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Sarcoma ……. Can we cure you?

Dear Mr Chris,




The content of this long email has been removed … because the writer objected to this posting.

But the message to those reading this  must be made clear ……

Those of you who write e-mail to me —– know that your email will be posted in this website. It is a waste and pity to just delete or junk your email. There are many lessons we can learn from your experiences.

Of course your personal details with be withheld … only your story or misadventure will the revealed. This is to share the writer’s problem with others … so that others may benefit from your “misadventure.” Learn from the mistakes of others. But if you are not prepared to share …. CA Care is not a place to come for help or to write to.

Also don’t ask us for the address of other patients … for you to interview or grill them …. it is not ethical for us to discuss their identity. If you don’t want to share, don’t expect others to share or help you!

Reminder: No need to write long e-mail. And don’t set your precondition before you want to come and see us. If you want things done the easy way, better that you go and find someone “next door” to help you.

Even if you come, know that I cannot cure your cancer. We don’t offer any magic bullet. 

Breast Cancer Went to Her Brain After Some Years. Three months to live.

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is R, tonight I’ve read a lot of you and ca care from the internet like so many others. The first 30 minutes when I read about your method, I’m so hooked up with it. Especially the video “Tidak Sanggup Pantang Tak Perlu Jumpa Saya” I just knew that this is my answer. I too don’t believe that cancer can be cured but I strongly believe that we can have a better life without chemo. And after almost 10 hours of reading, I knew I have to seek your consul.

This is my short story: I have a mother in law how was diagnosed with breast cancer and already undergo a surgery 11 years ago, late last year, around November 2014, my mother in law was suddenly have a terrible nausea, she throw up every hour or so in a day. I insist that she goes to a hospital and get a check. The doctor, whose my mother in law friend, suggest that she undergo a CT scan and a thorax scan (he knew about my mother past cancer). And from that scan, I knew it was a metastasis from her previous breast cancer, although I sincerely hope it was not. Soon after that she undergo a brain surgery to lift up the lump on her brain, the lump resulting back to confirm that my hope is false. It is a metastasis.

After that brain surgery, my mother in law is scheduled to undergo a ‘targeted chemo’ with herceptin. The first 3 months after the surgery and while undergoing chemo, my mother was like before, energetic strong woman. Until about 10 days ago.

10 days ago, she had another CT scan and there was another lump on her right brain. Also her left body part start to get weaker and weaker, now she barely can walk and move her left hand. Her doctor said that the targeted chemo with herceptin is a failure, so she up’ed the dosage, with radio therapy and the old chemo, which she was so afraid to undergo it again.

And when we went to another doctor for 2nd opinion, the doctor said what I already know, there is no cure for cancer, just accept it and live with no regret and also she predicted that my mother in law might only have another 3 months to live.

3 days ago, she finished her 4 days radio therapy session, with slight or no effect of improvement. So some of our friend and family suggested us to seek medical treatment on Penang. I was researching about Penang hospital when I found your site.

After several discussion with my wife, I decided to take my mother in law to Mt. Miriam Cancer hospital even-though I would rather go straight to your place. But you said that we should seek hospital treatment first before coming to you. I planned to go there this week if possible.

From Google Maps, it appears that your place and Mt. Miriam Hospital is rather close. So my question is, can I go to your place alone while my mother in law undergo a series of initial check on the hospital? Or should I bring my mother in law too? I don’t know if she have the faith to believe you like I do. I knew she will have little problems with the diet since already live a healthy life but my wife said that she might can’t accept that there is no cure for cancer, she still strongly believe that she can and willing to fight it.

I’m sorry for this very long email and taking your time, but your writing and post on the internet is really lift up my spirit for a better life for my mother in law. Also sorry for my English if it’s messed up. I’ll wait for your reply eagerly.


Reply: No need to write long e-mail. Just come and see me if you think I can help you. But there is no cure for cancer. 

Lung Cancer from China: Surgery failed

Dear Dr.Teo,
Greetings from hot Guangzhou China! My name is YX. I am writing the email to consult you about cancer treatment.

We learned from a Indonesian friend that you have a unique and effective method of treating cancer.

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer in September last year. Tthe doctor recommended surgical removal at that time, and in October arranged a left lower lobe lung cancer surgery.

Anyway after the surgical, and after the inspection in this month, it still have a small shadow in the lungs. The doctor was suggest us to do the chemotherapy.

Therefore we would like to confirm with you if my grandfather need do the chemotherapy. We really wanna get the help from you.

I am afraid I can’t explain clearly due my poor English, therefore I have attached the first disease diagnosis, and the last detection result, I wish it will be more clearly for you even all the result in Chinese. Meanwhile my dad will come and visit you in Penang next week, so that we can get more information from your side.

Thank you for your great help! Be well

Reply: I am sorry I don’t read Chinese …. No. Surgery cannot cure lung cancer. Go to www.BookOnCancer.com  and you can read what I wrote … some in translated Chinese books.

Cancer from India: Chemo failed

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am from Mumbai, India and I am writing to you in relation to the health condition of my Father. I got your reference from the internet and have gone through your website.

My father is 66 years old. In September, 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer. The Biopsy report reflected ‘Metastatic poorly differentiated basaloid squamous carcinoma. The Tumour cells express CK & p63. The PET- Scan reflected that the cancer was spread in various parts of his body.

His chemotherapy started on September 12, 2013. After three cycles of chemotherapy the PET- Scan revealed that the cancer has reduced substantially. We continued with three more cycles of chemotherapy and did a PET- Scan after 2 months from the end of the sixth cycle. The PET- Scan reflected further growth of cancer in various parts of his body. We were advised for another round of chemotherapy (the Seventh Cycle).

After the Seventh Cycle of chemotherapy my father became extremely weak and the doctor advised to suspend chemotherapy for about three months.

The current state of medication and my father is as follows:

  1. He has developed severe pain in his back and shoulder. We have been advised that this is due to the tumour in his vertebra and he is undergoing radiotherapy for that.
  2. His general health condition has gone down and he does not eat properly.
  3. He has become very weak.
  4. Chemotherapy and other medication has stopped and he is on a oral medicine called Gefifact.
  5. We are also consulting and Ayurvedic doctor and he is under his medication for about 2 weeks now.

We are looking at delaying the growth of cancer cells and prolonging lifespan and maintain better the quality of life.

We were wondering if you will be able to help us. If so, we would like to visit you with the medical reports of my father (and avoid any travel of my father as he is weak).

I am attaching the following documents for your preliminary review:

  1. Biopsy report
  2. Most recent PET- Scan Report
  3. Details of chemotherapy administered
  4. Latest blood test reports

If you wish we can send his entire medical records for your review.

We hope that this information is helpful. We really appreciate your time and look forward to hear from you.

Thanks and kind regards, 

Reply: Thanks for your email. I am afraid it is very, very difficult for me to help people from far away country like India. I do send herbs to New Dehli but so far sending herbs to Mumbai is very difficult. Customs will stop it. The cancer is rather rare ..chemo is of no use … but what to do? If you live in Malaysia I ask you to come and see me, but it is extremely difficult for me to help patients from India.

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Thank you for you email. Do you think it is possible that we visit you and carry the medicines with us. Thanks and regards,

Reply: You can come and take the medicine home …for one time but next month when the medicine is finished … what happen? It takes about 2 weeks to send by air mail post BUT I am not sure if your customs will allow you in or not ….the last time I sent, it got stuck with the customs …..so, I am disappointed.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

I am in the process of fighting metastatic breast cancer. I have mets to bone, liver, and brain. Since May, I have undergone gamma knife for brain tumors. I am scheduled for my first MRI since the procedure on August 20. I had the TACE procedure on both lobes in July, and will find out those results on the 20th as well.

I was first dx with breast ca in June of 2001. I received a mastectomy with 1 out of 16 nodes positive. ER+PR-HER2-. I was dx 7 years later with mets to bone. Two years later (1/2011) mets to liver. April 2012, mets to brain.

It is hard to stay positive when I am so tired.Thank you reading my post.
Warmest regards, Terry

Comment: There goes the proven, scientific cure for cancer




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