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Tumor Activity Increased – Iron pills feed cancer cells?

Dear Mr Teo,

Have just read your blog on iron and its role in growing cancer cells.  This is interesting as I am battling with cancer of the uterus and daily lose blood.  Ten years ago for personal reasons I made a decision not to have a hysterectomy.  This means that my ferritin iron levels are around 3.  Normal is 20 – 60.  My doctor has encouraged me to eat more red meat where possible, and given me iron tablets to bring the levels up to normal but even though I’ve taken them for a year now, my ferritin remains under 7, and tumour activity has increased from 24 to 52 in a CA 125 test done here in NZ.

What sort of diet would you suggest would be most beneficial to reduce tumour activity but still allow me to have iron intake that is less harmful than red meat and iron tablets?

Thanks for your help.

Reply: I am sorry K …I live in Malaysia and it is very difficult for me to explain what you should do in New Zealand. Your food and our food are different. And culturally we are different. You need to read a lot more of the local books, ask the local alternative people more and they may be able to help. My advices to cancer patients here are well suited to our local people. I don’t know about people in Western countries or in your case those Down Under.

Take care and God bless.

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