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Breast Lump: From Singapore, don’t panic!

Dear Dr Kris,

I came to know about your CA Care from my brother who recommend me to see you first before deciding to go for operation.

I was in a midst of whether to see you first or operate first. But, I know I need to get it remove first.

I last done my mammograph test on 2010 and had underwent a mamograph test when I felt a lump on my breast. My GP refer me to scan and found a 2cm x 3cm irregular shape lump in my right breast and there’s some patch on my right side dark which not obvious and don’t look good. I went to see my GP again and refered to Singapore General Hospital Doctor. He did a biopsy test and took out 5 samples from my right breast and found some cancer look cells. He sent the samples for lab test to confirm whether is it a cancer cells.

On this coming 06.10.15 3pm, I will be going to see him and see the result. Previously he had also advise me that if the result of the cells if benign, we still have to get it remove lumpectomy (Portion remove) and in case if it is bad maglinant, he had to completely remove it – muspectopy. I am really panicked and don’t know what to do, Can you advise me whether to see you after the operation or before the operation ?

In view of the above, I hope you can save me and help me. Please advise me and hope that you will reply at the soonest. Thank you. 

Reply: Don’t panic. Before you do anything more… take time to read these 2 booklets … I have answered everything that you need to know:

http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=68,  http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=70

After reading the first booklet — go for the operation…MASTECTOMY if you are prepared to lose you breast..but if you are not happy, come and see me in Penang.




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