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GestationalTrophoblastic Neoplasia: Severe chemo side effects

Dear Prof Chris,

I am A from Pahang. 30 years old lady, married.

In 28 Jan 2016, I was diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. The Doctor said it not cancer yet but it can react or be like cancer, since it may invasive.

Then Doctor suggest me to do chemotherapy with single agent (Methotrexate).

Doctor said the numbers of chemotherapy cycles are unknown but until the beta-HCG reading become normal= 2mIU/mL. Recently, the reading of  beta-HCG is 84.77mIU/mL.

I completed first cycle. For your information, one cycle is equal to 5 times chemotherapy session on alternate day with folinic acid 15mg taking orally.

I suffered a lot with chemotherapy and I didn’t completed the second cycle.

The chemotherapy side effect really terrible.

Therefore, I looking for the alternative treatment. ¬†Right now, I taking “kapsul keladi tikus” since I read about it on Internet and they mentioned about you as well, Prof. I already take it for almost 2 weeks and I did not feel any pain ( actually I did not feel any pain even from beginning; but the abnormal vagina bleeding already stop even before I taking this “kapsul keladi tikus”). Last week I suffer with short breath but for now it already ok.

Then, I think to meet you, so you can analyse all the scans and medical reports and I really hope you can suggest your herbs, since I really DON’T want to go for chemotherapy anymore.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Reply: Come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. The Keladi Tikus that you are taking is not our product — I think that you know even if they mentioned my name!




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