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Cervical Cancer from Indonesia

Hi dr Chris.

Hope you are well

My aunt is diagnosed for cervical cancer stadium 3B. She is 36 years old and married for 15 years. Her symptoms are : bleeding with big amount of blood, swollen in her left feet. Last Monday (26/5) she went for chemotherapy, her condition is stable until Wed (28/5), she felt her stomach, vagina hurts very much like cut into pieces.
She is currently in a small city in Indonesia and will be very difficult to go to Malaysia to see you.
Is there any chance we get your herbal here in Indonesia? Thank you

Lung Cancer from Singapore – no cure, less than a year to live

Hello Dr Chris,

My mother was having an stage 4 lung cancer, we was told by the doctor there is no cure on her case, she is 70 years, doctor given her less than a year to live, she is a recovered cervical cancer patient which was detected more than 5 years ago, this lung cancer is spread from the previous one.

Doctor said chemo is the only way to treat her, but we are not intended to do this for her, consider at her age and the

current health situation, we would like to seek for chinese traditional treatment, i am very greatful if you can give me

anyway of advise or to have a chance to contact or meet up with you, i am a Singaporean living in Singapore, very greatful

to you if  you can leave your contact number for me to contact you, Thanks for your time for reading this Email.

Reply: No use to talk or write email. Just come and see me with all the medical reports.

Cervical Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris

I got your reference from mr RB, a friend of mine who has been successfully treated by you. I had cervical cancer ( small cell carcinoma ) in Jan 2012. I had chemo & radiation but surgery was not done as the tumour had crossed the walls. This treatment lasted from Jan to March end of 2012.

I had my annual PET SCAN in the April of 2013 & a small trace ( 5 mm) of lesion was detected which on biopsy turned out to be malignant. And this time it was cancer of the connective tissues. As a result I had a hysterectomy in May 2013 followed by chemo till Oct. I could not complete the full cycles of chemo as my body was not taking it ( drop in hemoglobin  , low TLC & platelet counts.
Right now I am not taking any medication for cancer but continue to take medicines for diabetes , blood pressure, and thyroid since 2000.

I am in Singapore for a month and would like to consult you at your convenience . I will be grateful if you could give me time on the coming weekend or the next. Looking forward to your reply. Thanking You.

Stroke then Cervical Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,
My mother is discovered to have stage 3 cervical cancer and apparently she is bleeding now.
She was admitted to hospital on 01Mar 2014 for stroke. In the hospital, doctor diagnosis a tumor in cervix. My mother started to bleed only when she is in the hospital. But she had no symptom or pain. She eats well too and had her bowel 2 or 3 times a day. She could not walk well becos if her weak knees. Please advise the possibility of herbal therapy. Thank you.

Reply: Where are you from? It looks like it is a very difficult case … compounded by problem of stroke and in hospital since 1 March …. I don’t know what I can do for her. To be honest, I don’t want to be a scapegoat …if anything goes wrong, people will blame me.

I am from Singapore.

Cervical cancer from Jakarta

Morning dr. Chris,

Hello, i’m from jakarta, indonesia. My mom is 58 years old. She had 2 years menopause. In May 2013, suddenly she had her menses again, but just a little and not long, only a few days and then stop. In December 2013, my mom had her menstrual again, bleeding like blood clots. So, i decided to take my mom go to doctor. 1 January 2014, mom did biopsy, and she was diagnosed had cervical cancer stage 2b. Doctor recommended my mom to do PET scan and then radiotherapy. But mom didn’t do that, she went to sinseh, and he provide herbal medicine. Mom has been taking that herbal medicine for 40 days and then we come back to the doctor, doing blood test. CEA = 1,5 CA 125 = 7.04 CA 15-3 = 7.7 SCC = 19.1

And now, i was confused, what should i do? Can you help me and give me a solution? Sorry my English not really good, i wish you can understand what i write. Thanks. Regards,

Cervical Cancer: Chemo and Radiation – Stroke and cancer spread to liver, lung and brain.

Dear Dr. Chris,

We heard about you from a friend whom his mother suffered from lung cancer and had your treatment years ago. She has survived and still fine now.

My wife, age 39, suffered from cervical cancer ever since a year ago. As suggested, from Mei to July 2013 she had chemotherapy treatment for 8 times following by 24 times radiotherapy, but the result comes out not as expected.

Today, the cancer has spread to her liver, lung and brain. Besides, in between her illness she got stroke that cause paralyze on her left side.

We put her in the hospital in Medan at the moment, while we are looking opinion of alternative medication from other source.

We really appreciate your advice in this regard.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Cancer of Cervix: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation. Cancer Spread to Her Lungs

Dear Dr. Chris,

I get to know your name and info from one of my friend. My mom is now stay in Segamat, Johor.

At the beginning,she has a bleeding problem and went for CT scan. Scan show she got cervix cancer. Thus, she went to Hospital Columbia to see a doctor and remove her uterus. After that doctor took her uterus for checking and found that her cancer cell has been spread out from her uterus.
Than, she has been recommend to Subang Cancer center to do Chemo & Radiotherapy. After done that, she went for PET SCAN, and result show that she is now having lung cancer and lymph cancer stage 4. Doctor said from his statistic, 50% of this kind of patient cannot survive more than 1 year!

Anyhow, She is now feeling good, no pain, no symptom. She till now still cannot accept this reality. We love her so much and we do not want to lost her. Most important, she is so desire to live! Please help her!

I attached herewith her report. Please advise when should she go to see you. Please allow us to make appointment with you as soon as possible because this is a LIFE! Thank You so much for your previous time and help!

18 Sept 2013 at 19:14pm from Phillipines.

Cervical Cancer from Singapore. Radiation and chemo failed – cancer spread to her lung

Hi Dr Chris,

I am being referred by Betty Khoo and Berlin from Singapore. They have attended your talk in KL recently.

I am diagnosed with Mucinous Ca Cervical last year April 2012. After surgery I was give 25 session of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of internal radiations.

Thereafter I am free of cancer till this year Feb 2013, they found 4 spots in my lungs. After lung endoscopy, they found out that the cancer cell in lungs is the same kind as the cervical. Docs recommended more chemo. I have started 2 cycle of chemo and my platelets drop till very low. I was given oral chemo + infusion chemo. After 2 cycle of chemo, they send me for CT Scan on the Chest, abdomen and Pelvis. To my surprise, docs told me that an external llilac nodal mass measuring abt 35 X 28mm trapping on the left ureter and causing a moderate degree of hydronephrosis.

Doctor told me that the western medication seems not effective for my kind of cancer and due to low platelets counts (could be due to my radiation),  they may not be able to carry on with the treatment.

May i seek your kind advise for my condition. Attached my recent CT scan report and blood test for your reference. Awaiting your kind reply.

Regards. SP, Singapore.

Reply: Come and see me in Penang with all your medical reports and scans.

Cervical Cancer from Miri, Sarawak

Dear Chris,

I am from Miri and I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2B. I started taking the keladi tikus in capsule form (400mg) 2 caps in the morning 30 mins before meal and 2 caps in the evening 30 mins before meal on 15march and was told after 5 days to increase the dosage to 3 caps morning and evening. My appointment for radiotherapy is on 25 March in Kuching. This morning the GH here has asked me to do a pre-chemo workout. By the way, the CT scan shows that the cancer cell is only in my cervical area and not spread to any organs. Please advise if I am doing the correct thing. Thank you for your reply.


Reply:  I don’t know what is the right thing by sitting in front of the computer!  Go and see the doctor.  Where do you get the keladi tikus? Did you come to see me, CA Care? Go to our websitewww.cacare.com to learn more. Chris

Hello again Chris,

I did not come to see you at CA care, but it was introduced to me by a friend who is also a cancer survivor.  The box says CANCER-fight.com (Typhonium Flagelliforme/Keladi Tikus) manufactured by RPM Herbs Industries, Pt 1151, Kg Batu 23, Jln Dewan Besar, 18500 Machang, Kelantan and made under licence to: Mashari, No. 6, Tmn Desa Baru, Kok Lanas 16450, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  On the box it says 2 x 90capsules/400mg  (there are 2 bottles in a box)  apparently it is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the code is MAL 090710791C

Thank you for your advice.

Dear Chris,

I would like to go to your centre for consultation but am not sure when I am able to do so. I would like to know if you have accommodation provided at your centre and what the charges is like. I would also like to know what documents or medical records I have to bring for consultation and the charges.

Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: Go to www.cacare.org and read.

Cervical Cancer from USA

Dr. Teo,

I was diagnosed with 3B cervical cancer in May.  I received chemoradiation and now the doctor says my chances to live are 65%.  They want to give me high doses of cisplatin and taxol to raise my chances 10% more.  I decided against this..

I live in USA.  I believe in the work you do. When you said you were “a man of plants” on your video, I felt hope move through my body. God gave us the plants for our healing.  If you can help me, I am willing to travel to see you.  My sister-in-law also has a high respect of herbs.  She is visiting family in Indonesia in January.  She said she would buy me a plane ticket to go with her so I could see you.  I am humbled because my sister in law is not rich.

I consulted with an herbalist here and he has the plan of giving me pacific yew and sweet annie (Artesisia annua) on alternating weeks for 3 months.  I could do that until I come to see you.  I believe the herbs and the knowledge of herbs is very superior in the Asian countries.  Here in America, we relied on Western medicine too long and do not have the knowledge and tradition of herbs that there is in the East.  As you say, wisdom is getting the best from the east and the west.

I have  kept my diet as clean as possible; no sugar, no caffiene, and I only eat organic fruits and vegetables,  During chemoradiation, I did eat yogurt because my digestive system could not tolerate anything else.

Would you help me, please?  How long would I need to stay?  What is the cost involved?   With my diagnosis, do you think that January would be too late?  I will do whatever you think is best.

Thank you,

Cervical Cancer from Kenya


My name is Joyce and I was at your website, my mum has cervical cancer, and am looking for anything that will help her., she can’t do chemo because she has an enlarged heart.  please let me know how you can help.

Reply: Where are you from?

I am from Kenya. I live in New Jersey.

Reply: You are in USA and she is in Kenya. How to help?

Attached please find the medical reports from Kenya and India.  My mum had traveled to India to seek medical treatment, she was advised against chemotherapy by the doctors in India due to the fact that it was discovered she has an enlarged heart. She went back to Kenya and she has gone to various oncologists in Kenya who have told her to do chemotherapy.

She decided not to do chemotherapy as advised by the Indian doctors.  She remains untreated to date.  She also has diabetics and high blood pressure in addition to the uterine carcinoma.

Metastatic Cervical Cancer from Belgium: Gone to liver after chemo

Hello, Chris!
I read few stories on the page on the net and I decide to write to you. My name is Mi. I am 36 years old and I have cervical cancer. I had surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The primary tumor is gone, two years ago, but I have metastases on the lymph nodes and right now on the liver. The metastases on the liver came on the time of chemotherapy for the nodes. So I I was wondering what can you offer for my case? I am willing to fight and try to cure those metastases. I do not think the chemotherapy will help. I forgot to say I am living in Belgium, Europe. Is there something we can do for me?
Best regards.

Cancer of cervix that spread to the stomach

Dear Dr. Chris,

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I’m Hes, from Indonesia. I realize that it is impolite for me to say you via email, and you might be very busy having to check the email, but I couldn’t meet you directly at this moment, and I have no other choice, as I feel I have to get your advise urgently for my mother condition.

My mother is 50 years old. In July 2008 she got a very bad bleeding. We brought her to hospital and the doctor here said my mother got Cervical Cancer stage 2B. At that moment the doctor suggested a surgery and take out the whole cervix. After surgery, my mother had a test again and found there were still cancer cells and this should be followed by radiotherapy, 3 times.

After radiotherapy, the doctor said it’s okay now. But only after 3 months (October 2008), my mother got cancer again. It grew in her stomach. Again my mother had a surgery to take out that cancer, and at that moment the doctor said he put something like “net” in her stomach, to replace an original net in her body that have to be cut during the surgery.

But again, only after 1 and half month (mid December 2008), my mother got a cancer again in her stomach and up to her ovaries. The doctor now confused because the process was too fast, as actually my mother should be still in Healing Process.

I definitely desperate to hear the doctor, and now he just gave my mother healing pain PIL and inform my mother should follow chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Now my mother is in bad condition, but she don’t want to have a surgery or chemo again, as that therapy make her condition worst.

FYI, my mother CA 125 is 258, this is quite high right?

Dr., my mother now could only hope that God will save her, and during that I will try my best to get a best treatment for my mother. Hope that you could give me a little of your valuable time to read my message. Thanks & regards.

Cervical Cancer: The Doctor Gave Up On Her

Dear Mr. Teo,

Name: Y. Y. Age: 49 Gender: Female

The above name is my mother. In June 2007, my mom starting to have pains in her back. She had fevers, now & then. We couldn’t do anything because she was away for business trip. It’s starting to concern us (the families). In December 07 we decided to bring her to see a doctor. The first doctor, found a 8 cm lump in the anus. After that, we took her for PAP smear. The result: she was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3B.

We didn’t believe in conventional cancer treatment, thus, we look for alternative treatments. 1st step, we put her on herbal medicine called SIFA for 2 months.
2nd step, she took Tian shi products for 2 weeks (cordyceps, calcium). 3rd step, we brought her to ‘sin she’ who apparently claimed could cure the cancer with ‘chi’. The ‘sin she’ prescribed her Vermox.

After the 3rd treatment, her condition worsened. At first she had spotting, then later on it got heavier, she need to change her pad often. She also had difficulty passing stools & urine, her body started to swell. We immediately took her to the hospital in May 2008. The doctor took some test, and the results showed the cervix was swollen & was pressing against the kidney.

In order to help her body pass the urine, doctor inserted pipe into her bladder line (nefrostomie) . He gave her Transamin to stop the bleeding, had 15 bags (300cc/bag) of blood transfusion & had her blood cleansed few times. Later her creatinine & hb became normal.

Next, Doctor suggest 25 times radiotherapy & 3 times chemo in between (Taxotere, low dose 60 mg/chemo). We took the suggestions. On 5th of July, after all that treatments, doctor said the lump’s size was still the same, it was still pressing against the kidney. We finally had to hear our worst from his mouth. Her life couldn’t be saved. He gave up on her.

Her current condition: has difficulty passing urine. Her hair is falling probably cause of chemo.

Please advise us on what to do next. How do we get the herbs? How are you going to deliver it to us? We would like to believe that we still have hope.

Thank you for attending to us, we hope to hear from you soon, Mr. Teo.

Cervical Cancer from Zambia

I happened to stumble upon you on the internet while Ii researched on how to deal with side effects of radiotherapy.. My name is R from Lusaka, Zambia. My mother aged 56 is currently suffering from cervical cancer. She had a hysterectomy in July 09 and recently underwent radiotherapy for 6 weeks. She completed her radiotherapy about two months ago but has suffered from consistent constipation and lower abdominal pain. Please advise. She is a strong Christian but has over the recent months not been very positive about life. She is a woman that rarely fell ill throughout her life and this illness has made her lose her zeal for life. We as a family are trying as hard as possible to support her through this ordeal and it’s not easy. I have sought your help as I was very encouraged when I read about what you do.

Kindly assist.

Thank you.

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