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Nose Lymphoma: Treatment in China. Cancer spread to his liver

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I got one cancer case who is my brother. We knew he got the lymphoma nose cancer in 4 months ago. At first he suspected something wrong at his neck area got a small lump and few month later he went to Malaysia did the CT Scan and noted that he got the cancer. After with family discussion we decided to go bring him to China, Guangzhou to do the treatment. When went there the doctor did the operation to take out the lump at his neck area and brought to experiment it and confirmed that Lymphoma cancer.

He stayed there for 3 month to do the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After that he was back to hometown and planning to back for third times of chemotherapy but after 1 week he got chicken pox with whole the body with the mouth. It really made his body very weak and he started to feel pain in his stomach few days before went to china . And, two weeks later after the chicken pox he went back to Guangzhou hospital to continue his treatment but too bad that after the scan the cancer already spread to liver and the pain was from the liver.

Could you advice is he still can be cure?  With thanks and regards,

Reply: Where are you from?

Dear Sir,

We are from Indonesia.

Reply: Indonesia means where???????? Jakarta? Medan?   You need to come and see me with all the records ….go and see this website…www.cancercareindonesia.com — read informasi yang harus ketahui.

Dear Sir,

We are from Tg. Balai, Riau. My brother is in China now. We will bring him to visit you once he is back.
By the way, may I have your detail address? Thank you.

From Bandung, Indonesia: Breast Cancer that Had Spread

Dr. Chris,

I have read about your treatment and I interested to try it for my mother. My mother has diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to adrenal glands and to liver. At the moment my mother condition is very weak, the liver has very swollen and her face becomes a little yellow. The oncologist who handled her before has given up. Even at the moment we face difficulty to bring her into hospital with so many hospital procedures and bureaucracy. I hope you could help my mother and tell us what to do. I am waiting for your reply. 

Reply: You are from New Zealand? I can’t help those living for far away. Chris

Hi Chris,

I am at Bandung Indonesia at the moment for my mother lives in Bandung. I am living in New Zealand but at the moment I am with my mother in Jakarta. It’s only 2 hrs flight to Penang, what are the chances of my mother getting treatment from you? I can send all the test data. Can you please help us treat our mother as this needs to be done urgently. Kind regards,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have sent you a reply but in case it did not reach you. I am currently in Jakarta with my mother. My mother really needs your help as there’s no one here able to help her. Can we take our mother to your clinic? I can arrange the ticket to Penang from Jakarta as soon I received your OK to bring her to see you. Do you need me to send the results of her tests? Kindest regards,


Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Melbourne

Dear Dr Chris,

I came to know your institution through our friends.

My husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and spread to liver and bone 10 days ago.

He had his first chemotherapy a few days ago on 10th July. The next one will be on the 17th July.

We live in Melbourne, Australia and I am interested to visit you in Penang. My husband will not come with me.

Please allow me to query so that my trip will be rightly scheduled and fully utilised:

1. What days and time can I meet with you?

2. Do I have to stay in Penang for long?

3. What do I have to carry with me?

4. Would it be good to start taking your medication now or wait until the series of chemos are completed? And why?

5. Any other suggestions please?

My husband details:

Age: 55 years

Usually healthy but in the last few months he has lost 7 kg and loosing eating appetite. He was taken for X-ray and subsequently CT scan and biopsy. The cancer was confirmed from the biopsy.

Thank you for your attention and I waiting for your reply.



Herbs helped her mother

Dear Dr Chris,

This is an update on my mother.

It has been 10 days that my mum has been taking the additional herbs for her liver cysts. These are the effects she experienced:

(1) Sleep: On the first day itself, she exclaimed that she was able to sleep better – for more than 3hrs until 4am.  The subsequent nights, she was able to sleep 3-4 hours every night (as opposed to 2-3 hrs previously).

(2) Appetite: She has significantly better appetite -she feels hungry now during meal times.

(3) Dark spots on hands/face: My mum commented that she noticed many of the brown spots on her hands have disappeared or have ligthened significantly – i took a good look and yes, both her hands,
which used to be covered with little brown and very dark spots, have become much fairer !! The darker more stubborn ones are still there but are lighter now. I do not know whether it was the other herbs (Breast M, C-tea, Capsule A) that she has been taking the last 3 months contributed to this improved complexion or the liver herbs specifically. (I took photos of her hands and face of the remaining spots to trace the progress over a fortnight.)

(4) Red eye: Her left eye used to be very red for some years now – a couple of days after taking the liver herbs, the redness reduced significantly and now it is no longer red. She also feel better – she used to have an uncomfortable, tight feeling over her eyes.

Looks like the cleansing from the liver herbs has resulted in external manifestations of the above. Thank you, Dr Chris Teo for the herbs – it’s a blessing in disguise to discover such wonderful herbs.

Will continue to update you over the weeks/month.

With much appreciation, P

Liver-Lung-Bone Cancer from Jakarta – come and see me, writing e-mail will not do!

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is PK and I would like to ask you some questions regarding to my wife illness. My wife (named L, aged 50 years) has liver cancer and already spread to the back bone and a bit to the lung based on abdomen & thorax CT scans done in Nov. 2011 and biopsy also done in Dec 2011. Knowing the disease we are looking for medical treatment or herbal healing and fortunately my friend Mr. Tukiman recommended us to go to you or your representative in Jakarta, Mr. Teddy

After meeting him he gave my wife the herbal tea and she started taking the herbal as prescribed on the 23 December 2011; she took the herbal consistency and also very careful  the food she ate (totally vegetarian and no fried food or sugar as well) she also sleep at 9 pm and avoid stress, but until this day 27 January she is still complaining about the pain on her left legs (under legs) and also her upper thigh which make her difficult to walk.

And my questions are:
– How long would this herbal medicine took effect
– How do we monitor her disease,because up till now we did not go to  any doctor here.
– Is it necessary that we come to you for further observation or do you have any suggestion that we should do next.

Your early reply will be much appreciated thank you.

Reply: Trying to help people in front of a computer will not do. If you really want me to help your wife, come and see me with all her medical reports.

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