed Mrs V choose to do chemo for the 5th time but she was in a lot of pain, ascites was a lot (they removed 4 litres).

I don’t know what to think about the mainstream medication . Regards.

Hello Dr Chris
I am very sad as I think it was a premature death. I warmly thank you for your help.
I very much regret that I could not locate you earlier than I did. Anyway I think that was meant to be .Her calling had come and she was a brave woman who fought hard. Regards

Reply: Thank you very much for this clarification — but that is the way it is all the time. Thanks again for sharing!

Hello Dr Chris

Mrs V has been recommended to start chemo immediately. She has been uncomfortable for several days and the oncologist team thought that by waiting too long she may lose the window of opportunity for treatment .

They recommended this time to use caelyx and carboplatin which was used in 2008 but added Avastin also.

They told us they that want to do 3 cycles of 2 sittings each ,15 days apart of so 6 sittings. This will go on for 3 months.

We are of course very concerned about the effectiveness of the chemo though as we know it is a short gap arrangement; but we have to give it a try to see if some interim relief is archived.

Mrs V will therefore start tomorrow. It was a very difficult decision for us to accept as we do not know what lies ahead.

I will come back to you after 1 month, after 2 cycles are over by which time we should be able to assess.

Please spare a thought for V in these difficult days. Warm regards.



Chemo: Alimta, Carboplatin, Avastin — cancer spread and spread. Hole in the intestine!

Dear prof chris,
I am len the daughter of ASH. we come from surabaya, indonesia.  i need your help to have consultation about my father’s condition.

In nov 2013 my father was diagnosed by dr PE. with lung cancer that spread in lymph nodes n adrenal (non-small lung cancer) and he got biopsy with dr AT. dr PE recommend us to dr Lim for the oncologist. my father get chemotherapy with alimta, carboplatin, avastin that done every 3 weeks.

after the first chemo he felt pain in his neck we already told dr lim adn we went to met ENT dr RB and he gave medicine. after second chemo he felt pain in his tongue and we told dr lim and he recommend to see dental dr Chan so we went there to and also went back to ent dr RB and he said it just small infection so doctor gave medicine.

before third chemo he done the ct scan and the cancer shrink about 50% dr lim said but he still felt pain in his neck, tongue and teeth and we told dr lim n ent doctor.ent doctor give medicine n said if he still felt pain maybe he need a ct scan when the next chemo.

a week after the fourth chemo my father get jejunum perforation at his stomach and got operation in indonesia at 18 feb 2014.after his recovery we go back to singapore to meet dr lim in 19 march 2014.when we meet him he stop the chemo because my father still weak n get pain inside his right mouth. we decide to met anothet ent dr CCT in 20 march n doctor said we should do mri tongue urgently and the same we do MRI. In 21 march we see dr CCT about the mri and he said my father got tumour in his tongue and need radiotheraphy that dr lim said too.

So we met dr LKS he gave option for us (do radiotherapy for 6-7weeks for tongue but he worried about lung n stomach or 2 weeks radiotherapy and continue with chemo for tongue, lung, stomach or do chemo for tongue, lung and stomach).

My family told us about you and penang cancer centre so we want to know more about that.
Can i have appointment with prof in this week? Thank you for helping.

bevacizumab = Avastin

May 27, 2009 – Bevacizumab has been associated with gastrointestinal perforations. Now, a meta-analysis indicates that the drug significantly increases the …

Gastrointestinal (GI) perforation: Treatment with Avastin can result in the development of a serious side effect called GI perforation, which is the development of a …

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Jul 1, 2011 – Tumor structure may provide some stability to the intestinal wall itself, and tumor death creates an area of disruption susceptible to perforation.5 …

The most serious side effects (not common, but sometimes fatal): Gastrointestinal (GI)perforation. A hole that develops in your stomach or intestine.

The incidence of gastrointestinal perforation, some fatal, in Avastin-treated patients ranges from 0.3 to 2.4%. Discontinue Avastin in patients with gastrointestinal …

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Gastrointestinal Perforation in Patients with Metastatic .


Cancer of the Rectum from Johor

Thanks, Dr. Chris for your info. I’ve rectal cancer at stage 4. Have done my surgery (in Jan, 2012), 11 cycles of chemotherapy (2011) and 25 times of radiotherapy (2011). But the tumors recur that spread to both of my lungs and liver.

Now the oncologist here suggest to go for further 9 to 12 cycles of Avastin and 5-FU chemo. I’ve refused. I’ll start the diet that Mr. Lee gave me and will have the herbs soon. One of these days, I’ll fly over to Penang and meet you. Once again, thanks a lot for your unique info for cancer that I’ve learn a lot by reading from your website. Hope to see you soon.

God Bless you.

Ovarian Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris,

I just called your center and I will be travelling to Penang on 26/8/12 and will visit CACARE at 7pm.

This is for my sister who has ovarian cancer and we have just finished seeing the doctor and they are recommending a 5th round of chemo using Avastin. Her CA count is 170 and as she is not keen on going through chemo for the 5th time, I have decided to bring her to see you after being recommended by my friend. We will make copies of the report as mentioned on your website.

Anything else do you need from us? How much will it cost etc?

Best regards,

Carboplatain, Taxol, Avastin, Tarceva and Radiation, Did Not Cure His Lung Cancer – In Fact He became Worse

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am KH from Kuala Lumpur.

Briefly, I was diagnosed with Stage 4, adenocarcinoma of the pleural in April 2009. It had spread to the adrenal gland. I was told I would have a median life span of 6 months. I have undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy, from May 2009 to August 2009, with carboplatin and taxol, together with a targetted drug, Avastin. However, this chemo failed and I was put on oral targetted drug, Tarceva from October 2009.

At the same time from May 2009, I was also taking Chinese herbal treatment from a herbalist, who have also taught me meditation and chi kung. My attempt to locate Mr Lau Hak Poo in Taman Megah failed as he had passed away. I have brought my younger brother to be treated by him for lung cancer in 1998.

I have also since then changed my lifestyle and diet to follow as much as possible, a macrobiotic diet with the addition of a small amount of steam fish. I have continued with the Chinese herbs till today.

In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.

However, in March 2011 this year, at the insistence of my herbalist (to go for tests) ,who sense something not right when he took my pulse, my cancer marker showed an increased level to 25. A PET scan in April showed that there were two tumours, one at about the same spot as my original tumour in April 2009, namely the base of my right lung. And another small tumour near my hip.

In April, I underwent 15 daily sessions of radiotherapy on the tumours.The radiotheraphy was not successful and in June, I was admitted to hospital to do a pleural drainage. My CEA marker had gone up to 99 by then. About 3.9 litres of fluid was drained from my right lung.

During the hospital stay, I was talking to a staff about Chinese herbs and I shared with her my brother’s experience with rodent tuber and how disappointed I was for not being able to be treated by Mr Lau Hak Poo. She then told me about CA Care and gave me Khatijah’s mobile number.

I have been taking Capsule A, Lung 1, lung 2 and Asct herbs for the past one month. However, the fluid level in my right lung appears to be increasing, which I can tell from my increasing difficulty in breathing.

As such, I would be very happy to meet up with you to consult on further treatment options and what else I can do to hopefully be healed, with the grace of God. I have already told the oncologist that I will not undergo further chemo or any targeted drugs. Their usage is mainly palliative in nature and only meant for a short life extension.

I look forward to meeting you and I will be driving up to Penang from KL on Friday morning.

Thanking you in advance.


Once again, a sad story. Over and over again, we have the same story repeating itself. Take a look at this:

http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/lung-cancer/  and this:  https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/category/lung-cancer/

The patient wrote: “ In April 2010, my cancer marker (CEA) have dropped to normal range and tests showed no more tumours and I was under remission.” This is nothing more than just a false alarm. Given another few months or so, the cancer comes back again. And this time, it comes back with greater vengeance! Hell breaks loose.

When do we want to learn this lesson?

Taxol, Carbo, Avastin and Zometa Did Not Help His Lung Cancer

This is a fax I received:

L met you earlier at our place. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2009 with metastases to the pelvis. He decided to do chemo and take the lung and bone herbs at the same time. He started the herbs on 6 November 2009 and stated chemo on 20 November 2009. He was given Taxol, carboplatin, Zometa and Avastin.

In late March 2010, he finished his 6th chemo and was started on Tarceva for maintenance. He suffered lots of rashes as side effects.

Today his CT scan showed the tumour has grown bigger and there was more pleural effusion. The oncologist is suggested Alimta, a new drug or Taxotere. But the doctor pointed out to him that he survival change is only 20% with plenty of side effects and a few months of prolongation.

Both patient and wife ask where we can offer anything further. Would you like to offer the e-therapy in this case?

Please advise.

Reply: I remember this case. He will only go on e-therapy if he decides not to take more chemo, otherwise let his oncologist take care of him.

Surgery, Chemo – Alimta, Avastin, Iressa, Gemza, Carbo, Tarceva – she had them all. Help! Now in ICU


I am writing on behalf of my mom. She is unfit to fly to Penang for her visit now. I am writing in hoping medications could be send to her in Indonesia. I need an on line diagnostic and any cost to be made please let me know will be done Via Electronic transfer because she is indeed not well to fly to Penang and moving her will only cause more depression and distress.

But I was only told and knew Herbal alternative through internet “Googling”.
Please Help as you can.

History of her illness:

2005 In Germany body check up found spots in lungs but was dismissed by family as small matter. Went back to Singapore and was treated as Fungus. Since much coughing … went to Singapore for check up, did a Biospsy on lungs, pet scan.

Mid 2007 diagnose as Non small cell adenocarcinoma, lungs 3 primary tumor. Chemo by
Singapore doctor. 3 months and break. Her mood was not balanced.

After persuasion:
Finally 2008 January, started ALIMTA
June 2008 Alimta and Avastin
July 2008 Iressa
Nov 2008 Gemza & Carbo
Dec 2008 Avastin, Gemza and Carboplatin
April 2009 Avastin and Tarceva
June 2009 Tarceva.
August 2009, told by doctor that she gave up Chemo. Suggested surgery.
September 2009 Right lobectomy (remove lower 1/3)
October 2009 Left Lobectomy (remove 1/2)

My mom while on chemo has always been healthy and as fit as a bull. Since surgery, normal signs of weakness, fatigue.

But overall, she was back to her normal activities (working and super active woman)
She refused to believe in another round of Chemo. Has Phobia of hospitals and needles.

2010 January-February family holiday to Korea and Hong Kongand all.
2010 March, gall stone caused her right side in pain. Went to Singapore and was removed early April.2 stones (1 as cherry seed size) another smaller.
May 2010 Right lung has Fluid. Refused to fly to Singapore and Fluid was removed here in Indonesia. Fluid sent to Lab and also came back not cancerous.

30 years ago she has a mastectomy as well.

My mom is now 63 years old. Her pain is lumps at surface and goes below her armpit and sometimes move near her breast.

I do not want my mom to give up hope just because she cannot meet you and I just got to you while “googling” today. Please reply to me and let me know how I am able to assist you further with this case. I am willing to put a deposit with you first as well.
Just let me know. Thank you very much. We need your help and medication.

In my previous e mail, I explained to you about mom’s condition. She in now in ICU due to Pneumonia. Please help me arrange the medication needed to stop the pain in her metatase and to delay the cancer. I know she is already at her late stages. But If i do not try your holistic natural treatment, I will live with regrets.

Please Help and e mail me ASAP. What combination of the natural medicines will be give, and how much? Delivery to Indonesia as well.

Thank you so Much. I look forward to your reply.


Reply: This is not about money. CA Care mission is not based on commercial enterprise. The medical history of your mom is most shocking. Now that she is in the ICU, there is nothing we can do to help. Let the doctors help her. Also, we don’t have any magic bullet here.

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