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Lung Cancer from Sarawak


My cousin have been diagnosed with lung cancer since about 1 year ago. However, it is getting more serious nowadays, as he is experiencing some pains at his bone area. I’m planning to bring him over to meet you in Penang. Do you accept appointment through emails? Are your opening hours from Mon-Fri or on Fri&Sunday only? I saw two different opening hours from your website (cancercaremalaysia.com), and I am a little confused about it.

Many thanks,

Reply: Friday 3 – 5 pm or Sunday 7-9 pm …. bring your medical reports etc.

Hi Dr Chris,

Thank you for the fast reply. We are from Sarawak. Is it possible to make an appointment in advance? We are afraid that when we reach there, the queue is long, and thus causing us to not have an opportunity to meet you. Also, normally how long does your patient stays in Penang? We are planing to be in Penang from Thursday to Monday. Is that timeline sufficient? Or will you requires a longer time to stay in Penang?

Thank you once again!

Reply: I will see ALL patients when they come to see me, irrespective of how long the Q is. Nothing to worry.

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