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Failed Medical Treatment for Leukemia

Dear Dr Chris,

Good day.

I called your centre this morning, Mr K advised me to write an email to you.

I am writing this email to seek for an appointment with you on behalf of my nephew.

We are based in KL. Currently he is admitted to A Hospital for treatment.

My nephew – is 27 years old. Diagnosed with Leukemia around end 2014. He has gone through cycles of chemotherapy. He was responding ok to the chemotherapies. We found a matching bone marrow donor and he did his stem cell transplant August 2015. He was recovering and showing positive signs for 5 months.

Then the leukaemia cells was discovered again in end January 2016.

Subsequently, he was administered with 3 cycle of chemotherapy with the new drug – Vidaza. His condition deteriorated. And his liver and lungs were affected quite badly. He is having jaundice since end May. The alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test showed very high scoring at 500+ point at a time. It was up and down. Today’s reading is about 129.

I have attached the latest reading for your reference.

We have decided to stop chemotherapy. But 2 weeks back his white blood cell shot up to 68, hospital have to use mild chemo to bring it down again. The hospital says that he is unable to produce any healthy blood cells at the moment. Platelet and haemoglobin are always low. And his white blood keeps increasing.

The past 3 days, he was in a state of incoherence. He refused to sleep for 3 days. He was non communicative and non responsive. Acting like a child. He was drifted in and out. Finally after a night sleep, he appeared to be emotionally more stable. Hospital did a CT Scan for him and mentioned that there were tiny blood clots in his brain that gave tiny seizure that resulting him zoning in out.

I understand that you don’t do email consultation. Now he needs to have blood transfusion almost every 2 days and still quite weak, so we can’t bring him to see you.

Will it be possible for me to bring his report to see you? Hospital doesn’t release all the reports to us. Could you let me know what are the reports you require? Kindly let me know when it will be convenient to make an appointment with you. Thank you in advance. Have a magnificent day.  

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do — after all, the doctors have done everything and failed. I cannot cure any cancer. If someone takes my herbs at this point and dies — they will blame the herbs. I am sorry, I cannot help.

Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

You mentioned in your website that most of the patients who look for you are usually quite severe.

I wish I would have known about you earlier.  We totally understand and take responsible for all the decision we made in his healing process.

We are hoping that with your holistic approach, we will have proper guidance in taking herbs and diet.

Our family believes in herbs, the problem is like many of the Chinese family we do not know what’s the right prescription and combination which is detrimental in any kind of medication.

I really like your scientific and systematic way of approaches to help people heal through herbs.

My nephew is a very positive and live quite healthily even prior to this.

Could you reconsider?

Reply: Yes, I understand. You can come and see me with all the medical reports / scans — Monday to Friday at 11 a.m.



Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Indonesia

Dear dr.chris

I’m A from Indonesia. I really hope that by sending this message, I can find the best solution dealing with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

My dad (52 y.o) was diagnosed for having aplastic anemia on march 2015 after the doctor did Bone marrow punction (BMP). He got some blood and trombocyte transfusion on that day and he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. After that, doctor gave him medicine and the condition was getting better. But on June, his trombocyte became only 16 and again he needed to stay at the hospital. Doctor did the BMP again (actually we were really afraid of the effect of doing BMP more than once).

From the result, doctor said that my dad positively had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He said that there were two options to treat my dad. The first one was bone marrow transplantation that can only be done in singapore, but it actually needs a lot of money. The second one was chemotherapy, but doctor could not give guarantee for the result, and my dad also  totally  rejects for having this chemotherapy.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. For additional information, right now my dad is hospitalized. At first his leucocyte increases into 53.900.and the trombocyte only 10.000, so I tried to give him medicine made from herbs called typhonium plus and sarang semut. Actually for me, the result is pretty confusing.

After he got aphaeresis transfusion, the trombocyte increases into 31.000, leucocyte decreased into 37.000,and the HB also decreased into 6. Thus, doctor gave him blood transfusion to increase the HB. But the result was confusing since the leucocyte level decreased into 17.000, but the trombocyte turns into 5.000.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. Is there any alternative medicine (like herbs) that is pretty effective to deal with this leukemia you provided? If there is so, how can I get this medicine? Since my dad is not in a good condition to go abroad, how can we do the consultation?

I attached some medical reports that might be used for you as reference.

I really wait to hear from you soon. Thank you.



Leukemia from Norway


I have a friend who got leukemia (AML-M7) 9 months ago. After following rounds of chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplantation, she relapsed in January this year. After a second attempt, she got the message that there is no more treatment for her in Norway. I hope that you can help us, and maybe have anything to offer? Is there any experimental treatment that is possible to get access to?
Kind regards.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Lymphoma Turned into Leukemia after Chemo?

Dear Dr Chris,

My sister is getting weak, any possibility to see you earlier then Friday?

Reply: Where are you from? What is the problem? Chris

Dr Chris,

I am from Penang and get to know you through a friend who one of her friend happened to be seeing you before. She was initially diagnosed with lymphoma at the stomach – 6 inches around Aug last year (2012). Going through the chemo process and RT, the Dr say the lymphoma mutated and it is leukemia right now and there is no further treatment the Dr can offer.

I can offer more details once we meet. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You are from Penang. I don’t think you need to write email. Come and see me. Also please note that I cannot cure any cancer, especially she was been messed her up. Chris

Totally understand your message. I know but we still haven’t give up on her and will go along the way as long as we see hope. I am just wonder any possibility to see you any earlier otherwise we will drop by on Friday.Thank you


Lymphoma Turned Leukemia?

8 November 2012

Hi Dr Chris,

I am writing this email to you on my dad case. He is 63 years, Chinese.

Let me simply tell you my dad history. Starting from this year April (2012), my dad had show sickness on sore throat problem for past few months and show the left neck lymph node swollen.

He had went to general hospital and has been told is lymph node infection. He is coming to Singapore for a second opinion on early Aug . A lymph node biopsy was done and was shown angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma and the bone marrow was also performed showed affected.

As a result diagnosis of stage 4 angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma. Due to his condition sudden turn into worse at the point that time, he was unable to swallow at all and the bone was everyday painful and having difficulty walking. In the end, he was started his first chemo treatment at here.

At end of October doctor noted that the WBC bounced back very fast at the same time, they proceeded with bone marrow biospy & flowcytometry test again. This time the finding is showing the development of Acute Myeloid leukimia (AML). In their summary, they concluded he is having angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma and Acute Myeloid leukimia.

He had a long stay at hospital due to various infections and  until today s finally was discharged with left groin wound. Also my dad decided to drop off the chemotherapy, therefore we are come to you. We will bring down all the medical history reports to present on our appointment date with you.

Due to timing is crucial, we’re hoping you can render helps to us and direct us to correct pathway on this illness. We are seeking your kindness and give us a chance to fix appointment with you.

God bless.

9 November 2012

By the way, my dad having low hemoglobin, low platelet & high WBC. Kindly advise me what should I do to increase hb and platelet. Thanks you.

14 November 2012

Chris,We are having problem here. My father been hospitalised again we have not started the herbs.

Responses to: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

Thanks for writing! For the time ever, I received some responses after posting this article: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks


Dear Dr. Chris,
Thank you for the sharing H733 story. In one if your book: “We also learned that for those who want to believe, there is no need for too much explanation or proof. But for those who do not wish to believe, no matter what evidence is provided, it is never enough. There is always something not right about it and there is always a reason to reject it.”

It was such a long time I didn’t visit you in Penang. But I never stop taking your herbs since Dec-2009 till now. BTW my recording is H237. God is good, He sent me to your place, I always remember “Our hands but God heals”. I just want to let you know I am very good now. I have been sharing my testimonial to those cancer patient but it is not easy to let people to believe especially Chinese medicine (Herbs). As usual they ask me how many cycle of herbs I need to take, my answer to them is that when is the last day God calls me home.

I have stopped my work and become a house maker for one year already. Life is great and I look healthy and young after taking your herbs for the past 3 years. I believe God will make a way for me. I want to Thank you again. Send my regards to Beng Im. God Bless you and your family. Jessie


Hi Chris,

Simple mind uses simple interpretation. Simple minded read your sentence and put a fool-stop. Well, I think about 30 to 40% of people think this way.

I observe that many church members sway in the direction by one speaker and then in another by another. This leads to a temporal understanding of Bible. Reality of the world today.  With kind regards, Siew


Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you very much for sending me articles and updates regarding the good work  CA Care is doing.

I only have one of your books entitled Understanding Cancer War and Cure. i have read it many times over and i am grateful that you have devoted your time and life to help people ‘manage’ their cancer. i hope to purchase more of your books soon.

We all know you have emphasised time and again that you have no magic bullet to cure cancer but you are here to offer another option; the herb and holistic approach to life. To me, only God can heal and people like you, Dr Chris, are willing instruments for God and i thank God for that. In fact, i understand very well the frustrations you face when patients and loved ones expect miraculous healing (which can only come from our God Almighty). i remember now the video where you said, ‘if you can eat and sleep, what more do you want?’

i would like to encourage you to keep up your good work because many people are helped by you. To God be the glory!

Blessings, Grace


Hi  there! Your reply to that Mr. Chin was awesome. Take care! GG


 Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing this. I admire your patience with this Mr. Chin. The way I interpret his reason for emailing you after such a long time after the death of his mother would have to be he is still grieving and has not fully come to terms with the loss of his mother just yet. It is unfortunate there’s no grief counselors or support groups available for him to help him stop raving on like a ‘lunatic’.

On a brighter side, Chris, I had my yearly follow up with my oncologist last week and told her I had stopped taking Tamoxifen since March due to the side effects and guess what ? She agreed that I don’t really have much benefits at all taking Tamoxifen because my excised DCIS tumour was only 7mm so it is ok to stop it. This blew me away! I thought to myself then why did she prescribe Tamoxifen in the first place? Anyway, I didn’t want to waste my time disputing the issue. I just thank GOD for guiding me to seek you.

Thank you and God Bless, LC


Hi Chris and Im,

I have recently read the article you wrote re. the lady with leaukemia who tried your herbs for 2 weeks followed by 2 months of chinese herbs. All of this after receiving heavy doses of chemo prior to seeing you.

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer over 20 yrs ago I was advised to try a new treatment called Chemo.  20yrs ago very few people contracted cancer and even the specialist whom I saw had difficulty explaining what Cancer is.   After I read many books on the subject I formed a basis of why I contracted this disease. I was very impressed with Dr Binzel’s work, Dr Hans Nepier and the Oasis of hope clinic in Mexico. I devoured these books in a few short weeks as I was told that i must act instantly if i wanted to live.  What i learned was that it is imperitive to take time and understand what was happening to my body and why.   I called dr Hans Nepier in germany and asked if I should come to his clinic. He asked me what treatment i have had and when I replied none, he asked what do i intend to do. I told him I was taking herbs and changed my diet and also letting go of much sadness in my life.  He seemed very impressed as he said I was on the right track and to continue with the herbs and my changed attitude to good food and letting go of emotional baggage.   He said to have more tests in 6 months and if all is well continue what I was doing for the rest of my liife.

The specialist was amazed to find no cancer and even feebly said that perhaps I did not have cancer in the first place. Boy, was i angry at this response as If I had done what he instructed I may not be alive today.

Very few then, if any survived according to the Australian statistics.  Chemo was not seen as a cure back then and many good doctors would advise their patients to have the surgery, if necessary, then follow a clean and healthy eating plan. I know a few people whom were given this advice and are still alive today.  No side effects and in fact feel the best they have ever felt.

When I contracted Uterine cancer stage 3, 4 yrs ago, I knew why and I was one of the lucky ones as I knew what I needed to do to heal my body.  You are spot on Chris when you say we are our own best doctors and with knowledge, understanding and assistance from caring people as you we can and do heal our bodies as I have long believed that the body can cure anything but first we need to know how. Mother nature is very powerful and I believe that god put on this earth everything to heal man’s ill.  You in your wisdom and training in the use of herbs and your unstoppable desire to help your fellow man should be the first port of call when told one has cancer.   I, like you see so many when they have exhausted all medical help and told “There is nothing more we can do”. I have seen so many times what this can do to the soul, when you put your trust in an establishment whom should be seeking the best treatment, whether orthodox or natural therapies. Sadly the medical system will not allow their doctors, oncologists etc., to administer any natural therapy as in their words “Where is the science behind such treatment”.   I say to them , “Show me the INDEPENDENT research undertaken to prove Chemo and radiation cures cancer. They cannot as all research undertaken is Kill the cancer.

In the turn of the 1900 century Professor John Beard from Edinburgh University found that cancer cells were trophoblast cells, which now have no pancreatic enzyme termination agents to curtail them.   When the people realise that instead of trying to kill the cancer it is best to heal the body and the best way to heal is to develop an action plan which I promote as E.K.A. Education, Knowledge, Action.   How can one fight an unknown if we do not know what we are dealing with.  Learn from the people who have had great successes, gain the know how of feeding the body good clean food, no animal, dairy, sugar etc. Raw is best and I love the new me and the energy and health I now have.

I was meant to find you Chris as I was guided to finding and reading your books.  I devoured 3 books in one evening as it made complete sense to me what you had written.   Modern societies, especially the west, is in the grip of an epidemic as cancer affects 1in2 of us.   I call it the rich men’s illness as the poor countries do not have anywhere near our shocking numbers.   Herbs have been used long before the introduction of modern medicine. They are the base of most drugs today, but sadly man made concoctions are added with terrible side effects. All in the name of medicine.   I have read many books and spoken to hundreds of medical, herbalists and scientists whom seek the truth above all else and honour the Hippocratical Oath “DO NO HARM’

They, as you have Chris, assisted many in their quest to optimal good health. I am so glad I found you and I am living proof that if one opens their mind and not give in to the fear tactics thrown at them , can and do go on to lead a long and happy life.   My surgeon is in awe that I am so well as I was told that without treatment, Chemo, I would not live any longer than perhaps 3 months.  I believe in knowing all there is to know about ones illness so as we can make an informed choice based on this information.

Most people are only too happy to give their permission to someone else to cure them, they take no active roll in their healing.  The brewing and taking of herbs, organic foods, clean water, being in control of your own happiness, deal with past traumas are all essential.  the cancer is a symptom of the disease. Rid the body of the cause and the symptom disappears. It worked for me and many whom I have assisted. They are alive and well today.

You and Im have dedicated your life to assisting others in their time of need and for that you are blessed with the knowledge that you have reached out to your fellow man and this is rare in our societies today.   Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for giving me your knowledge and wisdom of how I can heal my body of cancer.   Take heart that your time on earth was spent wisely and for the betterment of its people.

May you both live long and healthy, happy lives surrounded by those whom you love and marvel as I do at this wonderful world we live in.    I am sure I speak for many of your patients in saying, God Bless You Both and thank you for your guiding hands, caring for the many whom seek your help.

One day, Orthodox medicine will see the benefits of natural medicine and this will be the basis of treatment as the people will demand it.

Love to you both and keep up the good work, the world needs more Chris Teo’s.   xxx


Dear Dr Chris,

I read with interest the story below particularly this paragraph about your reply on Oct 18 which reads….” When I write your mother’s story, I shall explain that there is no one on earth who can cure leukemia. If and when you think you know where to find cure for cancer, please let me know. I too want to know……”

Dr, I have medical evidence that alternative medicine can indeed cure leukemia (and other cancers), I like to show you the medical evidence and seek your comments. Please could you contact me when you are next in KL.  Please note that the intention is not to criticize your excellent work and professionalism but rather to further our knowledge and understanding of this subject.

Thank you Dr Chris. Best Regards. 

Reply:  Thanks. Why don’t you write the gist of the story, and also support it with medical reports. And then we go from there. I am more than happy to study the case and learn from it.The more knowledge we have the better. Sure, write me and don’t wait until I come to KL because I don’t plan to go to KL yet. Chris.


Leukemia – side effects of chemo

Dear Dr Chris,

I happen to come to know your contact thru my wife’s sister friend recently.  My wife was diagnosed with leukemia on 01 Mar 2012 and since then she had been undergoing chemo treatment in the hospital. Currently she is under stable condition with another 03 to 04 more months chemo treatment to go before it ends. As usual, the side effect from chemo is making her suffer each time and we heard your herbs treatment and thought it would be of help while she is doing her chemo.

As we are staying in KL, would like to seek your advice should we come over to visit you in Penang or what would be the other alternative ways. We sincerely hope that you could help us.

God blessed you, J

Leukemia: Let the doctors repair the damage

Hi Chris

I’m C. here and from Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve been following your website and I really respect and praise your work over the years.  In fact, I bought some of your books from bookshop and I really learnt a lot.  Knowledge is power.

Recently my brother in law is admitted to hospital due to cancer and the oncologist prescribed him
“Chlorambucil (Leukaran)” and he is now suffering from chills/fever after taking this drug.  Chris, I
just need some advice on how to reduce the side effect of this drug.  Anything from this list (mushrooms, maitake, wheat grass, tumeric, beta glucan, chlorophyll, vitamins, spirulina, chorella ) can lessen the side effect?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Reply:  Thanks for your email. Sorry for this late reply. I was away in Laos and just came back last night. Re your brother-in-law – let the doctors take care of him. They know what they gave him and they should be able to repair the damage that they cause. It is not right for me to interfere and stick my neck out — at the end of the day, if anything goes wrong they will say it is all because of the herbs.


Leukemia – who is playing god?

Dear Dr. Chris,

Will you be available this Friday (23rd Sept)? I’m planning to go to your cancer center in Penang regarding my sickness. My leukemia relapsed very recently and doctor told me I probably have under 6months to live if I choose not to have anymore chemotherapy. And he said further chemotherapy can only buy me some time unless I have bone marrow transplant.

Looking forward to your reply.

Terminal Leukemia from Jakarta

Dear Mr. Chris,

I am Eltien from Jakarta Indonesia. I would like to ask your advice about my father cancer. My father is 63 yrs. And Singapore doctor claims that my father has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (only 3 to 6 month life). My dad blood condition is Hb 7.7 , leukosit 1500, and trombo 200. Is my dad condition could be cure? Does it possible for my dad to fly to  Penang.

I will be much appreciate for ur advice. If possible I plan to fly to Penang on Thursday. Please reply me.

Reply: You can come and see me on Friday morning at 10.30 am.I am going to be in KL before that. Bring all the medical reports. If you cannot , write to Pak Teddy in Jakarta. Go to www.cancercareindonesia.com and you get his phone number.


Dear Mr. Chris,
I couldn’t bring my dad on this Friday to see u. Since my dad had to do the blood transfusion to increase the Hb. I will contact u as my dad hb increase and ask for another appointment with you. Thank you for your attention Mr Chris.


Leukemia from Indonesia: Relapse After BMT

I write this email to you in order to seek your suggestion regarding my wife’s illness.

My wife had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) type M5 in late December 2005. I brought her to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on 1 January 2006 for further management and chemotherapy. She had 3 cycles of chemotherapies in the first 3 months. Later she underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant procedure (BMT) in late April 2006 until mid May 2006. But unfortunately, on the 75th day after BMT, the leukemia cell relapsed. After that my wife had another cycle of chemotherapy and also received donor lymphocytes.

Due to financial consideration, I moved my wife for further treatment to Malaysia in mid August 2006. She was admitted into the Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC) until today. At SJMC she got another cycle of chemotherapy and received another donor stem cell on 12 August 2006.

But a week ago the leukemia cells were shown to be active again and they developed quickly before donor stem cells even could work. Five days ago my wife had another cycle of chemotherapy in order to reduce the white blood cell count.

I would like to find possible therapy and treatments that will be suitable for my wife. My wife and I are Indonesians. Within the next few days, I must make a decision whether to bring back my wife home to Jakarta or stay in Malaysia. I really need your help.


Can Herbs Help in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia?

Dear Dr. Chris,
I’m F. Ii want ask your help for my auntie. She is 43 years old. She had chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) since 3 years ago. She knew it from health screening at Mahkota Medical Center in Melaka. First time, her white blood cells (WBC) was 184.000/uL, her lymphocyte was 84 %. She had no symptoms.

The doctor asked her to take chemotherapy with chlorambucil (Leukeran). Then she go to Singapore and Jakarta to have second opinions. The doctors gave the same opinion. They said there’s no therapy that can totally heal CLL. Chemotherapy only can diminish the side effect of high WBC and high lymphocyte. She had taken chemotherapy for this 3 years. Now her WBC is 30.000/uL and her lymphocyte is 91%. She doesn’t have any symptoms. She only has anemia and sometimes feel dizziness. Do you have any treatment to heal her CLL? Can you help her?

I live in Riau, a province in Indonesia, near Malaysia. I’m a doctor, general practitioner. I have read many literature and text books. There’s no treatment that can heal Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in western medicine. If doctor can help, my auntie will go to Penang next month. Thanks for your attention.

Reply: You are right doc., no cure for CLL … but herbs may help. It is up to your untie Doc. She can come and see me. We take care of leukemia patients. Go into my website or go to this link:


Pak Jam just came to see me last week. His wife is still alive. But of course, I cannot promise. . I shall do my best.

From Norway: Her Leukemia Came Back Again

Dear Dr. Chris K H Teo,
My name is JMS. I am originally Indonesian but I live in Norway with my family.
In May 2008 I was pregnant for 5 months and got Acute myelogenous leukemia.  Mid June 2008 the pregnancy was aborted, so that chemotherapy treatments could start.  I had 5 chemotherapy treatments.
By the end of November 2008 I was finished with all the chemotherapy treatments and declared free from leukemia.
I am now pregnant again, 27 weeks on the way.  Last Friday (October 1, 2010) the doctor took bone marrow test and confirmed that I have got a relapse of the leukemia.  They plan to wait until my pregnancy is 28 weeks (on October 11, 2010) and they will take out the baby by caesarean operation. Then they will start with 2 treatments of chemotherapy and the bone marrow transplantation.
From previous experiences I know the chemotherapy treatments are extremely hard on my body.  I also heard that bone marrow transplantation is an extremely high risk operation.
I heard you have helped many people so that they are cured from cancer, without chemotherapy and transplantation. I would highly appreciate your advice if there is anything else I can do in this desperate situation?  Best regards.

Leukemia: Can Money Cure?

Dear dr. Chris

I am A. from Indonesia, I found the website about cancer (http://cacare.com), and I’m really interest with it. Actually, currently my beloved mother is diagnosed with leukemia, her condition is getting worse, more weak and not showing any significant changes in treatment. if we had more money, we will go to your place and I’m really sure my mother will get feasible treatment
My mother’s only a elementary school teacher with inadequate salary, so she only gets modest treatment.
And i only can find alternative treatment and looking for traditional medicine by browsing the internet with expectations i can find it. if we can get the treatment as those who have money, maybe my mother can get better and i can hug my mother for more times, because i know my mother’s life only counting minute by minute, day by day……only resignedly and pray that we can do, hope she can still see her kids getting success and still have a chance to make her happy and can enjoy her rest of life….
Maybe my mother will not get any treatment till end of her life. i know it’s impossible for me to expect something good for her. Hope God give His miracle to my beloved Mom.

dr. Chris, would you like to give me some advices what should I do, or maybe if there are any alternative or traditional medicine that can prolong my mother’s life, because it’s not possible for us to buy medical medicines, with our economic condition. i really love my Mom.

Hope you will reply my e-mail.

Thank you,

Leukemia: She is doing well after giving up chemo!

This morning, Pak Jam from Aceh came – he said this is his 6th visit to Penang (Click here for full story: http://cacare.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=243&Itemid=57). The purpose of his trip is to collect herbs for his wife.

To me, seeing Pak Jam is a wonderful, most satisfying and rewarding experience. It leaves me with awe and amazement – indeed God the Almighty is merciful. Seeing Pak Jam is to know that his wife is still alive!

My only question of concern is: How is Ibu (mother) now? Pak Jam answered: Better that before. Oh, what a great answer. As I have always said this is God’s wonderful blessing. No man can explain how and why Pak Jam’s wife is still alive today. It defies scientific thinking. Ah, who is asking for scientific proof or clinical trial? This story is must unbelievable – most improbable! Men of science call this a “fluke” or the bombastic word is “spontaneous healing”! Yes, fluke that happens at CA Care all too often! Ask yourself: would “spontaneous healing” happen if his wife were to continue staying in the hospital for chemo … and chemo and spending RM 2,000 each day?

But do we really need that scientific proof? God’s work needs no proof. You see it! You experience it. That is if you have eyes to see. But human minds are closed –saturated and numb with super ego.

I asked Pak Jam again: Are you sure that Ibu is okay? Yes, she is. Her haemoglobin has now gone up to 12 plus – higher than the previous reading! When she went to see the doctor in the hospital, the doctor (who knew about her leukemia) would not give her any medication. He was in awe and was amazed and said he would not wish to sabotage the present healing process. What a wonderful doctor!

I asked Pak Jam how he got his wife into the aero plane. This is what he said: My wife was on the wheel chair and I had to tilt it towards me and held her head against my chest. In my heart I prayed that she just would not leave us while at the Penang airport – please God, let her die after the plane take off. How did you get her into the plane? I waited until everyone was on board – we were the last to get in. There were three seats and my wife was placed on the middle seat while her head rested on my son’s lap and both her legs on my lap. When we got to Medan, all our relatives were there to receive us.

I told Pak Jam that all our conversations were being video taped and I would like to add in more clips of our conversation. I asked if I should cover his face. Pak Jam said: No, please remove the cover on my face. I want to let the world know this. Indeed I am impressed. This is a man who is different most people who came. For most people I have to cover their faces in our video clips. And some patients don’t even want to share their success stories.

A lesson for me: The learned and the educated ask for scientific proof. They want it published in peer reviewed journal! I don’t buy such stuff any more. Experience and see for yourself what had happened. Take it or leave it. What greater proof is there than seeing a person alive and well?

I consider myself blessed and I remain grateful to the Almighty God for every miracle that happened at CA Care. And each week I shall look for miracles – big or small. You can keep your science and your proof, but for me I shall continue to praise the Unseen God for every blessing that happened.

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