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Liver Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Doctor Christ,

We are living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Recently, my father has liver cancer based on the following parameters:
1. Blood test: AFP is 10x from the normal value. The others are normal.
2. He loss his weight significantly during the last 3 years and his apetite.
3. CT-Scan: thera are at least 4 nodules/lesions having 5cm, 3cm, 1cm and 1cm of size.

My father (70 years old) has also the following diseases: tyroid, diabetes, weak heart and bronchitis. Now, he is taking Baraclub medecine since 2 weeks ago.

We have done also several consultations with several hepatologists and oncologists in Indonesia and Singapore.The most possible therapies for my father are TACE/vascular interventional and/or RFA (ablation).

According the oncologists, the liver of my father is still well function, so we would like try the treatment with the herbal tea/medecines prior to medical approaches (TACE & RFA).

Is it possible to come and see you on Sunday 18 or 25 May 2014?.

Thank you for your help in order to save my father life.
We are looking forward from you soon and your confirmation, so we can book the hotel and airplane tickets. Kind regards.

Reply: Yes, bring along your medical reports and scans.

Liver Cancer: Cut, Chemo and Cut Again. Then Now Want to Cut Some More – No cure!

Hi doctor,

I am MS, from Manado, Indonesia, and I heard about you from my friend. My father got liver cancer, accidentally found in July 2011, before he had an open heart surgery in Penang. Early of November, doctor cut out the tumour, 60% of the liver was cut out, and we did regular check up every three month. Until 6 months, it was clear and nine months after that, two cancer cells was found, and doctor suggest to do the ablation method.

In July 2012, doctor also did the RFA, because some cancer cells were found. And in December 2012, doctor found that there were cancer cells again, and he suggested a second operation. So, in January we came to do the operation, and doctor also checked if the cancer was spreading out, but not found any.

Last March we came to do the USG, and it was clear. And recently, we did the CT Scan in 26 April 2031, and found that it was already spread out to his left iliac bone, and left adrenal.

Doctor suggested to cut the adrenal, and after that do the oral chemo, but we told we will think about it first. And we had plan to go a Health Care centre, the place that practises healthy life style by diet and exercise.

On Tuesday, one of my friends told me about you, and we interested. We are still in Penang now.

How can I reach you? What time can we meet you today? Thank you for your attention.


Reply: Come and see me at 11 am this morning or 3 pm this afternoon. Bring all the medical reports. If you miss this, come on Sunday at 7 pm onwards. See my website www.cacare.org and you see the map and time.


Liver Cancer from KL – 37 years old

Dear Doctor Chris,

I was diagnosis with liver cancer on 18th March 2013. This happens when I felt slight discomfort for about a week of bloatedness. Went to a normal GP doctor who gave some antibiotics and charcoal pills. after finished the medicine, i felt much better but still not fully recover and went back to the clinic and after some observation on the stomach, he found a lump and advise to do a ultrasound and the results were not good. Went for an MRI and confirm that there are 2 lumps inside the liver.

Honestly, i have no faith in western medicine and would like to opt for Chinese herbal medicine. After reading your website, I would like to see you for consultation. Please let me know how should i go about with this. I am currently now staying in KL. I’m 37 yrs old, married and my wife and me are expecting our first child in September and we just got married this year in January.

Awaiting you favourable reply so that i can visit you in person.

Kind regards.

Reply: Go to www.cacare.org or www.cacare.com and you get all the details. Come and see me in Penang. Bring all the medical reports and scans.

Liver Cancer from Indonesia

Hi Dr. Chris,

I have a question to ask, my father is down with liver cancer stage 4. He finds this out in January 2013. He is unable to travel to Malaysia. He lives in Indonesia.

My question is; is it possible for you to diagnose his illness and gives him medicine without him present at the consultation. We, however will be bringing his diagnosis from Singaporean doctors.

Thank You very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,


Reply:  Come and see me with all medical reports . No need to bring the patient if he cannot travel.


Colon-Liver Cancer: Go home and die

Dr., last 2 days I went back to hospital to see the surgeon as I want to know how he would explain my condition in detail. During our conversation, I took down notes down for your reference, as follows:

Wong:   Dr. what actually had happen to me? Can you explain in more detail? I thought this is only a minor surgery in closing my colostomy. I did the CT scan and colonscopy in Oct, 2012 before coming in to closet on Jan, 2013. You said everything is fine. The only thing is in the future I pass bowel a little bit difficult since my rectum is narrow.

Dr. X :  Your cancer tumors spread too fast after surgery although we have checked it before surgery.

W: Why these few days I pass bowel there’s a lot of blood (50% stools and 50% blood) coming out and the anus burn and so painful?

Dr. X :   Oh. your anus pain every time you pass bowel is because it is too narrow to pass through. There’s blood in your bowel mainly because your cancer tumors had spread and its messy inside your colon. This I can’t help you anything as you had stage 4 CA Rectum although it has been removed in 2012. It had recurred.

W:     Can you do any surgery to open the colostomy as previously I had before? I don’t want to suffer like this.

Dr. X :  The risk is too high. Maybe only 30% chance of survival if I do the surgery again because your intestine had burst and moreover the tumors are everywhere in your colon. You will die on the table due to serve bleeding. 

W:  That means I leave it like this, everyday suffering from tummy bloatness and waiting to die one of these days? Do you think how long can I survive?

Dr. X  : I’m sorry we really can’t do anything. Go home and spend your precious time with your family while you are able to now. Maybe you have less than 3 months to live or even shorter.

W:   I am really disappointed with what you have said as I had full confidence in you but after all these, you say you can’t do anything. Since last year I had took my CEA till Jan this year. My index never exceeded 6 ng/mL.  Lowest was 2.5 ng/mL. One last question:  why now there’re stools coming out from the wound that you close the colostomy.

Dr. X:   Stools do come out sometimes because you can’t move your bowel at the down part. Once you can move it, there won’t be any stools coming out again. It will close by itself if everything is fine one of these days. So don’t worry about that. You wear the colostomy bag in the mean time.

Dr. Chris, I won’t give up just like this. I will continue to take your herbs as every time you said CA Care Center is the last stop for people like us.

The patient’s full story will be presented later  – including his video conversation with us.

Liver Cancer from India: I am not god and don’t want to behave like one either

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Dear Sir

I am S from India. My dad is suffering from HCC (Liver Cancer) and the doctor plans to give him TACE.

I have heard a lot about your herbal magic, wherein people with liver cancers have survived 7-10 years more of healthy life.

PLEASE SIR, DO SHOW ME A RIGHT PATH AND HELP ME. We want our dad to live many many years more & with a good health. PLEASE SIR HELP ME!!!

Reply: Go into my website www.cacare.org and read … can you come and show me all the medical reports and scan? Chris

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 11:18 PM, SURESH <suresh@fareastpromotions.com> wrote:

Dear Sir

Thank you very much for your reply. Please see attached all the reports of AFP level of blood, CT scan, MRI scan & doctor’s advice for TACE.

1.     SIR, can this tumor be completely eradicated from my father’s body?

2.    Can my father live again a normal life without any tumor in the liver?

You are next to god for me. I have heard a lot about HCC patients taking herbal medicines & getting completely cured. In fact today we both brothers tried to call you on phone, but it went on fax tone.

I wait for your reply. 

Reply:  God only can answer such request…and since I am not god I cannot promise anything. The problem is you don’t read what I wrote. What have you read???? Or how much have you read what I wrote? Chris.

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 11:45 PM,

Dear Sir,

But there must be some way wherein the life can be extended to 7-10 years more or whatever maximum? Can your herbs extend my father’s lifespan & by how many years? If yes, then how to get your herbs by courier/post & the cost. Nice evening sir!

Reply: No, no body can cure cancer, NO one can play god here. You go and read what I wrote here: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/10/24/our-herbs-did-not-cure-his-mother-of-her-terminal-leukemia-within-two-weeks/

I suggest that you read my book— Cancer: Is There Another Option which I mentioned in this article. Don’t be fooled or get cheated by anyone. NO man of earth can cure cancer. Not doctors and not me. Chris.

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 12:21 AM

Dear Sir,

I now have read email conversation & understood that cancer cannot be cured. No one in the world can do it. I only want my father to live a healthy life. We are ready to take herbs with the discipline & for life long time.

Ø  You must have seen my father’s reports of HCC liver cancer. Can you let me know at what stage the cancer is?

Ø  At least let me know approximately please how many years can be added to my father’s life?

Ø  What is the cost for your herbs sir?

Reply: If you think I can help you, please come and see me personally with all the medical reports and scans. I am sorry we are not a direct selling company – we don’t sell herbs on line. I have already explained why we cannot offer help online as written in our website:www.cacare.org  and this is reproduced below: 

For those who ask for help online

Thank you very much for writing to us about your problem. We fully understand the need to find alternative methods when medical science has failed. CA Care exists because of this need. In the past we did try to help cancer patients via the net. But our experience showed that we failed miserably. It did not work out.

To be useful to cancer patients:

I need to see patients personally or at least a family member who knows exactly the problem. I need to talk to them and assess their problems face to face. By seeing the patients, I might be able know what was wrong with them. Then I need to see all the medical reports and scans – blood test results, USG, MRI, CT or PET scan.  It is only after this study and dialogue that I know exactly what to do and prescribe the herbs. There are over 100 types of herbal teas that we specially formulated for cancer patients and they are specific for each problem. So to get the best from our experience means we just cannot do things on line.

After patient takes the herbs, I would need them to come back again after a week or two for me to assess the effectiveness of the herbs. If there is a need to I may have to add or subtract certain herbs.

By meeting and talking to patients and know what they eat, how they live, etc. I would be able to know what has gone wrong and suggest changes.

Cancer is a complex problem that involves both physical and mental aspects. Taking herbs alone is no magic. We have to do more than that – change of lifestyle, mental attitude, diet etc.

The above is nothing new. Patients need to be physically present to get help from their medical doctors. Every patient knows that. The same applies to CA Care. This is even more necessary knowing that almost all patients who come or write to us are medically failed cases – they are generally at the end stage where their doctors cannot meaningfully help them anymore. So at CA Care, I need to be more serious and more committed than just reading emails and trying to play god.

I hope you understand through this short explanation that it is extremely hard for me to help patients who live in foreign countries. I have tried this for some years and my experience showed me that at the end of it all, it is just a waste of effort and also a waste of money on your part. It is most frustrating indeed for me.

If you have read our articles in the

websites: www.cacere.com or www.cacare.org or www.CancerCareMalaysia.com patients do experience miraculous healing. You will note that these patients (or a family member) come here and we do the therapy together. That is the reason why they succeed. I need to see patients every now and then to know what is going on.

I don’t want to be negative.  I understand that you need help but I must be sincere and honest to myself too. In my heart I know there are times and situations when I just cannot help. The problem is beyond me to solve. And I also know that I cannot solve everybody’s problem in this world. I have been working very hard every day to help cancer patients and I know in my heart that I can do that much and no more.

But please don’t give up. If you open up your heart and mind, you will know that there are also alternative healers in your own country. Why don’t you try them? Ask around and you may find one. I am sorry for being unable to help.

Liver Cancer from Melbourne

Hi Chris,

I am writing to you in regards to my 62 year old father who has stage 4 liver cancer (mets). He is very weak, has loss of appetite and ascites in his stomach. He is having the stomach fluid drained weekly which is causing him to deteriorate. We are desperate to help him as his doctors say there is nothing more they can do since he is too weak for chemotherapy. We are in Melbourne, Australia and unfortunately my dad is too weak to visit you personally so i hope you can help me by phone or email. We really need to build his energy, he needs to gain weight and control his  ascites if he is to have any chance betting this disease. Please can you offer us any information or help?

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patient from foreign country. I have explained this in my website: For those who ask for help on line – http://cacare.org/2012/06/06/what-to-do-next-2/

Extensive Liver Cancer from the Philippines – Sorry we can help by just sitting in front of the computer

Good Day Dr. Chris K. H. Teo! How are you Sir? You will be surprised why I was able to get your email address and I found it in the website when i search from the internet through Google.

So i will just go to the point about my father’s situation as of this moment.  The story why my father was diagnosed with liver cancer a month ago it is because when my father suddenly fell down while he was going down from the stairs in our house and he collapsed. Then we brought him right away to the hospital to know what was the reason why he suddenly fell down and collapsed in his way down from the stairs. So everything was done CT Scan, blood test and everything that is needed  to find the cause why it happened. Then the doctor told us they found out from CT scan results they saw something nodules in the liver and it is like have rupture. That is why my father was sent to the big hospital in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Manila, Philippines because the doctor told us because they do not have surgeons to do the operation in my father’s liver in our village.

Soon our father was brought to PGH in Manila, Philippines for a scheduled liver operation. Then on the day of the liver operation the doctors called us (we children) and told us and shown to us the pictures they took from my father’s liver and they told us they cannot continue the operation because there are many nodules already and it spread not only in liver but till intestines. Right now me his son is here in Singapore working while my family and my father is in the Philippines now.

So maybe if you need the medical records and all the tests done in the hospital we can attach it for your initial findings and suggestion for us. By the way Sir you do not have any clinic here in Singapore? Iif you need to contact me here is my handphone number  +65 xxxx. Thank you and more power. Sincerely yours.

Reply: You need to come and see me with all the medical reports and then send the herbs back by yourself.

Sir Good Morning. I have one more question, is it possible to cure my father with your liver herbal medicine even without his presence for your physical checkup with him in Malaysia because as of this moment our father could even hardly walk to our kitchen where it is just 7 meters away from his bedroom?

How much more if we will bring him to you personally for physical checkup and I think it would be very impossible as of this moment. My suggestion is, it is okay with you Doctor Chris Teo to just send to you by courrier or LBC or DHL all the medical records done to our father by the hospital lately? Thank you very much Sir in advance for your great help to our father and we will be waiting for your reply.

Reply: Yes… and bring all the medical reports / scans etc…everything you know about his problem and the I need to know his present conditions. Then I shall prescribe the herbs…you send them home and let him try.

How to go there because I am here in Singapore working. Where is the address and do I need an appointment with you because I am very far from you because I need to travel from Singapore to Penang? Do you have an skype account Sir so I can communicate with you easily? Thank you.

Reply: From this email,.I suggest that you go and find someone nearby your home and ask him to help you. I am too far away to be able to help. At the end of it all we are all wasting our time. I don’t heal people through the internet or Skype. Please find someone else to help you.

Sorry Sir if I made you upset but I think you misunderstood me. What I mean with the last that I sent to you is I am asking if I need an appointment with you before I go there in Penang bringing all the Medical records. Another question is I  need the address in your clinic in Penang and the 3rd question was I was just asking if you have an account in skype to communicate well and not just chatting nonsense. Hoping you will understand me. Again i am sorry if it made you upset and I do not mean anything against you.

Reply: Go to our website, www.cacare.org and read the last section about online help. We cannot help people just by writing emails. All other info you need are there in the website.

From New York: Liver Cancer that spread to the lungs after surgery

Hi Dr Teo,

I found your blogs while searching the internet for various things to help my brother.  From reading your blog, I can see you have vast experience and expertise on this subject.

My brother has had two major resection operations on his liver cancer tumors.  It’s been about 6 months from his last operation, and from a CT scan, they have seen about 20+ nodules in both his lungs.  This is his liver cancer metastasis in his lungs.   A recent CT scan has confirmed the nodules are growing.

He’s currently looking at alternative treatments because those are his only options.  I would like to seek your advice based on your experience with many cancer patients, and also to seek your expertise with herbal solutions.  My brother is seeking many solutions, and on the herbal front, he’s particularly interested in mushrooms.

Do you have any comments and suggestions?  I would like to seek how to best schedule time with you to get your guidance?

Reply:  Thanks for writing. I am half a world away from you. It is extremely difficult for me to help people so far … please see attached explanation. Since you are in New York, why don’t you consult Dr Gonzalez …  http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/crayhon.htm  He is another famous man whom I have read about who may be able to offer some help. Surgery is never the answer to liver cancer. Soon it goes to the lung. That is very common.


Liver Cancer – Six Months to Live

Dear Dr Chris,

Good morning to you.

I’m writing to you through a friend recommendation. I’m not the patient. But my father is. He is diagnosed with 4th stage liver cancer. There’s no hope for liver transplant anymore.

All that we can hope for is a different approach to deal with this,  be it through nutrition or herbal while waiting for Miracle.

Doctor in Singapore gives him 6 months.

His condition is somewhat weak. But high in spirit and that also due to his belief in Jesus. He’s taking medication for liver etc.

At one stage he had internal bleeding but that had stopped. His legs were swollen due to water retention, the medication helped him to pass urine.

He is a diabetic but that he has control of.

I understand that it is very difficult for you to somewhat entertain this email but due to his current condition, it might be difficult for him to travel. If necessary, myself or my brother can fly there.

This is not a prank email. I’m just a concern person about my father.

I hope you can help a fellow Christian.

Best regards.

Reply: If you believe in what we do, come and see me with all the medical reports and scans. We help people who need our help irrespective of their religion! 

Metastatic Cervical Cancer from Belgium: Gone to liver after chemo

Hello, Chris!
I read few stories on the page on the net and I decide to write to you. My name is Mi. I am 36 years old and I have cervical cancer. I had surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The primary tumor is gone, two years ago, but I have metastases on the lymph nodes and right now on the liver. The metastases on the liver came on the time of chemotherapy for the nodes. So I I was wondering what can you offer for my case? I am willing to fight and try to cure those metastases. I do not think the chemotherapy will help. I forgot to say I am living in Belgium, Europe. Is there something we can do for me?
Best regards.

From India: 5-month-old-baby with Liver Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this email on behalf of my co-brother in law who has a 5 months female baby. She is suffering from Liver Cancer, All the details are below:

UltraSan Report: 14/02/2012


CT SCAN: 15/02/2012

Liver is grossly enlarged extending up to the iliac fossa. There is e/o multiple hypo attenuated areas diffusely involving both lobes. Following IV contrast administration there is heterogenous enhancement during arterial phase. Delayed section are not available. No calcification. Portal vein and IVC are normal.

Diagnostic possibilities includes: Adrenal neuroblastoma with hepatic secondaries/ hepatic haemangiomatosis.

MRI SCAN: 16/02/2012

Liver grossly enlarged in size extending up to pelvis. Both lobes show extensive lobular T1 hypo, T2 hyperintense lesions with intevening parenchyma showing T1 hyper and T2 hypointensity. Significant strtching of the vascularity noted with compression. the largest lesion measures 4×3 cm.


Biopsy has been done on 20/02/2012 and the report confirms for cancer in the Liver through Adrenal gland. Embryonal cancer.

Currently we are residing in Hyderabad, AP, India. I kindly request you to look into this case as soon as possible, and give suggestions. Let me know if there is any hope for this baby, as Doctors advised for chemotherapy. And I came to know about your Cancer care Center, and I have seen many cases of cancer on your website which has been cured. We want to talk to you, if you please provide us with your contact number. Please do reply soon, really appreciated. Thanking you.

Reply:  I am sorry I cannot help patient from so far way country.


Thanks for the reply, what if we decided to come to Malaysia then you will ready to see us?And is this Cancer curable? If you provide us with your contact number we can talk about this case, and we will decide to come to Malaysia as soon as possible. Thanking you. 

Reply: Cancer is not curable and it is no use coming to see me because I cannot help small baby.



Liver Cancer from Medan

Dear Doctor,

I’m seeking doctor’s help about my brother, who was admitted to a hospital in China 3 weeks ago. Since his condition has been very serious, primary hepatic carcinoma stage iv, the doctors felt sorry they could only help with so far treatment, suggested us to take him home as soon as his condition became stable.  We have got home for several days, and we heard about Doctor today, and wish to know whether you can still give us hope or not for his sickness. I plan to fly to Penang to see you, if you suggest so, or vice versa.

If I am to see you I still don’t know how to reach your location from the airport, and when is your operation hour?

Thank you, I remain.

Sincerely yours.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for the quick reply. I already bought the ticket from Medan to Penang for tomorrow flight. I think that I can arrived your clinic at 11.30 AM if there is no delay for my flight, because I shall arrive at Penang at 10.55 AM (Penang Times) and maybe I can reach your location by taxi, so  I hope you can wait for me.

Thanks, looking forward to see you tomorrow.


Liver Cancer from PJ

Dear Dr Chris,

My mother is 76. She has colon cancer which has spread to the liver. The tumor in the liver is about 3 by 3 inches. She had a heart bypass about 11 years ago and had 2 strokes after that. Thus, she is not in the condition for surgery and chemotherapy was recommended. We are considering to consult you. However, we stay in Petaling Jaya.

Can we make an appointment to see you? After the first consultation and upon taking the recommended herbs, do you need to monitor her condition on a regular basis (i.e. how often would you need to see her)? This would help plan and make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you.

Liver Cancer from Sarawak

Dear DR Chris Teo,

During my “darkest hour ” of life and feeling at lost of what to do next , I am fortunate to come across a photocopied of your book – FOOD AND CANCER CARE during my visit to Sunday service in Miri church . Having read through your website,  it gives me new hope of alternative treatment .

I was diagnosed with multicentric Hepatoma in Kuching on 07 Oct 2011 after CT scan and was informed that surgery is not possible due to numerous nodules on both lobes . However was asked to go for Chemoembolisation on 26 Oct 2011. Due to high cost and no guarantee of success, I opt out of treatment in spite of caution by Doctor that my life expectancy will be between 6 months to a year . Attached are medical reports for your reference.

I have been taking local Chinese physician herb treatments since 20 Oct 2011 until now.
Apart from that I change my life style with plenty of rest and sleep earlier at around 9.30 pm. Also I practise going for ” living diets ” that is taking only vegetables and fruit juices . No more oily,fried, baked , BBQ meat or fish .

In spite of all these my AFP blood tests show disappointing results . On 07 October it was 42.7 ng/ml, on 23 October  it was 64.8 ng/ml and the latest result on 04 November is 99.7 ng/ml .

Attached is also the latest blood tests for my liver functions for your reference.

Meanwhile, physically, I am ok.

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