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Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Mr. Chris K. H. Teo,

Ab this side from India. First of all I understand that you and your team are very reluctant to advise patients via e-mail as this has not been a good experience. But, my concern is that neither the patient is capable enough to visit you in Malaysia and nor it is financially viable for my family to visit you there.

I also believe that you people are doing this great job to help those people who has no hope left with them. We have tried the bestest doctor available and already spent the money available with us. If you are still willing to advise me I have mentioned below my case. Request you to revert with a positive response.

This is regarding my grand mother (age 72), she is suffering from mid bile duct cancer (an advanced stage case). It all started when she started having pain in her abdominal 2 weeks back (just to inform you that no sign of pain or anything before that). We had her treated and doctor suggested an ultrasound and MRI. In the MRI it says “mid-CBD cholangiocarcinoma.

Focal lesion in segment 4b of liver at gall blader fosssa region. Possibility of Metastasis/synchronous cholangiocarcinoma can not be ruled out”.

We went to see a bigger doctor and facility (Fortis Escorts – Delhi). Considering the MRI report this doctor also said that she is suffering from cholangiocarcinoma and it is a serious one. They did an ERCP and said it is a confirmed case of cholangiocarcinoma. As per the doctor my grandmother is not a good candidate for operation as she is not physically fit and age factor also. Further, the operation is very critical and they can not guarantee a full removal of cancer after the operation and it is also very expensive.

Further, Chemotherapy cannot be done as it has his own side effects. However, a metal stunt can be place to remove that blockage in the bile duct.

They did endoscopy ultrasound, ERCP and placed that stunt. Placing stunt was successful (as per the doctors). Although, I have reports and images of the ERCP.

After the above procedure she continuously have high blood pressure. Doctor discharged my grandmother 2 days after the procedure. We took her back home with us and now the situation is she is continuously having pain in her stomach and that too very strong. Doctor has not provided any medicine for the cancer as they say it is not curable through medicine (and operation/chemo are also not an option as per the doctors).

They have given pain killers for the pain and medicine for blood pressure. If you require I can send you any other information you need regarding her situation and the reports of procedure.  I urge you advise me any solution if possible, at the earliest.Just to inform you we started giving her Tea made from Graviola leaves from today itself.

Thanks and regards, Ab (her grandson). 

Reply:  I am sorry, I cannot help or advise. What can I do by sitting down in front of the computer? No use. I am sorry — can you go and find someone else in your country to help.

Thanks Chris for your immediate response. I understand that you do not had good experience in advising online. But if possible, at least suggest some medication or please guide whether giving Graviola will do any improvement or not. I have met various doctors but they all have similar views.I can send her reports to you on e-mail if you want.



Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Please be informed that, my father aged 65 years has been diagnosed with bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) cancer which is in advanced stage. As per the different doctors advice we have started the chemo therapy 10 days back and based on the 6 weeks treatment, the results will be verified (another 2 treatments left) to see if there is any reduction in the tumor, but we would like to discontinue the chemo therapy as my father is losing the quality of life due to the side effects.

My father is suffering with lot of abdominal pain and we kindly need your advice to see if there is any therapy that will heal the pain. After searching so much in the web, I came across CA Care and have read many success stories on the same cancer from different patients and I would like to discuss with you and understand on the herbal medication.

We are from India, but we are very much ready to come over to Penang with all the reports to consult and discuss with you and understand the different herbs which will be useful in healing the body and also my father can visit subsequently (At present my father do not have the passport and we are in the process of obtaining the same) but I will definitely come to your place for the consultation with all the reports.

More about patient:

Age 65 years, Diabetes 2 with Hypertension and  Recently Diagnosed(September 16 2015) with Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer and stomach related) with 4 stage.

We admitted patient in hospital with severe Abdominal pain, especially pain at tumour site. He has a tumour on 8th lobe of the Liver.

Doctors said he has only 6 months.

Current Symptoms he has severe abdominal Pain with restlessness. We depending now on opioid trans-dermal patches with tramadol paracetamol combination. He has only fluid intake like rice fluid and Milk and pomegranate and carrot juice and millets juice

Our intention of approach is to increase the quality of life by reducing symptoms with in small span of time

Chemotherapy 1st cycle completed with Gemcetabine and Oxaliplatin.

We can’t move the patient from Hyderabad.

Is there any drug interactions with your medicine. We need early results. We are unable to see his pain.

We may not able to come there and visit, but I have my best friend in Malaysia who can come and visit to explain the Case and handover report copies.

Reply: It is very very hard for me to take care of patients from far away places — many patients from India came to see me in person but only once …at the end of it all, it is just a wasted efforts. Coming to see me once is just meaningless without follow up visits.

But I cannot stop you from coming to see me — you don’t have to bring the patient. The travel is bad for him. But let me say out front, this it is going to be a useless effort and waste of money — unless of course, money is not a problem.  

I am real disappointed so far with patients who come from far away places. It is because of this that it would be better for you to find someone else in India who can help you. 

I am sorry for being so blunt but I just want to be honest with you.





Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Chris,

My father has two tumors in the liver ( one is large and other one is small). The liver biopsy is confirming as Cholangiocarcinoma ( bile duct cancer). My father age is 72 . Because of his age, we are not going for Chemotherapy and doctor gave  pain killers  to smoothen is pain.

We came to know about you in website ” Cacare” and I am contacting you to seek your consultation and about  which herbal treatment  will be suitable for my father .

Here with I have attached my father medical reports.

Please note my father is in Chennai ,India. I am working in KL and when needed I can come to Penang to consult with you.

Thanks, Best Regards



Bile Duct Cancer from Nepal

My dad has been diagnosed with Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile duct cancer). He is 58 YEARS old currently in NEPAL. Doctors are not suggesting surgery and Chemo is also not reffered but some of the doctor says Chemo need to be done as I guess from the layman on this area CHEMO is standard norms for this kind of patience which might could effect him or might not be . And my main concern is if his body could not resist chemo he might be more weaker than now . After placing stunt he feels himself a bit relax trying to walk himself . We had to conduct the tests because he has jaundice. Currently, doctors placed a metal stent after removing the damaged bile duct part. I have no idea what to do. Doc says considering his age, the operation may be not be successful. He is currently recovering from Jaundice which was 30 (bilirubin) and dropped to 7.6 now. My Brother is currently with him to take care.
Doctor Diagnosis —


Any help would be appreciated.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places.



From India: Father Advance Bile Duct Cancer

Dear Sir

I am writing this email with very high hope and expecting reply / guidance /advice from your hospital.

Myself S from India. I came across your website when I was looking for alternative treatment for advanced stage bile duct cancer.

Back Ground of Patient

He is 58 year old male from India. In November 2014 he suffered jaundice. We went to hospital. They did biopsy and didn’t find any cancer.

They operated father in December 2014 to remove the block & inserted plastic pipe to regularize the blockage.

After operation for next -3 months father was good. He was doing every thing fine and he joined is job.

But from early May 2015 his condition started deteriorating again.

We took him to hospital. They performed lot of tests. They said father has cancer but they can only confirm the stage once they start operating it.

They did operation in early June 2015 (this month) to remove ball gladder and plastic pipe.

During operation they discovered cancer has spread and it is on stage 3.

They informed us about cancer and said this is NON – OPERABLE cancer and we need to give him Chemo ( Gemzar).

First they will give 3 cycle of Chemo which started today. This is 15 days cycle. After 3rd cycle they will review.

They suggested total 6 cycle of chemo which they believe after 6 cycles cancer tumor will burn & they can operate to remove.

I don’t want to lose my father so I decided to try all the treatments including alternative Ayurveda etc.

During this I came across your website and I am very impressed.

Please let me know how to proceed? As I live in India do I need to come personally with Patient?

Or Should I come alone? On my next email I will send you all the medical reports for your review.

Please advice how to proceed. A desperate son with high hope on you

Kind Regards. 

Reply: It is very, very difficult to treat patients from faraway places …. it is better that you find someone else in your city to take care of the cancer. I am sorry about this but my experience shows me that it is not possible to treat people from far away.



Bile Duct Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I happen to come by the CA CARE website and read the articles and testimonial of other cancer patients.

It brings us some hope in curing my father (61 years old) who is diagnosed with Hilar cholangiocarcinoma and fatty liver.

Based on the CT and MRI scan showed that the intrahepatic ducts and both right and the left hepatic ducts are dilated (>5 mm).

He is suffering from jaundice as one of the symptoms caused and is currently hospitalized to extract the excessive bilirubin that has accumulated in his body.  He will need the bilirubin levels to go down to sub-normal level, before he can do two stents in the ducts.  Advice prior to this from the consultant was to remove about 75% of his liver, but he chose to retain his organ and opt for an alternative method.

My father is keen to meet with you after he is discharged from the hospital. I understand that these information are not complete but I would like to seek your advice and opinion whether it is possible for CA CARE therapy so that we could arrange him for appointment.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you. 

Reply: Just come and see me with all his medical reports and scan. Where are you from?

Bile Duct Caner – cholangiocarcinoma from Singapore

Hi Dr Teo,

My dad has been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma last month.

We only learnt of the condition when he got hospitalized for jaundice. In addition to Cholangiocarcinoma, he is also diagnosed with portal vein thrombus and his liver scan results are not ideal. He is scheduled for an operation on 4 April2014. The procedure involves removing sections of the bile duct, portal vein and the right half of his liver. Though the doctors aren’t 100% certain it’s cancer, they put the risk at 85%.

In late 2012, he has undergone keyhole surgeries to remove his gall bladder and part of his stomach. Doctors advised that the growths were turning cancerous. His last post-operation consultation was in 2013 and doctors declared him to be totally well.

The initial plan was to go ahead with the operation, but just yesterday, he decided not to, because of the risks involved. There is an option of putting in a stent in the bile duct, but I have yet to talk him round. He is aware that the condition will deteriorate over time and he is looking at a totally different set of problem/risk without a surgery.

After some discussion, we feel that you may be able to help. We understand that this is not a cure, as you have said it. We are looking at delaying the growth of these cells (if they are cancerous) thus prolonging lifespan and being able to better manage/ maintain the quality of life from this point forth. He will turn 66 this month and both his parents passed away from cancer.

I hope these information helped. We are hoping to travel to Penang to see you this Friday (4 April) from Singapore. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks & Regards.

Bile Duct Cancer from China

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m from China and I would like to travel to Malaysia with my dad who is the patient. It is not an easy trip, so I’d like to confirm how much money should we prepare before we take off.

My father has got bile duct cancer in May, 2011, now recurrence is highly considered on the rest of his bile duct which is connected with liver. He has not got any treatment until now since his pain began to
develop in October. He has pain in the back and liver area. He has lost weight, and he is weak. Oxycodone and acetaminophen tablets works when the pain is severe. He has a bit high TBIL and DBIL, but it looks fine with other blood test. Doctors in China say his condition is not totally hopeless now, so we want him to get treatment as soon as possible.

Dr. Chris, please save my dad! I hope we can be there as soon as we are sure our buget is good enough.

Bile Duct Cancer from India: We cannot help via the net – come and see us!


I am writing to you from India.

My father has been diagnosed with bile duct cancer and the tumor is deemed to be inoperable due to proximity to blood vessels. There doesn’t appear to be any metastasis.

My father and myself have always been believers in alternative therapies and after reading through your website and viewing some of the testimonials I am very keen to get him started on your protocol.

In the interest of time can you please tell me how I could consult with you get your medicines at the earliest.  I can always scan the reports and send them across or alternatively, if you strongly believe I need to be physically present in Malaysia, I will make the effort to come across.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt response.

Reply: I am sorry …it is very difficult for me to help people from other countries …see the attached explanation.

Hi Chris,

I have read your explanation and fully understand the need for physical presence.  We are willing to do that, also the travel to Penang is only 7 hrs from New Delhi.

I have spoken with someone from your office and they said that you will be available on Sunday for a consultation.  I am intending to meet you then (please let me know otherwise).

In the first instance I am happy to come down to Penang with all the reports, CT, MRCP, Pet etc and my Father can come across for subsequent visits.  He is recovering from jaundice (the stent was inserted yesterday).  I will be able to provide you with significant details/reports for you to consider different herbs.


Bile Duct Cancer – Cholangiocarcinoma

Dear Chris,
I want to have consultation with you for my mother who got cholangiocarcinoma. She is 85 years old. I am afraid I could not get her to Penang because of her pain. Can you give us prescription for her sickness? Can we buy the herbs for her sickness on line? The cholangiocarcinoma is located on common bile duct according to Singapore’s doctor and almost block the duct also have stone in gallbladder . Please respond immediately, thanks for your prompt response.


D – Indonesia


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