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Fatal Melanoma That Spread to the Lung and Liver

March 13th, 2009 – double vision. CT scans and MRI showed sinus mass. Biopsy showed melanoma. Further CT scans showed metastasis to lungs and liver. Underwent radiation therapy to sinus. Double vision improved. Started 1 round of chemo in May but have stopped because liver had worsened.

Dear Professor Teo,

You spoke with my husband last week regarding his condition and my sister Connie spoke with your wife who was her former form teacher. R has stage IV melanoma with metastasis to his lungs and liver. Right now his liver is very enlarged and his liver enzymes are off the charts. He is being seen by one of the best melanoma oncologist in Chicago and has been told there is not much left they can do. His abdomen is distended and he can barely eat and drink. We were wondering if there is anything you can recommend at this point?

I just spoke with the doctor. His liver enzymes have doubled since yesterday and his kidneys are starting to shut down as well. She thinks it is now a matter of days, rather than weeks. The plan is for him to go home on hospice care and to keep him as comfortable as possible. I have a lot more to say but can’t do it right now. Please just pray for him to not be in pain.


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