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Lung Cancer: No, we cannot cure your cancer!

Dear Dr.Chris,

My name is AS. I come from Indonesia> I got your email from my friend. He told me that you can heal patient without kemoterapi. My father got lung disease. Specialist doctor from Lam wah ee hospital tell that my father get Tumor stadium 3. Can you see the ct scan dan x ray from hospital. I hope that you can help us to give opinion. Thank you for your attention i hope you can reply my email as soon as possible. Best Regards.



Reply: Where are you now? No — nobody can cure any cancer — the tumour is so big.



Lung Cancer from India

Hi Chris Teo,

I came to know from some social blogs that you have natural supplements to heal  the Cancer. I know that you are reluctant to treat or advice herbs over mail, as you know we live in Bangalore travelling for consultation alone is not feasible for me, if any fees incurred for the same i do can make arrangements, Please kindly do help me or advice what best can i do to get in touch with you.

My dad is diagnosed with Adreno Carcinoma last month with metastases to bones.

Tumor on his lung sizing 3.6 cm X 3.2 cm, but he has more upper back pain which persistent, currently he is given one cycle of Chemo.

My Father age is 64 , We live in India Bangalore, he was smoking for more than 40 years. Can you please advice  will he fit for these supplements , if yes can i give along with Chemo.

Awaiting your kind response at earliest. Thanks,

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places. Please find someone else in India who can help you.



Lung Cancer after chemo and radiation

Dear Dr. Teo,

My sister is diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3B. This is the result of her CT Scan, and she had a PET scan too.

My sister  has had 7times chemotherapy and 30times radiation therapy and right now she is having a further chemotherapy drugs taken orally. Could you please advise me that the  other possibilities of treatments, apart from both radiotherapy and Chemotherapy? How many treatments and duration are needed and also the cost of the entire treatments please? Do you need to see the patient personally or it can be represented by another family member? Many thanks of your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Lung Cancer: Let your father decide

Dear Dr. Theo,

I’m Ning from Jakarta. My father, 69 years old, just got lung carsinoma small cell at the left side. He decided for getting a chemoteraphy as doctor advised but as his daughter I really worry about the effects and the result of the chemo itself.

So, would you mind giving me some advices related the medicine and the therapy.

Thank you very much. Best regards. 

Reply:  If has to be your father to decide …you cannot decide for your father. Read this story



Lung cancer – chemo and now in agony

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is A from Indonesia and my mother, she is 75 years old, with stage 4 lung cancer….already treated by chemo 8x and only has about 1 year to live (predicted by most doctors). She and my father already accept this situation but she has been in agony in the last 4 months because of the continuous cough and we need your advice and help if this cough can be reduced or if God allows …..can be stopped…..we have been Christians from birth and we are the 4th generation of Chinese in Indonesia….we are going to Penang next week and if possible can we see you on Wednesday the 24th June….pls advice on other time and day if we can’t see you on that day…..thanks for your attention and may God always be with you, your family, and your services to other….GBU. Regards.

Reply: Bring all medical reports and scans.


Lung Cancer from Riau

Dear dr. Chris,


My name is J. I am from Pekan Baru,Riau-Indonesia. I’m so glad to know about you.

Humbly, I would like to ask your advice for my mother’s health condition. What can i do for her? Really need your kind advice.

Warm Regards.

Age        : 70 years old

Sex         : Female 

Medical History 

Lung Cancer (adenocarcinoma), Stadium III

She had breathing disorder and cough since 2012-2013, getting worst in July 2014.

Dr.  (specialist in lung and asthma) on :

August 2014 – November 2014 gave TB Medication ( Rimstar 4FDC :Rifampicin 150 mg, INH 75 mg, pyrazinamide 400 mg, etahunambutol 275 mg)

November 2014-February 2015 gave TB Medication (Rimactazid 450/300 : Rifampicin 450 mg, INH 300 mg)

She didn’t get better. In 07 April 2015  the Bronchoscopy was taken and it showed there is tumor on left lung. The lung fluid was taken for Patology analysist and the result is adenocarcinoma. 


We give her 1 glass of Annona muricata leaves  decoction . We also give AceMax herbal (contains of mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaf). Right now she’s waiting for Iressa medication.

Condition Right now

  1. She’s having breathing difficulty and to reduce it, we give her oxygen
  2. Can’t sleep because of breathing difficulty
  3. Feeling tired and no energy
  4. Can’t walked and move
  5. No appetite
  6. No bleeding
  7. Having H.pylori infection, dyspepsia, hipertension

Reply: She has lung cancer … no, daun sesak or mangosteen skin are NOT going to cure anything. Iressa will make her suffer. There is no cure … but if you need you can come and see me in Penang. Go to my website: www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and you get all the info you need.



Lung Cancer. Tarceva did not work anymore!

Dear prof Teo,
I am from Indonesia. My mom has diagnosed adenocarcinoma in lung. Doctor has given tarceva as 1st line. And it works for 18 months. Now the doctor said she will be given chemo because tarceva stop working. The chemo is cisplatin and alimta. We are scared of this chemo combo. And we need your help to give us herbal for this cancer. Please inform us when is the suitable time to see you. Thanks

Reply: Come and see me with all medical reports ….Monday to Friday at 11 am …BUT 9th and 10th April I am away ..other days okay.

From the Philippines: Cancer … 1 to 3 Months to Live

Dear Dr. Chris,

Greetings from the Philippines.

My name is AL, and my grandmother had been admitted to the hospital after collapsing at home last week.

She was initially brought in for internal bleeding in her tummy for taking in too much mefenamic acid (we didn’t know she took about two pills a day to address the pain in her hips). A few days ago she had to be inserted a chest tube to drain fluids in her lungs.

Several tests were conducted already… And our family was told that it’s highly suspicious she has cancer… Until now we are praying and hoping that it’s not it… I think I’m still in the state of denial…

I personally am not a believer in chemo and all those anti-cancer treatments. I’ve been doing research regarding cancer and all other possible treatment alternatives… And that’s how I came across your site.

Would it be possible for me to seek help from you for my grandmother? She is 76 years old and I don’t think she can travel anytime soon. However I can go to Malaysia so I can meet and talk to you personally.

Thank you, Dr. Chris. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Reply: No need to panic …find out what is wrong with her first. Keep cool … get all the medical test done … when everything is done …. write me again and tell me what happen.

Dr. Teo, we badly need your help. The doctor told my mom that my grandmother has terminal cancer. It had already spread from her thyroid to her lungs and adrenal glands. The doctor said that she might have only one to three months to live. Please help us. At this point, we are really willing to try anything. Looking forward to your reply,


Lung Cancer from Indonesia: Tarceva does not help

Good afternoon Doctor,

My name Nita,I come from Indonesia, I want to consult with you about my mom. Early January 2015 my mom had numb on her left face but the area of the numbness is small, after a few days she started had a headache only on her left head, after consult with a lot of doctor in Indonesia and there were no good result we decided to bring her to Singapore.

In singapore we met Dr. C (neurologist),and he asked my mom to had MRI. After that he asked her to had CT PET scan because he said there was something wrong there and he needed to make sure about it. After the result came he said that my mom had lung cancer and it already metastase in her bone. Dr. C recommended us to met Dr. E (Oncologist). Dr. E asked my mom to had biopsy and the result showed that there were non small cell carcinoma in her right lung.

On March,28, she started her chemo by oral medicine. Dr. E gave her Tarceva 150 mg for her cancer and bondronat 50 mg for her bone.

Until now my mom condition is not getting better, the numb on her face is spread now and its hurt, she still have bad headache, she loss her appetite, she is weaker, she lost more than 10 kg since January,  its affect her eyes now, and she can’t sleep because she said that all of her body hurt and can’t get the right position to sleep well.

I really don’t know what to do now to relieve her from her sick, can you tell me what should I do?

Is there any recommended food for her? Is there any food that she must not consume?

Thank you for your help. 

Reply: What do you want to do? Go to the oncologist and ask her to help you.


Metastatic Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Good morning Dr. Chris,

My name is A. I email you regarding my father’s health situation.

Father’s health background:

  1. Heavy smoker & coffee drinker since his young time.
  2. Got stroke on Agustus 2009 but been active again for the past 3 years..
  3. Diabetic.

Since the end of 2014 my father has been coughing a lot that makes him can’t sleep at nights. At the end of January 2015 he felt weak & couldn’t stand up on sudden. We brought him straight to the hospital & he was opnamed for 2 weeks.

Early diagnose was lung infection & pneumonia. Doctors gave him an antibiotik for some days to deal with the infection. They tried to get the fluid in his lungs but couldn’t get much since it was gel. They got only a little & it was blood. They suspected that was caused by some medicines he was taking, therefore they stopped him from taking those medicines. My father was oxygened while he was in hospital because he was out of breath on sudden & the oxygen level in his blood was dropped. But it was stabilized & he was released from the hospital.

On early February he did Pet-Scan & from the results he was diagnosed lung cancer that already spread to his brain, liver, bone.

Until now he is still coughing a lot & hard to sleep at nights. He feels weak & feel pain on his bones. Other doctors said the same as they saw the tests results. But there’s pne doctor said it is not certain that is cancer, the uncured infection could look like that as well.

My father was suggested to take another blood test to ensure the CEA level, brain MRI to check if it was a cancer in his brain, a Pet-Scan for his current condition, CT-Guided Lung Biopsy to take out the fluid & sample of his lungs.

My questions:

  1. Is it ok to take another Pet-Scan since it was taken just couple weeks ago?
  2. Is it ok for him to take the biopsy? The biopsy won’t make the cancer cells become aggressive right?
  3. What kind of treatments do you have for this condition Dr. Chris? & how long will it takes?
  4. Does the patient need to come there/ stay there for some times? Or can he just come there to consult with you then bring the herbs back home (outpatient)?
  5. How much approximately for the treatment and/ or the herbs?

Looking forward for your fast respond Dr. Chris. Thank you for your time & help in advance.

Reply: Where are you from? Jakarta? I am now in Singapore. You can come and see me without the patient if you like to know more.

Dear Dr. Chriis,

Yes I am in Jakarta.

I was just from Singapore last week, and I don’t think I can come back there except for my father’s treatment because I’m working & need to safe money when possible.

If you don’t mind, could you please explain to me here by email how is your procedure/ method for healing lung infection/ tumor/ cancer patient? My father condition is kinda weak right now. We really need to decide things as soon as possible. Thank You,

Comment: I cannot help patients who only want to sit in front of the computer and expect things to come their way!



Lung Cancer – in Singapore hospital. Get the doctors to help you

Dear Dr Chris,

Currently my mother is hospitalised at NUH in Singapore. Her latest result from the biopsy addendum report suggest: Immunostains show the tumour cells to be positive for AE1/3 and CK7. They are negative for CK20, p40, WT1, ER, PR, Vimentin and CDX2.

Her condition at present is that she is losing a lot of HB (Haemoglobin) and her feet and tummy are swollen.

The doctor in Singapore, suggests that she has a lung cancer. However it was not said when she did the biopsy in November. The report was held back by the Mount E hospital because we did not want to proceed with chemotherapy. Only now we get the addendum report … the doctor mentioned there are patches in the lung.

Current condition:

  1. No pain
  2. Easy to fall asleep
  3. Tired
  4. Not easy to go to toilet but no pain or  no blood.
  5. Appetite is not too good, however, if there are variety of food, eat a bit better
  6. No bleeding
  7. No problem with digestive, however, after taking antibiotic there is a little gastric problem. Blood sugar is high 16 – 19. Taking insulin at the moment. Low blood pressure.
  8. Not so much going to toilet, no pain and no blood
  9. No cough.

10.There was time when she had trouble breathing, after blood transfusion in Jakarta twice. But since in Singapore, she didn’t have problem breathing. Also, her breath is shallow. I asked her to breath deeply and she is not really able to do that.

Another note, she lost 10 kgs from Sep 2014 to recently and then she gained 10 kgs in a matter of days (water retention). The doctor in Jakarta tried to pump it out and she lost around 4 kgs. We are still asking questions to the doctor tomorrow on the patches in the lung, whether that is the water retention or something else.

Please kindly advise for appointment to see you. I am not sure how we do this if my mum is very weak at the moment, as she might need to be hospitalised and we are not sure how to move her there. Or is there any way we can have you to be in Singapore? I am just asking all these questions, so that it is easy for us to communicate.

Many thanks to you. Hope to hear from you very soon.

Reply: Just bring your mother home if you don’t want to do chemo … then you can come and see me with all the reports and scan.

Hi Dr Chris

She is having blood transfusion now. My brother reckons that its very hard for her to fly. From Singapore to Penang is closer than from Jakarta to Penang.

The doctor is doing more analysing on the biopsy sample that she had done in November while she is having blood transfusion. Do you think she can still be helped?



Lung Cancer from Singapore: No remote control healing please!

Hi Chris,

Good evening.

We are recommended by someone on your CA care.

My dad is a CA Lung stage 4 patient with heart problem ( due to previous episode of blocked arteries) and prostate CA which is already cleared.)

He was diagnosed with Lung CA since May 2010. Been through 2 cycles of ChemoTheraphy.

The doc has advised him to discontinue further treatment due to his age (about 80 yrs old) and also the side effects of the treatments might have too much side effects on him. Treatment was stopped around May 2014. Generally he seemed ok but recently he has been complaining on giddiness ( basically he is feeling lethargic most of the time). He was recently admitted to hospital as he had cold sweat and was not feeling well.

We are from Singapore. My dad is not fit to travel as of now so we really do not know how we can go about the treatment from CA care.

Please let us know we are able to get someone from Penang to buy the herbal prescriptions from u as we are not able to bring him over to seek treatment.

We looked forward to hearing you soon.

Reply: No, I cannot help people through the net …and from the story above, what do you expect to get from my herbs when doctor cannot help? 

Hi Chris,

We just hope that the herbs can help to let him maintain his quality of life, not so much to cure him. We really hope u can help us. Thank you.

Reply: How to help? Unless you come and see me with all the reports and take the herbs home.

Hi Chris,

Is it possible to courier or fax over the report? I cn arr for someone to collect the herbs from u.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help by just sitting in front of the computer … and I don’t want to play god either by doing things via remote control. Please find someone else to help you.

Lung Cancer from Singapore: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, Iressa – did not help

Dear Chris,

My mom now age 68 has stage 4 lung cancer and i would like to bring her to see u.  As we are from Singaapore, can u please advise if we were to see u on a Friday, how long must we stay in Penang to get the medicine please?   If Sun, any different?

I will provide the latest CT scan n medical reports when we visit,  but here is a short summary.

  • Diagnose with Stage 3A Lung cancer in April 2012.  Went through chemo and radiation immediately in preparation for surgery.
  • Start TCM 19 May 2012.
  • Surgery to remove lower portion of right lung on  10 Aug 2012.
  • After surgery, discover there were still cancer cells in some of  the bio samples taken out.  Scheduled to go for chemo but could not go due to low white blood cells.   Rely totally on TCM to try to kill cancer cells and rebuilt immunity meanwhile.
  • In Sep 2013, progression of cancer. Start Irressa 21 Sep 2013.
  • Irressa not effective 2 Dec 2014 (1 yr 2 mths).
  • Now ask to go chemo to prolong life.

The last time my mom went through chemo, she was in so much pain n could not walk.  It was not expected by the oncologist.   We are going to say no to more chemos n radiations.

Thanks very much for taking time to read my email.

Reply:  I don’t not think you need to bring your mom to see us. There is really nothing much I can do to help. You have done all what the doctors wanted her to do — surgery, chemo, radiation, Iressa etc… and no help. And she is also  on TCM. Why don’t she continue taking the TCM herbs .. I cannot cure her cancer… even you come and see me what do you expect me to do? Regards.

Lung-Brain Cancer from Singapore: I cannot cure you!

Dear Dr Teo,

I read about you and CA Care and would like to seek your help with regards to my mother. They will be making a trip to Penang and I would like them to visit you this Friday to consult you. I’ve attached my responses to the information required on the First Visit for your attention. Kindly advise if we can seek your help on this.

Thank you. Singapore

Age: 57

Part 1: Medical history 

Lung Cancer Stage 3 spread (metastasis). Latest MRI scan showed 2 tumours (4mm) in the brain.

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given.

Early 2013. Pain in the chest and further scans revealed spot in the right lungs.

Early – Mid 2013, Lobectomy performed in the right lung and further tests revealed lymph nodes affected. Undergone chemotherapy.

Mid 2014. Recurrence in the right lung. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy concurrently. Due to the severe side effects experienced, stopped chemotherapy halfway. Completed radiotherapy.

Nov 2014. MRI scans revealed two 4mm tumours in the brain. CT scan revealed swelling of the lymph nodes near the left lung.

Radiology oncologist recommended 2 options for the brain:

1) SRS

2) Whole brain radiotherapy

Part B : Your Current Medications

Visited Thong Chai Medical Institution in Singapore for TCM and taking the prescribed herbs.

Reply: I read through your medical history — you have done all that needed to be done …. you have also used TCM herbs. I don’t think you need to come and see me at all. There is NOTHING much I can do to help. I cannot cure cancer. Even if you come, what can I do? Nothing much …the cancer has gone to the brain.

Lung Cancer from Singapore – Why not find someone else to help you?

Hi Doctor Teo,

I am from Singapore. My father is currently receiving medical treatment for stage 4 lung cancer at NUH. He is 78 years old and was 1st found to have cancer in August 2014. He has been taking the drug Iressa for 1.5 months but had more lesions and today (10 Nov 2014) ‘s biopsy showed that his cells had a rare mutation which is resistant to the drug. The oncologist immediately suggested chemotherapy (2 types, as one is more suitable than the other due to his kidneys which are not very good- according to her diagnosis).

I have read your blog and was deeply encouraged by the cases, and I also believe in many of the ideas like eating right to prevent cancer, and the real truths behind the current cancer treatment. And most importantly, I am also a Christian who believes in logic, truth and faith.

Instead of being pushed to chemo and used as experiments by the doctors, I really hope to try your cancer therapy treatment. I would like to ask a few questions below:

1) I will be scanning all the reports from NUH for your information.

2) As we are from Singapore, my father will not be able to travel to Penang. I will travel to Penang myself, around 12-13 Dec. I will consult with him and let him know that I am seeking your help and medicine. As your consultation time is Friday ,could we make an appointment for 12 Dec Friday?

3) The herbs medicine will be brought to Singapore, could I know if the packing is suitable for carry on flights?

i.e. liquid/gels must be less than 100 ml. if not, I will need to prepare for check in on my flight back to Singapore.

4) Could we have an estimated cost of the herbs, so we could prepare our budget?

Thank you, and God bless. 

Reply: Thanks for your email. Why don’t you go seek the help of TCM doctors in Singapore? It is easier for you. I cannot cure your father. Furthermore, 12 December is one month from now. I only work one day at a time.

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