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From India: Father Advance Bile Duct Cancer

Dear Sir

I am writing this email with very high hope and expecting reply / guidance /advice from your hospital.

Myself S from India. I came across your website when I was looking for alternative treatment for advanced stage bile duct cancer.

Back Ground of Patient

He is 58 year old male from India. In November 2014 he suffered jaundice. We went to hospital. They did biopsy and didn’t find any cancer.

They operated father in December 2014 to remove the block & inserted plastic pipe to regularize the blockage.

After operation for next -3 months father was good. He was doing every thing fine and he joined is job.

But from early May 2015 his condition started deteriorating again.

We took him to hospital. They performed lot of tests. They said father has cancer but they can only confirm the stage once they start operating it.

They did operation in early June 2015 (this month) to remove ball gladder and plastic pipe.

During operation they discovered cancer has spread and it is on stage 3.

They informed us about cancer and said this is NON – OPERABLE cancer and we need to give him Chemo ( Gemzar).

First they will give 3 cycle of Chemo which started today. This is 15 days cycle. After 3rd cycle they will review.

They suggested total 6 cycle of chemo which they believe after 6 cycles cancer tumor will burn & they can operate to remove.

I don’t want to lose my father so I decided to try all the treatments including alternative Ayurveda etc.

During this I came across your website and I am very impressed.

Please let me know how to proceed? As I live in India do I need to come personally with Patient?

Or Should I come alone? On my next email I will send you all the medical reports for your review.

Please advice how to proceed. A desperate son with high hope on you

Kind Regards. 

Reply: It is very, very difficult to treat patients from faraway places …. it is better that you find someone else in your city to take care of the cancer. I am sorry about this but my experience shows me that it is not possible to treat people from far away.



Pancreatic Cancer from Sweden

Dear Chris,

I’m a desperate and devastated daughter of a 71- year old father who is in the  terminal stage of pancreatic cancer, Diagnosed i September last year. He has undergone Gemzar chemo for the mets in the liver but couldn’t process the whole treatment due to side effects. Deep within i knew that conventionell western medecine would not be the thing to heal the gruesome cancer. He is now in the care of the palliative team but we don’t want to lose hope.

I realise that you cannot make an oppinion of my beloved father since a meeting cannot be set but i wonder if you know any trustful doctors in Sweden who is practising alternative medecine ?

My father is a real fighter but I can see the fighting spirit dissapearing from his eyes and is in great pain. I still need my beloved father and he still wants to live.

Thanks in advance and for taking your time. 

Dear DR Chris,

I apologize for addressing you without a proper title. It’s probably a cultural thing since we never address people with their titles in Sweden, not even when you’re a student and having a meeting with a professor.

Sorry for my improper manner.

Best regards,

Reply: I am sorry I really don’t know if there is such thing as “alternative therapy” or not in Sweden.


From India: Pancreatic Cancer that Spreads to the Liver. Gemzar not effective

Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with ca head of pancreas in India and he has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy with Gemzar. He started chemo late August and finished February 2013. His Ca 19.9 was 1085 iu at the start , then 750 iu after the 2nd cycle then 622.25 iu after the fourth. Then after the 6th cycle and a month later he repeated the test and it’s down to 392.22 iu/ml.

For the cost of travelling we decided to meet a Dr from my country Nigeria. He prescribed Tarceva and while browsing for information about the drug I ran into your website. I read a lot and am motivated to try alternative to chemical medicine. We want to give natural medicine so that we have positive side effects along with the care.

Presently, I just collected my father’s CT scan and it reads:

Features suggestive of pancreatic neoplasm with hepatic metastases. Left renal hydronephrosis and proximal hydroureter noted (?regional invation to the left ureter).

So as it is, the case is getting worse so we need to make plans fast to start on your herbs.

I know cancer has no cure but I know the quality of life can be improved if we care with herbs and improved diet.

R (Daughter)

Reply: Pancreatic cancer is the worse cancer and is very, very difficult. It is very hard for me to take care of patients from far away countries. It is just impossible. Chris

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