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Lymhoma – Fluid in the lung

Dear Dr Chris,

This is Pastor S. I used to live in Penang and my office was by BL market. Now I am based in Jakarta as a missionary. Few years ago I and referred a friend’s mom from Sydney and you had suggested some herbal supplements which she had taken and doing well now.

My mother (75 years) has been diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma (as attached Doctors report. She is currently at Universiti Malaya medical Center for Palliative Care – needing oxygen support for breath but doctors not sure why the need for oxygen support. There is some fluid in her left lung but the doctor says that it is too small to drain out. No visual swollen lymph nodes around the neck or armpits or groins. Found around the stomach – through CT scan. No panel CT Scan done.

Chemotherapy was brought up as a treatment but was not considered because of her age and her ‘leaky valve heart’, also as a family we don’t it.

My mother is not able to travel. Can you still working with me to help my mother? I have seen your videos esp. one lady , Ms Devi,  with Lymphoma.

Can you please suggest how we can go forward? Currently I am giving her 2000mg (2x 1000mg) of Vitamin D2 and 2 drops of Turmeric extract. For meals, kampong chicken porridge with extra garlic and ginger and spinach. Also she is taking prescribed steroids and her heart medication.

Thank you. Blessings.

Reply: Pastor, I suggest that your keep you mom in the hospital. She needs all the help with her lungs.



Lymphoma – Chemo Failed

Hi Dr. Chris,

Good day to you! My 14 yrs old daughter having this lymphoma cancer since last year March 2014 and after 12 cycle of chemo treatment now check again the other side of lymph nodes enlarge again and tomorrow will have to do biopsy.

I came to know you through friend recommendation and wonder what is your advise. We can come to see you and bring along the report and wonder anytime next week we can visit your office.

Do let me know if I shall send you any report before come over.

Many thanks.

Reply: Where are you from? You can come about 11 am Monday to Friday, No need to send me the reports. Come with the reports.



Chemo for 5-Year Old Boy with Lymphoma ???

Dear Doctor Chris,

My name is H, from Surabaya – Indonesia. I’m in Penang to have my son’s health checked (since Sunday Peb 23, 2014 – my son’s in ward of Hospital X since Tuesday Peb 25, 2014). Just got info from my friend to ask you to seek second opinion.

To give you a brief of the story, I attach all the report tests taken in Surabaya, then what has been tested in Penang, will be written down side below.

My son, 4 yr 9 mo old,  has had several tests in Mitra Keluarga Hosital Surabaya which lead to “ suspected Ca gaster” with unconfirmed tests below :

  • Endoscopy & CT Scan reading which stated “probably” Ca Gaster
  • Blood Test which didn’t support those two tests.
  • PA Test which didn’t show : no malignancy
  • Thorax radiology  : normal

What I want to know is :

1.       While you’re looking at those reports and readings, can I send a DVD containing the whole video of endoscopy & CT Scan photos & and those attached reports, so that you can have proper direction what we will discuss here in this case

For your information, my son’s and my family health history and chronology :

1.       We don’t have any cancer history in our bloodline (me & my wife) – up to our grandparents. My father died (@53 y.o) because of heart failure, my grandpa (from my mom) died (@72 y.o.) because of stroke, my grandma (from my mom) died (@68 y.o.) because of diabetes. My mother (60 y.o.) is still alive but sometimes she has gastric problem when she’s late to eat. My parents in law  are both alive, father-in-law is healthy (82 y.o.) and mother-in-law (72 y.o.) suffer hypertension

2.       I have allergic history to seafood (childhood), but not with my wife.

3.       My son doesn’t like fruit.

4.       The symptom was started by Jan 20, 2014 by vomitting and diarrhea, once only, each. There was several times of pain in his gaster (just complaining but not so bad), and no fever.

5.       By Jan 27, 2014, the pain was getting stronger (but after belching or farting, it’s soon ended). We went to pediatrician, which suspected : helicobacter pyluri infection. The treatment was 2 antibiotics + 1 H2 blocker (gabbryl + abbotic + ranitidine) for 1 week.

6.       By Peb 3, the pain was there, and still be treated by 2 antibiotics + 1 H2 blocker (gabbryl + abbotic + ranitidine) for 1 week (bloodtest showed negative for H. Pyluri, but HB was 8), but consumed until Peb 6 when we decided to go to gastroenterologist in Surabaya which suggested to do 1 full month of food allergic selftest before doing endoscopy. But then I decide to meet other gastroenterologist (suggested by the previous one) to have endoscopy, which then decided to be executed in Monday 10Peb14.

7.       By Peb 10, endoscopy test was done which was suspected as Ca Gaster due to there are 3 lumps in the my son’s gaster. Early blood test was taken and showed Negative for H. Pyluri, and the HB was still 8, so that blood transfusion (B+) was done 100mL. Samples for PA was taken.

8.       By Peb 11, CT Scan (1.5 Tesla) and Thorax radiology tests were taken. Blood transfusion (B+) was done another 100ml.

9.       By Peb 12, complete blood test including CEA Marker test was taken but the CEA Market was only 0.83 & CRP was only 2. The HB showed in the test was increasing, to be 11.5. Complete result was attached.

10.   By Peb 14, the biopsy test result was finished and found no malignancy

11.   By Peb 15, we decided to leave the hospital since there’s no decision from the doctors team (paediatric gastroenterologists, paediatric surgeon) what it is, and how to treat this.

12.   By Peb 15, I met dr. P, then he asked me to come to Penang hospital.

Some actions taken by me & medication given after leaving the hospitals are :

1.       I stopped giving milk (Pediasure S26), and any dairy products such as cheese (kraft), breads, tea drinks, chocolate containing food & beverage, fried food, any fabricated sausage & nugget, since Peb 13 until now – to reduce gastric acid production

2.       I started giving honey + propolis to replace milk by Peb 13 until now, and giving porridge / misoa (rice noddle) / mushy rice and grounded steamed beef / finely shredded beef, no chicken, no fish/seafood to avoid food allergic.

3.       I started giving meals 5-6x/day with smaller portion by Peb 14, rather than 3x/day previously

4.       Medication taken and given since leaving hospital under paediatric gastroenterologist’s suggestion are : Neciblok Sucralfate suspension (3X daily, 5cc), Ranivel Syrup Ranitidine 75mg/5mL (2X daily, 5cc), Nexium esomeprazole 20mg tablet (2X daily, 1 tablet).

5.       Oral pain killer (paracetamol) given after the IV was removed by Thu Peb 13. The dosage was paracetamol 20mg divided into 3 packs of powder, and given once in Fri Peb 14 dawn, once in Sat Peb 15 dawn, once in Sun Peb 16 almost midnite. Then I continue with Dumin syrup (paracetamol), 5ml this early morning (around 3:30am)

Some symptoms I observed before and after Peb 13 :

1.       BEFORE : sound of abdominal bloating which then followed by severe pain in my son’s stomach, usually happened once (in between Peb 3-9) in between 2.30 – 4am and once in between morning (after breakfast) till evening (after dinner), and soon disappear after a very foul smell fart. AFTER : sound of abdominal bloating which then followed by less severe pain in my son’s stomach, only happened once (in between Peb 3-9) in between 2.30 – 4am, and soon disappear after a very foul smell fart.

2.       BEFORE : frequency of less severe pain (beside the severe ones) in my son’s stomach, usually happened 3-4 times in between morning (after breakfast) till evening (after dinner), and soon disappear after a smell fart/belchingAFTER : only happened 2-3 times.

3.       When the pain referred by #1 above is happening, I fingered my child’s stomach and could feel a lump under his chest (upper abdomen) . Both BEFORE and AFTER are the same.

4.       Both BEFORE and AFTER are the same : no fever, no vomiting (except once in Jan 20 & twice in Peb 8), normal faeces, weight in between 15-16 kgs, while his height is about 102cm.

Now, in Hsopital X Penang, my son is diagnosed as “favour to Burkitt’s Lymphoma”.

1.       Monday, meet paediatric surgeon, then let the P Hospital pathologist did a review of the biopsy sample taken in Surabaya that I brought, and it was claimed as LYMPHOMA, then further PA was taken to make sure.

2.       Tuesday, before steroid treatment, all blood test was normal, except LDH 275, HB 10.5, albumin was lesser than minimum limit for kid.

3.       Wednesday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal

4.       Friday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal

5.       Saturday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal, except HB was 8.7

6.       Sunday (yesterday), after steroid treatment, blood transfusion was done at 150mL.

7.       Monday (this afternoon), the further PA reading was given :

IMMUNOHISTOLOGY (the atypical cells are positive for CD20 and almost all cells exhibit MIB-1 activity. The cells are negative for bcl-2 and strongly positive for bcl-6. The cells are consistently negative for Tdt (x2).

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION (the sections of the gastric biopsy show reactive lymphoid follicles as well as a focus of malignant lymphoid infiltration of the lamina. The cells are medium sized and exhibit prominent nuclei, with prominent granular chromatin and nucleoli, occasionally multiple mitoses are seen, and lymphoepithelial lesions are not seen.

DIAGNOSIS (mucosal infiltration by high grade B cell lymphoma, favour Burkitt lymphoma)

8.       In the faeces, there’s no blood within this week, in two times of “buang air besar”

The quickest action will be done by Wednesday Mar 5, 2014 are :

1.       Bone Marrow Test

2.       Suntik obat dari brain to prevent B cell spread

3.       Prepare a chemopot in the chest

Since those 3 actions are scary, could you please prioritize your time to see me ? I’ll go to your clinic. Looking forward your reply urgently.

Lymphoma from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

We are contacting you from Singapore. My sister, 33 years old is currently suffering from T cell Lymphoblastic lymphoma stage 4. She discovered this since April 2013. She had gone thru 8 cycles of chemotherapy (3 different types of chemo protocol)which had no effect of containing the cancer activities. She has also done 8 rounds of radiation to shrink the tumor located within the chest cavity. According to the doctors in NUH, they have no further chemotheraphy till date which can cure my sister’s condition.

My sister is currently home, generally well but with high heart rate and low blood counts and platelets. She has also lost much weight after all these months of treatment and currently weigh only around 38kg. We would like to seek your kind help and hope to make an appointment for us to fly to Penang and meet up with your goodself to explain full details of my sister’s situation.

Hope to hear from you soon and let us know when soonest we can meet you. Thank you so much!

Lymphoma Turned into Leukemia after Chemo?

Dear Dr Chris,

My sister is getting weak, any possibility to see you earlier then Friday?

Reply: Where are you from? What is the problem? Chris

Dr Chris,

I am from Penang and get to know you through a friend who one of her friend happened to be seeing you before. She was initially diagnosed with lymphoma at the stomach – 6 inches around Aug last year (2012). Going through the chemo process and RT, the Dr say the lymphoma mutated and it is leukemia right now and there is no further treatment the Dr can offer.

I can offer more details once we meet. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You are from Penang. I don’t think you need to write email. Come and see me. Also please note that I cannot cure any cancer, especially she was been messed her up. Chris

Totally understand your message. I know but we still haven’t give up on her and will go along the way as long as we see hope. I am just wonder any possibility to see you any earlier otherwise we will drop by on Friday.Thank you


Herbal cure for Mantle Cell Lymphoma – CHOP chemo did not work!

Sir/ Madam

My father, aged 75 has been diagnosed with Mantle CELL Lymphoma. He has undergone seven cycles of CHOP chemotherapy and two rounds of radiation to treat the tumour at the base of neck and armpit. one month after the last round of radiation we find additional nodes growing in size around the existing nodes which were treated. Can some expert advise us on some herbal treatment which we can follow at this stage. We shall be obliged. Thanking you.

Reply: Where are you from? Please read www.cacare.org for more info. I am sorry I cannot help patients from foreign countries.

Lymphoma Turned Leukemia?

8 November 2012

Hi Dr Chris,

I am writing this email to you on my dad case. He is 63 years, Chinese.

Let me simply tell you my dad history. Starting from this year April (2012), my dad had show sickness on sore throat problem for past few months and show the left neck lymph node swollen.

He had went to general hospital and has been told is lymph node infection. He is coming to Singapore for a second opinion on early Aug . A lymph node biopsy was done and was shown angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma and the bone marrow was also performed showed affected.

As a result diagnosis of stage 4 angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma. Due to his condition sudden turn into worse at the point that time, he was unable to swallow at all and the bone was everyday painful and having difficulty walking. In the end, he was started his first chemo treatment at here.

At end of October doctor noted that the WBC bounced back very fast at the same time, they proceeded with bone marrow biospy & flowcytometry test again. This time the finding is showing the development of Acute Myeloid leukimia (AML). In their summary, they concluded he is having angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma and Acute Myeloid leukimia.

He had a long stay at hospital due to various infections and  until today s finally was discharged with left groin wound. Also my dad decided to drop off the chemotherapy, therefore we are come to you. We will bring down all the medical history reports to present on our appointment date with you.

Due to timing is crucial, we’re hoping you can render helps to us and direct us to correct pathway on this illness. We are seeking your kindness and give us a chance to fix appointment with you.

God bless.

9 November 2012

By the way, my dad having low hemoglobin, low platelet & high WBC. Kindly advise me what should I do to increase hb and platelet. Thanks you.

14 November 2012

Chris,We are having problem here. My father been hospitalised again we have not started the herbs.

Stage 4 Lymphoma

Dear Doctor Chris,

I’m W, referred by Pastor Danny. I’m from Malaysia, Kedah. My dad was diagnosed on 2/8/12.

(a) base on tongue, left: Chronic inflammation with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia.

(b) left neck lymph nodes from level III and V: Features consistent with T cell lymphoma (Angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma)

Pet scan 13/08/12: Was told by doctor is stage 2

Bone marrow 11/08/12:  Report is not out, was told by doctor is effected

I need to call you for some query, can I call you tonight ?

Reply: You need to come and see me. No, I cannot talk over the phone. I need to see all the medical reports.


Dear Doctor Chris,

We decided to start chemo treatment next week to reduce the size of the lump first as buying time, after that go for alternative treatment or herb treatment. My dad can’t swallow much, mouth ulcer, the neck lump getting bigger every day, weaker every day.

The biopsy test last week,unluckily make the wound infected. The chemo treatment was delayed because of that.

I’m lost, my dad currently at stage 4 after the bone is affected. Seek for your kind advice. Appreciated. God bless!


Lymphoma from East Malaysia

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mom has just been diagnose with lymphoma. We would like to meet you to better understand the alternative treatment that you can offer. The thing is we are from East Malaysia & would appreciate if you can confirm your availability tomorrow before flying out tonight. Hope to hear from you the soonest.


Reply: Sure, come and see me tomorrow if you like,

Lymphoma from Singapore – Chemo and transplantation did not work

Dear Dr Chris!

I was referred by Pastor Danny, he went to see you twice but I could not go along as my platelet was low and cannot go on plane.

I have decided to drop all my treatment and consult you for herbal treatment instead. I was diagnosed with stage IV diffuse large B cell lymphoma in Sept 2007, went through many chemotherapy and radiation therapy due to relapses. Also, went through an allogenic stem cell transplant in Nov 2008. Now, the relapse is on the skin.

I earnestly want to seek you for treatment as I do not want to go through any chemotherapy and another stem cell transplant from 3rd party. Please advice what is needed from me and how I can make appointment to see you.

Your kind attention to the above request is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and be blessed.

Lymphoma then Lung Cancer from USA: Mayo Clinic doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I was referred to you by my friend & family as my 79 years old father now has Stage 2 non small cell carcinoma lung cancer. Now he got mild Pneumonia and being treated at Mayo Clinics Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona USA and it’s almost cure so he will be move to rehabilitation by tomorrow.

His symptom:
Have nonstop hiccup for the last 24 hours and it happened for the past 2 nights in a row so he can sleep on daytime but awake all night long because of the hiccup. Very weak, very hard to get up or very hard to walk. Very hard/ little eat and drink, some banana, protein milk/ ensure, oatmeal, porridge. Sometime has chest pain and hurt when breathing

This time he did:
First chemo
Finish 28 radiations
Still on blood clot injection daily as he has clot in his leg

History/ previous treatments:
Stage 4 Mantle cell lymphoma with e-coli bacteria 5 years ago and now cancer free treated at Mayo Clinics for 18 months, 5 times heart angioplasty in his lifetime
High blood pressure still taking medication
High cholesterol in the past but now not eating cholesterol pill anymore

Mayo clinic Oncology Doctor said:
His stage 2 lung cancer already been isolated so far and been reduced to 3cm from 5cm so 50% to 60% smaller and has been passive as they test 2 days ago. And phenomena actually could kill him more than his cancer at this time. Doctor said is ok not to continue the Chemotherapy if he is not strong enough and just continue with herbal or living with healthy life.

His health condition has been up and down for the past week and very slowly progressing to better condition.

Mayo Clinics oncology doctor and our family even my father think that he is not strong enough to continue the chemotherapy as even Mayo doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time unlike before when they treat his lymphoma. This time just said “hoping” will kill the cancer after 4 times chemotherapy.

I am as the youngest of 3 children and 40th years old already, livings with non-cancerous brain tumor (got surgery but the tumor still coming back) understand that every human being must die but if he has to die I just want him to die by not suffering even for me as well but again we as human maybe cannot choose how we die.

So I would like to know if Dr. Teo can help and how soon if he can see him as well as if Dr. Teo can do something or give any advice of any kinds including how of how to eat but most importantly is to see Dr. Teo.

Of course, first of all I have to see if my father will be strong enough to go visit Dr. Teo so please let me know, thank you.

Please HELP! Regards,

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from Indonesia: R-CHOP – Recurrence

I had Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (aggressive type). After I wrote to you, I went for chemotherapy. I was given the standard drugs R-CHOP plus a monoclonal antibody (rituximab, mabthera). The doctor said that this was the best drugs he knew. The treatment was completed in March 2006, and soon I would have a “maintenance” period. The doctor will give me only mabthera every 2 months for 1 year.

I have had three times CT-scan and the scan showed “all clear” of lymphoma. But two weeks ago USG result indicated swelling of two lymph nodes near by my right armpit each about 5mm diameter. The doctor suggested that I have another USG scan down in the next 3 to 6 months.

I do really want to try your herbs/therapy, please kindly let me know any information regarding to be healed. Thank you.



Lymphoma From Negeri Sembilan: Gave up Chemo

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I just read about the alternative treatment for cancer.

I have a sister, age 49. She is suffering from follicular lymphoma for the past four years. She had gone through chemo and sought treatment at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and Nilai Cancer Institute. She abandoned her chemo treatment (she did for 3 sessions  of oral chemo at NCI and 01 session at GH KL – intravenous type) as she couldn’t stand the side effects. And moreover, the GH doctor kept on persuading and pressuring her to take some specimen from the bone marrow tissue, which she totally refused.  Though she’s not taking any more medication from NCI or GH, she is still strong but not so healthy. I just lost my youngest sister last October 2008 due to cancer. I really hope if you could advise me about this herbal therapy as an alternative, as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Dear Dr Chris Teo,


I am from S, Negeri Sembilan. My sister is now living at my hometown. She is no longer working due to her condition. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

By the way, I heard about this herbal treatment after a friend forward to me an email about Typhonium flagelliforme / rodent tuber used as an herbal treatment for cancer. The email is from a friend’s friend from Jakarta, Indonesia. From this information, I checked the website/internet “Cancer Care Penang” and found your details.

My sister always look for any alternative treatment for her cancer treatment.

Actually, it is very frustrating to hear/know someone who is suffering from cancer and only found out at almost advanced stage and couldn’t be saved or couldn’t stand the side effects of the medications mainly on drugs usage which killed all your good cells makes the person weaker and weaker, not recovering but worst!

My late father also died of brain tumour, in year 2001, my youngest sister died of neuro fibromatosis in Oct 2008, and now another sister (older than me by 4 years) is suffering from follicular lympoma. I took care of them both financially and gave them moral support. I do hope that you will be able to give some advice on this herbal treatment, its no harm to try and with God’s blessing, maybe miracle can work!



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