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Liver Cancer from the Philippines

Hello Dr. Teo,

I am L from the Philippines . My mother was diagnosed by her attending physician of having a Liver CA.

We are very thankful to find your website while browsing my laptop with teary eyes hoping to find hopes for my mother. You really give us an inspiration and hope to continue fighting this horrible war that we are facing right now after my mother’s diagnosis of having SUSPICIOUS FOR PRIMARY HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA after her scan.

Her ultrasound shows Heterogenously enhancing mixed density non-calcified mass Right lobe liver measuring 12.7 x 9.3 x 15.3 cm.

Her attending physician prescribed a chemo drugs named, SORAFENIB ( NEXAVAR ). We are still in doubt to start this chemo drugs because of the side effects which is very possible for my mother to suffer if we decide to start the medication.

My mother is 70 years old, Diabetic taking Metformin for 4 years but then her Creatinine is a bit high so her doctor shift to Tragenta . She is also taking Plavix and Imdur for her heart condition.

Doctor Teo, I am very willing to fly there in Penang but most probably without my mother because she is living in Philippines  but I will bring all her laboratory and scan results.

Yes I understand that its very difficult to treat patient without seeing her personally. To be honest Dr. Teo , my mother did not know her diagnosis because we ask her doctor to hide the reality because we are very sure that if we let her know, it will only give her a very depressing situation knowing my mother’s character very well.

Is going there in Penang very safe ? People there can speak English? This is my worries, because i will be travelling alone. Are you open on Saturday and Sunday Doctor Teo and from what time?

Doctor Teo, I am looking forward to your reply. Please help us to face and fight this battle of my mother. We believe that God uses you and the rest of the doctors as an instrument to help, heal, inspire, gives hope to the hopeless situation.

Thank you so much in advance for your reply. God bless.

Reply:  There is NO cure for primary liver cancer but I know that my herbs are good for the problem…cannot cure but good. You can come will all medical reports and scan … we teach you how to take care of your mom …and you go home and try.  

No problem. Penang is okay. Almost everybody speaks or understand English. 

We are open Monday to Friday at 11 am only.

Hello Dr.Teo,

Thank you so much for your reply. It really gives us hope and inspiration with earnest prayers to fight this battle of my Mom. For now, we have a strong decision not to start  Nexavar at all.

Doctor, can you please give me the easiest direction to locate your clinic?  Is there any possibility for me to have an appointment with you during Saturday or Sunday? These are the possible days that I can escape from my work. I am very sorry to ask this kind of question Doctor. I am trying to squeeze my time hoping to avoid any absents to maximize my earnings to support my Mom’s treatment.

I will be flying there as soon as possible Doctor for us to start your herbs. Please Doctor, we need your help badly for my mother’s health condition. I can’t concentrate most of the time doing my work.

…… Hoping to hear from your reply again Doctor Teo. Thank you so much once again for your precious time in reading and replying my message. God bless !!! 

Reply: Can you please read this http://www.cacare.com/contact  

You have all the info you need to come to our centre. It is just about 20 minutes away from the airport. You can also find cheap room rental in there too. Coming to Penang is not a big deal — far, far, safer and easier than Manila. 

Let me be very frank with you –there is NO cure for cancer. Even if you come and see me, don’t expect a cure. My main concern is how do you get more herbs after your visit to us? Sending by post? Please consider all these first even before you want to come. 

In fact, my frank advice is, Don’t come, I cannot cure your mom. 

I am sorry, we are only open from Monday to Friday at 11 am only …. other days, I may be away and not in Penang. And also our workers don’t work on weekends. 

As much as I feel sorry for those with cancer —  I want to be very frank and truthful. It is better that you find someone else in your country who can help you. 




Liver cancer from Indonesia — could not last a year

Dear Dr. Chris,

Hello, I’m M from Indonesia. I’ve got your contact from a driver in Penang. Two weeks ago I went to Penang Island hospital with my father.

After several checks the doctor told us that my father has tumor cancer in liver. The size has reached 8.5cm so the doctor said it could not be cured anymore through surgery nor chemotherapy. He said he just could gave us the medicine to enlighten the symptoms but could not be cured. So we were allowed to go home. He said my father couldn’t last a year.

While we were on the way going home, we met this driver and told us about alternative treatment you’ve done.

I would like to seek your help on the information about my father’s cancer. He is 67 years old. All the medical report is with me. He’s too weak to do the travel, so is it possible for us to consult through email? …..

Thank you so much for your attention and help

Best Regards.

Reply: Nobody in this world can cure any cancer. So I too cannot cure your father’s liver cancer. It you need help you can come and see me — even without your father.





Liver Cancer from Germany

Dear Dr. Chris K.H. Teo,

Please excuse my bad English. My Name is AH,  40 years old, married and Father of a 2 years old wonderful daughter. We come from Germany.
I had liver cancer G2. One tumor is 4 cm and another 1 cm and nobody can resect it. Please help me. It is no problem for me to fly to your country. I will all do what you say.  My blood is great. No mets on ct, no tumor markers. I can fly every time you want. Please help me and my family.  I must be there for my little daughter. All the Best.

Reply: Thank you for your email. Germany is the centre of alternative medicine for cancer …. attached is a booklet about it. Why don’t you contact these doctors and talk with them. It is better than coming to see me in Malaysia which is so far and so difficult. On top of it, your customs may not allow me to send you herbs through the post. Please read this attached booklet.




Liver cancer: operation that did not cure

Dear Sir,

I went though your web and found your cacare. I heard that you can help in treating patient with cancer. Can you treat and help those with liver cancer. My father have went through 2 liver operation to remove the cancer cell. However the cancer keep coming back.

Best Regards, 

Reply: Perhaps it is too late to come and see me. I am not a magician.



Liver Cancer from India


Although , I have read from your website that consultation via email is very rare , but I would be really really appreciate if can help me with my Mother’s health condition . Looking at her, I don’t think she can even travel to Malaysia . She is all the time rests in BED .

I am hereby attaching my mother’s report . Below are the details about her treatment in the sequential order the way it had happened .

  1. My mother was complaining about the abdominal pain initially that time it she was given painkiller and glucose
  1. After 3 days when it happened again , she undergone couple of test in HALDWANI . These reports are in HaldwaniReport.pdf 
  1. The doctor from haldwani asked us to refer her to delhi hospital “GANGARAM”  where in the biopsy report she was diagnosed with cancer . These reports are in GangaRamHospitalReport.pdf . 
  1. After that we went to Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital , where we were told that she has to undergo stent procedure for curing jaundice followed by LIVER operation ( where they told us that they have to cut 50 to 60% of the liver ) after that she has to take chemotherapy . Since we were looking for some more second opinion she was discharged from hospital . Reports are inRajivGandhiHospitalReport.pdf 
  1. We went to Batra hopital for more tests and the doc advised us not to go for liver operation as it will be too difficult for her to with stand surgery followed by chemo . Hence they have advised us to just put stent to cure jaundice and then let her live like that.  Reports are inBatraReport.pdf .


  1. She is currently taking HOMEOPATHY medicine from  Dr Prasanta Banerji (www.pbhrfindia.org) .
  2. There are no allopathy medicine .


  1. She complains about pain most of the time and is the mail issue .
  2. Jaundice is still there
  3. Appetite is very less .

Please suggest something.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.



Liver Cancer from Penang. No need to write email la!

Hi, I’d like to ask regarding to 4th stage liver cancer for my dad. He was diagnosed two mths ago and he’d like to seek for herbs medicine help. Basically the turmoil grow bigger and the doctor told us they couldn’t do any chemo for him. May I know how do we go about this ?

Reply: Where are you from?


Reply: From Penang — why don’t you just come and see me…no need to write email


Pancreas Cancer — Terminal Liver Cancer: 2 months to live

Hi Dr. Chris Teo,

Good day to you! I’ve got the link of your website from a good friend of mine in the beginning of the year. At that time, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreas cancer stage 2. My uncle and his family members decided to take the advice from the attending doctor to do chemotherapy. He had since gone through a series of chemotherapy and further extended to radiotherapy.

Last month, my uncle was admitted to hospital due to severe sore throat, which believed to be the side effect of radiotherapy and continued to be warded until today. His health condition did not get better but deteriorated since hospitalization. 3 weeks after hospitalization, the attending doctor suddenly broke the news to my aunt and cousins that my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 and announced that he is left with 2 months of life. It was devastating as we all thought my uncle was actually recuperating. He is now very weak and bedridden.

I had passed your contact to my cousin early of the year and until today she didn’t make that move to contact you. It seems to me that they are losing faith and giving up hopes. I’m writing this letter to seek for your professional advice as in what can I do to help my uncle or his family members?

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Your kind advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.

Reply: Nothing anybody can do in this case. Let the doctor takes care of him. No one can cure any cancer.

Itchy: Liver Cancer

Hi Chris,

My father is diagnosed with malignant liver cancer that spreads to lung (sugestif metastasis). His appetite is quite good and he is using electrical jacket from alternative cancer healer in Indonesia.

The problem that we face at the moment is he feels severe itch in all over the body and no prescribed medicine for this specified issue. Although his dermatologist has already give him a topical cream. It doesn’t help that much.

I know that it’s better for us to come since it’s important for you to see his condition directly. But he is too weak at the moment for overseas trip and I plan to come by myself to Penang.

Is there any way to lessen the itchy feeling at the moment? Since he said that he is quite upset with this and causing stress on him. Also he does not have a good appetite for food that contain no salt in it, even he likes fruits, it has to be a taste in the veggies. And by the way, he loves meat. Now I realize that what he likes are actually what is his cancer like. And it’s quite hard to change his habit totally. Thank you for your support.

Reply: I cannot help patients who cannot change their diet or life style.

Liver Cancer – Please Help

Dear Dr. Teo,

Good day!

My mother is 67 years old and found that has liver cancer (HCC).

24/2/15 ultrasound and blood test found that liver cirrhosis.

25/2/15 ogds scan which upper scope found that liver cirrhosis and Swollen at esophagus tube.

1/3/15 pet scan found that with liver cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma.

9/3/15 ct scan and wait report.

30/3/15 found unable to cure been informed is late stage.

As per doctor information:

Her stomach with many water and cause swollen. Doctor cannot do anything and ask us just let it be.

Found the cancer already spread to lymph. Cannot cure at all as per told. Ask us go back till she very pain then admit emergency.

Mother current situation:

Stomach already 3 days swollen.

Leg sometime will swollen when walk too much. Swollen will reduce when rest.

1)Less eat, found the food too sweet, too bitter and hard to swallow.

2)Weight reduce.

3)Cannot sleep well.

4)Every morning like diarrhea. It is like the shit is sometime back, sometime soft like when diarrhea.

4) sleepy and tired whole day.

5) no energy to walk and feel tired all the while.

Now she only can drink juice, porridge and some food not that hard to swallow like bread. She still want to fight with cancer but we are no idea how to fight.

We blend juice everyday for her and blend Sabah snake leave every morning.

Doctor Teo, I have really no idea what to do. I am lost and don’t know what I can do for my mother. Mother with no educated can grow us up but i not even can help my mother.

Look forward to hear from you and appreciate your kind advise.

Best regards.

Reply: Where are you from? Come and see with all the medical reports. Please stop taking the Sabah Snake Grass!


Liver Cancer from Chennai, India

Helo Doctor,

i am a patient from Chennai ( India) diagnosed with end stage liver disease. I was diagnosed on 18.01.2015 for

  1. Heptacellular carcinoma in segment IV and VIII  around 5.6 cm, middle hepatic vin coursing through the tumor,small thrombus turmor related at junction of middle hepatic vein and IVC.  AFP > 11,115 (Dated 18.01.2015).
  1. TACE Procedure was recommended and carried on 07.02.2015 with Nexavar Tablets.
  1. After 30 days of evaluation dated 09.03.2015 AFP Count is 3600 and recommended for immediate TACE Procedure to bring down the AFP Count.

i would like to undergo more a better cure and ready to take up your medicine. i can send my reports through my friends and visit you in person. Currently i am not in situation to take up another chemotheraphy. My age is 38 and the doctors says that my body is responding to medicines

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you over your medical treatment


Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.




Liver Cancer from Rajasthan, India


My father is 80 years old and is suffering from HCC liver, metastatic and ascites. We had done C T scan on 30 July 2014 which showed 17*10 cm size tumour in the left lobe of liver .
We started homeopathic treatment and another C T Scan was done on 24 Jan 2015. The tumour size remained the same. Ascites developed, but other organs were functioning normally and presently he is unable to eat and walk or stand on his own.

I am from India and came to know about you through internet, Is there any medicine that can make his remaining life peaceful and healthy?. My father never used alcohol and tobacco in his life. The doctor had prescribed sorafenib medicine but we had not given it to him.

With regards.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.

Liver Cancer: Hunting for a cure that does not exist

Dr. Chris Teo,

Good morning, Dr. Chris Teo. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am from Jakarta – Indonesia. At this moment, we are very worried about our Mom’s condition … 64 years old.

She’s diagnosed with Cancer Liver since 8 May 2014. At that time, we did a medical check-up at Penang (Island Hospital), but the result came out and shocked us, as the USG’s result showed an object with size  8×5.4×8.8 cm. At that time, the AFP is 1497.

We were referenced to Dr. Onco, who requested us to do surgery.

With big worries and deep sadness, we went back to Jakarta. Then we asked my Mom to take :

  1. Juice of Potato, Carrot and Apple (everyday)
  2. 4 Life Transfer Factor (for immune)
  3. Daun Sirsak (leaves of Soursoup)
  4. Tian Xian Liquid
  5. Legalon (from Oncologist)
  6. Diet with no pork and no oily food. She can handle it because our Mom is very organized and discipline personal.

However, after taking those above items, the AFP is still getting high to 4645 (8 Juli 2014). Then jumped to 9637 (1 August 2014).

After we did PETScan (7 August 2014) in Indonesia, we are confirmed that it is HCC.

At that time, we heard the info from my friend that his father was cured by FU DA Cancer Hospital in China with : Intra Arterial Intervention (JIE RU) and Cryoablation (LEN TONG).

After getting through of tough discussion, on 22th August 2014, we brought our Mom to Modern Guangzhou Hospital for treatment. …Only with one hope. Total Recovery for our Mom.

At that time, the AFP has jumped to 12617.

After doing the JIE RU on 24 August 2014 and LEN TONG on 4 Sept 2014 , our Mom went back to Jakarta. She was called for return on 1 Oct 2014.

At second visit, on 3 Oct 2014, our Mom’s AFP has gone down to 8290. The doctor told us that the first treatment’s success, that caused the AFP getting lower at that time. We were informed that 50% of the cancer cell were terminated.

Then, second JIE RU on 5Oct 2014. At that time, my Mom didn’t feel well, and almost fainted.

After reaching home, we reviewed the document and found it very confusing, as the size of tumor is getting bigger.

Since we don’t know how to read Mandarin, we truly don’t understand. Kindly see and please help to review the file.

Our Mom doesn’t want to go to GuangZhou anymore with the reason of pain, felt no good after the treatment, as the White Blood Count was getting low, and we get the injection for 2 times for my Mom.

On 30 Oct 2014, AFP came to 9615.

Since then, my Mom only consumed Tian Xian, and received Accupressure treatment. Again, it doesn’t reduced the AFP, which turned to 28.674 (10 Dec 2014). 

We heard the information from my father’s friend, that has been cured by Shin She in Kedah, Malaysia. He suffered from same case (Cancer Liver) and has been cured totally. Now he can do the routine and heavy activities at this moment.

After visiting Shin She, our Mom takes the capsule 4 x 2 times a day, after meal. And once in a week, we boiled the TCM and gave it to our Mom. The condition of my Mom is good.

Oon 5 Jan 2015, we checked :

–          the AFP is getting high to 32749 ng/ml.

–          the CTScan showed that our Mom’s liver is getting worse and cancers were around of liver.

–          the USG showed the bigger size.

Finally the latest test result on 21 Jan 2015, the AFP is getting up to 40379.

Kindly accept our above details with the hope that Dr. Chris Teo can help our Mom and find the best way out. Please advise. Should we need to bring our Mom and visit Dr. Chris Teo, kindly advise.  Thanks.

Reply: No one  in this world can cure your mother’s cancer. Don’t be misled! If you need help, come and see me in Penang. No need to bring your mom.



Mom died – we did our best

Dear Dr chris teo ,

I inform you that my mom passed away on dec 31 , 2014 . We’ll do my best , liver cancer is always jaundice , and at the end she was bleeding . Thank you to support us for the time being ,what you do is Good to help people. may God bless you always .

Thank you ,

I believe in angels and you are one of them

Dr Chris,

I had heard so much about you . Never would I ever imagine the day that I would one day require your touch, the touch of an angel.

To cut to the chase, my dad had just been diagnosed to have TRO Hepatocellular carcinoma . The diagnosis was made through an ultrasound, liver function test , tumour marker and a CT Scan. We are waiting for the result of the CT Scan to confirm what stage he is at and what are our choices of treatment.

Dr Chris, I myself was a nurse …. and i was attached to an Oncology Unit … before, i am very familiar with all the side effects of this so called modern technology scientific treatment.

I trust in you. I will come to your office tomorrow with all the medical documents of my dad and to be touched by you. You have an amazing website with amazing testimonies. Even my friends who are surgeons and physicians and specialists are much in awe of you and so I am. So, I am so looking forward to see you tomorrow.

Much deep regards,

Reply: See you.

We don’t do patch work

Hi Dr. Chris Teo,

Good evening doc. I would like to know if it is possible for you to prescribe me  some herbal tea for acites. For your information, my wife is a liver cancer patient. Currently she is undergoing alternative treatment for her problem but unfortunately her acites problem is not under control. After reading your blog, I became across the acites tea which seem to be able to help my wife therefore I sincerely hope that you can help us. Please kindly reply to my mail and tell me what should I do next. Thanks.

Reply: I am sorry we don’t do that. We don’t do patch work. I am not in the business of selling any herbs. I am here to help people who truly believe in what we do and need our help. Please go back to who ever take care of you and ask for his/her help.

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