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Stomach and Liver Cancer: Glivec and Sutent

Dear Mr Teo,
I’m writing on behalf of my family members to seek your kind help and advice. My mom has been on Glivec since 2004. She has a growth around her stomach and liver area which they say ‘couldn’t be removed’.

After 9 years’ on Glivec, scan results showed that the growth started to increase in size and doctors changed the medication to Sutent. She started her Sutent around 2013.

However, things started to change as my mother also had very low blood count and has had blood transfusion since Dec 2012.

Our major concern now is that she had her last blood transfusion 3 weeks ago and her body reacted to Sutent with water blisters around her calves and feet. This time it is really bad. Her side effects are a concern, but mostly her health now. She’s been getting weaker since her blood transfusion and we really see the need for your kind advice. At this moment in time, she is bed ridden as well.

We hear about your treatment and would like to seek your advice. Kindly let me know how we can contact you and how we can bring our parent’s to meet you. Many thanks for your time and kind help!!

Reply: If you read enough Glivec is a failure and Sutent is a disaster — makes cancer grow more aggressive. Go to my website and read. I really don’t know what I do to help you. I must admit I am very reluctant to handle such case because I don’t have any magic pill which people expect.

Dear Dr Teo,

I apologise for not addressing you earlier.

Yes, I have read you website and re read it many many times!! Together with the knowledge of side effects from Sutent.  And together with all the testimonials of patients that you have given advice and saved!

All I’m asking is that I understand that your health treatment on taking herbal tea and diet change can slowly change a cancer person(s) body need for a slow but healthier recovery.

And Yes, underlining that there’s no magic pill involved here, but hopefully a better health recovery!

I just hope, if possible that we can make a visit to your office together with my parents and let them be treated by you.

I totally understand that there’s an expectation that any human being will think of, and yes, we hope to see that as well. However, it is more of thinking for my mother’s health and getting her the ‘right’ nutrients now, rather than seeing her ‘waste’ her life away.

Many thanks for your understanding and quick reply.


Morning Dr Chris,

Thank you for your time. We will not be coming over.

My mom just passed away.  Many thanks.


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