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Lung-Brain Cancer from Jakarta

Hello, I’m from Indonesia. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, my mother has lung cancer stage 4 and has spread to the brain. So, what should I do now? How about the fee? Please help me. Regards,

Reply: Where are you from? Jakarta? No body can cure lung cancer that spread to the brain. Chris.

Yes, I’m from Jakarta. But I just read the testimonial from mrs. suri, she has lung-brain cancer. And her ┬ásymptom same with my mom. Do you ┬áhave possible solution from my mom?



Lung to Brain

Dear Dr Chris,

We met few months ago and I did took some herbs for a few months. I stopped taking the herbs when I went for radiotherapy in January this year.

In December, 2008, brain tumour was detected. In order to relieve the pressure building up in the brain, I went to radiotherapy. The experience was bad. I was down for more than 2 weeks and have to depend on wheelchair to move around. I stopped taking CA herbs till now. I am getting better and I still have the confidence in CA herb. Please advise whether I should continue with the same herb, i.e. Lung 1, Lung 2 and capsule A?

Best regard.


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