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Bone Cancer from Colombia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My mother’s MD has told us that she has a significantly aggressive bone cancer located within the left knee cap. Per the doctor, the cancer entity is very small but extremely aggressive. This was confirmed with a biopsy. They found that it had spread to one of her lungs, and that the cancer in her lung was small. They wish to do two tests to determine how dangerous it is. The doctor said the chance of survival is low because of her age (63). They are going to remove the affected bone next week. Then they wish to begin the chemo process.

I would like to know if I bring her to your clinic is there a chance of her surviving? The doctor stated that he must use the most poisonous type of chemo, and he is unsure if she can withstand the treatments.

Reply: Where are you from?

My mother is living in Cali, Colombia, South America and I am living in Tampa, Florida. I greatly appreciated your truly rapid response. Thank you.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. I am from Malaysia … half a world from you. Chris.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I thoroughly understand that the distances are disruptive, however I wish to fly to your location with my mother. I and her will remain at your location until the treatment is completed.

What I am asking is if you believe, based on your medical expertise and experience with other cancer patients, is this cancer case beyond hope or is there hope through your treatment system?

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry. Cancer is a very, very difficult problem and I want to be honest. It is hard to try and help patients far away … no use to come and see me either because it is not a one-shot treatment. It is an on-going treatment process that take years I hope you understand. Chris

Bone Cancer from Indonesia

Dear sir / madam,

Currently, my father is diagnosed that he has a bone cancer but we still do not know which location is the cancer. We did not know the location due to the fact that my father did not want to have a biopsy but based on the MRI, it was stated that he got cancer on the back bone and right now he was unable to walk. Previously, when he did a check-up in Penang and Singapore, he was also diagnosed with a lung cancer. is there some medication that you could be provided?

Currently, my father is in Indonesia. I am more than willing to take my father to CA care in order for you to diagnose him further. I really hope you have some things that my father could take.

Regards, Fer.

PSA down from 6962 to 3103 after one a half months on herbs

Dear Prof.Chris,

I am H represents my father, the patient of CACARE.
On 29 March 2012 my father did PSA test & the result was 3103.

On 22 February 2012 his PSA was 6962.

He started taking your herb on 15 February …so it is about 1.5 month & the PSA is down…thank you Dr. Chris.

But I have problem…. My father can’t walk now. The Indonesian doctors said that his spine marrow / backbone marrow/ sumsum tulang belakang has been damaged by cancer cell, so his legs can’t be moved. Help me Dr. Chris.Do you have any herb to repair his backbone marrow / sumsum tulang belakang? Or to help his legs can be controlled again? Thank you very much.

Reply: I suggest that you come and see me about his problem.

Bone Cancer from the US

I was told on the 30th of Sept. 2011 that I have cancer of the bone that is why I am having back pain. My daughter sent me your website. It was very interesting to me since my doctor told me that I may have to get radiation or some more chemo. I had chemo back in 2006 and I can’t see myself doing it again. Could you please send me some information regarding the herbs and if you have a list of doctor’s name and phone numbers. Thank you.

Reply:   Where are you from?

I am so sorry. I live in Lansing, Michigan about 80 miles out of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Reply: I am sorry, I am not able to help people so far away. I am from Malaysia, half a year away from you.

Bone Cancer – Osteosarcoma: Refuse chemo

Hi Chris,

This is Danny. I have a 16 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last May. Since then she went thru chemo n surgery. Treatment completed in Feb this year. Recently we went back to PPUM in KL for follow up, the radiological report shows that she had the recurrence of sarcoma. Dr says chemo is the only way but no guarantee, we refused and they say nothing can be done, is just a matter of time.

Therefore we seek for your help. as we live in seremban,it is quite a distance to travel to penang, whre else can we go for consultation. at this time my daughter is quite weak due topericardial effusion. Please see the attached report.

Kindly reply me as soon as you can. Thank you very, very much.


Bone Cancer From Seremban

Hi Chris,

Let me introduce myself. I am John from Seremban. I believe it must be God’s will that I came across your website.

Here is my story. I have a 16-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with bone cancer last May. Since then she went thru the agony of chemotherapy plus surgery at Hospital Universiti until February.

This year, sadly not long ago, she had her bone scan and X-ray. The report suggests that there might be the possibility of bony metastases to her left scapula. Frankly speaking we as parent do not want her to go thru another cycle of chemo which proved to very devastating. Therefore, we look for alternative treatment and hoping that you can assist us in this regard.
Waiting for your reply


Bone Cancer from India

Dear Doctor,
My brother was diagnosed with pleomorphic sarcoma in the pelvis (stage -4 ). He is 33 years. He first noticed the first pain while running in a cricket game. Neglected the pains for 2 weeks. It became worse. Not able to walk. Saw an Orthopedic and Oncologists and undergone chemotherapy for 3 days. Everyday he is taking pain killers.

He went through chemotherapy and still suffering with very severe pain. We would like to try your herbal treatment. But he is not in the state of traveling. Is there a way he can be treated without meeting you? Please help us. 

Hello Doctor, I am his wife from India. The doctor here advised chemotherapy and radiotherapy just for a trial not for the cure or lifesaving. He told that his life time is maximum 1 year, because it had spread even to the skull.  Please do something, your treatment is the last hope for me.
Hello Doctor,
I am the wife. Chemotherapy sessions are over. The present condition is very bad. He walks a little bit, get tired fast, can take only liquid food, motion is regular, disturbed sleep, difficult to pass urine without a catheter, suffering from fistula in anus, foul smelling pus discharge along with the motion, blood reports are like this
Hb     – 9.8
WBC  – 32,000
ESR   – 90
Urine – pus cells are seen
We like to start your medicines. Shall we start the same medicines or any changes you want to make? Any medicine for fistula in anus you want to suggest. Please do the needful. Waiting for your kind reply.

Comment: It is indeed difficult to us to do much – there is the distance and the slow communication between us making our response rather slow. Please ponder the following:
1.        What is the cause of this cancer? No one has the answer.
2.        If the cause is not know, how can anyone “intelligently” cure it?
3.        Ask the onocologist and he recommends chemotherapy, ask the radiologist he says radiotherapy. But all of them say the treatment will not cure.
4.        Would it not be more humane to do nothing than do something?
5.        In this case the treatments caused more harm than good?

Bone Cancer From USA

Hello Dr. Teo,

My father was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and the timeline is between 6 to 12 months. My father is currently suffering pain throughout his body, legs, back, and some other areas. Currently he is unable to walk and is taking morphine daily as pain medication. Recently also tried Linzhi but does not seem to ease his pain. My father is 73 years old and has always been in good health until now.

We would like to seek advice from you and on how to go about getting treatment thru your center. Is it possible to order medication thru your center online? Is your center only in Malaysia? Please advise. I just want my father to suffer less pain. We are in the United States. Thank you very much for any advice or any referral you may know in San Francisco, United States of America,

Concerned son

Lung – Bone Cancer from India

Dear Chris
I read the case study you have published about Angela. I seek your help.

My father, who is 75 years old, was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis to the pelvis in April 2009. He went through 6 cycles of chemo and 5 days of radiation. The PET scan done soon after revealed that the primary tumour had regressed moderately and the secondaries to the bone were progressive. Three months later the PET scan revealed that the bone metastasis had been progressive and the primary tumour had increased mildly. Dad is in lot of pain and is on analgesics to control the pain. Recently the pain has increased further. Our Doctor has suggested another 6 cycles of chemo and radiation to follow. They have also said that Dad does not have much time to live, maybe 6 months. This is what they had said when we began treatment as well that the average time would be 6 months to a year. He has no other problems and is in otherwise good health. But this pain really brings down his quality of life.

I was inspired by your paper. Can I seek this treatment in India? Please let me know if Dad can be helped. I would greatly appreciate a speedy reply.

Thank you.
NG, from India

My reply:

Dear Professor,
I see this kind of problem most of the time. No, chemo is not going to cure anything — it will make his life more miserable. You can go into my website: http://www.cacare.com if you have not done this yet. See the case studies presented and also the videos, etc.

It looks like he needs Capsule A, Lung Tea 1 and 2, Bone Tea plus a lot of Pain Tea.

To know more, please read about the CA Care Therapy — what it involves and also about the Healing Crisis. I recalled one wife wrote me a short note from India… her young husband was a cricket player diagnosed with bone cancer … he went for chemo… suffered so badly. We sent the herbs but he was unable to drink it because the severe side effects of the chemo…After he died the wife wrote: Please tell all your patients not to do chemo… but it was too late for my husband.

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