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Singapore: Breast Cancer Spread to Bone and Lung?

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I was introduced to you by Danny Ching. He was a former cancer patient. I learnt from him that you can advise cancer patients.

Three weeks ago, my mother, Mdm, aged 70, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The lung cancer spread to the lymph node on the neck, spinal bone, heart. She was a former breast cancer patient in 2003. Since that time, she undergone radiotherapy to treat the breast cancer after surgery. Now she had tumor on another breast. But the doctor says that it is not related to the lung cancer.

According to the oncologist, through the CT scan, the doctors found that she has EGFR + Exon 19 mutation. Currently, she is on oral chemo drug. She has completed her radiotherapy to kill cancer of the lymph node.

Would you recommend her to Cancer Care? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, AT

Reply: You have to come and see me with all the medical reports etc.
Go to www.cacare.org for more details. Chris

From Bandung, Indonesia: Breast Cancer that Had Spread

Dr. Chris,

I have read about your treatment and I interested to try it for my mother. My mother has diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to adrenal glands and to liver. At the moment my mother condition is very weak, the liver has very swollen and her face becomes a little yellow. The oncologist who handled her before has given up. Even at the moment we face difficulty to bring her into hospital with so many hospital procedures and bureaucracy. I hope you could help my mother and tell us what to do. I am waiting for your reply. 

Reply: You are from New Zealand? I can’t help those living for far away. Chris

Hi Chris,

I am at Bandung Indonesia at the moment for my mother lives in Bandung. I am living in New Zealand but at the moment I am with my mother in Jakarta. It’s only 2 hrs flight to Penang, what are the chances of my mother getting treatment from you? I can send all the test data. Can you please help us treat our mother as this needs to be done urgently. Kind regards,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have sent you a reply but in case it did not reach you. I am currently in Jakarta with my mother. My mother really needs your help as there’s no one here able to help her. Can we take our mother to your clinic? I can arrange the ticket to Penang from Jakarta as soon I received your OK to bring her to see you. Do you need me to send the results of her tests? Kindest regards,


Breast Cancer Gone Wild

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mum, based in JB, had been diagnosed with breast cancer almost a decade back. As part of her treatment, she has been taking Tamoxifen. The doctor informed us that 1 in 3000 women will suffer from cervical cancer as a side effect of taking Tamoxifen.

I’m certainly no doctor, and I don’t know all the mechanics involved in my mum’s treatment. All I do know is, almost 4 weeks ago, fluid was found in my mum’s womb. A week later, she had her entire womb removed surgically. I believe her uterus and 16 lymph nodes were removed. Of the 16, 2 of the nodes were found with ‘tumours’.

That’s what I’ve been told, and the medical report is obscure with jargon I don’t understand. My mum will be seeing an oncologist in a few days, but she decided she was not going to wait for an oncologist to tell her what treatment she needs and is seeking all avenues of treatment, including your very successful natural method.

I understand that you require your patients to visit you for consultation in Penang, and my mum is willing to fly or drive down. In lieu of meeting you, I’ve also attached her medical reports. From everything I’ve read on your website, the patient must be ready and willing to change their lifestyle and habits permanently in order for treatment to work. My mum is definitely willing and able to do that.

I have prepared the First Visit Form and the Disclaimer from Liability Form for her to fill up, and will submit them to you when she goes down to Penang for the consultation. From the medical reports attached, please advise on the next step my mum will need to take.

Thank you and God Bless.


Colon and Metastatic Breast Cancer from the USA

My name is H. My mom who is 66 years old has metastatic breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast & colon cancer in 2008. The colon cancer was stage I and was removed via surgery. My mom’s breast cancer on the other hand has metastasized to her bone and now her liver and kidney. I can provide you with her medical records and anything you need. I would like a reply back if you think you could help me. I would still like to see my mom happy, walking & having a conversation with us. Please if you could reply back or call my cell phone xxxxx  we live in America. Please I beg you to please give me a response. Thank you much!

Reply: It is very very difficult for me to help people half a world away from me.

I understand. Thank you for your immediate response. I just have one question, my moms GI problems to where the doctors say her food doesn’t flow to her intestines anymore so she’s not allowed any food and also her liver isn’t filtering therefore when ammonia builds she gets in a state of confusion. I have looked around for doctors but I’ve been unsuccessful. Her oncologist team hasn’t really given up yet. In fact they themselves are also relying on some type of miracle to happen in order to start my mom’s chemotherapy. If there’s anything you can suggest. Like you said way of living, things to be done differently.

Metastatic Breast Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris

Thanks for sending the book to me in Singapore. I have never seen my mum read a book so religiously until she started reading the Mandarin version of your book on cancer.

I saw your videos on your website and was impressed with your thoughts.

We are very interested to come and visit you. My mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast ca and has been undergoing chemo and then Herceptin treatment for the last 2 years at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCC). She was also put through the routine of CT scan every 9 weeks to monitor her reaction to a new drug under a medical trial. However, my mum has been suffering from mild slipped disc like symptoms in the past 6 months after undergoing chemotherapy for 2 full years. She can feel her health becoming weaker as well, especially after having to undergo CT scan every 9 weeks for the past 2 years. This is definitely breaking her body down.

This month, she finally found the courage to stop her treatment by the NCC. Your book came in at the perfect time and she is beginning to understand why my sister and I have been so wanting her not to undergo the treatment which was some medical trial. However, each day, waking up and getting up on her feet in the morning can be quite a scary chore for her as she does not know when she will get another episode of low back pain attack.  I suspect the overexposure to radiation via CT scan every 9 weeks have done quite a lot of degenerative damages to her body, especially her discs.

In view of her low back pain, travelling to Penang is now a huge uphill task as I believe she will not be able to ensure the physical stress of the long journey on her lower back. I was wondering if there may be a chance that we could send you her medical reports and have you to take a look before we see how best would be the next move.

Would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.


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