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Lung Cancer from Singapore: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, Iressa – did not help

Dear Chris,

My mom now age 68 has stage 4 lung cancer and i would like to bring her to see u.  As we are from Singaapore, can u please advise if we were to see u on a Friday, how long must we stay in Penang to get the medicine please?   If Sun, any different?

I will provide the latest CT scan n medical reports when we visit,  but here is a short summary.

  • Diagnose with Stage 3A Lung cancer in April 2012.  Went through chemo and radiation immediately in preparation for surgery.
  • Start TCM 19 May 2012.
  • Surgery to remove lower portion of right lung on  10 Aug 2012.
  • After surgery, discover there were still cancer cells in some of  the bio samples taken out.  Scheduled to go for chemo but could not go due to low white blood cells.   Rely totally on TCM to try to kill cancer cells and rebuilt immunity meanwhile.
  • In Sep 2013, progression of cancer. Start Irressa 21 Sep 2013.
  • Irressa not effective 2 Dec 2014 (1 yr 2 mths).
  • Now ask to go chemo to prolong life.

The last time my mom went through chemo, she was in so much pain n could not walk.  It was not expected by the oncologist.   We are going to say no to more chemos n radiations.

Thanks very much for taking time to read my email.

Reply:  I don’t not think you need to bring your mom to see us. There is really nothing much I can do to help. You have done all what the doctors wanted her to do — surgery, chemo, radiation, Iressa etc… and no help. And she is also  on TCM. Why don’t she continue taking the TCM herbs .. I cannot cure her cancer… even you come and see me what do you expect me to do? Regards.

Lung Cancer from Singapore – Why not find someone else to help you?

Hi Doctor Teo,

I am from Singapore. My father is currently receiving medical treatment for stage 4 lung cancer at NUH. He is 78 years old and was 1st found to have cancer in August 2014. He has been taking the drug Iressa for 1.5 months but had more lesions and today (10 Nov 2014) ‘s biopsy showed that his cells had a rare mutation which is resistant to the drug. The oncologist immediately suggested chemotherapy (2 types, as one is more suitable than the other due to his kidneys which are not very good- according to her diagnosis).

I have read your blog and was deeply encouraged by the cases, and I also believe in many of the ideas like eating right to prevent cancer, and the real truths behind the current cancer treatment. And most importantly, I am also a Christian who believes in logic, truth and faith.

Instead of being pushed to chemo and used as experiments by the doctors, I really hope to try your cancer therapy treatment. I would like to ask a few questions below:

1) I will be scanning all the reports from NUH for your information.

2) As we are from Singapore, my father will not be able to travel to Penang. I will travel to Penang myself, around 12-13 Dec. I will consult with him and let him know that I am seeking your help and medicine. As your consultation time is Friday ,could we make an appointment for 12 Dec Friday?

3) The herbs medicine will be brought to Singapore, could I know if the packing is suitable for carry on flights?

i.e. liquid/gels must be less than 100 ml. if not, I will need to prepare for check in on my flight back to Singapore.

4) Could we have an estimated cost of the herbs, so we could prepare our budget?

Thank you, and God bless. 

Reply: Thanks for your email. Why don’t you go seek the help of TCM doctors in Singapore? It is easier for you. I cannot cure your father. Furthermore, 12 December is one month from now. I only work one day at a time.

Lung Cancer from Singapore: I don’t wish to play god!

Dear Mr Teo.

My husband age 61 diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago, he was on iressa since last year September 2013, 2 months ago the oncology asked him to start chemo as he has developed tightness in the chest, we decline so just has to carry on with iressa.

2 weeks ago he has developed bloatedness  in the stomach with  wind and fluid and again oncology scheduled him for chemo this coming Monday. Currently he feels  very fatigue and is too weak to go for chemo cause he lose a lot a weight.

We are not in favour of chemo because in year 2012 he had gone through that already and we find it is too damaging to the lung and show no result because 10 months later lung had fluid.

As I understand your consultation time is only 2 hour,  if we travel from Spore are we able to see u on Sunday as you’ve indicated priority only given to the elderly and very ill from the web it looks.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply. Dated: 5 July 2014.

Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan. I see patients until everyone is done …even until mid night. nothing to worry.


Dear Mr Teo

Thank you for your favourable reply, hope to see  you soon.

Dear Mr Teo


I ‘ve made travel arrangemnent with my husband to see you this Sunday 13/7/2014.


Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan …see you. 

Dear Dr Teo

I m sorry that I’ve to postpone the travel plan as my husband not so suitable to travel for the time being. However, we will come and see you when he is more fit to travel.

Dear Dr Teo,

Sorry to bother you again,  2 weeks ago I have made arrangement and was about to come and see you, however,  my husband condition is getting worse as his abdomen slowly  bloated with fluid since beginning of July,  he withdraw at the last minute as we were about to leave cause he was feeling uncomfortable and started to  have difficulty to walk. He is currently hospitalization for 1 week  and has been extracted almost 6 litres of fluid and stomach now still bloated with wind and  Doctor found cancer cell present in the fluid and the gut area is sticky with fluid. And we also fully aware that the fluid will accumulate again anytime.

Dr Teo  I sincerely hope with your help at least he can be treated as we are totally lost,  for a man at 5 ’11” only now  left with 50Kg and the doc  keep asking him take food with high protein. (Ensure)  Dr Teo I wish I would have known you earlier as I read article written by Dr Liu Chu Nan three years ago but she did not quote your name, only  know you in  July 2014 when I read the book written by Betty Khoo.

The solution of my husband condition given by the  oncology  is definitely chemo,  Cisplation + pemefrexed = avastin.

Dated: 24 July 2014 

Dear Dr Teo,

I’ ve thought of using plant protein, however, due to the bloatedness of his stomach, some  products contain of soy, beans and nuts are out such as anyway , my husband is so desperately to gain weight now as he is too weak to walk.

May I know is there any hope for his case, the more I pray his condition getting worse. But I m not ready to let go as God has promised us ask will be given and I find this cross is too heavy for me to carry. 

Dear Dr Teo,

I knew that chemo and ensure are not good product .

From the very beginning (stage II) , I  already aware that lung cancer is a very difficult to battle, but at that moment we can find any suitable TCM in Singapore, some even rejected when they heard is lung CA , some demand a very high price (S$500 for 1 consultation with 2 wks medicine). Although my husband is at the advance stage but I still do not wish to give up till the end cause I ve seen many similar terminal stage and get healed. I was very touched by the wording  which  you have put in the mission and principle of you and your team.

I  also read in your case 2  which I found quite similar to my husband that James suffered from colon cancer and his stomach also bloated and distended.  Therefore I sincerely hope that at least you allow me to make a trip down to see you  and give my husband a chance, perhaps in  God’s guidance  at least can relief him some of his discomfort from his current condition which the oncology unable to give him.  

Reply: Anyone can come and see me — that is not a problem. But if you are too sick— it is not good to travel …so don’t bring the sick…. Also if the doctors have already done everything and nothing seems to work….what can I do? I don’t wish to play god and mislead people …. I also believe that if God wants to do a miracle, He does not need Chris Teo …. so, by all means come but don’t expect me to cure you.



Please don’t reject me – Lung CA from Singapore

Hi Chris,

I accidentally browse through your blog. Please don’t reject me, please. I am in a very very deep frustration, depress to the max. I know there is many many people who seek your help daily, so you might not be able to entertain me online. However, I can only just try… Besides trying & praying, nothing I can do…My mum has diagonized with lung cancer, final stage. It has spread to brain & bone, & backspine. I attached whatever I have, I can but I don’t know if it helps. Can you help my mum? Of coz I would like to bring my mum to ur side, but she can’t take longer journey. Can you please teach me how? I am a Malaysian, from Johor. I married to a Singaporean, & now we stay in Singapore.

The doc let my mum having Iressa, it cost us a bomb since we are treated as a foreigner here. I don’t know how long we are afford to this Iressa, & how long my mum can prolong her life. The doc also suggest her for brain & spine radiotherapy; while my mum weight is only 30.5kg at the moment. I don’t know if she can take it. The doc say she can only live for few months with Iressa, so what should I do?

We let her take u-turn grass with Iressa, we don’t know, but we did hear people recover after eating u-turn grass. We also hear of 七星针,马草。。。Anything bla bla bla…We tried herbs, but we anyhow try. My mum cough, lose weight, & her right tight make her v hard to walk. I am exhaused, & hopeless until I browse through you blog accidentally. My mum is supreme tired after start taking Iressa, & her brain is more blur.

For my mu current health:
1. Her right leg is in pain
2. She can sleep but not very well type
3. Yes, supreme tired after Iressa everyday
4. Not sure
5. Not very good
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. Yes. Initially is white, now don’t have Phlegm
10. Sometimes Yes
11. Right tigh is very tight causing walking problem

I will be really appreciated if you can help, the entire of my life. My mum is only 64 years old tis year & she is still young. I really wish you can help.

Reply: No problem. Call Mr Lee and he can help you since you are from JB.

Hi Chris,

I managed to meet Mr Lee today, after spent whole day in hospital. Bring my mum for MRI scan today. The result is shown & please refer to the attached. I feel almost want to cry out. The doc asked us to do radiotherapy immediately else my mum is gonna paralyzed. Is my mum really gonna leave me? I cant imagine. Please save her. She is the person I love the most in this world. We went to see Lee. He is a very nice & straight forward guy… My mum perfer Ca Care more, she prefer 草药 as it is more natural; & she really wish there is miracle which let her stay for few more years. It is impossible right? But I pray hard for it. I do luv her so much..& I can’t answer if she is going to get paralyzed. Can you teach me what to do? Lee has not prescribe any herbs to us; he wants us to consider about it. Any advice from you?

Reply: You have make you own decision. I cannot tell you what to do. There is NO cure for cancer ….do whatever you want to do ..chemo, radiotherapy, herbs etc ..there is no cure … so we cannot blame anybody. I am not god and I cannot cure anybody…the patient can only cure himself or herself …that is what we tell you. I am not god and I don’t have any magic bullet.

Iressa and Lung Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is N this email is regarding my mom 63 years old. Below is my mom’s health history:

March 2013: After constantly coughing for 3-4 months, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, nscl adenocarcinoma, with lymph nodes and bones metastases.

April 2013: She had 10 cycles radiation for 2-3 worst parts of the bones

May 2013: She started taking Iressa 250mg daily. She rarely coughs since then.

Sept 2013: Blood test showed that her CA15-3 and CA125 were within normal range, and the PET Scan showed that the cancer cells in lymph nodes & bones have diminished, while the main/big tumour in the lung has reduced in size.

Nov-Dec 2013: She started coughing again, it’s getting worse everyday

She is scheduled to get Pet Scan, blood test, MRI head, X-ray, and other scans on mid February 2014. She is treated by Dr. X  in Siangpore.

My question is:  Does my mom need to go to Singapore to see Dr.X and to get all the tests/scans done first, before going to Dr.Chris Teo?

or she can just come to Dr. Chris immediately?

Thanks & I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Regards.

Reply: No need to do more test. Can come and see me. Your story of Iressa … that happens most of the time! Tumor gets smaller and then grows big ….Human beings don’t learn.

Lung Cancer from Singapore

Hi Prof Teo,

A friend of mine had introduced your therapy to me and I’m would like to seek your advices and undergo your therapy for my condition. I’m diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4 around March 2011 and had taken Iressa till March 2012 when it’s no longer effective in controlling my condition. Hence, I’m looking into alternative therapy and keen on your CA therapy when my friend passed me 2 of your books.

I’ve made 2 calls to your CA centre and decided to come to Penang from Singapore. I’ll visit your centre on 8th Jun 2012 and hope to seek for your advices/guidance and herbs. Below is the first visitor form for your perusal.

Information Required on First Visit Form

Age: 35
Gender: F

Part 1: Medical history

Cancer: Type, stage and extent of spread (metastasis).

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given. You MUST provide us with copies of all medical reports.

Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4. Started on January 2011 with right chest pain, aching back and arms and chest discomforts during deep breathing but no cough at all.  Thought it was due to hand injury and went for massage and tuina but condition was not improved. Went normal western doctor for x-ray and was asked to go directly to hospital for a more thorough check; went through a series of diagnostic tests, CT scan and showed large tumors on right side of lung and some small tumors on left side too. Then after the biopsy test, it was diagnosed as Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma and I was told to have 6-9 months without any treatment. Started target therapy with Iressa on April 2011 till around March 2012 when right lung is detected with pleural effusion (lung fluid retention) and doctor claimed that Iressa can not longer control the cancer and hence stopped the consumption. Underwent lung fluid drainage procedure and doctor suggested Chemotherapy but I wanted to tried alternative as I understand that Chemo drugs are very destructive to other normal cells as well. So I tried Fucoidan, supplement with probiotic and with TCM herb prescription.

Previous medication:

–         Iressa. Stopped around March 2012 when it detected that it no longer can control the cancer for my condition.

–         TCM prescription: don’t feel much different, unsure.

Current medication:

–         TCM prescription: started around 1.5mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Fucoidan (supplement): started around 1-2mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Probiotic (supplement)

Part C: Your Current Health

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems.

Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious?

Yes. Currently, my condition seems to deteriorate with shortness of breath (panting even when sitting down doing nothing), chest pain, shoulder, back, collar-bone, shoulder blade area aching/pain, occasionally light coughing (sometimes with phlegm, sometimes a little blood streak/clot with phlegm). And the tumor markers shot up. Sometimes the pain is always there and sometimes it’s gone but for a short while only. More pain and discomforts when lying down.


Sorry, we are not a pharmacy – we don’t see Iressa

Hi Dr. Chris,

My name is S and I have lately been browsing for information on the anti-cancer drug namely Iressa for my father in law. I understand from your website that the price for this drug is around RM6450 per box. It will be greatly appreciated if you are able to recommend the place for us to purchase the drug at this price as we are actively looking for it. Thank you very much.

Here it is again: Iressa for Lung Cancer – Worked for a While and then CEA Kept Increasing

Dear Dr Chris,

Greetings to you.

My name is G and am from Singapore. I am here to seek your help.  My mother was diagnosed with Non small cell Lung cancer on Nov 2008. She was on Iressa since. Initially, the prescription worked and the mass was reduced to scarring. Unfortunately, her CEA readings began to increase after about 6-7 months and she requested to stop in October 2009.

Her last scan was on August 2010 and the findlngs were :

History : Met NSCLC with right upper lobe mass and collapse.

1. There is interval increase collapse/consolidation of the right upper lobe with underlying soft-tissue mass, difficult to measure for size. There is involvement of the right hilum. Marked narrowing of the right upper lobe bronchus and its branches again noted. Stable scarring is seen involving the lingula.

2. Stable right upper and lower paratracheal adenopathy.

3. Stable non-specific calcified focus in the left lobe if the thyroid gland is noted.

She is not on any western medical treatment except for a once in every 3 months checked with x-rays.  During these x-ray checks, doctor would always tell us that the collapse of the right upper lobe is getting slightly bigger than the last time. He recommended radiation therapy but my mother rejected.

Now, mum is getting weaker with the following symptoms:

  1. Breathlessness (she walks very slowly. She could also feel as if there is water in the throat, especially so if she lies down, and she would need to cough out the phelgm. Phelgm can be yellowish or foamy white).
  2. Severe pain in her chest and back.
  3. Cough (if she drinks more water, she would cough and feel a little bloated. Can’t take ‘cooling’ food, dare not eat fruits now).
  4. Very bad appetite.
  5. Constipation (she is doing coffee enema once in every 2 days now. She used to do it daily but recently she is too weak to keep up).
  6. Could not sleep well due to pain.

She is now on Chinese herbal medicine prescribed by a Chinese physician. According to him, mum is having fluid in the lung. She is now not feeling any better but worse after taking the herbs for 3 weeks.

Mum is also suffering from diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure (medications: Glucophage 850mg, Diamicron MR 60mg, Hyzaar 100/25mg, Nifetex).

I would really be grateful if you could kindly advise, soonest possible.

Thank you very much.


Lung Cancer: Problems after taking Iressa

Dr. Chris,

My mother is having lung cancer since May 2010. DR gave her Iressa and she stopped her last Iressa on 26 September, 2010. Iressa gaive her a lot of problems. Itchiness, loss of appetite, difficult breathing, blister, dry skin. Dr. I need to see you and seek your advice . Please reserve the time for my mother as soon as possible. Thank you so much Dr. Chris.

Reply: You dont take Iressa. It is not good …where are you from?

Surgery, Chemo – Alimta, Avastin, Iressa, Gemza, Carbo, Tarceva – she had them all. Help! Now in ICU


I am writing on behalf of my mom. She is unfit to fly to Penang for her visit now. I am writing in hoping medications could be send to her in Indonesia. I need an on line diagnostic and any cost to be made please let me know will be done Via Electronic transfer because she is indeed not well to fly to Penang and moving her will only cause more depression and distress.

But I was only told and knew Herbal alternative through internet “Googling”.
Please Help as you can.

History of her illness:

2005 In Germany body check up found spots in lungs but was dismissed by family as small matter. Went back to Singapore and was treated as Fungus. Since much coughing … went to Singapore for check up, did a Biospsy on lungs, pet scan.

Mid 2007 diagnose as Non small cell adenocarcinoma, lungs 3 primary tumor. Chemo by
Singapore doctor. 3 months and break. Her mood was not balanced.

After persuasion:
Finally 2008 January, started ALIMTA
June 2008 Alimta and Avastin
July 2008 Iressa
Nov 2008 Gemza & Carbo
Dec 2008 Avastin, Gemza and Carboplatin
April 2009 Avastin and Tarceva
June 2009 Tarceva.
August 2009, told by doctor that she gave up Chemo. Suggested surgery.
September 2009 Right lobectomy (remove lower 1/3)
October 2009 Left Lobectomy (remove 1/2)

My mom while on chemo has always been healthy and as fit as a bull. Since surgery, normal signs of weakness, fatigue.

But overall, she was back to her normal activities (working and super active woman)
She refused to believe in another round of Chemo. Has Phobia of hospitals and needles.

2010 January-February family holiday to Korea and Hong Kongand all.
2010 March, gall stone caused her right side in pain. Went to Singapore and was removed early April.2 stones (1 as cherry seed size) another smaller.
May 2010 Right lung has Fluid. Refused to fly to Singapore and Fluid was removed here in Indonesia. Fluid sent to Lab and also came back not cancerous.

30 years ago she has a mastectomy as well.

My mom is now 63 years old. Her pain is lumps at surface and goes below her armpit and sometimes move near her breast.

I do not want my mom to give up hope just because she cannot meet you and I just got to you while “googling” today. Please reply to me and let me know how I am able to assist you further with this case. I am willing to put a deposit with you first as well.
Just let me know. Thank you very much. We need your help and medication.

In my previous e mail, I explained to you about mom’s condition. She in now in ICU due to Pneumonia. Please help me arrange the medication needed to stop the pain in her metatase and to delay the cancer. I know she is already at her late stages. But If i do not try your holistic natural treatment, I will live with regrets.

Please Help and e mail me ASAP. What combination of the natural medicines will be give, and how much? Delivery to Indonesia as well.

Thank you so Much. I look forward to your reply.


Reply: This is not about money. CA Care mission is not based on commercial enterprise. The medical history of your mom is most shocking. Now that she is in the ICU, there is nothing we can do to help. Let the doctors help her. Also, we don’t have any magic bullet here.

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