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CML: Can you help BUT on my own terms?

Hi Master Chris,

A very good day to you. I am from Kuala Lumpur. My husband (47yrs) is having this ‘CML stage 1 (chronic myloid leukemia) since last year Aug’12. Since Sept’12 till now ( 6 months ) he has been taking this meds (nilotinib) and every months he has to go back to the hospital to take his blood test.

After taking nilotinib his white blood cell have gone back to the normal range. He only got slight side effect which may be due to the meds such as morning flu and rashes on the body and his head got a few small dots. Once his leg got swollen “gout” and now he has to control his diet. Sometimes he has difficulty  breathing and was told by his previous dr that his liver is not so good.

He does not take any Chinese herbs b’cos his dr told him not to cos it might affect the effectiveness of the meds.

Besides all these minor side effect he is doing okay.

Now and as usual he is still working and often travel overseas every week (this is his nature of work).

Every day he is taking (nilotinib) twice a day and foods 2 hrs before and after meds (means 4pm onwards do not take food = then 6pm eat meds = after 2hrs 8pm onwards can eat)

* 2 capsules ( 2 @ 150mg = 300mg ) in the morning (6am)

* 2 capsules ( 2 @ 150mg = 300mg ) in the evening (6pm)

According to his dr he has to take this meds whole life or until remission. I have been having sleepless nights searching the internet for solutions and have been thinking that my husband needs to built up his immune systems to heal himself rather than controlling it and this is how I stumble on your website.

So master Chris could you help or advice us? He can only take your herbs by capsules/tablets only (due to his nature of work). Thank you so much for your time. May God Bless You Master Chris! Regards, 

Reply: It is very hard to help if you / he wants healing on his own terms. It is just not possible. I am sorry I cannot help. Why don’t you just continue with your doctor? Chris

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