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11-year-old with Sarcoma

Dr Teo,

Please find medical reports, scans, blood test attached. It seems time is of essence. As doctors in XX and YY are ready to take him in. We only know of chemotherapy.  We will be having our 2nd opinion tomorrow at YY.

My son is 11years. Doctors are ready to begin with chemo, surgery and chemo.

If you are know of someone kindly refer.

Family Conference Checklist for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

Staff in attendance: Prof X, Dr. K and Dr. W

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma, spread to lung, spread to bone. Behaviour – aggresssive. Serious disease.

Percentage of cure: Cure 10 to 20 %. In case of lung + bone, sprad.

Chemotherapy and side effects: M5K protocol. Cisplatin, andriamycin, methotrexate, Ifosfamide, Etoposide.

Hair fall, bone marrow – low red cell, low platelet — bleeding, low white cell –  risk of infection. Vomit – give anti-vomiting medicine.

Cisplatin: hearing tone, deafness –  hearing test. Kidney, Infertility.

Doxorubicin:  Affect heart, heart functin test and monitor. Need to use very high dose.

Ifosfamide: side effect on kidney, electrolytes loss from kidney, sometime can cause seizure, Infertility – sperm banking, parents to consider.

Etoposide: strong medicine. 1% leukemia.

Immunotherapy is still experimental, not proven.

Surgery: After week 9 – 10 of chemo … will decide for type of surgery.

Duration of treatment: Every 3 weeks cycle.

Other precautions (e.g. diet, hygiene): to avoid crowded places, eat well cooked, clean food, no salad, no rotten food, home cooked, fruits – fresh, peel skin, not to go to school during treatment. Any fever, unwell need to come back immediately.

Reply: The treatment would be hard on an 11-year-old. Do take time to consider properly. No time is not the essence here! The cancer has already spread.


Lung – Bone – Brain Cancer from Semarang

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Name is Na. My father, 54 years old had lung cancer in the stadium 4. Carsinoma Scuamous Cell already spread in all over my father’s lung. The worse thing is that the cancer already metastased into the brain and his kidney. what already informed by neural specialist was the cancer in his brain was very near to the rod’s brain, so small infection will be very serious.

My fathers condition is very weak, couldnt wake up. Last treatment from doctor was to make him in better condition and to give chemotherapy/radiation. Due to his condition its not possible and our family also think that it will take too much risk for him. One doctor advised to get Iressa/Tarceva but its still not quaranteed and very expensive and surely its have side effect.

We are already searching all over sources, we try to get alternative herbal medicine but none seems to make him better.

Now, we kindly ask your help to give your advise to make him at least getting better or life longer. Any advise from you is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much doctor. 

Reply: Where are you from? Can you come and see me with all the medical reports ..no need to bring the paitents.

Dear dr. Chris,

I am come from Indonesia. I would  go there to see you, but i must accompany my father in his critical time. The neural specialist said that he must going trough the 10 days phase of critical time which will end at next friday.

Is it possible to send the data through email? Any other option that we can do rather than flying there?
If the only option i must go there, then should i make the appointment? I just cant be far away from my dad long time, leaving him suffering only accompany by my mother that is also weak & crying all time. I am sorry that i must tell you this doc.

Thank you very much for your response doctor.

Reply: Indonesia —where?

Dear dr. Chris,

We live at Semarang, Central Java. Is there any branch in Indonesia that we can contact?


Doctor Said Breast Cancer Cured but Two months Later Spread to Lung and Bone

Dear Dr Chris’

In 2005 my mother was received left breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments for six time in Surabaya, and has been declared cured by the doctor here.

But two months ago, the doctor said that the cancer cells have spread to other body parts in the left lung, right breast, lymphs and spine and also got pleura effusion in the left lung.

The doctor suggest to us to get another chemotherapy cycle and radiotherapy treatment in the bones, but we refuse to take the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, because we heard that the chemotherapy treatment can make secondary cancer.

Kindly alternative medical treatment advice from you.

Thank you’

Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Melbourne

Dear Dr Chris,

I came to know your institution through our friends.

My husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and spread to liver and bone 10 days ago.

He had his first chemotherapy a few days ago on 10th July. The next one will be on the 17th July.

We live in Melbourne, Australia and I am interested to visit you in Penang. My husband will not come with me.

Please allow me to query so that my trip will be rightly scheduled and fully utilised:

1. What days and time can I meet with you?

2. Do I have to stay in Penang for long?

3. What do I have to carry with me?

4. Would it be good to start taking your medication now or wait until the series of chemos are completed? And why?

5. Any other suggestions please?

My husband details:

Age: 55 years

Usually healthy but in the last few months he has lost 7 kg and loosing eating appetite. He was taken for X-ray and subsequently CT scan and biopsy. The cancer was confirmed from the biopsy.

Thank you for your attention and I waiting for your reply.



Liver-Lung-Bone Cancer from Jakarta – come and see me, writing e-mail will not do!

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is PK and I would like to ask you some questions regarding to my wife illness. My wife (named L, aged 50 years) has liver cancer and already spread to the back bone and a bit to the lung based on abdomen & thorax CT scans done in Nov. 2011 and biopsy also done in Dec 2011. Knowing the disease we are looking for medical treatment or herbal healing and fortunately my friend Mr. Tukiman recommended us to go to you or your representative in Jakarta, Mr. Teddy

After meeting him he gave my wife the herbal tea and she started taking the herbal as prescribed on the 23 December 2011; she took the herbal consistency and also very careful  the food she ate (totally vegetarian and no fried food or sugar as well) she also sleep at 9 pm and avoid stress, but until this day 27 January she is still complaining about the pain on her left legs (under legs) and also her upper thigh which make her difficult to walk.

And my questions are:
– How long would this herbal medicine took effect
– How do we monitor her disease,because up till now we did not go to  any doctor here.
– Is it necessary that we come to you for further observation or do you have any suggestion that we should do next.

Your early reply will be much appreciated thank you.

Reply: Trying to help people in front of a computer will not do. If you really want me to help your wife, come and see me with all her medical reports.

Lung Cancer: Chemo, chemo – cancer spread to bone and brain

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Fab, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am sending you e-mail to consult on my dad’s condition. I would like to first give you his medical history up to now as mention below.

Medical History

During a regular check up in April 2007, his chest x-ray revealed a mass in the left upper lobe of the lung, but he was completely asymptomatic. At that time, he has biopsy and was told to be negative for any malignancy. He had also subsequent follow up in August 2007 and January 2008, yet the mass lesion in the left upper lobe of the lung remain the same.

However, in June 2008 he got hospitalized due to pain in the abdomen and also back pain. On 29 June 2008, he had MRI of the spine and was told that he had compression fracture of T11 with possible spinal cord compression. Chest x-ray showed the mass in the left upper lobe was much bigger and he also had pleural effusion. He had re-biopsy and it showed ADENOCARCINOMA. He received accelerate radiation 400 cGy for 5 times to the spine for the spinal cord compression and his back pain got better after he completed the radiation on 8 July 2008.

He used to smoke 1.5 to 2 packets of cigarettes per day for over 45 years. He stopped smoking 5 years ago.

After seeing his condition is not getting too well as he also develop new pain in his pelvis which radiates to both legs and he is weak and unable to move around himself, we decided to admit him to Johns Hopkins Singapore IMC on 12 July 2008. Then he underwent decompression laminectomy on 16 July 2008 and tolerated the procedure well. He also had left sided effusion and was drained on 13 July 2008 with re expansion of the lung. Histology of the pleural effusion showed degenerative malignant cell, likely subtype is adenocarcinoma. He underwent talc pleurodesis on 27 July 2008.

He was started on chemotherapy with Avastin, Paclitaxel and Carboplatin on 14 August 2008. After 2 cycles of chemo a CT scan on 23 September 2008 showed mass in the left lung is smaller, likewise with the pleural masses and effusion with the lytic lesion in the thoracic spine, and left ilium appearing more obvious. He completed 6 cycles of Avastin, Carbo and Taxol in 27 November 2008 and repeat CT scan on 16 December 2008 showed partial responses was maintain on Avastin with last chemo on 7 January 2009.

He was again admitted in hospital on 28 January 2009 due to increasing fatigue and somnolance and imbalance on ambulation. Cranial MRI on 29 January 2009 showed multiple cerebellar and cerebral metastases and started on steroid and RT on 3 February 2009. CT Thorax and abdomen showed disease progression with new findings of ground glass opacity in the lateral segment of the middle lobe and multiple nodules in the left upper lobe suggestive of infective changes however metastases cannot be ruled out. New hypodense nodules in the left lobe of the liver, left adrenal and pancreas are suspicious of metastases. Multiple bony metastases. He was also started on ceftriaxone and prophy latic clexane. He start to feel better and able to recognize us and started to ambulate with assistance. He was also noted to be coughing while eating and was seen by a speech therapist. He underwent videoflouroscopy and showed silent aspiration. He was advise NGT feeding but the was pulling his NGT several times, therefore the doctor change it to PEG insertion on 10 February 2009.
He again felt week and withdrawn while on whole brain radiation. A repeat Cranial MRI on 9 February 2009 showed stable brain metastases with decrease in perilesional edema. Chest x-ray showed an opacity is projected over the left cardiac border with interstitial thickening and nodularity in the left and upper and middle zones. His antibiotic was changed to ceftazidime, clindamycin and azithromycin. He continues to feel week and staying mostly in bed, but we try to sit him up everyday for 2 hours each morning and afternoon and also give some excercise to make his muscle not stiff. A repeat chest x-ray showed persistent of the lung inflirtrates with the left pleural effusion and his antibiotic was change again to Tazocin.

We bring him back to Jakarta yesterday after the completed his radiation on 14 February 2009, and at this moment he is quite calm eventhough every 4 AM in the morning he starts to get cough a lot.


With the above medical background, I would like to have your advise on his condition and whether the Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber that you have found can be used to treat my dad. Is there any possibilities, knowing his present condition that Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber can benefit him.

It is really hard for the family to see him in this current condition, therefore when I read about your story, it struck me that I need to consult with you. In a sense that your medicine is somewhat natural product not a chemical one, and I think he got enough chemical running in his body and I know that chemo will never cure cancer, it can only stabilize the cancer.

Please kindly help us doctor, and hope that my dad can be the next person cured by Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber. I hope to hear at least better news from you.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Best regards


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