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Breast Cancer: Chemo and radiation — cancer spread to lung and bone

Hi Dr. Teo,

I am writing here to make an appointment with you for my mother who is having last stage breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and undergone chemo and radiotherapy.

Now, after 3 years, on January this year, her cancer has relapsed and spread to her lung, lymph node and bone. She then undergone the second time of chemotherapy on the 21st of April but with the serious side effect of the chemo drugs, she stop just after the first chemo shot.

These days, mother is very weak. She is in much pain and breathless and couldn’t sleep at night. we are not expecting for a cure for her but if the herbs can reduce her pain and sleeplessness and appetite, we will be more than happy for her.

Dr. Chris, we hope can see you as soon as possible as my mother’s condition getting worse day by day. Fyi, we ‘re from Bukit Mertajam. Hope to hear from you soon.

Note: This email is written with the help of my cousin as we are not good in English. With regards, 

Reply:  Come and see me on Monday at about 11 am. Bring all medical reports.

Cancer of Cervix — Chemo, chemo, Cancer Spread and Spread

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am writing on behalf for my wife to seeks your medical expertise as per the enclosed past medical records. Sincerely thank for an early appointment on the 4th June 2014 at 10AM.

The reasons is that we have to travel back to Singapore on the 9th June for SGH Appointment.

My Best Regards,

Age: 57

Gender:  Female

Part 1: Medical history

Started since January 2012 as Cancer Cervix – stage 4 after chemo treatment and radiation resulted satisfactory.  All along she had PET SMEAR Tested OK.

After that cancer spread to Liver and have an operation in December 2012 and follow up with Chemo treatments and resulted satisfactory.

Sometime In Year 2013 November discovered spread to Kidney and was treated with Chemo but it seems that the Kidney Tumour does not responded to Chemo treatments which was ended in April 2014.

Part B : Your Current Medications

Are you currently on any herbs? If yes, are they effective? Give details. We request you to stop all other herbs if you wish to start with our herbs. You may continue to take your doctor’s medication, nutrients and vitamin supplements but list down what you are taking.

NOT on Herbs

All these while was treated in Singapore KK & SGH Hospital on Chemo treatements only.

Part C: Your Current Health

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems.
1. Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious?

– No, not at all for the past 2 and a half years.

2. Can you sleep? Elaborate.

– Yes, as normal.

3. Feeling tired?

– No, as normal.

4. How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood?

– No, as normal.

5. How is your appetite?

– As normal person.

6. Any swelling? Where?

– No, not at all.

7. Do you have: Gastric problems? Diabetes? High blood pressure?

– No, not at all.

8. Urination – frequency? painful? with blood?

– No, not at all.

9. Cough? What phlegm colour (white/yellow). Itchy throat?

– No, not at all.

10. Difficulty in breathing? Elaborate.

– No, not at all.

11. List and explain any other complaints.

– No, not at all.

Reply: Yes, you can come and see me on 4 June 2014 as requested.

Lung Cancer from Singapore – no cure, less than a year to live

Hello Dr Chris,

My mother was having an stage 4 lung cancer, we was told by the doctor there is no cure on her case, she is 70 years, doctor given her less than a year to live, she is a recovered cervical cancer patient which was detected more than 5 years ago, this lung cancer is spread from the previous one.

Doctor said chemo is the only way to treat her, but we are not intended to do this for her, consider at her age and the

current health situation, we would like to seek for chinese traditional treatment, i am very greatful if you can give me

anyway of advise or to have a chance to contact or meet up with you, i am a Singaporean living in Singapore, very greatful

to you if  you can leave your contact number for me to contact you, Thanks for your time for reading this Email.

Reply: No use to talk or write email. Just come and see me with all the medical reports.

Cervical Cancer: Chemo and Radiation – Stroke and cancer spread to liver, lung and brain.

Dear Dr. Chris,

We heard about you from a friend whom his mother suffered from lung cancer and had your treatment years ago. She has survived and still fine now.

My wife, age 39, suffered from cervical cancer ever since a year ago. As suggested, from Mei to July 2013 she had chemotherapy treatment for 8 times following by 24 times radiotherapy, but the result comes out not as expected.

Today, the cancer has spread to her liver, lung and brain. Besides, in between her illness she got stroke that cause paralyze on her left side.

We put her in the hospital in Medan at the moment, while we are looking opinion of alternative medication from other source.

We really appreciate your advice in this regard.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Breast Cancer Came Back Again

Dear Dr Chris,

I need an advice from you for my mother-in-law.

I was originated from Indonesia and working in Singapore.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer (April 2011) and the breast has been removed on the same month. She’s been doing well since then only to relapse from September and diagnosed with lymph node cancer that spreads to her bone and lungs.

During these two months we’ve gone for local herbs treatment (does not seem to work),and a special herb from the mountain of Sulawesi.

I know that this is incurable, and she’s a born again Christian.

I need your advice on how can I give her a meaningful life like able to do things she usually done instead of bed-ridden.

We are now looking for radiotherapy, but I know that it might prolong her life but not the quality of life itself.

Will your herbs help?


Cancer of cervix that spread to the stomach

Dear Dr. Chris,

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I’m Hes, from Indonesia. I realize that it is impolite for me to say you via email, and you might be very busy having to check the email, but I couldn’t meet you directly at this moment, and I have no other choice, as I feel I have to get your advise urgently for my mother condition.

My mother is 50 years old. In July 2008 she got a very bad bleeding. We brought her to hospital and the doctor here said my mother got Cervical Cancer stage 2B. At that moment the doctor suggested a surgery and take out the whole cervix. After surgery, my mother had a test again and found there were still cancer cells and this should be followed by radiotherapy, 3 times.

After radiotherapy, the doctor said it’s okay now. But only after 3 months (October 2008), my mother got cancer again. It grew in her stomach. Again my mother had a surgery to take out that cancer, and at that moment the doctor said he put something like “net” in her stomach, to replace an original net in her body that have to be cut during the surgery.

But again, only after 1 and half month (mid December 2008), my mother got a cancer again in her stomach and up to her ovaries. The doctor now confused because the process was too fast, as actually my mother should be still in Healing Process.

I definitely desperate to hear the doctor, and now he just gave my mother healing pain PIL and inform my mother should follow chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Now my mother is in bad condition, but she don’t want to have a surgery or chemo again, as that therapy make her condition worst.

FYI, my mother CA 125 is 258, this is quite high right?

Dr., my mother now could only hope that God will save her, and during that I will try my best to get a best treatment for my mother. Hope that you could give me a little of your valuable time to read my message. Thanks & regards.

She Passed Away Peacefully

Fax from Sarawak:
Message: Prof. Dr. Chris Teo

I got in touch with you on January 4 this year about my sister-in-law who had terminal cancer. Subsequent to your reply, we got in touch and obtained the medication from Dr. Leong in Kuching. She had been taking the Cancer Therapy medication since then.

My sister-in-law passed away peacefully on 5 March, last Monday. She died without having the need for painkillers, such as morphine although the cancer had spread to almost all the soft organs in her body. She even managed to smile and laugh during her last few days, something very amazing for a person in her condition. She was bedridden but after taking the therapy medication for a few days, she was able to get up and move around (with support of course) until the day that she died.

On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for the works that you have carried out. We wish you all the best for your Cancer Care Therapy.

Comments: We are indeed grateful to MI for sharing with us. We rarely have people writing to share such healing, especially when the outcome is not what they had wanted or hoped for.

MI sent us a fax dated 4 January 2001: My sister-in-law is 54 years old and had a partial mastectomy in 1993 to remove a cancerous growth. Now the cancer had spread to parts of her liver, intestine, ovaries and uterus. She is having bloated abdomen and swelling of the right leg. The bloating of the abdomen is reduced by periodic controlled removal of fluid. No other treatment can be given.

Life and death is God’s prerogative. He determines when we should go. Therefore, let us accept that gracefully. However, it would be wonderful that while we are still alive we do not suffer unbearable pain. As MI said, it was amazing to be able to smile and laugh – then, we go.

Lung Cancer: Chemo, chemo – cancer spread to bone and brain

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Fab, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am sending you e-mail to consult on my dad’s condition. I would like to first give you his medical history up to now as mention below.

Medical History

During a regular check up in April 2007, his chest x-ray revealed a mass in the left upper lobe of the lung, but he was completely asymptomatic. At that time, he has biopsy and was told to be negative for any malignancy. He had also subsequent follow up in August 2007 and January 2008, yet the mass lesion in the left upper lobe of the lung remain the same.

However, in June 2008 he got hospitalized due to pain in the abdomen and also back pain. On 29 June 2008, he had MRI of the spine and was told that he had compression fracture of T11 with possible spinal cord compression. Chest x-ray showed the mass in the left upper lobe was much bigger and he also had pleural effusion. He had re-biopsy and it showed ADENOCARCINOMA. He received accelerate radiation 400 cGy for 5 times to the spine for the spinal cord compression and his back pain got better after he completed the radiation on 8 July 2008.

He used to smoke 1.5 to 2 packets of cigarettes per day for over 45 years. He stopped smoking 5 years ago.

After seeing his condition is not getting too well as he also develop new pain in his pelvis which radiates to both legs and he is weak and unable to move around himself, we decided to admit him to Johns Hopkins Singapore IMC on 12 July 2008. Then he underwent decompression laminectomy on 16 July 2008 and tolerated the procedure well. He also had left sided effusion and was drained on 13 July 2008 with re expansion of the lung. Histology of the pleural effusion showed degenerative malignant cell, likely subtype is adenocarcinoma. He underwent talc pleurodesis on 27 July 2008.

He was started on chemotherapy with Avastin, Paclitaxel and Carboplatin on 14 August 2008. After 2 cycles of chemo a CT scan on 23 September 2008 showed mass in the left lung is smaller, likewise with the pleural masses and effusion with the lytic lesion in the thoracic spine, and left ilium appearing more obvious. He completed 6 cycles of Avastin, Carbo and Taxol in 27 November 2008 and repeat CT scan on 16 December 2008 showed partial responses was maintain on Avastin with last chemo on 7 January 2009.

He was again admitted in hospital on 28 January 2009 due to increasing fatigue and somnolance and imbalance on ambulation. Cranial MRI on 29 January 2009 showed multiple cerebellar and cerebral metastases and started on steroid and RT on 3 February 2009. CT Thorax and abdomen showed disease progression with new findings of ground glass opacity in the lateral segment of the middle lobe and multiple nodules in the left upper lobe suggestive of infective changes however metastases cannot be ruled out. New hypodense nodules in the left lobe of the liver, left adrenal and pancreas are suspicious of metastases. Multiple bony metastases. He was also started on ceftriaxone and prophy latic clexane. He start to feel better and able to recognize us and started to ambulate with assistance. He was also noted to be coughing while eating and was seen by a speech therapist. He underwent videoflouroscopy and showed silent aspiration. He was advise NGT feeding but the was pulling his NGT several times, therefore the doctor change it to PEG insertion on 10 February 2009.
He again felt week and withdrawn while on whole brain radiation. A repeat Cranial MRI on 9 February 2009 showed stable brain metastases with decrease in perilesional edema. Chest x-ray showed an opacity is projected over the left cardiac border with interstitial thickening and nodularity in the left and upper and middle zones. His antibiotic was changed to ceftazidime, clindamycin and azithromycin. He continues to feel week and staying mostly in bed, but we try to sit him up everyday for 2 hours each morning and afternoon and also give some excercise to make his muscle not stiff. A repeat chest x-ray showed persistent of the lung inflirtrates with the left pleural effusion and his antibiotic was change again to Tazocin.

We bring him back to Jakarta yesterday after the completed his radiation on 14 February 2009, and at this moment he is quite calm eventhough every 4 AM in the morning he starts to get cough a lot.


With the above medical background, I would like to have your advise on his condition and whether the Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber that you have found can be used to treat my dad. Is there any possibilities, knowing his present condition that Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber can benefit him.

It is really hard for the family to see him in this current condition, therefore when I read about your story, it struck me that I need to consult with you. In a sense that your medicine is somewhat natural product not a chemical one, and I think he got enough chemical running in his body and I know that chemo will never cure cancer, it can only stabilize the cancer.

Please kindly help us doctor, and hope that my dad can be the next person cured by Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber. I hope to hear at least better news from you.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Best regards


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