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Colorectal cancer from India

Hello Chris,

I am from Bangalore (India). One of our known referred us to your services in Cancer treatment and I would like to connect with you in regards to my Dad’s cancer. I have tried to summarize a few details below stage wise for your quick reference and if needed can surely help you with the medical reports as well.


AUG 2011
Diagnosed suffering from locally advanced rectosigmoid adenocarcinoma with intestinal obstruction.

5 SEPT 2011
Patient taken for anterior resection
Abdomen opened for midline incision
Colostomy done
Abdomen closed. Advised to undergo chemoradiations for downstaging .

OCT/NOV 2011
25 Sessions of radiation with adjuvant chemoradiations (downstaging treatment)

Jan 2012
Low anterior resection done
Patient operated for elective low anterior resection post chytoreduction chemoradiation for removal of
Growth present at Rectosigmoid junction adherent to bladder ,dense adherence present posteriorly .

undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy (FOLFOX 4 REGIMEN )

20TH SEPT 2012

Post chemotherapy PET carried out showed a subcentimetric nodule in RUL .Nodule could not be classified .
Doctors advised review after 3 months
nil treatment

OCT 2012
Surgery done for closure of colostomy

1st JANUARY 2013
PET for review
shows increase in size of previous lung nodule and appearance of new nodules indicating progression of disease

Undergone chemotherapies at Fortis Hospital,Mohali . Total 6 cycles(24 doses of Erbitux 500mg , Irinotecan 250mg,inj 5FU 1gm, Lecovorin 400mg )
12 weekly doses already administered .12 more pending.

February 2014.

ARS done and rectum removed, as the cancer was detected again around that area. Bioposy reports still shows the presence of cancer in the outer walls of the colon.

May 2014.

Hernia detected at the area where the bag has been attached.

Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, more chemo – did not cure her

To all,

My mother, 71 years old, in May 2008 found that she has colorectal cancer (if I am not mistaken about 11 cm above anus) with CEA 9.9, and then she got surgery in May 2008 and found that the cancer has been in stage III. Following the surgery she got chemotherapy for each 3 weeks 8 times, but oral chemotherapy by using drug Xeloda.

She was been 70 years and the condition was weak. In the middle of chemotherapy schedule she got radiotherapy for 20 days in month (5 times in a week). She got blood check every treatment for CEA and following the treatment at the end chemotherapy around Dec 2008, the CEA has been got lower (less than 1), then the doctor ask to get back three month later for check.

In March 2009, my mom back for check up, and from the blood test the CEA increased to 27 (while she started to feel pain in the stomach), then the doctor decide to continue give chemotherapy drug (different drug, not Xeloda), and have to check once a month. In April 2009 back for check with CEA lowed to 12 and she kept continuing chemotherapy. Still in the same month the pain getting worse and the bowel like diarrhea many times in a day. Then they found coagulated blood that did not flow in the left foot, she got injection to get the blood in left foot  to flow.

In May 2009, she couldn’t eat, always throw up and got bowel obstruction and finally stop, then doctor decided to have surgery in May 28, 2009. Found the cancer outside of intestine (the intestine was stuck together) and has been in stage IV but not spread out yet to the other organ (liver, kidney, heart, lung).

After surgery found to have water retention in the body (body become swelling, most the foot) and difficult to breathe and heart works faster sometimes, always feel tired.  She is still in hospital now.

Please advice me, does the cancer can be cured? What kind of proper treatment to cure this and prevent the cancer from recurrent.


They Said Chemo Helped Her – You Buy That?

Dear Doctor Teo,

Good day to you. It is with a heavy heart that I write this email. I wish to seek your kind assistance on my wife on this urgent time of need.

Here are the chronology of events in summarized format:

June 2010, She underwent scoping as she  had blood in her stools and had occasional cramps. Doc found a growth in her colon and she underwent a major op to have that removed. The report on this is attached

July to Jan 2010, She underwent a 12 cycle chemotherapy. She was prescribed Oxaliplatin. Her treatment ended in Jan this year.

May 2010, She had a CT scan which basically cleared her of anything. Report as attached.

Nov 2010, She felt throbbing pain at her tail bone. After a CT scan it revealled that there is a growth (7x10cm). She had a surgery to remove her ovaries and uterus. I met with the surgeon after the surgery who commented that he found extensive tumor growth in her pelvis area and her eventual survival rate is slim. Chemotherapy is definitely on the table but this should be considered as prolonging her life rather than a cure. However he did say that on a more positive note, he commented that she had obviously responded well from her Oxaliplatin chemo therapy. He felt that if we decided not to do that, she probably would not have survived till today. The chemo did arrest the aggressive cancer growth.

She is currently in HDU as her surgery was only completed yesterday,  5 p.m. She is expected to stay there for a week. I am not sure yet on whether she will be undergoing another round of chemo therapy but this will be highly likely.

She is a very warm and caring person who has touched many people’s lives in her own ways. We are married for 12 years and we have two very adorable twin boys of 6 years old. I cannot possibly imagine life without her and definitely having the two boys make this a very stark possibility. I would do anything in return for her wellbeing.

It is on this note that I wish your advise/ help. Should I bring Her to your center in Penang as soon as she is well enough to travel from her surgery?

I have been undergoing a very painful experience for the past few days knowing that I may lose someone that I so dearly love and know that my two boys may not have their mother. This experience I do not wish upon anyone to go through. I would very very much be grateful if you can look at my email and provide some glimmer of light.

Thank you very much.

Reply: Thanks for your email. I think the better option is for you to come and see me in Penang after your wife recovers. Go to my website http://www.cacare.com — and click on Bad Science Blind Truth. Read some of those articles. I suggest that you defer further chemo until you get to review all your medical reports with me.

CA Rectum – Operation, Radio and Chemotherapy. Now Lung Cancer: Chemo Again But Failed. More Chemo But He Gave Up

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is D and I have a father, EG, who is currently 63 years old and diagnosed with a lung cancer and has undergone chemotherapy since March of this year.,  till two weeks ago which was the last one in Singapore . During around 7 months therapy he also suffered tuberculosis. In May which he has to stop the chemo for nearly two months. However, doctor claimed now that his TBC is already getting very well except that the chemo has not really came out with a satisfactory result which the cancer has getting slightly bigger than before the chemo was done.

My father also has a history of ca rectum; post radiotherapy (2007), chemotherapy ( from 2007 to 2008) and abdominoperitoneal resection ( December 2008) followed by chemotherapy for recurrence ( May 2010 to October 2010)

My father does not want to undergo the surgery and additional chemo as his body really cannot take in the chemo anymore. Other than that he is like a normal person who does not suffer any pain in chest or any parts of the body and looks like a normal guy.

Please kindly assist me on how to help my father. Really looking forward for the feedback soon from your side on this. I thank you very much on your help.

Colorectal Cancer: Surgery, radiotherapy and chemo – the cancer spread to the liver and lungs

This is for my mother.

She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 5 yrs ago. She had an operation where they removed her colon. She had chemotherapy and radiation. She went into remission for about 6 months or a year and they found tumors in the cervix (which are now gone) and in the liver and lungs. She has undergone chemotherapy for almost all 5 years.

She is currently in chemotherapy but as a consequence of the radiation, her intestines developed scar tissue and had to have two operations to remove parts of the intestines. She is very thin, weak and really yellow. The doctors say that there is no real hope. I agree that from their point of view, there isn’t. However I was puzzled to hear that she was advised to eat anything she wanted.

She has very little appetite, has a lot of nausea and gas. Last week she had a fever, and her leg was swollen. I live in California but she lives in New York. I am trying desperately to do as much as I can to rebuild her immune system.
Can you help us? Thanks

When “Scientific” Medicine Failed … They Look for Alternative Medicine

Dear Dr Chris,
I was introduce to CA care website by a friend of mine. My father was diagnosed with stage 5 Metases Colon Cancer – Liver last year July. And he subsequent underwent a tumour removal surgery in Aug. He then took palliative chemotherapy. Early of this year around March, he finish the 12 palliative chemotherapy cycle and the oncologist prescript a stronger type of chemo on him. He was all the while in a stable condition until recently when he took up the new chemo. Maybe it was too strong for him, but the oncologist told us the tumour marker is not dropping. It was very sad that he has to frequently sent to the hospital. He was on psychiatric treatment as well as he need sleeping pill and ant idepression pills. few weeks ago, he fall and knock his head as he was in dylirium stage cause by the sleeping pills, he was admitted to the hospital.

Last week, his appetite bacame very poor and is worrying, hence, we sent him to the hospital so that he can have drips and blood transfusion.

He can hardly walk and speak now as he is really very weak. It looks like we shld give up, but I still hope miracle can happen.

I wanted to bring him to see you but due to his condition I am afraid he can’t travel to Penang … After all, I read on the “healing process” for the herbs mediation, I am also afraid that my father cannot take it.

Would like to hear your advice and opinion doctor.

Yours Sincerely,

Comment: When the so-called proven, scientific medicine has failed – patients come to seek alternative medicine. I wonder what do they expect from us?

Colorectal Cancer: Surgery and Chemo Not Effective

A 56-year old female wrote from Sumatra, Indonesia

I have colorectal cancer (Stage IV) since has spread to my liver. Basically I have undergone surgery and chemotherapy for several times, but not showing any positive result. So I’ve stopped going for chemotherapy and now I’m consuming herbs recommended by a patient who has recovered totally from cancer since she consumed this herb. However recently I feel pain in my liver, I’m scared that the herbs are not working well.

Reply: Come and see me!

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