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Synovial Sarcoma from Dubai

Dear Dr Chris.

I am 34 year old woman. I have 3 kids I have been diagnosed with synovial sarcoma on 22 february2014. The cancer was in my upper right thigh, I had a biopsy which confirmed it was stage 3 cancer and had to have a surgery and remove the tumour It was stage 3 as the size was 10.5 cm it was incasing my main vein so they had to remove it as well as muscles and had bypass done to my artery.

I was advised to do 30 radiotherapy treatments and 6 cycles of aggressive chemo therapy.

Currently i have finished 16 sessions and should finish the rest by July 3.

After that i am supposed to start chemo but i am really hesitant about chemo as doctors in USA say i should do chemo while other doctors in the UK think it really won’t cure my cancer and it will only delay metastasis to the lungs.

I live in the UAE and heard alot about your herbal treatments, Please may you advise me what i can do and if the herbs will help in my situation. Thanks a lot.

Reply: Where are you from? Chemo will not cure such cancer. 

I am Jordanian living in Dubai.

Reply: Too far away … sorry, I cannot help. We know that neither radiation nor chemo can cure sarcoma. I suggest that you go to Germany or Switzerland and see if they can help you.

But i would love to meet you in person as I believe you can help me.

Reply: Okay, come when you are ready. I shall do my best to help.


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