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Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Hi Dr Chris,
Greetings in the Lord.
I found your website while trying to check out cheaper Sutent but to no avail. My father has just been diagnosed with end stage kidney cancer with Mets. Out has spread to lung. CT thorax shows that there are nodules all over the lung and seems to be having 1 or 2 nodules at the thyroid. We only learnt abt him having cancer 2 Weeks ago during ultrasound scan at the kidney. He a kidney patient and has undergone HD since 2009 March.

We are currently at loss and don’t know what we should do next. So far, he has no serious symptom except for continuous loss of weight, lack of appetite, lethargic and occasional cough.

Abt Sutent, let alone the almost unaffordable cost, we are also worried that he might developed all those side effect being declared by the drug manufacturer. Would you pls recommend something to us? We desperately need help. Also notice tht you are selling herbs capsules, may I know how I can get them and at what price? He has just started juicing SSG at around 100 leaves per day. Will there be clashes with your herbal remedy?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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