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Fear and Misinformation by the So-called Expert

Hi Chris,

Mdm T is very happy with your herbs and she is doing well..I visited them yesterday. She told me after taking the herbs, her hair stop falling. She had terrible hair loss when she was ill. While I was away (in Bali), she went for her follow up with her doctor who kept asking her when she is starting the chemotherapy. She told him she decided not to do it, and informed him she is taking Chinese herbs.

Not only the doctor was not pleased by her decision, he told her herbal medicine has steroid in them. Because of the fear instilled by him, she stopped the herbs for four days. Sally (her sister) was so worried and didn’t know what to do, as she didn’t want to disturb me because she knew I was away. And R who is Sally’s bf is of no help. He told them they should listen to the doctor. Sally said he is like “lallang” whose opinion sways easily. Why can’t doctors be more professional and respect patient’s decisions?

Comment:  That doctor is just repeating what he was taught in medical school – this is being repeated over and over again like an old worn out tape recorder. Can’t blame him. Forgive him for he knows not what he is saying!

From Hong Kong – Herbs to prevent Kidney Cancer?

Dear Chris,

I read your website and interested in learning about the herbs for  kidney tumor.  I am currently living in Hong Kong.  Please tell me how I can order the herbs and the price.  Thank you so much for your help.

Go to my website: www.cacare.org and read. I need all the medical reports.

Dear Chris,

I am not sure if I have kidney cancer, but I would like to take herb as a preventive.

Reply: I am sorry I don’t think there is such thing as preventive.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your prompt reply. May I provide you with more details. I have kidney discomfort on the
left side.  I plan to have an ultrasound done in the future.  But I know if the diagnosis is positive I will be pressured to do chemo.

I rather take the herbs now before the ultrasound.  I believe the herbs should be beneficial to me even if I do not have kidney cancer. Thus, I hope you can help me in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.

Herbs helped her mother

Dear Dr Chris,

This is an update on my mother.

It has been 10 days that my mum has been taking the additional herbs for her liver cysts. These are the effects she experienced:

(1) Sleep: On the first day itself, she exclaimed that she was able to sleep better – for more than 3hrs until 4am.  The subsequent nights, she was able to sleep 3-4 hours every night (as opposed to 2-3 hrs previously).

(2) Appetite: She has significantly better appetite -she feels hungry now during meal times.

(3) Dark spots on hands/face: My mum commented that she noticed many of the brown spots on her hands have disappeared or have ligthened significantly – i took a good look and yes, both her hands,
which used to be covered with little brown and very dark spots, have become much fairer !! The darker more stubborn ones are still there but are lighter now. I do not know whether it was the other herbs (Breast M, C-tea, Capsule A) that she has been taking the last 3 months contributed to this improved complexion or the liver herbs specifically. (I took photos of her hands and face of the remaining spots to trace the progress over a fortnight.)

(4) Red eye: Her left eye used to be very red for some years now – a couple of days after taking the liver herbs, the redness reduced significantly and now it is no longer red. She also feel better – she used to have an uncomfortable, tight feeling over her eyes.

Looks like the cleansing from the liver herbs has resulted in external manifestations of the above. Thank you, Dr Chris Teo for the herbs – it’s a blessing in disguise to discover such wonderful herbs.

Will continue to update you over the weeks/month.

With much appreciation, P

Lung Cancer from Bandung: Condition Improving After Herbs

Hi Dr. Chris,
I’m F, on behalf of my father, JG suffering from lung cancer (S-157). We visited you in Penang earlier at the beginning of this month.  I would like to kindly inform you that  the condition of my father is improving and so far so good. Last week he drove the car by himself together with my mom for the week-end.

As you also mentioned last time, I have contacted Pak Teddy in Jakarta and we are planning to visit him by mid of next week.

Thank You Very Much, Dr. Chris.

NPC Stage 3 cured? Beware take it easy! It may come back.

Dear Professor Teo

Thank you very much for turning my medical condition around!

Tried calling you to break the good news, but cannot get thru la.  I managed to share with Mr Lee, and he is so happy for me.

My MRI result shows all is normal and EBV blood test shows virus undetectable!  Amazing?  I am amazed, at NPC stage 3, I just made an U turn from death. And I am thankful to you and Mr Lee for the herbs and the amazing Capsule A!

See you in May.

Reply: Praise the Lord, pastor! He is our Almighty Healer.

Breast Fibroids

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m writing here to seek for your advice on my breast fibroids.

Attached is my x ray report taken on Sep 2011. I’m 31 years old and start found my breast got tumor since I’m 18 years old. I’m still single and have not do any operation to remove the tumor.

Possible that Dr Chris advice on the herbal medicine to intake and i get it from KL?

Really hope to hear from you. Thank you, Dr Chris.

Reply:  No problem. Go and see Khadijah and try Capsule A, C-tea and Breast L tea (boil twice and drink everyday).

PSA going down and down from Indonesia

Dear Mr & Mrs Teo ,

Please be informed that my PSA reading is still going down and now it’s almost normal. My latest PSA  is  4,4 ( normal range is  < 4.1 ) . Praise the Lord and thanks to you two .

I am still using your  e-therapy  machine  every day  and  doing  the  lap-swimming  free style 2.000 M ( 40 laps X 50 M ) every morning .

We are going to consult you in Penang on Friday 25 May 2012 and get several months  stock  of your herbal. We are very grateful for all you two have done for us.

Her CA 125 dropped further after herbs

Hi Dr Chris

THANK YOU VERY MUCH indeed for your immediate reply. My sister won’t be able to come with me this week but planning to do so the week after. She will bring all the MRIs.

I am doing great. I just did my blood test last week and my CA 125 dropped further!

THANK GOD and my gratitude to you too. My doctor was so impressed with my outlook and the result that now he said I don’t have to come see him every month anymore! Next blood test will be in 3 months while he’s the one who wants me under his radar these 6 months!

My itchiness has gone and so is the pain.

See you this weekend Dr Chris. May God Grant you good health always so you can continue your good job.

Update of Rectum Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

Shalom from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a great news to share and would like to inform you that M has gone through PET Scan last week in Singapore. The PET scan’s result is CLEAR and CLEAN.

Thank You FATHER and Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Besides the PET Scan, M also had Colonoscopy, there is no cancer cells at all at the rectum and colon areas. But, M feels hurt on the anus/rectum. Do you have a special herb to handle this matter? Or please advise your thought.

M continues taking the herb and on diet.

Thanks, J


Thank you so much J for your update. It is wonderful news. Anyway, this is my advice…

a) do not do any more PET can or colonoscopy …. it is not a good procedure …one time is enough. We can monitor by detailed blood test.

b) I am now actually in Laos. How long is she on herbs now?

c) Is she still taking the herbs non-stop and also taking care of her diet?

Take care, Chris

Dear Dr. Chris,

Thanks for your advice on PET Scan and Colonoscopy.

M is taking the herb non-stop and taking care of her diet since Aug 2009 after the operation.

Kidney Cancer

Hi Chris,

I came across your blog and website by accident when searching for PET-Scan services in Penang.

I am a 42 years old Penang-lang and always thought I am very healthy human. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with right kidney tumor in early Oct 2011 by accident and went for surgery to remove my right kidney within a week. Biopsy was done and confirmed it is stage 3B. Now I am in recovery stage and waiting for next appointment – for diagnostic with PET-Scan to check for any spreading.

By looking at few success stories in your blog in relation to kidney cancer, I wonder how would that help me in my battle with cancer?

Frankly, I am also on herbs now; with recommendation from friends and my seniors and sharing from a lot of people I know. Just wonder it is the same.

As such, wonder if I can meet up with you for discussion and seek for your opinions and help in my diet and treatment (scientifically and herbs).

P/S: I am waiting for PET-Scan with Adventist but I am searching around if I can get a cheaper cost from others. Read you blog and you did mention there is a company that offers cheaper scanning than hospital. Just wonder if you mind to share the contact with me.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


PSA Down After Herbs

Dear  Prof. Teo,

I am from Surabaya (Indonesia),  patient number S – 010  .

Beginning  on 24 July 2011, I started your herbal ( capsule A , Prostate A tea , Mt. Guava Detox tea ) and very strict diet ( no meat , no dairy , no oil , no sugar , no salt ) until now. Praise Lord Yesus and thanks to you. My  PSA  is  eventually going down:

21 June 2011         :  PSA = 8,0

20 July   2011        :  PSA = 11,97

24 July  2011         : Started on CA Care herbs .

24 October 2011    : PSA = 7,62 (after 3 months on herbs)

We are planning to consult you in Penang on 11 December 2011 (Sunday).

Will you be in Penang on that day ? Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Ovarian Cancer – Healing Crisis

dear dr chris,

First ,i want to say thanks because u accept my mom as ur patient – from central java of indonesia. We  come last Friday. dr chris if u don’t mind i want to ask you about some effect of the herbal medicine. My mom get cancer in her ovarian and been operated also already done chemotherapy. The last result was the cancer already spread in her spleen. She already got the herbal tea from u and also the other pill from you, and it almost drunk almost a weak. She feels weak, and little bit strange on her stomach, not like before she drunk the herbal medicine, Is it normal? Being weak and not comfortable in stomach is it also become one of the effect of the herbal medicine? Because i remembered that dr chris mention at the first time that in one week or two week the body will feel not good and not comfortable. I just  want to ask if my mom feel weak and not comfortable in her stomach is it ok?

Thanks you doctor Chris, God bless u always

Reply:  Go to my website. http://cacare.com/indonesia/content/view/158/95/ and read Krisis Peyembuhan. The answer is all there.


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