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From Singapore: Colon Cancer Spread to Her Lung

Hi Dr Chris,

I am from Singapore. I would like to consult you. Do you have a clinic in Johore? How do I go about making an appointment?

Below is my brief medical history:

2008: Right hemicolectomy done for stage 3 colon cancer

2009: Received a bout of chemotherapy

2012: Wedge resection right lung done for metastasis colon cancer

2014: Resection of lower lobe right lung

9/2015: CT scan showed 5mm nodule lower lobe left lung. Next CT scan is scheduled for January 2016

Thanks for taking time to read my email.

God Bless!

Reply: I am sorry, you need to come and see me in Penang.




Kidney Cancer to Lung After Very Successful Surgery!

Dear Dr Chris Teo

My father diagnosed with kidney cancer last October and it spread into some of his lymph nodes. His surgery was very successful and doc asked him to do chemo after his surgery but he didn’t do it. He is 71 years old this year and doc categorised as stage 3 kidney cancer.

Yesterday he went for CT scan after 6 months post surgery and doc confirmed it has gone to his lung.

I would like to fix appointment for him to see you.

Please let me know if he can see you tomorrow in your office.

We are from Penang.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

God bless.

Sarcom from Pakistan

Dear Sir ,

My name is Agha and I live in Pakistan. I came to know about you via internet. My father who is 61 years old has been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma about two years ago. He refused chemotherapy and currently we are on homeopathic treatment. The cancer has been spreading by the time and has reached the lungs. Currently his right lung was filled with water and doctors have removed it by inserting a tube in the lungs. He has no complains other than that.

You have written that you are reluctant to take patients on email but I would request you to please consider my case on urgent basis as I would be very grateful to you.

If you agree to take my case I would send you all the reports to date. 

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places — how can I do that? It is not easy. Please find someone near your home to help.



Asking for Miracle Cure — Doctors Have Given Up

Dear Dr Teo,

My name is vV. I come from indonesia. My sister is diagnosed with breast ca 3 years ago with initial stage of 2a. Until last year november , she been doing holistic treatment i.e , gerson method

The cancer was not healing until last year and she opted for medical treatment in USA. She’s doing chemo and on april 2014 she is confirm to be heal. The ca marker is close to normal. Everything went well until last july. She got a cough very bad one. And she went to doctor and the doctor said that the ca recur and now is attacking his lungs. The diagnosed for the stage is IV.

She started to do chemo again however, her cough is getting worse until one day , 3 weeks ago she’s having difficulty to breath and admitted to hospital.

The doctor suggested my sister to depend on O2 for good with the level of 3 liter / minute.

2 weeks ago suddenly she’s suffocate and again admitted to hospital. The O2 level went up into 8 liter / minute. The oncologist and lungs specialist already gave up all of her treatment as well as the chemo. They said now the main aim is for my sister to have a quality of life. That was 7 days ago.

Today , the nurse who came to check upon my sister suddenly said that she is dying and stated that she only got less than 2 weeks to live.

With this email, i want to ask if you have a miracle cure for cancer if all of the doctor already give up.

I heard that you are specialized in keladi tikus for cancer. And if so , please give me recommendation on the recommend dosage.  If possible please recommend us what kind of treatment to prolong her life.

If you need her medical report i will email you the detail. I really appreciate your help doctor.

Thank you so much

Reply:  I am sorry I have no miracle cure.

Cancer of Cervix: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation. Cancer Spread to Her Lungs

Dear Dr. Chris,

I get to know your name and info from one of my friend. My mom is now stay in Segamat, Johor.

At the beginning,she has a bleeding problem and went for CT scan. Scan show she got cervix cancer. Thus, she went to Hospital Columbia to see a doctor and remove her uterus. After that doctor took her uterus for checking and found that her cancer cell has been spread out from her uterus.
Than, she has been recommend to Subang Cancer center to do Chemo & Radiotherapy. After done that, she went for PET SCAN, and result show that she is now having lung cancer and lymph cancer stage 4. Doctor said from his statistic, 50% of this kind of patient cannot survive more than 1 year!

Anyhow, She is now feeling good, no pain, no symptom. She till now still cannot accept this reality. We love her so much and we do not want to lost her. Most important, she is so desire to live! Please help her!

I attached herewith her report. Please advise when should she go to see you. Please allow us to make appointment with you as soon as possible because this is a LIFE! Thank You so much for your previous time and help!

18 Sept 2013 at 19:14pm from Phillipines.

Sarcoma that spread to the lungs

Dear Sir,

My husband is 42 yrs old and he had his right foot amputated due to Synovial sarcoma in June 2 012 and had metatasis lung operation in Nov 2012..

According to dr he clearly removed all the tumor from his lungs but that was recurrence.

So he went for a CT SCAN on 16th.Feb 2013 and found 2 small tumors , one is the old one and another spot is at a new part of his lung . Dr asked my husband to do PET scan but my husband refused and opted for sugar free diet and Sabah snake Grass.

Can you please specify for my husband your herbs in addition to sabah snake grass as my father is working in Bukit Mertajam, so I can ask my dad to collect it from you .We are from SEREMBAN,NEGERI SEMBILAN

Or do u think my husband must come n visit you?

Please suggest.

Reply: Come and see me.

Sure I can come with the reports. But can u assist me by suggesting me the herbs n teas that I read has cured cancer n your medication helped many , So with full faith I hope u could help my husband. Regards ,

Comment:  NO body on earth can cure any cancer! Don’t be misled. And the Sabah Snake Grass? Perhaps better you stop it!


Kidney Cancer Spread to the Lung

Dear Dr. Chris,

Hi,I’m Ef from Jakarta,Indonesia. I’ve been following your blog these last few weeks. I’m interested in giving a try to your herbal medication for my father. Today, the doctor here said that my father has stadium 4 kidney cancer metastasis to lung. Actually last March, the doctor in S’pore told us to operate and remove his left kidney. But we refused to do that. We took herbal medication since then until now. But his conditions are deteriorating. He’s so weak and can’t eat. I would like to consult with you and what can I do for now in Jakarta to take immediate action for him? Can you give me any suggestion for me while I’m here waiting for your schedule with me when I fly to Penang to see you with all my father’s results? When can I see you? Thanks

Breast Cancer – gone to the lungs and brain

My name is R. I got your card from my neighbour. I would like to know when you will be coming to KL. Can you please give me your address?

Reply:  What is your problem or do you have any problem? Where are you from anyway?

I am suffering from cancer, I had breast cancer in 2006. It relapsed in 2010 to my lungs and this year to my brain. The doc also found lymph nodes near my neck. Even my adrenal gland on my right kidney has expanded. The radiotherapy on my brain done in March 2012 had affected my voice box. I have not recovered fully after the radiotherapy. I was told by my neighbour that you specialise in curing people with cancer.

I was supposed to go for another chemo or radiotherapy but I opted out cos I am still weak to go through this.

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