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Cancerous Breast Lump – No guarantee surgery can cure!

Dear Dr. Teo,

Two weeks ago, my wife found lump on her left breast then we went to see the doctor to check the status of her lump. The doctor asked us to do the USG, so she sent us to the hospital.

The USG doctor said that maybe it was a Tumors the size about 2 cm. Then we went to oncologist in Semarang, and we consulted the USG result with the doctor. He said it was Tumors and the only way to cure was surgery. He couldn’t decided it was benign or malignant Tumors until the surgery, and he couldn’t guarantee whether my wife will 100% cured after surgery or the Tumors can re-grow. We shocked with his statement, and we felt disappointed. So we felt hopeless and backed home.  So far we have tried some herbal medicine to minimize the tumors growth.

We have plan to go to Penang to check the status of the Tumors once again to get right diagnose and then we will go to see you in Cancer Care. Please help us, what should we do.

Best regards,

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